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ѕонедельник, 30 јвгуста 2010 г. 14:21 + в цитатник
Rucci все записи автора

ѕривет! »так, до конца лета осталась лишь пара дней, гр€дЄт новый учебный год (у большинства), в св€зи с чем предлагаю забратьс€ в свой пассивный словарный запас, вспомнить грамматику и активизировать все свои знани€ английского €зыка, забытые и убранные в долгий €щик на лето.
ƒавайте поговорим о дружбе? ѕредлагаю ответить на несколько вопросов, которые касаютс€ дружбы, отношений и человеческих качеств. Ѕыло бы здорово, если бы каждый подошЄл к заданию творчески, а не отвечал односложно. ƒл€ вашего же блага : )
ѕомните, что разрешаетс€ допускать ошибки! ƒаже грубые! јктивисты-добровольцы ¬ас вежливо поправ€т и объ€сн€т почему так, а не иначе. √лавное - не стесн€тьс€ и не бо€тьс€. ћы все здесь учимс€!
¬ общем, давайте поговорим?... ≈сть кто живой, м? : )

1) Who is your best friend?
2) How did you meet?
3) What do you do with your friend?
4) Tell me the way you make friends with others and you think what people should be your friends?
5) Do you think it is easy to make friends in Russia?
6) What do you think the difference between adults and children making friend?
7) How do children make friends?
8) What is the most important thing in friendship?
9) What is the second important thing in friendship?
10) What makes friendship break up?
11) Do you believe in friendship between a woman and a man?
12) How many friends do you have?
13) Do you consider yourself friendly?
14) How similar are you to your friends?
15) What characteristics do you look for in a friend?
16) Describe one of your closest friends?
17) How do you maintain a good friendship?
18) When and where do you often hang out with your friends?
19) Where do you think is a good place to meet new friends?

Words and expressions that you should know:






to make friends with - подружитьс€ с кем-либо
to hit it off with smb - быстро найти общий €зык с кем-либо, подружитьс€
to have smth in common - иметь что-то общее
to fall out with smb over smth - поссоритьс€ с кем-либо из-за чего-либо
to go separate ways - разойтись.
to get involved in smth - участвовать во чем-либо, быть замешанным в чем-либо
to get on (well) together - поладить хорошо вместе.
to argue about smth - спорить о чем-либо
to hang out - гул€ть с друзь€ми
to hit the streets - погул€ть, поболтатьс€
to hit the road - отправл€тьс€ в путь
to get to know each other - узнать друг-друга
to stand up for smb - посто€ть за кого-либо
to make up - миритьс€
to make it up to smb - исправитьс€ после плохого поступка по отношению к кому-либо
to stew over smth - кип€титьс€ молча из-за чего-либо
to leave high and dry - оставить друга где-либо в неизвестном месте без поддержки, а самому уйти веселитьс€
to pick smb up - подобрать кого-либо где-либо проезжа€ на машине.
to drop smb off - высадить из машины где-либо
to stand someone up - не прийти на встречу или свидание, оставив человека одного сто€ть там.
to catch up - поболтать после перерыва в отношени€х или встречах
to shake hands - пожать руку
to give a hug - обн€ть
to frame smb up - подставить кого-либо
to snitch on smb - настучать на кого-либо
overhear - подслушивать

P.S. ћатериал вз€т в группе сайта vkontakte.ru и на сайте http://www.ielts-exam.net. ќгромна€ просьба в случае опечатки или любого иного несоответстви€ сообщить в комментари€х.

¬аши материалы по теме приветствуютс€!

: )

–убрики:  Vocabulary/Ћексика
Useful Expressions/ѕолезные выражени€
LEC (Learning_English Community)

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morning_tea   обратитьс€ по имени ѕонедельник, 30 јвгуста 2010 г. 15:01 (ссылка)
ухх ничего себе € наверно перва€. только не бейте мен€ попке))

1. I have not so many friends, but still I think that my mother is my friend rather she is my sister.
2. HmmmЕ interestingЕ we have met when I was born.
3. We are doing everything: we gossip, laughing, crying, talking, support each other, argue about smth
4. Well I canТt be friend with each person. ItТs difficult for me let someone in my life. This person must be intelligent, cherry, sincere, faithful, generous, modest. I donТt like two-faced person. This person must have fire in his eyes and soul.
5. IТm not from Russia, but I think that human can have frinds all around the world.
6. ThatТs ok. Children can learn something from adults, and of cours aduls learn something from children.
7. Children make friends very simple. ThatТs amazing, they are not so shy or serious like adults.
8. The most important thing is faith
9. Relationship.
10. УLong tongueФ and when one subordinates other.
11. No. Some day or other one of them will fall in love.
12. 5 friends, rest of them are buddies ore mates
13. Maybe. IТm introvert, But I like new people.
14. IТm not similar with my friends but we have something to talk about.
15. Faith, intelligent, helpful, strong character, cold-blooded.
16. I have a good friend. She is my mom. Her name is Liliko. We see each other very rarely, because we leave in different countries, but everything will be changed after a month. She is blonde with blue, like ice eyes. her body skinny and pretty. Mother is very helpful, always she understands me and helps me. I love her so much, she always have new information for me. She is like an angel.
17. IТm always trying to help my friends, to listen them and I give advice if my friend need an advice.
18. We like to have long walk, to drink a cup of tee or cappuccino. Also we like to talk about fashion or global problems, about books or music and movies, we can affect any topic. We like parks, cafй, all the year around we have a walk.
19. I think it can be a cafй or cinema. It depends.
спасибо за вопросики)
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soul_sincerity   обратитьс€ по имени ѕонедельник, 30 јвгуста 2010 г. 18:39 (ссылка)
1) Well, my best friend is my classmate, who I know for more than 11 years. We are like to peas in a pod, same interests, same style, sometimes it's hard. :D
2) We've met at school, because we're studying in one class.
3) I can't say that we spend lots of time together. But we always help each other when there are some difficult moments in our life. We alaways go shopping in the end of summer to buy everything for school. It's like a tradition.
4) I'm quite friendly person and I'm open to new contacts. It's interesting that I have many foreign friends. We haven't seen each other in reality but we really connect with each other. I like open-minded, honest and trustworthy persons.
5) As the previous girl, I'm not from Russia too. It's hard to say, actually, so I better leave this question out.
6) Well, children need friends to play, I suppose. But adults need friend on whom they may rely on.
7) They come to each other, smile and everyone is happy. :D
8) Trust.
9) Sincerity
10) Envy destroy every relationship.
11) I believe in such friendship, if only a man is your brother. :)
12) One best friend and 3-4 good friends.
13) As I've already said before, I'm a friendly person.
14) Well, my best friend and I have same taste, same liking for fashion. There were occurences when we came to school in similar clothes but we didn't arranged such things.
15) Honesty, faith, helpfulnes.
16) She will always help and support me.
17) If you want to have a strong friendship, you always need to keep up good terms. Like go shopping together, go to the concert. Share common interests and secrets.
18) We usually go for a walk or go to the concerts.
19) Well... I suppose best friends are made in school.
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Ѕести€_и_јнгел   обратитьс€ по имени ѕонедельник, 30 јвгуста 2010 г. 19:48 (ссылка)
1. I have 3 best friends, one girl is from my old school, and 2 others study with me in college (or "at college"??)
2. I think it's easy to understand from the first answer)) In eather cases it was in September, the 1-st (how is "школьна€ линейка" in English? "School ruler"? o_0)
3. I hang out, talk, laugh, skate, gossip, etc. with them.
4. To be honesty i don't remember, how i made friend with my best ones)) These people should be helpful, cheerful, broad-minded.
5. I'm not from Russia
6. Adults are not so faithful as children. So it becomes harder to make friend with somebody, when you are 40-50 years old... But it's my opinion
7. Easily) They are faithful)
8. Love. With love will be support, faith, etc.
9. Devotion
10. Betrayal, egoism
11. I think that man and woman can be good fellows, but not best friends
12. 10, they are the closest) I can tell them everything
13. I'm friendly) I have many fellows, and I suppose no enemies
14. With each of my friends i have something in common. But i veri similar with one - Alena) Sometimes we can read thoughts of each other, we have the same fears, ideas, we can say some phrases together
15. Sense of humor, faith, originality, tenderness
16. One of my best friends - Alena. She is beautiful, average height, brunette with brown eyes. She is sometimes shy, but she is helpful and have many friends, because she is kind. She don't like to demonstrate her emotions. She is broad-minded, she writes a book, she is good in programming. My friend likes anime, friendship bracelets and many other things. Her sense of humor is unusual, but i often understand her))
17. I'm interested in their life, opinion, tastes. We always have themes for talking. I try to help, understand them, lend an ear, move to laughter if they are sad.
18. Park, cinema, bouling, shops
19. I think everywhere) One girl makes friends even in toilet

Thanks. Could you correct my mistakes?
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Ѕести€_и_јнгел   обратитьс€ по имени ѕонедельник, 30 јвгуста 2010 г. 19:54 (ссылка)
14. very*
16. has*
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Rucci   обратитьс€ по имени ѕонедельник, 30 јвгуста 2010 г. 23:07 (ссылка)
ƒевочки!  акие вы молодцы, что прин€ли участие!
ќшибки исправл€ть будем или... ну их? : )))))
ќтветить — цитатой ¬ цитатник
morning_tea   обратитьс€ по имени ¬торник, 31 јвгуста 2010 г. 14:07 (ссылка)
Rucci, конечно же исправл€ем
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Allean   обратитьс€ по имени ¬торник, 31 јвгуста 2010 г. 14:14 (ссылка)
1. My best friend is a wonderful girl with sunny smile.
2. Once upon a time when the sun was shining brightly in the sky and birds were singing merrily among branches, I saw a red-haired girl sitting on a bench. I recognize her at once, because before that meeting we corresponded about one month through internet.
3. When we are together we enjoy ourselves.
4. I am the one who believe that an old friend is worth two new ones. Nobody likes two-faced and unfaithful people, so I am not an exception. If you are open-hearted, sincere and amicable person, I am sure, we will find a common language.
5. I am not from Russia but I think it doesnТt matter. If you are ready to find time for people, to be interested in their success or failures it wonТt be difficult for you to find new friends.
6. The naivety of a child is a priceless thing. ItТs a pity, but when we grow up we lose this quality. The experience of life teaches us not to be so kind towards everyone. But in the eyes of a baby everything is like a miracle, thatТs why, children can easily make friends.
7. ItТs very simple! They come to another person, smile and say: ЂWill you be my friend? or I want you to be my friend!
8. I think the trust is the most import thing in a good friendship.
9. If itТs possible to say Ц Readiness to help, to give advice, to support, to listen when itТs necessary.
10. Envy, probably, is the worst quality and the main reason why friendship break up.
11. Honestly, I believe in a friendship between woman and a man, but I have already been disappointed for so many times.
12. I can count them on the fingers of one hand.
13. I can't say that I am very friendly but, nevertheless, I am always glad to meet new people.
14. True friends have to supplement each other. I consider that my friends and I have many common things, such as interests, hobby, etc.
15. The characteristics that youТve mentioned in УPositiveФ :))
16. Jane a girl with deep green eyes, blond-brown hair and gentle voice. She believes in power of her dreams. She wants to travel around the world. We are both Pisces so we can understand each other without wasting words.
17. Perhaps, there is no need to maintain a good friendship, just be who you really are and people will turn toward you.
18. When we have spare time we can go for a walk, or have a chat in a cafe.
19. ItТs not important where you will meet smb. who it will be that's the materЕ
Thank You, Rucci, for interesting questions !
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ирина_попова_50   обратитьс€ по имени Thanks a lot for your material.I`ll use it on my lessons. —реда, 01 —ент€бр€ 2010 г. 21:17 (ссылка)
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mrkran   обратитьс€ по имени „етверг, 16 —ент€бр€ 2010 г. 20:43 (ссылка)
какой блест€щий топик!!!!
автор,не останавливайтесь и постите нечто подобное!
ќтветить — цитатой ¬ цитатник
Rucci   обратитьс€ по имени ¬оскресенье, 19 —ент€бр€ 2010 г. 14:38 (ссылка)
mrkran, спасибо! Ѕуду старатьс€.
¬ремени катастрофически не хватает, даже проверить то, что реб€та уже написали здесь.
Ќо € скоро вернусь.
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