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I don`t care, I don`t care! - a BOOMBARASH`S SONG from the Boombarash TV film, Russia, 1971. Sung by Valeriy Zolotukhin who performed the character of Boombarash in the iconic Russian feature film https://youtu.be/WwsafWPuzW0

Lyrics by Yuli Kim
Music by Vladimir Daszkiewicz

I don`t care, I don`t care!
Up the terrible warfare!
Can`t please everybody,
My hut stands on its own.

My hut`s tiny, it is right,
Just a stove, porch outside,
Yet it ain`t of someone`s.
It`s my own apartment.

You are Jeremy, I`m Tom,
You`re against, then I am for,
Yet the newspaper of yours
I`ll roll and fill with my own pot.

You are folks, and me is folks,
My sweetheart waits for me, blokes.
When I`m back to her indeed
I`ll agitate her at full tilt.

I`d enough of shooting, yes,
God be praised, there left some strength.

I don`t care, I don`t care!
Up the terrible warfare!
We were privates, fighters,
Now we are the hutters.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie (Dr. Fun))

The song of Boombarash is sung by a great Russian actor Valeriy Sergeyevich Zolotukhin (1941-2013), an actor who finished his artistic career as the director of the world-famous Taganka Theatre in Moscow. He was born in the Altay Republic in Siberia, in Bystry Istok (lit.- a swift river head) village as a farmer`s son. He was a person of great natural gifts. He was universal, able to play both Mozart and an ordinary Russian peasant whom he was by his origin.

Valeriy Zolotukhin as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart singing Papageno`s aria from the feature film `The Small Tragedies` based on Alexandre Pushkins poems related to the archetypic images and themes of the European literature (Mozart, Faust, Don Juan, etc.)

He was a singer who knew the original modes and keys of the traditional singing, and an outstanding film star, and a very popular drama actor. Easy, but punctual unlike some of his no less famous colleagues.

1 (315x500, 161Kb)7 (346x500, 209Kb)
Valeriy Zolotukhin on the cover of his book `The Taganka`s Brownie` and his book`The secret of Vysotsky`

He remained as an alter ego of a great Russian poet and outstanding Taganka actor Vladimir Vysotsky in the collective memory of the Russian people. A Russian and a Jew, they were the shadows of each other, almost the folkloric Russian characters. Sometimes they even seem to be heroes of a fairground puppet theatre inherently representing the different features of the Russian people`s nature and temper.

30111s3 (700x367, 225Kb)
Vladimir Vysotsky (left, guitar) and Valeriy Zolotukhin

As to the song of Boombarash it was composed in a perfect traditional style by the Russian lyricist of a Korean decent Yuly Kim now living both in Russia and in Israel and

Kim (390x300, 96Kb)

by an outstanding Russian composer Vladimir Daszkiewicz,

8d7010318_2153918 (550x412, 144Kb)

the one who composed a congenial music inspired by Purcell (maybe, through Britten`s interpretation of Purcell) to the Russian TV version of the Sherlock Holmes` adventures.

The 4th of January 2014, Smolny Cathedral, `Octave` band: Alexandre Grudinkin, Irina Rozanova (organ), Irina Peyeva (piano), Anastassiya Peyeva (clavicembalo), Alexandre Friedman and pupils of the Tsar Village`s Classical School of the Arts (drums). Overture from the sound track of the TV Series `Sherlock Holmes` Adventures`. https://youtu.be/dIydBKkwcrE

A senseless word, even wurd of Boombarash, more reminding of an interjection or even onomatopoeia, is a nickname of a character of the early short stories of a Russian children`s literature classical author Arkadiy Gaidar. Boombarash returned from the WW1 hoping to continue to earn his living as a farmer, but got out of the frying pan into the fire of the cruellest civil war in Russia. Despite this tragic background the musical TV film named after his name, `Boombarash`, is full of optimism and humour, and the almost folkloric hero successfully survives.

`I know I would have hardly survived if not the help of the God. I wouldn`t have had the church built in my birthplace, in Bystry Istok village. There was once the church in our village, but it was demolished by our fathers, including my own father`. Valeriy Zolotukhin

1352651854_srazhenie-4 (530x700, 292Kb)

Arkadiy Gaidar who created an image of Boombarash is a grandfather of the Boris Yetsin epoch`s Prime Minister Egor Gaidar. It`s been a famous Soviet family of a unity of opposites.

a15 (534x700, 262Kb)

Arkadiy Gaidar was a 15-year-old commander of a Red punitive squad that terrorized the native population of the Khakassia region in Siberia, he was a sadist, a thug, a caligula

F8fshpAtUio7_Lg9Z7GBiR2SF73sG33LYhXQ5n7WwNcgI3dg1egTPLDnLlzjSovhFa1hhurdP21WluomAspJhA (497x392, 199Kb)
A poster from the epoch of the Russian civil war in the 20s of the 20 c. `The punitive squads of bolsheviks (including Letts and the Chinese) confiscate grain, bring to ruin villages and shoot farmers`

who a decade later after the civil war evolved into an excellent, wonderful, classical children`s writer, and he was killed in action in the first days of the WW2 in the territory of the USSR.

гайдар (665x427, 199Kb)

His son, Timur Gaidar, was a Soviet Rear Admiral, diplomat and chief military journalist of the Pravda newspaper and Fidel Castro`s close friend. His name was Timur as was the name of a title hero of the Arkadiy Gaidar`s short novel for teenagers `Timur and his team`.

52 (401x464, 245Kb)988911 (295x394, 39Kb)

His grandson deprived (robbed) the population of the Soviet Union of all money in saving banks and deserved a common hatred in post-Soviet Russia.

pic_26774a04 (686x457, 131Kb)
Egor Gaidar, a turncoat and robber

Arkadiy Gaidar`s grandgrand-daughter Maria infamously betrayed one and indivisible mother Russia to voluntarily be in the USA`s service in Ukraine, in particular.

1438754130_87687687575477687685856 (580x400, 97Kb)
Egor and Maria Gaidar, a family of the mischievous renegades

Pardon me my French, but mal sang ne peut mentir, poor blood is always poor blood, or, to be short, like father like son. But the history of that notorious family has nothing to do with kind and naive Boombarash originating from the Russian heartland whose image was immaculately reflected by a gifted Russian author Arkadiy Gaidar (born Golikov). With night coming on, let`s better come back to Zolotukhin who was born and brought up in the Siberian places close to those where a decade before his birth there had bossed a bloodbathing and very young Red warlord Arkadiy Gaidar.

Les Poètes maudits

By the way, both Vladimir Vysotsky and Yuli Kim were not considered to have been the real poets by their colleagues, such great Russian poets as Evtushenko, Voznesensky, Evgeniy Rein, etc.

44 (700x466, 172Kb)
Andrei Voznesensky and Vladimir Vysotsky

Both poets used to sing their poems and composed songs for cinema and TV, and by that reason they were regarded as the ones pleasing the ordinary, vulgar tastes. It`s been unjust and wrong at the least. Unlike Vysotsky who died in 1980 and remained as a pure artiste in the Russian public mind, Kim has remained a political dissident for up to now. It discredits him as a poet a great deal. Oh, those poets, they are the living paradoxes. It`s urgently important for the poets to pass away in time. Ideally, they shouldn`t outlive their own artistic fame like Knut Hamsun, though sometimes villains may be miraculously transformed into geniuses too (like Arkadiy Gaidar), and that outcome seems to be more preferrable.


Constable (in its policeman`s uniform): `Well. ... May I have it` (i.e., button accordion), `George?` To a discharged criminal (to the left, played by Vladimir Vysotsky): `We`ll figure it out`. The angry criminal: `I wish I never set eyes on you!` Then follows the song, a gold-digger near the table rather lightly: `Just look at that lyrist!`. The criminal: `Well sung!` Constable (thinking aloud): `Who on earth could cause that damage?`https://youtu.be/ywGebiBjJr8

The song `OH, YOU CHILLING FROST` is a main table song in Russia. It seems to have been existing for ages. Yet, this Russian folk song was most likely to have been composed in 1954 by a soloist of the Voronezh traditional choir that performed the Russian folk music (kinda `Russian country music`).

inx960x640 (700x528, 208Kb)
Maria Morozova with her husband Alexandre Uvarov in time of creating their evergreen song

Her name was Maria Morozova. She wrote its lyrics and her beloved husband and chief musician of the choir Alexandre Uvarov composed the music after they had heard an unknown traditional song performed by a girl from a remote village. That song about the chilling frost was allegedly from the folklore repertory of the Russian highwaymen.

HIGHWAYMEN`S SONG from the fairy tale film `Morozko` (`Father Frost`)

Lyrics by Mikhail Volpin
Music by Nikolai Budashkin

Bears sleep in their dens so quietly,
Foxes have got their holes under snow.
Crows have got their nests, but the highwaymen,
They have got neither house nor home.
Oh, how cold we are now!
How hungry we are!
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie (Dr. Fun))

The new authors transformed it into the story about a guy coming home in a severe snowstorm in the Russian steppe.

Having used the first line `Oh, you chilling frost,//Chill me no more!` as a starting point Maria Morozova (whose family name, by an irony of fate, is being translated from Russian as `frost` (`moroz`)) added the other two lines and a pair of stances. The song was recorded as a part of the repertory of the Voronezh traditional choir and ... was forgotten all right. All of a sudden, it emerged as a revelation, a new nation-wide hit in 1968, and since then it had been established as a main and evergreen table song of the Russian people. The Russian sing it off-season, even in the hottest time of a year, in August too.

burn_mona_cr (284x477, 137Kb)1ab04c9ac37893fe42cb9fe2d545b4c0 (297x462, 70Kb)
The snowy summit of summerish beauty burning like a silver flame

It was Valery Zolotukhin who made this song popular, as he performed it as a Russian traditional song in the feature film `The Taiga Lord`. Zolotukhin played a title part of a village constable (or, maybe, a `sheriff`) in the Siberian taiga.

00407_216000 (630x398, 74Kb)

It was a `siberianstern`, `eastern`. The constable, nicknamed `the Taiga Lord`, had to deal with many dangerous people, free gold diggers, poachers and discharged criminals, one of whom, their evil chief, was played by Vladimir Vysotsky.

valeriy_zolotuhin_b_1 (700x468, 176Kb)

As I mentioned above, Vladimir Vysotsky was Zolotukhion`s close friend. He loved and mattered him because of Zolotukhin having been `tolerant, wise and unobtrusive`. Sincerely considering the song `OH, YOU CHILLING FROST` a piece of the genuine Siberian folklore Zolotukhin elaborated it all the way having added the last stance, and the song became famous in that very form:

1. Ой, мороз, мороз,//Не морозь меня.//Не морозь меня,//Моего коня.
2. Моего коня белогривого.//У меня жена, ох, ревнивая!
3. У меня жена, ох, красавица//Ждет меня домой, ждет-печалится.
4. Как приду домой на закате дня,//Обниму жену, напою коня.
1. Ой, мороз, мороз,//Не морозь меня.//Не морозь меня,//Моего коня.

`Oh, you chilling frost` sung by the Voronezh City traditional choir

Oh, you chilling frost,
Chill me no more!
Chill me no more,
Nor my riding horse!

Nor my riding horse with its snowy mane.
Wife of mine, beware!, is a jealous dame.

Wife of mine, I say!, is a rare belle,
Longs for my back home, hurts for me, can`t wait.

As I come back home when the evening glows,
I`ll embrace my wife, water my good horse.

Oh, you frost, you frost,
Chill me no more!
Chill me no more,
Nor my riding horse!
1954, 1968
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie (Dr. Fun))

O! We have to admit while analysing the part that Zolotukhin played in a promotion of the song that a popularity of the traditional songs which are those of authors` by their origin suggests an availability of a congenial performer, singer. Zolotukhin was that very performer both for that song and several other songs which acquired a status of the modern traditional songs in the Russian music of the 20th c.
When the film director of the Boombarash chose the other actor, Mikhail Kononov, as a performer of the title part of Boombarash since that actor looked very natural as an ordinary Russian farmer, Valeriy Zolotukhin came to him and said in all modesty: `Kolya, if you approve Misha as a performer, you`ll create an excellent movie. But if you want to look into eternity, you should choose me!` Thus, it was Zolotukhin who was chosen, and the film justified hopes. It`s been an iconic, evergreen masterpiece since then.

Valeriy Zolotukhin performing the song `The steamboat whistles, shouts: `Hi` (from the film `The river banks` https://youtu.be/ZGRPbkkE_VQ) in the 1975 concert. He finishes his performance with an innocent hooliganism, a citation of the Dance of the Little Swans from Peter Tchaikovsky`s ballet The Swan Lake.https://youtu.be/0qLbGtebw78

Lyrics by Mikhail Tanich
Music by Nikita Bogoslovsky
The steamboat whistles, shouts: `Hi`
Its smoke hangs low downwind.
The one at whom I shout `hi`,
The one at whom I shout `hi`,
She can`t make choice, hangs in the wind.

So in response to your surprise,
I`ll find the one who`s curlier,
Then our romance is no romance,
A title of it, an agony!

But I still hope, I don`t know why,
If steamboat shouts louder,
She`ll venture to stop telling lies,
She`ll venture to stop telling lies,
And she`ll be back in spite of all.


I suffer deeply in my heart,
Being neither dropped nor chosen one.
Why those who call me out, why,
Are not the ones whom I call out?
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie (Dr.Fun))

The song `The steamboat whistles shouting: `Hi` was performed by Valeriy Zolotukhin in presence of its composer Nikita Bogoslovsky and poet Mikhail Tanich. By the time of the concert both had been well aware of the Zolotukhins ability to trigger a long life of the modern traditional songs. Nikita Bogoslovsky, a prominent composer of many Russian lyrical songs strongly gravitated to the Russian traditional music and folklore and used it in his arrangements in the soundtracks of the famous feature films. He wrote an excellent suite based on the folkloric melodies to the iconic comedy film `Operation `Y`, or the new adventures of Shurik`.

Seller (Coward): Dear new tenants, introduce culture, cover your sheetrock with little carpets. No modernism, no abstractionism! They prevent your walls from waterworks, they prevent you from rheumatism! Dive in, be haste, cheap brints, hey-hey! I recommend you a classical plot. A mermaid from the same-name opra. Music by Dargomyzhsky, lyrics by A. Pushkin.
Buyer: What a shame!
Seller (Coward: One minute. I`ve got quite a neutral plot. Recommended for usage in the children`s institutions. Here you are! Oi, wrong, wrong! Here it is!
Buyer: Roll up the rug!
Lollipops` seller (Blockhead)(wearing his orange, so called `meningitis cap` made of so called `fishy fur and serpentine fluff`, i.e. too thin for winter temperatures) has got a box with the rhymes on it: `Those who obeys their dads and moms are used to eat their lollipops!`
Boss (Worldly-wise): Quit it! There`s a thing to do.
An irritated citizen: `Where`s that damn terrible invalid?
Boss (Worldly-wise): You keep still, bro. It`s me who is that invalid, so what? (The trio gets into a car that the Russian people called rather ambiugously `the invalid car` (it was offered to the disabled persons free in the Soviet time). It was being made in East Germany. (By the way, a word of `invalid` has not a negative meaning in Russian. - Dr.Fun).https://youtu.be/_weoESj8HH8

Nikita Bogoslovsky who originated from the pre-Revolutionary Russian aristocratic family was an iconic Soviet composer and a notorious practical joker and rather a dangerous mystifie. He was a very witty creative personality.


Just listen to Nikita Bogoslovsky`s charming satiric tunes composed by him for a Leonid Gaidai comedy `The Moonshiners`.

The Moonshiners` Song https://youtu.be/Ce1MPHBwsmo

Music by Nikita Bogoslovsky
Lyrics by Vladimir Livshitz (his pen name was James Clifford)
That distiller was quite cheap for us to buy,
Once it was created to produce moonshine*.
But it brings us, buddies, day and night,
All year round a round sum.
`l in chorus: Incidentally, all year round!

If to tell the truth, it would be very nice
To lie down under it when it`s on line
For the liquor might drip in the mouth
Day and night, all year round! (twice, the 2nd time in chorus)

People, as I`ve lately in the market heard,
Tell that we can get for that the prison term.
We can spend, so to say, hands down
Behind the bars all year round! (twice, the 2nd time in chorus)
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie (Dr. Fun))
*an irregular stress to produce a comic effect, as well as brints for `prints` above. Wurds! Ha-ha!

Coward`s eccentricy to the delighted and very tasty cocktail of the melodies reminding of the French chanson, Ravel`s Bolero, Rimsky-Korsakov`s Flight of the Bumblebee and author`s eccentric music https://youtu.be/iFMAQOTDu5g (See the full film in here: https://youtu.be/x_-ehagcrBg).

Bogoslovsky composed a traditional song `I`m heart and soul to you` to the lyrics by Igor Shaferan, and that song was performed by Valeriy Zolotukhin in a traditional style and with stressed pronouncing "o" as "o", rather than as "a" which is a distinctive feature of some Russian dialects of the Volga rural areas. Maxim Gorky spoke in that way all his life. When the Russian speaking like that start learning English the result is unexpected, a pure Oxford pronunciation. So the song is recommended to be performed by the Oxford University student and professor choirs.
The fact that Igor Shaferan wrote the lyrics for the modern traditional song makes no difference, as many (though not all) songs of that type in Russia in the 20c. were written or composed by the Russian Jews. The Russian people doesn`t give a damn for it. If the song is excellent why not to sing it? None remembers authors, everyone remembers songs. The unanimous success is often anonymous! That`s where the fun is when it concerns the songs ordinary people consider to be their own. A fortiori when the people does it so to say, nationwide.

Valeriy Zolotukhin singing `I AM HEART AND SOUL TO YOU`https://youtu.be/taaZn_I0ZBs

Lyrics by Igor Shaferan
Music by Nikita Bogoslovsky
I am heart and soul to you,
But I`m of no interest for you.
I approach you this way and that,
But it is you who ignores me instead.
If I am a stranger for you,
If you even gonna refuse,
There’s only left for me, oh!
To stand behind your door.

All day long
Foreseeing `Begone!`
As a dummy I stand on your porch.
While being there
I’m aware:
`We’re a twosome who carry the torch!` (Oh, yeah! - Dr. Fun)

I am heart and soul to you ...

Well, at first
I had no words.
But at last I declared my love.
All in all, now it’s your choice
If I go away or sit beside.
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie (Dr.Fun))

`The people who sings and dances harbours no evil designs`. Catherine II the Great of Russia, Russia`s `matushka gosudarynia` (mother sovereign)`


Bagheera and Mowgli (characters from Sir Joseph Rudyard Kipling`s The Jungle Book) in a humorous stage version of The Ural Pelmenis (lit.- meat dumplings) theatrical company. Its actors play comic sketches in one of the most popular TV shows in Russia. Their niche is the quasi-folkish farces reflecting the modern morals and manners of the Russian citizens in country and abroad. https://youtu.be/lqDx1hcEzxI

If you began to talk with a pussy cat, you must be either a grandmom or Mowgli.
Mowgli (actor Dmitri Brekotkin): Bagheera, Bagheera, Bagheera! Something happens with me, but what? I do not understand what`s wrong with me! Something is seething and boiling either in my stomach or in my soul, I can`t understand where! I want something but I don`t know what!
Bagheera (actress Yulia Mikhalkova): It`s springtime, Mowgli.
Mowgli: Springtime, really? I keep running to and fro as an idiot, my legs fail to obey me, yesterday I even ran slam-bang into a tree.
Bagheera: It`s a pine, Mowgli.
Mowgli: I thought as much. That spot is still swollen. It hurts. Just look at it!
Bagheera: It`s a black eye, Mowgli.
Mowgli: A black eye? Wow! Yesterday I met a nice girl, I called her: `Hi!` She answered: 2,000 rupees.
Bagheera: It`s a fine, Mowgli!
Mowgli: 2,000? A trine fine then! The price startled me so much that I simply escaped. I covered 1,609 metres!
Bagheera: It`s a mile, Mowgli.
Mowgli: After that I was tired and fast asleep. I saw a strange woman in my dream. She denuded me of all my money and didn`t let me drink!
Bagheera: It`s a wife, Mowgli.
Mowgli: When I woke up I saw four handsome banderlogs (i.e., monkeys in the Kipling`s book. - Dr. Fun) singing and dancing to music.
Bagheera: It`s The Nice*, Mowgli.
Rudyard Kipling (actor Dmitry Sokolov): Sorry for interrupting your performance. The matter is that I`m Sir Rudyard Kipling, that very author of the Mowgli Saga. Just a few people remember me, even fewer people know that my name is Rudyard. A handful of people also know that it was me who wrote a ditty `The hairy bumblebee to the closing bine`**. Thank you, thank you for your applause. And so, the reason by which I`ve appeared in here is just to say that while a great number of people of our planet has nothing to say the gang on this stage fabricated a whole sketch out of thin air. Let`s clap our hands and then come back to the point! Taking into account that population of our planet is 7 billions of persons just fancy how many more sketches are still to be made up out of whole cloth by these performers! Let`s wish them every success in their hard working!
Mowgli: Bagheera, what`s been that?
Bagheera: It`s been a hype***, Mowgli! THE END
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie (Dr. Fun)

* The Nice (UK):

The Nice `Daddy Where Did I Come From?`, 1969 https://youtu.be/ZJcqE-xiy_s?list=RD45pIvr4gJD4
At source there`s the phenomenally popular Russian pop band with a senseless title `The Na-na` of the 90-00s (it was being produced by the prominent Russian showbiz manager and musician Barry Alibasov):

The Na-Na`s humorous song `Eskimo and Papuan` (1990) where `Eskimo` implies winter frost and `Papuan` implies summer heat.

Lyrics by Larissa Rubalskaya
Music by Andrei Potyomkin & Barry Alibasov

There met each other once
Eskimo and Papuan tribes.
And a Papuan said to an Eskimo:
`I don`t know how you are,
We`ve got winter just right now.
Frost is plus thirty one on the Celsius`.

Papuans, Papuans, Papuans never saw snow in their hot lives!
Papuans, Papuans, Papuans, they prefer the deadly heat.
Eski-eski-eskimos eat Eskimo pies when the frost comes,
And by that good, valid reason they are called Eskimo people!

Then an Eskimo, surprised,
With a question in his eyes,
Told a Papuan something that values:
`I don`t know how you are,
Summer`s in the height right now.
Heat is minus fifteen on the Celsius`.

That hot argument is said
To haven`t been cooled down yet.
Yet it holds things in place for the parties.
It`s an Eskimo who tells
What the frost is right to death,
While a Papuan explains heat for nothing.
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie (Dr. Fun)

(Unlike in the West the words of `eskimo` as well as `nigger` haven`t got a negative meaning in Russian. These words are neutral. - Dr. Fun)

** `The hairy bumblebee to the closing bine` is a Russian alteration of the Rudyard Kipling`s poem
`The Gipsy Trail` (`The white moth to the closing bine`) made for an iconic Russian feature film from Alexandre Ostrovsky`s play to transform the poem into a Russian Gipsy romance song. It really became a love song of the modern Gipsies in Russia. It was performed by an Oscar Award winner Nikita Mikhalkov in the film for the first time. (By the way, Yulia Mikhalkova and Nikita Mikhalkov are not kinsman but namesakes).

`The hairy bumblebee` sung by Nikita Mikhalkov https://youtu.be/lyAnMuTBM8w
Since then Nikita has been nicknamed `the hairy bumblebee` (or `the moustached bumblebee`) by the Russian people. See at greater length in here: WHAT`S THE BUZZ, TELL ME WHAT`S HAPPENING? (FOLKENTOMOLOGY, OR ALL ABOUT BUMBLE-BEES)
*** At source `nuts`, `schizzo`.


Sonya Timofeyeva - PROGHEIA (an archaic traditional women`s campsite song and dance of the Russian Gipsies). The singer is accompanied by the guitar quartet of the Gipsy theatre `Romen`. Violin played by Alexandre Yakulov. https://youtu.be/VYilvC_rq9o

Progheia, progheia
Terno chavoro
Progheia, progheia
Da i prodjava me

There went by, there went by
A young lad.
He went by, he went by,
Now I`m going to go by.

Akadai, akadai
Romale, khasiyom
Sare love, sare love
Terno propiya

Right here, right here,
Gipsy folks, I was lost.
All money, all money
The young lad squandered on drink.

Adre Moskva, adre Moskva
Chavoro yaviya
Gozhona cha, gozhona cha
Parolom ly-ya

To Moscow, to Moscow
The young lad went.
He married, he married
A good-looking girl.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

The original Gipsy text is presented here not in English but Latin transcription. A nice ear can catch that the singer pronounce `Progheia NE, progheia NE`, etc. But this is the usual, traditional, but occasional particles ornamenting the Gipsy speech during singing. As a rule, they are being improvised, and therefore not included in the texts of the Gipsy songs.

A great Gipsy singer, dancer and drama actress (and film star), Russia`s Merited Actress Sonya Timofeyeva, or, in full, Sophia Alexeyevna Timofeyeva (born September 10, 1944) was born in a campsite from a Gipsy singer Evgeniya Ivanovna Baurova. Her mother could sing and dance with the preciosity and authenticity nowadays mostly lost by the Gipsy performers in Russia and in the world. Almost mathematical PRECIOSITY, AUTHENTICITY and TRADITION are the touchstones of the Gipsy art. Sonya received them from her mother, she was extremely lucky in this respect. Besides, she had a natural gift, a deep contralto like that of the pre-Revolutionary superstar of the Russian Gipsy stage Varya Panina.

Varya Panina `Pedlars` (`Korobeiniki`) Genuine Gipsy Version https://youtu.be/OJQOrnb3r1M

Plus a stage school of the `Romen` theatre. Sonya sang two Gipsy romance song for actress Svetlana Toma in the 1968 adaptation of the Lev Tolstoy novel The Living Corpse. She played a sophisticated role of Stesha, the favourite Gipsy singer of the great Russian poet Alexandre Pushkin, in the performance of the Gipsy theatre `Romen`. She also played Leskov`s Grushen`ka. She was married to Alexei Khmelyov, son of the Gipsy megastar Lyalya Tchernaya and a prominent actor of the Moscow Art Theatre Nikolay Khmelyov.

63439812 (700x525, 394Kb)

Sonya was not beautiful, if to judge her appearance by the appropriate standards of beauty, but she was improbably beautifully ugly! I`m upset that she corrected her oustanding nose! If I had been her husband I wouldn`t have permitted her to have it corrected according to the classical standards. Her beautiful `ugliness` was especially attractive and ... sexual. SHE SHOULDN`T HAVE BEEN AFRAID OF HER BEST SELF! (By the way, the Ruby Diamond is a traditional Russian Gipsy formula of addressing people you like).
Sonya played a title role in the iconic Russian TV Series `The Gipsy` where she didn`t sing but acted as a drama actress. There was the Gipsy music in the film, and the main theme of the score became the immortal suite THE RENDEZ-VOUS by Valeriy Zubkov. It`s of a rare beauty. (See all numbers of the brass band: https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/andrew_alexandre_owie/post428121020/).

THE RENDEZ-VOUS by Valery Zubkov (from soundtrack of the TV Series `The Gipsy`, 1979). Trumpet solos performed by pupils Nikolai Nechkasov and Feodor Gerasimov. Brass Band `AcademBrass` (Artistic Leader and Conductor Dmitri Pavlovich Slatvinsky), Music School, Novosibirsk, Siberia. November, 2016 https://youtu.be/VjZf78FRIyE


Oh, yeah! I touched the Russian Gipsy topic in many post of mine. Of course, joy and fire as well desire are distinctive features of the Gipsy art, yet, as I`d stressed before, schooling, technique mean much too. If you deign to read the following posts, their fragments and lines dedicated to Gipsies, you can`t but agree with me. Another example of a classical Gipsy singing and of PRECIOSITY, AUTHENTICITY and TRADITION. (see THE SEVEN STRING GUITAR OR THERE WILL BE DANCING TONIGHT:

Strongilla Irtlacz (Irtlach) performs an old Gipsy campsite song `The Seven String Guitar`. https://youtu.be/xP42yGyuhow

Lyrics by Apollon Grigoriyev (as a starting point as there are very many variants and combinations)
Music by Ivan Vasiliyev

You bosom friend of mine, guitar,
With seven strings irregular,
Ring for me louder than a nightingale,
Cuz moon is so spectacular.

At any time I`ll know your voice
In that key of D-minor
And that silver tune of yours
When strings are touched with fire*.

Such, such, such more! (Hop!) That`s right!

Do not disturb with a mournful song,
Excite with a cheerful melody,
Sing how handsome is my boy,
He is a gorgeous peony.

His curls are darker than a night
Blue eyes are clear sapphires,
He only makes my life out of sight
Or else the world were tiresome.

Such, such, such more! (Hop!) That`s right!

Forget it`s time to go away,
The sunrise tints are nearer,
Sing, guitar friend, all the way,
Do talk with me, my dear one.

Such, such, such more! (Hop!)
Do talk with me, my dear one.
(Trans. By Andrew Alexandre Owie)

* The line `When strings are touched with fire` is a relatively free translation, since in the original text there is used a word expression from the guitar playing technique terminology meaning that the player frequently touches the different strings, swiftly changes them. Literally, it`s called `a frequent fingering`.

Many Russians and not only them learned from the old Gipsy artistes and preserved traditions of the Gipsy music and dance. Many Russian composers and poets wrote the Gipsy romance songs, and Gipsy people accepted it. And the Russian accepted Gipsy songs as a part of the Russian traditional culture.

The Gipsy song `You`re Gipsy, me is too`. https://youtu.be/3lKENhChBOg

Russian Jews Samuel Pokrass and Pavel German, authors of the bravura Revolutionary songs and military marches which had been popular in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany for many years created an excellent Gipsy love song in the 20s of the 20 c.
(See: https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/andrew_alexandre_owie/post267923111/;

You can listen to the romance The ring of a tambourine (Там бубна звон) being performed by Pierre and Vladimir Svetlanoff https://youtu.be/gzMXortxDco

Music by Sam Pokrass
Lyrics by Pavel German

All`s been destroyed by the vortex of tornado
We`ll have to move together from place to place
What if to go off to a gipsy campsite, buddy,
They cannot grieve more than a couple of days.

Всё сметено могучим ураганом
И нам с тобой осталось кочевать
Махнем с тобой, мой друг, в шатры, к цыганам
Там не умеют долго горевать.

There ring guitars and tambourine.
Full swing of dances, bliss of steppe.
The rocking of a gipsy cart
Will free you of your useless spleen.

Там бубна звон, гитары стон
Там пляски воли, неги полей
И там в кибитке забудешь пытки
Далёких, призрачных страстей.

It`s never mind if you at dawn wake up
And feel again how heavy is your heart,
If soul of yours with their guitars is charmed,
You`ll no longer recollect your plights.

И ничего, что утром ты проснулся
А сердце помнит - это не беда
Кто в жизни раз цыган душой коснулся
Тот не забудет больше никогда.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

Revolutionaries and world wars are the evillest enemies of the Gipsy culture. That`s a definite fact, folks! Still, the Gipsy music and guitar remains popular in Russia. They are played not only the artistes but ordinary people too. We must admit that Soviet Russia (unlike that of nowadays one) supported the Gipsy culture.

Gipsy Folk Song `Mar, Dyandya`(`Танцуй, девушка!``Dance, girl!`) (Instrumental). https://youtu.be/KIl2jTrzfSs
Russian Gipsy Romances `Why?` , `Don`t go away, do stay with me`, `Go away, do not look`, `Street, Street`, `You are cunning`.
See https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/andrew_alexandre_owie/post267777045/#;
`Do shine, do shine my glowing star`. An old Russian Gipsy love song https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/andrew_alexandre_owie/post431871985/#;
The old Russian Gipsy love song `Do not call up shades of the past days`
A Russian fellow is brilliantly dancing a Gipsy dance to melody of the Gipsy song `You`re Gipsy, I`m as well` in a grotesque, farcical style and after that tells his fellows a funny story about Natasha Rostova going to the ball using the unprinted words!


You`re Gipsy, I`m as well https://youtu.be/uvkg7RGliFo

You`re Gipsy, me is too,
We are both true Gipsies.
You steal horses with the dudes,
While I steal only slippers.

Hey, onсe,
One more time,
Then once more and many times,
Better once but fourty times
Than fourty times but yet not once.

There`s an alder on the top.
A cherry tree`s below.
A gipsy fell in love with me,
But why? I don`t know!
Etc., any number of stances, yet the refrain & three first stances are classical, and to sing them is a must!
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie (Dr. Fun))


`Rien Ne Va, Plus Rien Ne Va`. Russian poet Vladimir Vysotsky sings his Gipsy song in French. Mikhail Baryshnikov dances. (They were friends, by the way). https://youtu.be/617UWepjtIU

Vysotsky`s wife was a French film star Marina Vlady, and her cousin was Russian Gipsy actress Lyalya Tchernaya whose son was Sonya Timofeyeva`s second husband. So Vladimir Vysotsky was in Sonya Timofeyeva`s family. Sonya was rather rich before `perestroika`, and once when the hard times came she was even robbed by her fellows, Gipsies. They came to her, an old, almost ancient Gipsy lady mesmerized her. And they took all what they wanted. After that, as in the late 60s sang the French pop singer in German, Zigeuner zieh'n vorbei, i.e., disappeared into thin air. She, that Gipsy Bagheera, o my beloved panther!, she couldn`t resist and even move, having been paralysed by that Gipsy Kaa.

Salvatore Adamo `Zigeuner zieh`n vorbei` https://youtu.be/xhzOvq7syvI

Sonya couldn`t produce hypnosis. As a Gipsy from a campsite she only spezialized in singing, dancing, acting, as well as in chiromancy and cartomancy. In the 90s Sonya disappeared for a decade and a half and came to surface from nowhere in the 2010s. In the 80s she was rumoured to have been telling the fortunes by cards and palms for the daughter of Brezhnev and Raissa, wife of Gorbachov. Once, when abroad on tours with the theatre company, she sang with Luciano Pavarotti whom she first mistook for a Gipsy Baron. Now she lives in prestigious Tverskaya str. in Moscow with her last husband who is a quarter of century younger than she is. Her only son is two years older. A true Bohemian, what can you expect from her? Being sound as a bell (Heaven sain her!) she began to fear death like the devil fears holy water after she`d reached 70, and sometimes drowns her dread dying in good claret. She`s obviously famesick as well, and generously fuels tabloids due to professional theatricality of portraying her hang-ups.
You may ask me what Gipsy culture has to do with the topic of this post: FROST vs. HEAT? Perhaps, I`ll answer like this: `Gipsy culture in Russia is like a standing-to-reason winter heat amidst no less standing-to-reason summer cold. There`s no `versus` at all. It`s a cultural symbiosis, a fruitful ice and fire bond and unity`.
Russia received Gipsies whose native land was India as a part of the Eastern Roman Empire`s legacy. Along with Greece Russia is a political and ideological heir to the Eastern Roman Empire, and from century to century it reproduces the Roman political, cultural and ideological patterns and παράδειγμα (paradigms) in its own territory. Even its name Rossiya `Russia` is Greek, politically inherited from Byzantium (Russia had been called `Rus`before that). Having left India Gipsies moved to Persia and then settled down in Byzantium. Their original name, the way they call themselves is `romale` (from `rom`) that means `Romans`(from `a Roman`), and their Indian language include Persian and significant Greek lexical layers. They are mainly Orthodox Christians, but there are also Muslims among them. Like Jews Gipsies commit to the conscious superiority. This helps them (it`s a defence reaction) to survive and preserve their tribe and their self-identity, by the way, as the last true Roman citizens. Well, at the least they are not afraid of being unique!

leonardo_da_vinci_mona_lisat (540x540, 160Kb)
Ain`t she a cool hot absolute? Never be afraid of being unique!

Dr. Fun`s funny (ha-ha!) posts:
https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/andrew_alexandre_owie/post300875812/# Wow! (If you aren`t complimentary about your own posts, then who will be complmentary about `em except Uncle Vanya and Three Sisters?! Anthony Check-off)

flag43 (68x50, 9Kb)
Rule, Britannia!


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1702 (700x547, 501Kb)
Picture `Hand carousel`by Nikolai Baskakov, 1971 68x57


L'elisir d'amore (The Elixir of Love) by Gaetano Donizetti. The New Op`ra, Moscow, Production (staged by Yuri Alexandrov, `Una furtiva lagrima` (Nemorino`s Romanza) Sung by Mikhail Gubsky, a wonderful Russian tenor going on stage in the performance in his quilted jacket, wearing his kersey boots and earflapped fur hat. Why is it so? Just because it`s snowing on the stage, and, after all, it`s simply zany and hype. And it happens in Russia rather than in Italy. Besides, it`s a duty of every Russian to support the national stereotypes while practising bel canto! Otherwise, it would be difficult to differ the Russian from the Prussian. The Kievan traitors of the Rusinidad (Rusinicity) consider the quilted jackets to be a quintessence of the latter. So why not to bring some happiness to them too? Russia has got a generous nature! https://youtu.be/-OAN711GGvo


Frankenfeld Show, ARD-1975, West Germany - Winterwäldchen (Winter Coppise) Sung By Larissa Mondrus https://youtu.be/ZaG7itiTf-k

Music by Arno Babadjanian
Winterwäldchen - Winter Coppise
Winterwäldchen, jeder Ast voller Schnee,
und sehr traurig von der Last und so weh
Auf den weißen Wegen geh' ich allein
Und ich glaube, nochmal bei Dir zu sein.

Winter coppice. Branches covered with snow.
They bend down under it, hurt and woe.
Going out on the white road in vain,
I still dream to meet you, sweetheart, again.

Einst im Sommer war'n die Abende hell
Auf der Lichtung fuhren wir Karussell,
Karussell, Karussell,
unser Sommer schwand so schnell.

Once in summer when the evenings were bright,
On the merry-go-round we’d a ride.
Carousel, carousel …
Autumn whirled us as if a leaf in a vale.

Einmal noch durch die Luft fliegen wie im Mai (hey!)
uns im Sturm wiegen, nur wie zwei
Du mein, ich Dein, und hol uns der Teufel,
er holt uns nicht mehr ein
La la la lei... (hey!)

I wish I’d go round some day again!
In the vortex of springtime, hey!
Pair bonding, just you and I,
Like hell we’d part in May.

Winterwäldchen, es ist spät, viel zu spät
Meine Liebe hat der Schnee zugeweht
Ganz verloren träumt der Tanzpavillon,
träumt von einem lang verklungenen Ton.

Winter coppice. It’s all gone, it’s all gone,
Like the road my love`s covered with snow.
All in guilt there stands an empty dance floor
Dreaming of the song that’s heard no more.

Und in mir wird die Errinnerung hell:
Auf der Lichtung fuhren wir Karussell.
Karussell, Karussell...
Unser Sommer schwand so schnell!

My bright memories flash back to the vale.
In the clearing there whirled carousels.
Carousel, carousel …
In a flash our love was gone with the gale.

Einmal noch durch die Luft fliegen wie im Mai (hey!)
uns im Sturm wiegen, nur wie zwei
Du mein, ich Dein, und hol uns der Teufel,
er holt uns nicht mehr ein
La la la lei... (hey!)

Er holt uns nicht mehr ein (hey)!

I wish I’d go round some day again!
In the vortex of springtime, hey!
Pair bonding, just you and I,
Like hell we’d part in May.

(the last pair of lines twice)
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

Чёртово колесо (Devil`s Wheel). Sung by Muslim Magomaev in the West German TV film `Moscow from music` (1969). That blessed time an Armenian could compose a song for a Azeri performer, and they didn`t even think they could kill each other like it must be nowadays. Pah! Sorry, o tempora, o mores! https://youtu.be/ijq6r9JbnGU

Lyrics by Yevgeniy Yevtushenko (born Yevgeniy Gangnuss)
Music by Arno Babadjanian

Чёртово колесо Devil`s Wheel
В зимнем парке тополя так грустны,
Липы просят подождать до весны.
Кверху дном все лодки молча лежат,
Как пилотки задремавших солдат.
Но ты помнишь, как давно, по весне
Мы на чертовом крутились колесе,
Колесе, колесе… а теперь оно во сне.

Poplars of the winter park are so sad,
Linden ask them to wait till spring is back.
Rows of boats lie and doze bottoms up
Like the field caps of the brothers in arms.
But you cannot have forgotten, I feel,
Long ago we rode on the big wheel,
Devil`s wheel, devil`s wheel... it is now our common dream.

Но я лечу
с тобой снова.
Я лечу –
Эх! И одно слово я кричу,
Кричу: «Люблю!», -
И лечу я к звездам,
Кричу и вновь лечу.

06_konovalov_chertovo_koleso_km_15x20_1994_800x600w (700x524, 425Kb)

Now I`m in flight
with you,
I`m in flight!
Hey! And an only word I cry,
I cry: `I love you!`
And up I fly
I cry-fly to the stars!

В зимнем парке так бело, так бело…
Словно парк, мою любовь замело.
Дискобол, грустя, в снегу так увяз,
Танцплощадке под снежком снится вальс.
И как будто позабыл я про все…
Только черт заводит снова колесо,
Колесо, колесо… и летит твое лицо!

In the winter park there`s white, so white ...
My love`s covered with white snow as the park.
Sad discobolus stands waistdeep in snows,
Snowy dancing floor, it dreams of a waltz.
Well, I was about to banish my dreams ...
But a devil starts to crank the same wheel.
Devil`s wheel, devil`s wheel ... and your face again flies in my dreams.

(Refrain twice)
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

Larissa Mondrus is a unique personality. She began her singing career in Latvia, then moved to Moscow and achieved an improbable success as one of the brightest Soviet pop stars. Larissa remains an integral part, an iconic figure of the Soviet Russian pop music of the 60-70s forever. She emigrated in the early 70s, and since then her artistic fate has been linked with Germany. She speaks, and she sang in three languages, Lettish, Russian and German without an accent, or else she would have hardly had a great success. Larissa was an only pop singer from the USSR who contrived to continue her professional career abroad. The luckiest person from birth, she is a natural born winner too!

Larissa Mondrus. Maybe, yes, or maybe not! A young lady doesn`t know what to do, either not to come to a date or to marry a guy at once. A thrilling and exciting journey from one extreme to another! Oh, those women! https://youtu.be/0hCeZa6DjWQ

As to Muslim Magomayev, he was a mega star of the Soviet pop music educated as an operatic singer in Italy. He considered to have been and really was the king of the Soviet pop music of the 60-70s. He was a benjamin of the Soviet govt. and of the govt. of his native Azerbaijan, yet his career was a spent bullet after its climax in the 60s-early 70s. Muslim and Larissa were friends until his death. Though, they sang together, as a duet, only once.

Muslim Magomaeyev and Larissa Mondrus singing `The conversation of two birds` by Polad Bülbül oğlu. A sensual dialogue of the sonorous nightingales in a snowy winter grove!https://youtu.be/MepOG0CYX1Y

He saw her and her husband, composer and conductor Eghil Schwartz, off on their farewell train to Germany. After their departure Larissa was regularly slandered by the Soviet media. But there was something common between her and the Soviet elite, they both had been taking on a new capitalist life since the early 70s.

001-France-Paris-Concorde-Place-Traffic-Cars-Mona-Lisa-Big-Wheel-2013 (700x467, 240Kb)


kruglova_veronika (200x285, 7Kb)
Veronika Kruglova

Veronika Kruglova had got her own, a very special place in the Russian pop music of the 60-70s of the 20 c. She was a vamp diva, a fatal woman whom the Soviet men adored and, oh my God, wanted very much. After a period of singing romances for the Russian artistic elite in the 70s. she finished her artistic career and moved to the Western Coast of the USA. Two of her husbands, Iosif Kobsohn and Vadim Mullermann, were the superstars of the then Russian pop music, and the first one couldn`t forgive the other, his artistic rival, that he had married her either. Her manner was imperceptibly sensual and absolutely irrisistible, in the 60s she was the hottest chick of the Russian pop music, kinda Soviet Russian sex bomb.

`See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!` (1965). Music by Oscar Felzmann. Lyrics by Lev Oshanin. Sung by Veronika Kruglova. https://youtu.be/rEPkYPfNh2A

Lyrics by Lev Oshanin, Music by Oscar Felzmann

Я люблю бродить одна
По аллеям полным звездного огня,
Я своих забот полна -
Вы, влюбленные, не прячьтесь от меня.

I like strolling all alone
About the alleys full of light of the bright stars.
I`ve got my hands full for long.
People in love, you do not hide out from my path.

Ничего не вижу,
Ничего не слышу,
Ничего не знаю,
Ничего никому не скажу.

I see no evil, I hear no evil,
I speak no evil, mum's the word!
I see no evil, I hear no evil,
I speak no evil, mum's the word!

Вижу радость и беду,
Даже слышу как сердца стучат в груди.
Кто-то шепчет : "Завтра жду..."
Кто-то шепчет: "Ненавижу, уходи!"

I see people`s grief and joy,
Even feel a beat of hearts that are in love.
Someone`s whispering `See you, s`long!`
Someone`s whispering `I hate you, so you get lost!

А самой мне все равно,
Если кто-то ждет вечернею порой -
Пусть один зайдет в кино -
Или просит погулять меня другой.

As to me I don`t care
If someone is waiting for another in the night.
If someone`s insisting `Help yourself!`
Or someone has joined my promenade.

Вдруг ударила гроза -
Это ты сказал мне громкие слова,
Заглянул в мои глаза....
... и от счастья закружилась голова....

There flashed a lightning once.
You said words I`d like to hear! T`was high time!
Then you looked into my eyes
My head wheeled with happiness of love.

(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie)

That song whose lyric heroine is a self-sufficient, immuned to solicitation, wise and happy woman, the one who had found her love and stopped being a menace for the love of the other people was popular due to its perfect lyrics, music and the very singer, a perfect young woman. The wind instruments of the musicians seem to be the living Freudian symbols. The musicians seem to shyly tame her as an exotic cobra, nice but dangerous! That very moment all of them, judging by their happy sinful faces, wanted to be her lovers, husbands, her adams sharing with their Eve the original sin on the eve of being exiled from the Garden of Eden!

074 (700x525, 612Kb)

By Anna Lemert-Dolgaryova, St. Petersburg
The less I loved the more I told my gentlemen:
`You are my love. You are the best! You are simply ... pur -r-r-r!`
Then I would bury my face in their shoulders,
I slid down along the banisters,
Dropped the receiver or pulled at the bell rope!

I was about to run away, to be lost in a maple grove,
To fly upstairs a casting off ship in full view.
But I repeated: `I know
You are exactly the best one!`
But lip-read was different:`Sorry for not loving you!`

... well, he`s in my kitchen. Green-eyed and impudent.
His paws are on me. Fair-haired. Unshaven. Mine.
I`m breathing out in his face:
I hate you then!`
But he is smiling,
He`s watching me, saying: `So do I`.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)


DI-UcadXUAEk1tZ (600x605, 224Kb)

And, finally, a big droplet of sweet vulgarity & hooliganism in a style of François Rabelais! Et, enfin, une grande gouttelette de douce vulgarité et hooliganisme à la François Rabelais! 最后还有 a lá弗朗索瓦拉伯雷粗俗主义和流氓主义的一大滴!

When I was a little tot I was afraid of a monster. Now the monster is lying beside me.
当我还是个小孩时,我害怕一个怪物。 现在怪物躺在我身边。

THE 21ST CENTURY ROMANCE Le romantisme du 21ème siècle 21世纪浪漫主义:
-Baby, why would you want those flowers, let`s better swallow some tricky pills & have fantastic sex.
-Baby, pourquoi voudriez-vous ces fleurs, mieux d'avaler des pilules et avoir du sexe fantastique.

DGPTBGSXkAM3WJR (591x365, 160Kb)
I feel regret this cruise is so short.
- A-ha-ha! Just like your penis.
- Je me sens regrette cette croisière est si courte.
- A-ha-ha! Tout comme votre pénis.
- 我感到遗憾,这次巡航很短。
- 阿哈哈! 就像你的阴茎

`Every time people shout `Oh, my God!` while making love I mark it as spam mail`.
Jesus Christ plaisante aussi: `Chaque fois que les gens crient `Oh, mon Dieu!` quand ils font l'amour je marque cela comme des spams`.
每次 当人们做爱时喊 `噢,我的上帝`我把它标记为垃圾邮件!

A boyfriend`s palm should be tender, sweaty, incredulous.
La paume d'un copain doit être tendre, en sueur, incrédule.

DIcQujNXcAYp32p (500x376, 68Kb)
Romanticism of a summer night! Le romantisme d'une nuit d'été! 夏天夜晚的浪漫主义

-Why haven`t you picked up the phone?
-I`ve had a shower.
-Nope, dressed like a fucking diver!
- Pourquoi n'avez-vous pas pris le téléphone?
- J'ai pris une douche.
- Nu?
- Non, habillé comme un putain de plongeur!

We live in the 21st century which is a period of the man-like women and effeminate men.
(We live in the 21st century which is a period of the feminine men and masculine women).
Nous vivons au 21ème siècle qui est une période des hommes efféminés et des femmes masculinisée. (Nous vivons au 21ème siècle qui est une période des hommes féminins et des femmes masculines).

UNI FROCK Tenue de soirée
July. Saturday. Restaurant The Prague. It`s a scene of confusion to see the guy wearing the replica of your frock.
Juillet. Samedi. Restaurant Prague. C`est un moment délicat pour voir le gars portant la copie de votre robe.

DIOBmXLWAAAF0_C (560x700, 430Kb)

A wedding gown, wedding veil.
Led to the altar in the temple.
My daddy`s voice behind my back:
`Shit! Anthony, you kinsfolk`s shame`.

Une robe de mariage, voile de mariage.
Porté à l'autel dans le temple.
La voix de mon papa derrière mon dos:
`Merde! Anthony, la honte de ta famille.
(Trans. by Le Commissaire Juve)

DHuziIdWAAA5oxS (700x361, 134Kb)
See also: https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/andrew_alexandre_owie/post403057625/
- Be as much sexy as possible!
- It’s not so simple with the fish!
- Soyez aussi sexy que possible!
- Ce n'est pas si simple avec les poissons!
-你必需是 尽可能多的性感!

DHuzXGfXsAIeKGx (699x358, 94Kb)

COMING OUT vs. SECRET WISH Coming-out contre désir secret COMING OUT 对 秘密的渴望
-Mommy, I am a gay person! I make love with different men.
-I wish I could do it too.
-Maman, je suis un pédé! Je fais l'amour avec des hommes différents.
-J'aimerais pouvoir le faire aussi!
- 妈妈,我是一个同性恋! 我与许多男人有性关系。
- 我希望我也可以做同样!

DIOC1u3WAAAw6cM (408x700, 186Kb)
It`s not what you are thinking! Ce n'est pas ce que vous pensez! 这不是你在想的!

He called me for his tea for two.
D`ya know what he offered me.
Just drink a cup of tea, that`s true.
A brazen scheme.
(Trans. by Le Commissaire Juve)

Tea party is a universal equivalent. A cup o' tea with a woman means your having sex while tea with a friend transforms into a binge.
Une tasse de thé avec une femme signifie que votre avoir des relations sexuelles, le thé avec un ami se transforme en une beuverie.

DIaljraUwAAAt-d (500x370, 127Kb)
-My Son, it`s time to tell you the truth!
-Am I adopted?
-Nope. You`re our daughter.
-Mon fils, il est temps de vous dire la vérité!
-Suis-je adopté?
-Nan. Tu es notre fille.
不是。 你是我女儿

Mommy, a stewardess is a fish, isn’t she?
No, sonny. It’s a lady.
But I heard daddy say he and his crew were frying her.
-Maman, une hôtesse de l'air est un poisson, n'est-ce pas?
-C'est une dame.
-J'ai entendu que papa disait que tout équipage l'avaient frite.

To attract her husband`s attention Lyudmila Petrovna bought a vodka costume in a sex shop.
Pour attirer l'attention de son mari, Liudmila Petrovna a acheté un costume de vodka dans un sex-shop.
为了吸引她丈夫的注意力,Lyudmila Petrovna买了伏特加服装在一家性商店。

DGYm20BXgAIAvUE (597x678, 202Kb)
Vodka `Avatar` - Learn to operate the blue body. Vodka `Avatar` - Apprenez à utiliser le corps bleu! 伏特加`Avatar` - 了解如何使用蓝色的身体!

Angry husband to wife.
-Your tits are tiny!
-And you`re a loser!
-Why then?
-`Cuz your wife has got tiny tits.
Marié en colère à la femme.
-Vos seins sont minuscules!
-Et vous êtes un perdant!
-Pourquoi ors?
-Parce que votre femme a de petits seins.
- 你的山雀很小!
- 你是一个失败者!
- 那为什么?
- 你的妻子有小的山雀。

DO_x__wWkAEyM-S (349x415, 107Kb)
Would you believe I’m really her husband from a parallel Universe!

-Geppetto, I fell in luv with Colombina.
-Great, Pinocchio!
-Geppetto, can you hammer the nail into my wooden body?
-Geppetto, j'adore Colombina.
-Heureux pour toi, Pinocchio!
-Pouvez-vous marteler le clou dans mon corps en bois?
-太好了, 皮諾丘!

-Abraham! Tell me please if it was you to whom I told that you were my only love?
-Then I wonder to whom I could tell this yesterday?
-Abraham! Est-ce que je vous ai dit que vous êtes mon seul amour?
-Je me demande à qui je l'ai déjà dit hier?
-亚伯拉罕! 告诉我,无论是你我说了你是我唯一的爱人吗?

Résumé: I`ve got a tornado in my panties.
Résumé: J'ai une tornade dans le slip.

DGPW-x1XcAAs3Dz (448x563, 277Kb)
-Oh my, what the fucking prices! I gonna have some water, I think.
-As to me ..
-As to you,water will be fine with you too.
- Mon Dieu, quels prix! Je vais commander un verre d'eau, je pense.
- À moi ...
- À toi, l'eau sera bien avec toi aussi.
啊呀! 他妈的价格! 我要喝点水
对我来说 ...

TIRED AND A LITTLE Fatigué et bébé 累了的叔叔和宝宝
-Honey, let`s play a role-playing game, you’re a cabman while I’m a young girl who hasn’t got money to pay you.
Husband: C`mon!
-Uncle cabman, sorry for my not having got enough money ... let me go, please!
-So be it! Go, girl! Go!
Honey, jouons à un jeu de rôle, vous êtes un chauffeur alors que je suis une jeune fille qui n'a pas d'argent à vous payer.
Époux: Allons!
-Oncle taxiste, désolé pour moi, n'ayant pas assez d'argent, laisse-moi partir, s'il vous plaît!
-Ainsi soit-il! Va, fille!
- 让我们玩一个角色扮演游戏,你是一个出租车司机 ,而我是一个没有钱支付你的年轻女孩。 丈夫:来吧!
- 出租车司机叔叔,我没有足够的钱,抱歉,让我走吧!
-就这样吧! 去吧, 姑娘!

DGPaSrCXUAAoWMe (390x573, 135Kb)
Έρως ανδ Θάνατος Eros and Thanatos

PLAYMALES GRUMBLE TOO Les playmâles grognent aussi 花花公子们也抱怨
Rabinowitz: I have got neither wife nor children nor mother-in-law. What have I got in life except for the sheer joy?
Rabinowitz: Je n'ai ni femme ni enfants ni belle-mère. Qu'ai-je dans la vie sauf des plaisirs continus?
拉比诺维茨:不幸的是,我没有妻子,小孩或婆婆。 除了连续的乐趣,我在生活中有什么?

Sleeper`s compartment. Only man&young woman. The man`s reading the newspaper not paying attention to the girl.
Girl: Why are you so indifferent, Sir? I`m young, good-looking, we`re alone. The man put the newspaper aside:`I always said that it was better to wait half an hour rather than to persuade one during three hours`.
Dans le compartiment d'une voiture-lit. Seul un homme et une jeune femme. L'homme lit un journal sans faire attention à la femme.
Fille: Pourquoi êtes-vous si indifférent, monsieur? Je suis jeune, beau, nous sommes tout seul. L'homme a arrêté de lire le journal et a dit: «Je disais toujours qu'il vaut mieux attendre une demi-heure plutôt que de persuader une femme pendant trois heures».
在一辆睡车的隔室里 只有一个男人和一个年轻女人。 男人读报纸,忽视着女人。 她:你为什么不理我,先生? 我很年轻,美丽,我们都孤单。 那名男子停止了阅读报纸并说了:“更好等待半小时比劝说一个女人三个小时”。

If God does not exist, then who invented to bite the bums of my girlfriends?
Si Dieu n'existe pas, alors, qui a inventé de mordre les culs de mes petites amies?

Drunk sex is the eighth wonder of the world.
Le sexe ivre est la huitième merveille du monde.

DI-XTs1W4AMTAHS (700x700, 212Kb)

-Doctor, every morning I find a little stamp in my vagina. Just look! I’ve collected the whole album.
-It’s not stamps but banana stickers!
-Chaque matin, je trouve un petit timbre dans mon vagin. Il suffit de regarder! J'ai récolté tout l'album.
-Mais ce sont des banana stickers!

I adore men knowing how the women function. Those who know how to treat us, how to talk with us & how to bit us.
J'adore les hommes qui savent comment les femmes fonctionnent. Ceux qui savent comment nous contacter, parler avec nous et nous apprivoiser.
我喜欢知那些知道女人工作原理的男人。那些 男人知道如何联系我们,谈话,驯服我们。

18-01-13_8_07_16_44604968 (300x300, 68Kb)

Following a girl student with his eyes, professor of mathematics despondently asked his colleague:
-Don`t you seem that this curve-based surface goes to plane within its limits?
-I can`t but agree with you, Sir. Tits are really almost absent.

Better to live beating off the bedhoppers rather than to be a housewife beating off her hubby’s bitches.

My neighbour in the elevator: `Going to school?`
I’m 25 years old. Well preserved, telling the fucking world.

DItazuAXkAEdWF8 (400x600, 89Kb)
Formula of love, or how to become Einstein in love! Formule d'amour, ou comment devenir Einstein en amour! 爱的公式,或如何成为爱的爱因斯坦!

Men`s view-point:
-There`s no ugly women, there`s little vodka.
Women`s point of view:
-There`s no ugly men, there`s little champagne and too few flowers.
Les goûts sont diffèrents mais pas les gens Le point de vue des hommes:
-Il n'y a pas de femmes moches, il y a peu de vodka.
Le point de vue des femmes:
-Il n'y a pas d'hommes moches, il y a peu de champagne et trop peu des fleurs.

What does it mean? My neighbour says hi to me while his wife doesn’t.

DIh3Q7HW4AA-7Cd (640x481, 97Kb)
Dear office staff! My most pressing request: Next time after having xeroxed your penises take the ready results with you!
Chers employés de bureau! Ma demande la plus pressante: La prochaine fois après avoir xeroxé vos pénis prenez les résultats prêts avec vous!
亲爱的办公室人员! 我最迫切的要求:下次 复印了你们阴茎 后 不要离开准备结果!

-You`re so beautuful, slender figure, nice eyes.
-I`m touched.
-I`ve noticed this too.
-Vous êtes si belle, une figure mince, de beaux yeux.
-Merci, je suis très touché.
-J'ai égement remarqué cela.

Two ladies:
-How`s your Rabinovich?
-O! Fine! He has woken a female in me!
-I bet he has! He’s got such a big alarm clock!

DF-40rgW0AAFkte (700x420, 112Kb)
If you are reading this then you are screwing me! Si vous lisez ceci, alors vous me foutrez!

Wedding night. The husband is caressing his wife’s belly and saying,
- It’s my field. I gonna put potatoes in here … And fell asleep.
The second wedding night. He is patting on her back and saying: `I gonna put cabbage in here …` And fell asleep.
The 3rd wedding night. The wife’s warned at once: Look here, farmer, if you put NOT your carrot in here, I’ll have to lease the whole field!
Noche de bodas. El marido está acariciando el vientre de su esposa y diciendo:
-Es mi campo. Voy a poner papas ahí ... Y se durmió.
La segunda noche de bodas. Golpea el dorso de su esposa y dice:
-Voy a poner un poco de col en ... Y se durmió.
La tercera noche. La mujer advierte de antemano: "Escucha, mi granjero, si no llevas tu zanahoria aquí, tendré que alquilar toda la tierra!"
Nuit de noces.Le mari caresse le ventre de sa femme et dit: C'est mon champ. Je vais mettre des pommes de terre là-dedans Et il s'endormit.
La deuxième nuit de noces. Il tape sur le dos de sa femme et dit:
- Je vais mettre du chou dedans ... Et s'est endormi.
La 3ème nuit.La femme avertit à l'avance: Écoutez,mon agriculteur, si vous ne mettez pas votre carotte ici, je devrai louer tout le terrain!
婚礼之夜。 丈夫爱抚他妻子的肚子说,
-这是我的领域 我要把土豆放在那里! 睡着了。
第二个婚礼之夜。 他点了他妻子的背后说,
-我会把一些白菜放在... 睡着了。
-第三个婚礼之夜。 女人提前警告: “听着,我的农民,如果你不把胡萝卜放在这里,我必须把整个土地出租!”

Married couple in bed.
Hubby: Honey, let’s do it now like bees!
Wife (with delight): On a flowerbed & coated with honey every inch?
Hubby: Nuts to you! I meant more practical thing, less time-consuming.
Wife: What thing?
Hubby: Blow job & fly away!

Sergei Eisenstein: `If not Marx, Engels & Lenin I woulda been another Oscar Wild`. Sergei Esenstein: `Si no fuera Marx, Engels y Lenin, habría sido otro Oscar Wilde`. Serge Esenstein: Si ce n'est pas Marx, Engels et Lénine, j'aurais été un autre Oscar Wilde 如果不是马克思,恩格斯和列宁我会是另一个奧斯卡•王尔德。

A boy tells you, a man shows you un garçon vous le dit, un homme vous le montre 男孩告诉你,男人向你展示

`A fine body!` thought Burattino while caressing the log.


Una Furtiva Lagrima - Enrico Caruso 1904 https://youtu.be/t936rzOt3Zc

The words of `M’ama! Sì, m’ama, ...` (`She loves me`, or `I`m loved`) sounds as `mamma` for the foreign ears, but the ears of the Italians hear a difference between them. In the second case there`s a double `m` that`s pronounced and plays a big role in the meaning making. So we shouldn`t mix up the `Una furtiva lagrima` with the `Mamma son tanto felice`, in which, however, is obvious that `Mamma m`ama! `(`Mommy loves me!`).

CLAUDIO VILLA Mamma https://youtu.be/HKszyQz1_3g

This interpretation and arrangement of the famous song is my favourite one, I feel notes of the Fellini epoch in it. Some anxious notes (`... È arrivato Zampanò!`) amidst of the undisturbed joy and sincere, natural sentimentality (`Mamma m`ama`). Now that we remembered the cinema, we can`t omiss the `Mamma` perfomed by Christian de Sica playing a young woman in the comedy `Bellifreschi`!

Listen to Christian de Sica`s singing MAMMA SON TANTO FELICE from 6:43 - 8:43

Lino Banfi played an excellent mommy in the film. His duet with Christian de Sica made me remember another film and another excellent duet. I mean a duet of two Swedish comedians Johan Rheborg and Robert Gustafsson from the comedy film `Morran & Tobias - Som en skänk från ovan`(`As a gift from above!`).

morrantobias13-0-jpg (700x393, 310Kb)

Mommy Morran (Johan Rheborg) and her sonny Tobias (Robert Gustafsson) occurred to be people of a smashing love of life. None and nothing could destroy their will to life.

Morran_Och_Tobias_Som_En_Skank_Fran_Ovan_2016_P_HDRip_1400MB-1-11-10-051 (700x388, 239Kb)
Mommy the Karlsson

I like the scene when they sing the `Du ar vägen jag går` staring at the starry skies and forgive each other. True Chekhov! Or when mother was hiding in a boat.

Morran_Och_Tobias_Som_En_Skank_Fran_Ovan_2016_P_HDRip_1400MB-0-43-45-405 (700x388, 228Kb)

Then we have no right to forget the matriarch Christine Baskets (played by Louie Anderson) from the US TV Baskets Saga. I couldn`t believe it was a man!

Baskets_S03E05_720p_HDTVRip_Rus_Eng_Ozz-0-09-28-692 (700x393, 210Kb)

Well, well, well, well, we`ll have to put up with the fact that sometimes poppas exellently play mommas and women on the whole. This topic, however, deserves a special investigation! Halloo, you scholars! None wiil do it for you!
But let`s be back to the song. I liked very much the way my dear `Mamma son tanto felice` is sung by Anna Tatangelo. Playfully! Making remember Robertino Loretti! Sorry, Loreti! His divine name contains just one `t`. And I feel a patented flavour of the San Remo contests! O my! It really was San Remo! In 2011! Capisco!

Anna Tatangelo - Mamma https://youtu.be/Ba2iLXIL6KU?list=PLDsn--V52NW1C9TShldAgIOpCrUxfNP8c

By the way, did Robertino sing that charming song? He did, of course, he did! It`s an interpretation of a miracle child!

Mamma Sung by Robertino Loreti https://youtu.be/NUX9XrWlehA

The Mamma by C.A. Bixio and B. Cherubini is sung in English as well. English Lyrics by Phil Brito and Harold Barlow.My favourite performance is that by Delia Clark-Bautista (voice) and Sandra Cantu (piano), Canada.

Mamma Sung by Delia https://youtu.be/VlPAl3mJ3xg

And the last of my beloved `Mammas` is performed by a Russian boy Alexey.

Aleksey singing Italian song Mamma https://youtu.be/W2swcUB2ObE

The other `Mammas` I don`t like. But being rather generous I leave it to you, I mean a chance (many chances) to love other `Mammas`. You`re welcome! Carouse, y`all Carusi (Carusos)! As to me gonna go and ride on the Big wheel. Spring is here!

Mona-Lisa-Potrait-in-Winter-121460_cr_cr (277x438, 113Kb)1ab04c9ac37893fe42cb9fe2d545b4c0_cr (219x460, 51Kb)a890e520a743a258deeee998f8384971_cr_cr (269x439, 83Kb)
As you like it, or Mona Crowdpleaser

flag43 (68x50, 9Kb)
Rule, Britannia!


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лента%20георг (700x145, 97Kb)
St. George Ribbon


A voice: Oh, those amateurs` nights! The airforce crews shoulda have rest instead!
Conductor: Who did say that there were not songs and poems in the war? After battles the brave soldiers need them much more than before! Off we go!` Then follows a Russian romance song «Those evening Bells» from Thomas Moore`s poem (Translated by Ivan Kozlov). Music by Alexandre Alabyev, 1828. A fragment from the Russian feature film `Only Old Men Are Going to Battle` https://youtu.be/xHFSwZhgt6U

I am sorry to say that I strongly dislike any kind of the official affectedness, and I hate many military songs, so called `patriotic` ones, and not only the Russian ones. I like sincere songs, it`s them only, songs in the war as I call them, that can move me! On the other hand I like the marches! It`s my weak point! In this respect I completely share the tastes of the late great Michael Jackson!

Drilling. The matter of great Michael Jackson is alive and kicking in the Russian Army. In the 90s every year Michael Jackson visited Russia and marched with soldiers of the elite Taman division of the Russian Army. If he`d been Trump he would have likely been blamed for collaboration with those `Ruskies`, enemies. In the final seconds of the video the private tells to the corporal: `The corporal`s nose is so big` and is immediately responsed `While you`ve got a flying dick!`https://youtu.be/Jbj6eEjqVlY

Therefore the songs that I dislike I started liking when they have been arranged as marches. Paradoxically, but not rarely the most stupid military songs turn out to be the masterpieces when they are the marches.

The march `Small Land` (TERRA MINORE) was composed by Alexandra Pakhmutova, a tiny Russian old lady. Initially, it was song to the lyrics by Alexandra`s husband Nikolai Dobronravov. It`s a good poet, but that time he wanted to flatter the ageing Caesar Leonid Brezhnev. I don`t condemn him, as I also think that non omnet pecunia and we all have a free will. I grade wife`s work as excellent, that of her husband as very bad. On the other hand if not that very text with its resilient rhythm there won`t be any march. Pom-pom-pom-pum! I`ve chaged my mind: Satisfactory! Nope, even `Good`! Oh, today`s V-Day! Artistic free pardon: Excellent! No kidding! The final sentence in all meanings. https://youtu.be/3CfHXJtXBeU


But let`s come back to the songs. I only prefer the non-bombastic ones, with a strong humane contents. interesting by its poetry and music. They are plenty in Russia.

`Faraway from home`Lyrics by Alexei Fatyanov, music by Vasiliy Soloviev-Sedoy` https://youtu.be/HdZS_ptBglw

Lyrics by Alexei Fatyanov
Music by Soloviyov-Sedoy

There crackles-burns a candle-end,
There rumbles a near battle.
Pour out a little glass, my friend,
Glass for your front-line pal.
Pour out a little glass, my friend,
Glass for your front-line pal,
Without wasting time in vain
Let`s talk with you again.
Without wasting time in vain
And in our common manner plain
Let`s talk with you, dear friend.

We left our homes a long ago...
A riverside spruce rustles
As in a fable old, away,
Somewhere, miles and miles.
As in a fable old, away,
Somewhere, miles and miles,
Its needles are brand-new again,
Its needles green all right.
It has got the new needles green,
And honey strobiles a great deal
Are on the spruce in sight.

Where the spruces fall off, and
Where they, dear, rise,
There beauties many years long
Walk single, without the guys.
There`s no use in scarlet dawns.
Their guys are in the war.
In Germany they fight with foes
That`s faraway from home.
Fly, fly the soldier`s dearest dream
To the sweatheart who waits for him
Who thinks of him alone.

There crackles-burns a candle-end,
There rumbles a near battle.
Pour out a little glass, my friend,
Glass for your front-line pal.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)


La Valse des Officiers russes, le 31 juillet 1974 - Serge Gainsbourg chante en Russe

Lyrics (1942) by Mikhail Isakovsky
Music (1943) by Matvei Blanter
From birch-trees easy, weightlessly
There falls a yellow leaf!
An old good waltz, the `Autumn Dream`
There plays an accordionist.
The basses sigh as if they gripe,
And quite obliviously
There sit and listen, preoccupied,
My fellow-soldiers dear!

To that sweet waltz in springtime
We danced not once at the balls.
To that sweet waltz by girls being charmed
Declared we our love.
To that sweet waltz we longed and pined
When we were given go-by.

But to be continued! Contuned by the Russian operatic singer Georgy Vinogradov (1908-1980) and the Army choir and ochestra.

IN A FRONT-LINE AREA`S FOREST https://youtu.be/D4ic7KEKG8Y

And now we heard it once again
In that far front-line grove,
And everyone who listened dreamt
About their own.
And everyone recalled his love,
That springtime day and all.
And everyone still realized
Path back lays through the war.

May light and joy of those past days
Help us in our plights.
And if one`s fated to be dead,
It`ll happen only once.
May even death in flame and smoke
Intimidate us not.
May everyone do what he ought
To do if it`s his lot.

The Autumn Dream played by Oleg Zakharov https://youtu.be/Ss_QGHaGYrU

So, dear friends, if it`s our lot,
Then may our steel keeps strength!
May our hearts won`t faint at all
And falter not our hands.
It`s time go o`er the top, -
March forward, fellows, go!
We`ll fight for all we had before,
For what be afterwards.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

The waltz `Autumn Dream` by a British composer Archibald Joyce (1873-1963) the Russian consider to be their own, because it sounds in a very Russian way. On the other hand, the matter might be as well that both peoples didn`t understand each other and failed to identify their possible inner, profound proximity. They missed one another in the epoch soon after Ivan the Terrible. Maestro Joyce is often described as a not very serious pop star of its time. Excuse me, but his `Autumn dream` sounds as the best illustration of the Chekhovian epoch. It`s really an improbably Russian piece of music. Listening to it you feel like reading Anton Chekhov or viewing pictures by Isaac Levitan.

"Songe d'Automne" ( "Autumn Dream") by Archibald Joyce. https://youtu.be/0D0gNvmbg-4

A propos, mes amis, there are two variants of lyrics to the tune of the waltz in Russian. One of them, by Vasiliy Lebedev-Kumach, you may read below:

By Vasiliy Lebedev-Kumatch
The wind of autumn tears off the foliage
The sobbing nature gets very sad.
Only our hope never dies, in a storage
Of our hearts it expects springtime back.

Either sorrows or bad weather
All will pass as the cold autumn rains.
There`ll be joy, there`ll be pleasure,
The hot sun will start rising again.

Stop crying bitterly, you maples and birches,
Your fallen leaves won`t ever grow green.
Don`t be in tears, let bygones be bygones,
Since days of spring will be here indeed.

Soon there`ll be over autumn of parting,
Leaves on the trees will become green again.
Sweet hands of your loved one will embrace you, my darling,
There`ll be joy, hope of love won`t be vain.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)


By the way Matvei Blanter and Mikhail Isakovsky were the authors of the world famous `Katyusha`. Personally, I didn`t like this song, but every rule has got its exclusions. And one of them make me put up with the famous song. I fell in love with that song after I`d heard its German version and arrangement. Germans managed to show the beauty of the Russian song to the full extent, properly. The German lyrics are congenial. Well done! Three times `Hoch!`

Katyusha in the nice German language. https://youtu.be/ZYyEt8y1cDI


Strictly speaking, the Navy is nearer for me. So I couldn`t ignore the Russian shanties. Oh, yeah, baby! I asked the rarest living vets what songs they prefer, sing and listen to. There were three informal leaders, `The Navy Hat` and`Vet of the Wars, put medals of yours on` and `They`re young at their hearts, the old veterans`. Their intonations are very warm and humane, intimate.

img_0799S_jpg (700x466, 146Kb)

That`s worth a lot. I find the refrain of The Navy Hat especially attractive!

Sailor`s cap. Sung by Pavel Chekin.https://youtu.be/UiQi64vEqyI

Lyrics by Nikita Verkhovsky
Music by Ilya Jacque

In the crew spaces the fellow-sailors
Keep just two sacred things all the time.
They are their true Navy companions:
Navy hat and black jacket, their primes.
If the time to go o`er the top, fellows,
If my heart burns again as in flame,
Add to my faithful Navy black jacket
Navy hat, that`s the only I pray!

Navy hat, you`re my sister in arms, battle companion,
At the critical point, at the critical time
It is you, it is you that I put on and wear
As the heroes used to, a lil bit on one side.
(the last two lines twice)

oborona_sevastopolya (700x354, 346Kb)
Alexandre Deineka. The hand-to-hand fighting in the streets of Sevastopol in the Crimea

As a whole we shall fight, undivided,
And the front-line, encircled Leningrad
Knows you are the vengeance`s forrunners,
The black jacket and the Navy hat.
After noticing our black jackets
And the Navy hat`s ribbons `Balt Fleet`
The damn brutal freaks, known as fascists,
Avoid actions, in panic they flee.

If I`m killed on the granites of Finland
While defending my land on the sea,
Keep my Navy hat, fellow-sailors
As a keepsake that`s my only plea.
But I do not trust that very prospect,
As the Navy Hat`s hard to defeat.
And triumphantly on it there glows
Set in gold the unmatched word `Balt Fleet`.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

2018-05-09_154317 (480x397, 14Kb)


The Varyag Navy March. Conductor, Captain First Rank Alexei `Frenchy` Karabanoff https://youtu.be/KvA82xPy8Go

THE VARYAG Der "Warjag"
Auf Deck, Kameraden, all' auf Deck!
Heraus zur letzten Parade!
Der stolze Warjag ergibt sich nicht,
Wir brauchen keine Gnade!

On deck all hands, shipmates, all hands on deck!
The last nav`l review. Action stations!
We won`t ask for mercy! Our proud `Varyag`
Preferred the hot battle to detention!

An den Masten die bunten Wimpel empor,
Die klirrenden Anker gelichtet,
In sturmischer Eil` zum Gefechte klar
Die blanken Geschutze gerichtet!

All pennants are flutt`ring and anchors aweigh
Are raised with the hard`n`heavy clunking.
The sinister tubes of the naked naval guns
Are shining with sunglints and sparkling.

Aus dem sichern Hafen hinaus in die See,
Furs Vaterland zu sterben
Dort lauern die gelben
Teufel auf uns
Und speien Tod und Verderben!

The haven of the faint-hearted shelter we leave
To join our last mortal battle.
For motherland all of us die at high sea.
There wait for us the yellow-faced devils.

Es drohnt und kracht und donnert und zischt,
Da trifft es uns zur Stelle;
Es ward der Warjag, das treue Schiff,
Zu einer brennenden Holle!

There`re whistle, and thunder, and crash all around
Of guns, there`s hiss of wild shelling.
A split second our brave ship `Varyag`
Turned out to be an inferno.

Rings zuckende Leiber und grauser Tod,
Ein Aechzen, Rocheln und Stohnen -
Die Flammen um unser Schiff
Wie feuriger Rosse Mahnen!

Death`s throes make awfully twitch sailors` trunks,
There are cracks, smoke and groans everywhere.
The warship caught fire from bow to stern.
There`s time for her leaving forever.

Lebt wohl, Kameraden, lebt wohl, hurra!
Hinab in die gurgelnde Tiefe!
Wer hatte es gestern noch gedacht,
Dass er heut` schon da drunten schliefe!

Farewell to you, shipmates! With God and hurray!
The seething sea`s right under bow,
It seems only yesterday we weren`t aware
That now with the ship we`d go down.

Kein Zeichen, kein Kreuz wird, wo wir ruh`n
Fern von der Heimat, melden -
Doch das Meer das rauschet auf ewig von uns,
Von Warjag und seinen Helden!

No tombstone, no cross, no wreath where we fell
In praise of the flag of our Russia!
The sea waves will only forever bring fame
To the Varyag`s brave death in the sunshine.
(Translated from the original German text of the Russian song by Andrew Alexandre Owie)


Putin on his way to Alexandre`s Garden

President of the Russian Federation is shown on his way to the Eternal flame in the Alexandre`s Garden.
2:10: We see his security service encircles and pushes aside a war vet who occurred to be on the way of the VIPs. (A minute later the security guard shook hand of the pressed back veteran to say by that that `Service is service!`). But Putin notices this, approches the insulted vet, applogizes for the excessive zeal of his security, finds some warm words for him. Moreover, he invites him to join him and his high guests on his way to Alexandre`s Garden. It does credit to His Exellency. Well, I noticed many times, that Vladimir Putin never was a hard-hearted cynic.
9:00: President enters the gates of the Alexandre`s Garden, the military brass band starts playing a funeral march that I found to be a rarely beautuful (ausgezeichnet schoen) and completely answering the wreath-laying ceremony related to the Eternal Flame and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The march which I associate with the red colour is based on an iconic song which reads:

`From the heros of times that passed
There often left no names.
They who had then accepted the battle
They became either grass or terrain.
But the fiery valour of theirs
Settled down at hearts of the rest.

That Eternal Flame, inherited by us,
We keep it at our hearts.
Russia`s families, one and all,
Have their heroes who had to fall,
And the eyes of the soldiers so young
Look at us from the old photographs`.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

By the face of Putin during the ceremony we notice that his sorrow is unfeigned, real. He shares the national feelings all the way, in understanding the meaningful things President and the Russian people co-incide. Besides, he`s an upright person, or else he would have left the Crimean population to the mercy of fate. I think that people of Russia will help him in case of need, and he will continue to turn up trumps. He rooted himself, he`s not a rolling stone. You may trust me, I am not his fan. But I`d hardly refuse to have such a friend. The private one, intimate, of course. Once he offered his frindship to a company of the Russian celebrities but they couldn`t overcome the psychological barrier. What fools!
23:30: Solemn march of the troops. First melody - `The sacred war` (good as march!);
24:21: March based on the song from the iconic film `The Belorussian Raiway-Station`- `We need but only victory` (every Russian knows the lyrics of the song sung by the film characters, WW2 strike batallion vets)*.
25:31: March from the excellent and heartfelt song `Soldier`s Road` usually making even the stern vets sob.

Emmanuelle Turetskaya and the Turetsky Choir - `The Soldier`s Road`https://youtu.be/T0s6KLUw-Nk

27:27: The slow funeral march of the unthinkable hope from the iconic song `The cranes`. It reads:

`It seems sometimes that soldiers killed in action,
Returned not from the former bloody battles,
Lie not deep in the wet and cold ground,
But turned out to be the snow-white cranes`.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

img_user_file_53c0ebcc28339_1_5 (640x480, 154Kb)

* The abundance of melodies from the Russian films should not surprise us. Before the perestroika there was the people`s cinema in Russia, film directors originated from the different social strata, they knew the raw life, knew what they wanted to say and how they wanted to do it. They attracted the most gifted poets and composers (sometimes of the artistic level of Alfred Schnittke) who created evergreens. The present day Russia`s cinema and music have no ideas, they are mostly postmodernictic, being created by the gilded youth with a specific life experience and questionable views. They are terribly, if not startlingly, far from the real life and spritual demands of the people of Russia. They are the foreigners in their own country. Their arbiters elegantiae are all in the West. They`re copycats and the dedicated film festival`s directors. Something like that happens in France too. We shouldn`t invent the reality, it really exists, cross my heart! Add some gift, experience and good will, and up will go the donkey. If you gonna create an unperishable masterpiece, shoot and compose, or write something reminding of the daily routine, even for money, bespoke, rather than petty fairy tales from the ebony towers! Besides, creative class should be multi-strata and cross-social. It`s me, an ordinary viewer, reader and listener who says it to you, all whom it may concern!

See also: https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/andrew_alexandre_owie/post361536726/


DIPeAExXkAA3L04 (576x496, 323Kb)

There are about 400 funny stories about life and love affairs of a Russian tom-catish folklore character lieutenant Rzewski. Il y a environ 400 histoires drôles sur la vie et les amours du amative lieutenant Rzewski, un personnage folklorique russe. 有约四百个关于俄罗斯民俗人物的 Rzewski中尉生活和有趣的冒险的故事.
Rzewski was a hussar of the Mariupol&Palovgrad Hussar Regiments accommodated in Small Russia (south-west of Russia) in the 10s of the 19 c. Rzewski était un hussar des régiments hussard de Mariupol & Palovgrad hébergés en Petite Russie (sud-ouest de la Russie) dans les 20 premières années du 19ème siècle. Rzewski是一个19世纪头20年的小俄罗斯(俄罗斯西南部) 的Mariupol&Pavlograd[/B]胡萨尔团的骑兵人。

DIVyDlyW0AASlff (395x640, 180Kb)
Keiser of Germany Wilhelm II in the Russian Hussar Uniform Kaiser d'Allemagne Wilhelm II dans l'uniforme de hussard russe 德国凯撒Wilhelm 二世穿着俄罗斯的胡萨尔制服

The close relative of a literary character of Rzewski is Der treue Husar (Faithful Hussar) from Koeln in Germany. Le parent proche d'un personnage littéraire de Rzewski est Der treue Husar (Faithful Hussar) de Cologne en Allemagne. Rzewski的文学角色的亲密关系是德国科隆的Der treue Hussar (忠实胡萨尔)


DIPfUgvXUAARWBk (512x700, 188Kb)

Hussar: I wish I stung you one time and died!
Lady: Skip it! You are not a bee! You are a hussar!
Hussar: J'aurais voulu te piquer une fois et mourir!
Lady: Arrêtez! Vous n'êtes pas une abeille! Vous êtes un hussar!
胡萨尔: 我想蜇你一次和死了
女士: 停止吧! 你不是一个蜜蜂! 你是一个胡萨尔!

Lieutenant Rzewski met Natasha Rostova at the ball.
Rzewski: I see you’re without your knickers!
Natasha: How have you guessed, lieutenant?!
Rzewski: There’s some dandruff on your shoes!
Le lieutenant Rzewski a rencontré Natasha Rostova au bal.
Rzewski: Je te vois sans tes culottes!
Natasha: Comment as-tu deviné, lieutenant?
Rzewski: Il y a des pellicules sur vos chaussures!
Rzewski: 我看到你没有你的衩
娜塔莎: 你怎么猜到了, 我的中尉?
Rzewski: 有一些皮屑在你鞋上

DIPhCAfXUAAYGm7 (500x321, 141Kb)
Lieutenant, money! What money, ma`am? I told you a military secret!
Lieutenant, argent! Quel argent, madame? Je vous ai dit un secret militaire!
中尉,钱! 什么钱? 我向你透露了一个军事秘密!

(Lady at the ball): `Lieutenant, we spent night together yesterday. But now you haven’t even noticed me as if we were strangers.`
Rzewski: `Sorry, ma`am, but bed is not a pretext for an acquaintance!`
(Lady à le bal): Lieutenant, nous avons passé la nuit ensemble hier. Mais maintenant, vous ne m'avez même pas remarqué comme si nous étions des étrangers.
Rzewski: Désolé, madame, mais le lit n'est pas un prétexte pour une connaissance!
(女士在高社会舞会里): “中尉,昨天我们在一起度过了一夜。 但现在你没有注意到我,就像我们是陌生人们一样
Rzewski: 对不起,女士,但床不是熟人的借口

Night. Doorknock. An alarmed female voice: `Who`s there?`
-Lieutenant Rzewski, ma`am!
-Gonna talk bawdy and woo me again?
-And how!
-Wait a minute, gotta find a key.
Nuit. On frappe à la porte. Une voix féminine alarmée: "Qui est là?"
-Le lieutenant Rzewski, madame!
-Tu vas parler vulgarité et me harceler à nouveau?
- Attendez une minute, je dois trouver une clé.
傍晚。 敲门. 一个女人的震惊声音:“谁在那里“
Rzewski中尉, 夫人

Natasha Rostova: Ah! Ah! More, more, lieutenant... farther more ... deeper ... now freeze!
Lieutenant Rzewski: Ma`am, I`m sorry, but I can`t understand who`s screwing whom?
Natasha Rostova: Ah! Ah! De plus, plus, lieutenant ... de plus en plus ... plus profond ... arrêtez-vous maintenant!
Lieutenant Rzewski: Ma`am, je suis désolé, mais je ne comprends pas qui fait l'amour avec qui?
娜塔莎•罗斯托娃啊!啊! 更多,更多, 我的中尉...越来越多...更深...停止现在了!
Rzewski 中尉: 女士,对不起,但我不明白谁做爱与谁

DIVkTL1W0AA6sK9 (480x358, 166Kb)
What`s the matter, lieutenant? Ma`am, a grain of sand in the condom is much worse than a small stone in the boot! Quel est le sujet, lieutenant? Ma`am, un grain de sable dans le préservatif est bien pire qu'une petite pierre dans la chaussure! 中尉,怎么了? 夫人,避孕套里的一粒沙子比鞋子里的小石头差得多

Natalie Rostova (to her mom): Maman! Just fancy! Lieutenant Rzewski knows a lot of obscene ditties!
Mother: Did he sing them for you?
Natalie: Of course, not! He only whistled them.
Natalie Rostova (à sa mère): Maman! Juste imaginez! Le lieutenant Rzewski connaît beaucoup de сhansons obscènes!
Mère: Les a-t-il chanté pour vous?
Natalie: Bien sûr, non! Il les a seulement sifflés.
娜塔莉•罗斯托娃(对她母亲: 妈妈! 想象一下! Rzewski中尉知道很多淫秽的歌曲
娜塔莉当然没有! 他只是吹口哨它们!

Before the ball party lieutenant Rzewski asked poet Pushkin who was his distant relative to write a pun in a French style for him so that he could share it with other officers. Pushkin responsed immediately: `You`re un con & he`s un con, but I`m Le Vicomte de Bragelonne`. In full swing of the ball Rzewski announced: `Gentleman, I`ve been told a remarkable pun by Monsieur Pouchkine. I can`t recall it, but the meaning is that you are all gays, but I am d'Artagnan!`
Avant du bal de la haute société le lieutenant Rzewski a demandé au poète Pouchkine, son parent proche, d'écrire un jeu de mots en français pour qu'il puisse le partager avec d'autres officiers. Pouchkine a répondu immédiatement: "Vous êtes un con et il est un con, seulement je suis Le Vicomte de Bragelonne". En plein essor du bal Rzewski a annoncé: Messieurs, j'ai un jeu de mots remarquable par Pouchkine. Je ne peux pas le rappeler, mais le sens est que vous êtes tous des gays, mais je suis d'Artagnan!
在高社会舞会之前,Rzewski上尉 问了他亲戚, 诗人 普希金, 用法语写给他一个双关语 以便与他的战友分享。普希金立即回答了: “你是un con,他是un con,只有我是布拉熱洛納子爵 ”。在宴会中Rzewski宣布了: “先生们,我有一个由普希金的非常出色的双关语。 我不记得了它,但是它意思是: 你们都是同性恋,但我是 達爾達尼央”!

DIVj-_1WsAAY0Xn (365x281, 125Kb)
Rzewski revisited: `Ah, lieutenant! Cover me one more time! Madam, I haven’t recovered myself yet!`

HONEY AND THE BEE Сhérie et l`abeille 宠儿和蜜蜂
Natasha Rostova came back home with the swollen cheek.
Mother: Natalie, my God, what has happened?
Natasha: We were boating with lieutenant Rzewski when a bee all of a sudden landed right on my cheek!
Mother: It stung you, my dear?
Natasha: It only tried to do it but my courageous lieutenant killed it with his oar!
Natasha Rostova est revenue chez lui avec la joue enflée.
Mère: Natalie, mon Dieu, qu'est-ce qui s'est passé?
Natasha: Nous étions en bateau avec le lieutenant Rzewski quand une abeille tout à coup a atterri sur ma joue!
Mère: Elle tu a piqué, ma chérie?
Natasha: Il a seulement essayé de le faire, mais mon courageux lieutenant l'a tué avec son pagaie!

DIVlrDLXkAExQ0h (425x311, 155Kb)
Wow! Colonel, look what pretty girls in view!!!! They are pretty for you, lieutenant. For me they`re a just a view! O la la! Colonel, regarde ce que de jolies filles en vue !!!! Ils sont jolies pour vous, lieutenant. Pour moi, ils sont juste une vue! 上校,看看什么漂亮的女孩在视线!!!! 他们对你很漂亮,中尉。 对我来说,他们只是一个视线

Cadet Obolensky asked lieutenant Rzewski:
-Sir, be so kind to explain me the main symptoms of the venereal diseases!
Rzewski: Judging by Venus of Milo, it`s arms` fragility.
Vénus et Mars
Le cadet Obolensky a demandé au lieutenant Rzewski:
-Sir, soyez tellement gentil de m'expliquer le principal symptôme des maladies vénériennes!
-À en juger par La Vénus de Milo, c'est la fragilité de bras.
奥博连斯基学员斯基问了RZEWSKI中尉: 中尉先生,维纳斯病(性病)的主要症状是什么? 从米洛维纳斯判断,这是手臂的脆弱性

Lieutenant Rzewski at the ball in loud:
-Gonna go and take a leak!
People around: Hush! You should`ve said: `Gonna go and look at stars!`
Rzewski went out and when was back grasped a wineglass.
People around: Lieutenant, you should`ve washed your hands!
Lieutenant: Don`t worry, messieursdames! I was holding my telescope with one hand!
Le lieutenant Rzewski a déclaré en public dans le bal:
-Je vais aller pisser.
Personnes autour: Pas si fort! Vous auriez dû dire: "Va voir les étoiles!
Rzewski est sorti et quand était de retour saisi un verre à vin.
Personnes autour: Vous auriez dû vous laver les mains!
Lieutenant: Ne vous inquiétez pas, messieursdames! J'ai tenu le télescope dans l'autre main!
Rzewski中尉在高社会舞会上公开宣布了: 我会去撒尿 周围的人:不是那么大声! 你应该说:我会看星星
Rzewski出去了,当他回来的时候,他拿了一杯酒。 周围的人:你应该洗手!
Rzewski别担心,先生们! 我用另一只手持有了我的望远镜!

Triumph of Winners https://youtu.be/SPzBjXbv384?list=RDQksOtN3iolk

67af8cd5428d44c7ac7263224dc13e42 (250x389, 53Kb)megamonalisa_warrior-lisa (250x389, 74Kb)f080f64acc3b21abd24b9ef0a69eaa33 (250x389, 78Kb)
From Latin into Italian: Not bellum but bella!

flag43 (68x50, 9Kb)
Rule, Britannia!


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DGYolBWWsAEkPR4 (699x539, 281Kb)
Édouard Manet, France. Mary Poppins after the lobotomy (1879). Canvas and oil. Édouard Manet, France. Mary Poppins après la lobotomie (1879).Toile et huile. 愛德華·馬奈,法国。玛丽波平斯在前额叶切断术后 (1879)。帆布。油画颜料。

Célébration inconsciente 无意识的庆祝活动

Two grannies. One’s asking the other: What is your name?
The other in an hour: Is it urgent for you?
Deux vieilles dames. L'une demande à l'autre: Quel est votre nom?
L'autre dans une heure: Est-ce urgent pour vous?
两个老太太. 一个问另一个: 你叫什么名字?

-Last week we visited the restaurant.
-What restaurant?
-I don`t remember. What are called the flowers one presents when in love?
-Tulips? Dahlias? Roses?
-(to the wife in kitchen) Rose, what the restaurant did we visit last week?
La semaine dernière, nous avons visité le restaurant.
- Quel est le restaurant? - Je ne me rappelle pas. Quelles
fleurs présentez-vous lorsque vous êtes amoureux?
-Tulipes? Dahlias? Roses?
-(à la femme dans la cuisine) Rose, quel est le restaurant que nous avons visité la semaine dernière?
- 什么餐厅?
- 我不记得! 什么叫花你买当爱上了?

Slava Polunin`s Show Blue canary https://youtu.be/tkpqRdDehGs

Doc: Patient, don`t tweet and twitch! You`re not on a woman or on Twitter!
Docteur: Patient, ne tweet et se crispent pas! Vous n'êtes pas sur une femme ou sur Twitter!
医生: 病人,不要鸣叫,不要抽搐! 你不在一个女人上或在推特上(Twitter)

Dinah Shore Blue Canary (1953) https://youtu.be/oNs609vNHsU

Husband scolded his wife until her sudden and puzzling response: `Well, in verse ... !`
-In what fucking verse?
-Inverse assumptions gonna be true too.

* untranslatable wordplay jeu de mots intraduisible 不可翻译的文字游戏

DI-DnVvXkAEchQz (500x500, 119Kb)
Find beauty in simple things. Cherchez la beauté dans des choses simples. 寻求美丽在简单的事情中!

THE HORRORS Un délire 酒狂病
Fruit wine as if says `I`m just fruit water, be free to drink 2 litres of me. Then you lie trying to catch a cherry helicopter!`

DF9TeX_WsAAsBHb (603x604, 461Kb)

Le vin de fruit comme si disait «Je ne suis que de l'eau de fruit, soyez libre de boire une paire de litres.Ensuite, vous mentez essayer d'attraper un hélicoptère de cerise!»
水果酒好像说“我只是水果水,你可以喝两升。 然后你试图抓住一架樱桃直升机!

DIwlg16XUAAdDWS (184x274, 43Kb)DIwlh-zW4AUyBHx (224x225, 37Kb)DIwle8UXkAAkUpY (276x183, 35Kb)

MOUSTACHED EQUATION, OR PUSSY THE EMPEROR IN CHINA L'équation moustaché, ou LA KAISER CHATTE EN CHINE 德凯撒还是瓷器猫? 一个在瓷器店里的有小胡子的二元方程
In a china store: `I gonna have that china pussy cat!`
-It`s not a pussy cat, but Keiser Wilhelm the Second!
-Really? Then I gonna have a couple!
Dans un magasin de porcelaine: je veux acheter ce chatte de porcelaine moustaché chic!
Ce n'est pas une chatte mais Kaiser Wilhelm le Deuxième! Realement? Ensuite, j'aimerais acheter les deux!
我想买这款别致的中国瓷器猫! 这不是一只猫,而是德国凯撒威廉 二世! 真的是这样吗?在这种情况下我想买两个!

Mireille Darc Hélicoptère https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WowRnp6pTVc

En 1969 Serge Gainsbourg compose et écrit la chanson l'hélicoptère pour Mireille Darc. En 2009 cette magnifique chanson est reprise par Geneviève Borne et Stéphane Lucas from Canada. In 1969 Serge Gainsbourg composed and wrote the song the Helicopter for Mireille Darc. In 2009 this beautiful song was covered by Geneviève Borne and Stéphane Lucas from Canada.1969年赛日•甘斯布为Mireille Darc组成并编写了歌曲[直升机](Helicopter)。2009年这首美丽的歌曲由加拿大的Genevieve BorneStéphaneLucas唱的

Hélicoptère Geneviève Borne et Stéphane Lucas https://youtu.be/ATYiKZBenZY

2018-05-01_185530 (237x670, 18Kb)2018-05-01_190128 (246x672, 20Kb) 2018-05-01_185554 (210x610, 13Kb)
Traduit par Le Commissair Jueve (Henri Henri)

TOWERING INFERNO Véritable enfer 可怕的遗漏
Alas! We`ve got only the economy class lift (no loo) in our tower block. Hélas! Nous n'avons eu que l'ascenseur de classe économique (aucun WC) dans notre maison à plusieurs étages. 唉! 我们的多层房子里只有经济舱电梯(没有厕所)

DGGrIRnXUAAPdc0 (640x286, 101Kb)
Folks! You gonna be angry with me, but I seem to have simply forgotten to press the button! Copains! Vous allez être en colère contre moi, mais je semble avoir simplement oublié d'appuyer sur le bouton!伙计们! 你会对我生气,但我似乎只是忘记按下按钮!

1.Silvery sound of a little bell.
2.Screams of a wounded seagull.
3.Death rattle of a psychopath gasping for breath.
1. Son argenté d'une petite cloche.
2. Les criques d'une mouette blessée.
3. Le hochet de mort d'une psychopathe.

DIjlwvvXgAAv0eH (500x462, 137Kb)

Sherlock Holmes: `Tell me, Watson, why do you have such a strange name? Doctor!`
Sherlock Holmes: Dites-moi, Watson, pourquoi avez-vous un nom si étrange? Docteur!
夏洛克•福爾摩斯 (向华生醫生):告诉我,华生,你为什么有这样一个奇怪的名字?医生!

I am ashamed. But I do not repent! J'ai honte. Mais je ne me repente pas. 羞于我!但我不悔改!

DIo8-CwXUAARDd0 (197x197, 34Kb)
Def Leppard

NOT DEAF BUT LEOPARD Pas sourd, mais le léopard! 不聋,而是一只豹
The old couple is sitting in the first row of the circus right before the cage with predators in the arena.
Hubby: `Elsa,what d`you think that tiger could say if only it could speak?` The voice from the cage: `I am a leopard, Elsa!`
Le vieux couple est assis dans la première rangée du cirque juste avant la cage avec des prédateurs dans l'arène.
Époux: «Elsa, qu'est-ce que tu penses que le tigre pourrait dire s'il pouvait parler?» La voix de la cage: «Je suis un léopard, Elsa!
丈夫艾尔莎,你认为在竞技场野上的老虎会说什么如果他能说话吗? 笼子里的声音:我是一只豹,埃尔莎!

Watch also: https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/andrew_alexandre_owie/post360282269/

Good old tune of `Snow White Roses`, a joyful Slavic ballad on mean fates and cruel luvs (with the inclusion of the song `Childhood` of the same author Yuri Kuznetsov). youtu.be/MKhszTTp-G8

The Russian couple comes to the USA. A wife’s noticed a mouse in the suite and rung up the reception:
-Hi there! Have you known Tom and Jerry?
-Yes, I have! What`s the matter?
-I gonna inform you that Jerry is here!
Le couple russe vient aux États-Unis. La femme a remarqué une souris dans la chambre et a télephoné la réception: He là! Connais-tu Tom et Jerry?
-Oui, je l'ai! Quelle est la question?
- Je vais vous informer que Jerry est là!
俄罗斯夫妇来到了美国。 女人在房间里注意到了一只老鼠,打了给前台电话: 你好, 你知道汤姆和杰瑞吗?

DI0M8hxXUAEgBkM (525x700, 339Kb)
O Lord! Give me a high sign! Mon Dieu! Donnez-moi un signe haut! 主啊! 给我一个来自上面的标志!

In a fire first save your balls! The rest can be bought or stolen afterwards.
Dans un feu sauver d'abord vos boules! Le reste peut être acheté ou volé après.
在火中先救你的睾丸! 其余的可以买或偷在之后。

DIjj2ZiXcAAnrgd (427x480, 85Kb)
`What are you doing? It`s my drinking place!` Qu'est-ce que tu fais? C'est mon lieu de boire! 你在做着什么?这是我的喝水的地方!

Goodnight! Bonne nuit! 安静的夜晚!
Our laxative works mildly and tenderly and never affects your sleep.
Notre laxatif fonctionne avec douceur et tendresse et ñ'affecté jamais votre sommeil.

MI SCUSI! Je suis désolé! 对不起!
Mi scusi if your personal space is measured in light years!
Mi scusi si votre espace personnel est mesuré dans les années-lumière!
如果你的个人空间是以光年测量的, mi scusi!

Eurotrip (Mi Scusi) https://youtu.be/ivSMNbaXRSE

The part of the creepy Italian who used to repeat his `Mi scusi` (I`m sorry!) in the EuroTrip played by a US actor, polymath Fred Armisen.Le rôle de l'Italien qui répète son «Mi scusi» (Je suis désolé!) dans l'EuroTrip joué par un acteur américain remarquable, Fred Armisen.

DIcD0GcWAAYXtLo (180x285, 39Kb)

美国演员Fred Armisen演奏EuroTrip的重复“Mi scusi” (对不起!)的意大利人的角色

-Your breakfast, Sir!
-Let me see, bacon, eggs, beans … and where’s the toast?
-To your health, Sir!
-Ton petit-déjeuner, monsieur!
-Laisse-moi voir, le bacon, les œufs, les haricots ... et où est le toast?
-À votre santé, monsieur!


1 (582x257, 283Kb)
You seem to have been drinking since morning?! Vous semblez avoir bu depuis le matin? (Vous semblez avoir consommé de l'alcool le matin?) 你似乎一直以来早上喝酒了?

2 (594x248, 282Kb)
Nope! I haven`t! And you cannot have known it `cuz we had breakfast together. Nan! Je n'ai pas! Et vous devriez le savoir parce que nous avons pris le petit-déjeuner ensemble. 不! 我没有! 你应该知道,因为我们一同吃过了早餐.

3 (591x250, 270Kb)
I may have looked away for a while that very moment. J'ai peut-être tourné ma tête un instant ce moment-là.我想那个时候我转了头一段时间了。

DI-LNs-W4AE4Kmf (604x458, 131Kb)
Παρονομασία. An untranslatable pun with an exception of the Russian& Chinese languages. Literally, `Protect the Nature, your mother!`, but by meaning `Protect the Nature, fuck you!` A stylistic mistake generated a double entendre. Un jeu de mots intraduisible à l'exception des langues russe et anglaise. Littéralement, «Protégez la Nature, votre mère!». Mais en voulant dire «Protégez la Nature, baise toi!» Une erreur stylistique a généré un double sens non désiré. 珍惜自然,你妈! 一个不可翻译的表达除了俄罗斯和中国人。从字面上看,“保护自然,你的母亲!”,但是意思是“保护自然,操你妈!”文体错误产生了双重含义。

THE CURE-ALL Panacée 万能药
Counting your own money is the best exercise for the hands. And not only. It removes joint pain, there are no more toothaches and headaches. Blood pressure, eyesight, appetite, appearance, complexion, wardrobe, housing comes to normal.
À compter votre propre argent est le meilleur exercice pour les mains. Et pas seulement. Il supprime les douleurs articulaires, il n'y a plus de maux de dents et de maux de tête. La pression artérielle, la vue, l'appétit, l'apparence, le teint, la garde-robe, le logement se normalise.
计数自己的钱是你手的最好锻炼。这消除牙痛和头痛。此外,这正常化你的血压,视力,食欲,外观,肤色, 服装和住房。

DO_xE12WAAE-da7 (344x146, 35Kb)

If to take some colour paper,
A pair of scissors, pens and glue,
And add on just a bit of valour
The banknotes will look very true.

Si prendre du papier couleur,
Une paire de ciseaux, stylos et colle,
Et ajoutez juste un peu de valeur
Les billets auront l'air très vrais.


Applied Mathematics Mathématiques appliquées 应用数学
-Solomon, eight and seven is equal to what?"
-Do we want to sell or buy?
-Solomon, huit et sept est égal à quoi? "
-Est-ce que nous voulons vendre ou acheter?

DI-QCplWAAAvbBK (495x700, 554Kb)
To love in the Russian way. À aimer à la russe. 以俄罗斯方式爱。

`FOOTBALL` means to kick the ball with one’s foot. Then what may `FACEBOOK` mean? A facer with a book?

DF1j49iXkAElIis (637x700, 513Kb)
WHAT? AGAIN?! A village loo. Quoi? Encore? ! Une toilette de village 什么? 再次?! 一个村庄厕所

THE JANUS FACED Janus à deux visages 两面的雅努斯
7 billions of people. 14 billions of faces. 7 milliards de personnes. 14 milliards de visages. 七十亿人。

If you’ve got no money in L.A. choose South Central. Cheap housing, and you won’t have to pay too long. Si vous n'avez pas d'argent dans L.A., choisissez South Centr. Le logement bon marché, et vous ne devrez pas payer trop longtemps. 如果你没有钱在洛杉矶,选择SOUTH CENTRAL。廉价住房,而不必支付太长。

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

Do you have money to behave like this? Avez-vous de l'argent pour se comporter comme ça? 你有没有钱为表现得像这样?

-Don`t mind my smoking in here?
-Nope, Sir. I don’t even give a fucking damn for your shooting yourself.

L'Aquoiboniste (is a person who doesn’t give a damn for all! L'Aquoiboniste并不在乎所有人https://youtu.be/h574_hgVQPU


DI78DSDXkAEdkSH (600x425, 202Kb)
Waldemar Kazak, Russia OFF WE GO! On the side of supergirls` racing car: Stalin`s Arrows! (An ironical quasi-history poster, steampunk). Waldemar Kazak, Russie - ALLONS-Y! Du côté de la voiture de course des supergirls: Flèches de Staline! (Une affiche ironique de la quasi-histoire, Russian steampunk). 瓦尔德玛尔 哥萨克(WALDEMAR KAZAK), 俄罗斯. `走吧!` (在超级跑赛车的侧面上: 斯大林的箭头! (一个讽刺的准历史海报, 蒸汽朋克 STEAMPUNK)


Mr. Death came to Vladimir Putin, but he asked Mr. Death to wait a minute and phoned somebody. In a minute the paratroopers rushed in and threw Mr. Death away from the Kremlin. Half-dead Mr. Death complained to God. God got startled: `I hope you didn’t tell Mr. Putin who had sent you?` Madame de La Mort est venue à Vladimir Poutine, mais il a demandé à Madame de La Mort d'attendre une minuteet a téléphoné à quelqu'un. Dans une minute, les parachutistes se sont précipités et ont jeté Madame de La Mort loin du Kremlin. Demi-mort Madame de La Mort s'est plainte à Dieu. Dieu avait peur: «J'espère que tu n'as pas dit à Poutine qui t'avait envoyé?` 死亡先生来了到弗拉基米尔•普京,但他要求了死神先生等一分钟并打了电话给某人. 一分钟后,伞兵们冲过来了,抛出了死亡先生从克里姆林。半死的死亡先生投诉了上帝。上帝很害怕了: `我希望你没有对普京说,谁送了你?`

DI795YaXoAAKm18 (600x294, 132Kb)

Kindergartner guessed that sweets contained brandy only after children had started to scold the government. Professeur de maternelle deviné que les bonbons contenaient brandy seulement après les enfants ont commencé à gronder le gouvernement. 只有在孩子们开始骂政府之后,幼儿园老师才猜想了糖果会含有白兰地.

DI-R1z6WAAElQg1 (700x532, 412Kb)
Make love, not war! A historic meeting of Madonna and Russian military industrial complex chief Dmitry Rogozin. Faites l'amour, pas la guerre! Un rendez-vous historique de Madonna et chef industriel militaire russe Dmitry Rogozin. 做爱,不要战! 麦当娜和俄罗斯军事工业主管德米特里•罗戈津的历史性会议!

Mother (to her neighbour): ` We are not in pursuit of the latest fashion!` Daughter: `We only stand for piece and friendship!` Mère (à ses voisins): Nous ne poursuivons pas la dernière mode! Sa petite fille: Nous sommes seulement pour la paix et l'amitié! 母亲(给她们邻居们: 我们不追求最新的时尚! 她小女儿:我们只为和平友谊而奋斗!)
* INDOCRIMÉ est un néologisme occasionnellement généré par erratum. INDOCRIMÉ is a neologism occasionally generated by erratum. INDOCRIMÉ是一个由错误产生的偶尔新词。

DGM1XVXXgAEPG6m (550x474, 173Kb)

J`avais un camarade,
De meiller il n`en est pas.
Dans la paix et dans la guerre
Nous allions comme deux fréres.
(from the Légion étrangère`s folklore)

I had a true companion
The best of friends in need.
At war, at peace like a stanchion
He was for me indeed.
(Trans. by Le Commissaire Juve)

DGPSMmOXgAEruyB (700x460, 284Kb)

What does Putin do when getting back into circulation and having its leisure time? We`d like to get to know all the facts about Vladimir Putin`s life. Que fait Poutine dans sa vie quotidienne et à loisir? Nous devons apprendre à connaître tous les faits sur la vie de Vladimir Poutine. 普京在日常生活和休闲中做什么? 我们想知道关弗拉基米尔普京生活的所有事实。

40159657_resizedScaled_612to817 (524x700, 298Kb)

Vladimir Putin`s order of day. L'ordre du jour de Vladimir Poutine. [弗拉基米尔普京]的一天秩序。
Morning Warm-Up Échauffement matinal 早晨热身: 1 000 meters in the pool and Gym. 1 000 mètres dans la piscine et la salle d'exercice. 1 000米在游泳池和健身房。
Breakfast Petit déjeuner 早餐: Rice Pudding or Buckwheat Porridge, glassful of quail`s eggs, curds with honey. Pouding au riz ou bouillie de sarrasin, un verre d'oeufs de caille, fromage cottage avec du miel. 大米布丁或荞麦粥,一杯鹌鹑蛋,凝乳和蜂蜜。
Lunch Déjeuner 午餐: Lamb, soup. Agneau, soupe.羊肉, 汤。
Supper Souper晚餐: Spicy meat with potato. Viande épicée avec pommes de terre. 辣肉, 土豆。
Between-meal snacks Collations entre les repas 餐点小吃 : Dried apricots and dates, tea in a personal vacuum flask. Abricots secs et dattes, thé dans une fiole à vide personnelle. 杏干和日期,茶在个人真空烧瓶。
Favourite drink Boisson préférée 最喜欢的饮料: Green tea. Thé vert. 绿茶。
Favourite sports Sports prefers 最喜欢的运动: Ice hockey, downhill skiing. Hockey sur glace, Ski alpin. 冰球,下坡滑雪。
Favourite colour Couleur préférée 喜欢的颜色: Blue. Bleu. 蓝色。
Favourite Season Saison préférée最喜欢的季节: Summer. Été. 夏天。
Collections 收藏: Geographical maps and postage stamps depicting the oustanding personalities. Cartes géographiques et timbres-poste représentant les personnalités les plus remarquables. 地理地图和绘优秀个性的邮票描。
Favourite song Chanson préférée 最喜欢的歌曲: What made you feel love of your motherland? (lit. What does the homeland begin from?) Qu'est-ce qui vous a fait éprouver de l'amour pour votre patrie? (De quoi commence la patrie?) 是什么让你感觉到对祖国的爱?(家园从什么开始?)

The English lyrics is available here:

What made you feel love of your motherland? From the feature film `The Shield and the Sword` (1968) Qu'est-ce qui tu a fait éprouver de l'amour pour ta patrie? Extrait du film `Le bouclier et l'épée`是什么让你感觉到对祖国的爱? - 从电影“盾牌和剑” https://youtu.be/sFs6n8Y_nEs

Qu'est-ce qui tu a fait éprouver de l'amour pour ta patrie? 是什么让你感觉到对祖国的爱?Мusic de Veniamin Basner, Paroles par Mikhail Matusovsky, Chanté par Mark Bernes 由米哈伊尔•Matusovsky歌词 由韦尼阿明• Basner音乐 由马克•伯恩斯唱
Qu'est-ce qui tu a fait éprouver de l'amour pour ta patrie? Une image dans ton abécédaire ... Tes bons et fidèles amis Qui habitait à proximité, dans votre rue ... Il aurait pu être même la berceuse Qui ta mère a chanté quand tu étais jeune. Ou quelque chose si cher à toi Que aucuns épreuves ne pouvant enlever.
是什么让你感觉到对祖国的爱?在你的ABC书中的图片...你的善良和忠诚的朋友的谁住在附近,在你的街上... 可能是你母亲在你年轻的时候唱过的摇篮曲。 或者任何你最珍贵的东西,任何磨难不会带走。
Qu'est-ce qui tu a fait éprouver de l'amour pour votre patrie? Un banc caché vous êtes assis avec elle, Un bouleau qui se trouve dans un champ ouvert Et se développe malgré le vent souffle. Ça aurait pu être même une chanson d`un étourneau Cela signifiait simplement que le printemps était là. Ou cette route de campagne une fois que vous avez marché seul Parce que quand tu était un enfant cette route n'était pas proche.
是什么让你感觉到对祖国的爱?一个隐藏的长凳,你和她坐在一起,一个长在一个开放领域的桦树,尽管增的长风。 本来可以是一首椋鸟的歌曲,意味着春天就在这里。 或者这条乡村公路你当你 还是一个孩子时一旦 独自一人走了尽管它很长。
Qu'est-ce qui vous a fait éprouver de l'amour pour votre patrie? Les lumières des fenêtres lointaines, La casque pointu de Budenny * du père Qui était gardé dans la garde-robe des années. Cela aurait pu être même les voies ferrées Le long de laquelle les trains cliquetaient. Ou même le serment de fidélité Tu as juré à ton patrie au coeur.
是什么让你感觉到对祖国的爱? 遥远的窗户的灯光,父亲的[布琼尼帽]*我们找到在衣柜里。 可能是在铁路轨道上火车轮子的咔嗒响。甚至是你心里为祖国年轻誓言。
* pointed helmet formerly worn by Red Army men, mainly Budenny cavalrymen in the Russian Civil War (1917-1922); casque pointu porté par les hommes de l'Armée rouge pendant la guerre civile (1917-1922); 是种尖头帽由红军骑兵在俄国内战中(1917-1922)穿的。

35985_original (218x240, 55Kb)141881670_1101411013_400 (205x271, 52Kb)
TIME Magazine Cover: Marshal Budenny - Oct. 13, 1941

Semyon Budenny was the Commander of the Red Army cavalry, later Marshal of the Soviet Union. Budenny était le commandant de la cavalerie de l'armée rouge, plus tard maréchal de l'Union Soviétique. [谢苗•布琼尼] 是红军骑兵司令官, 后来是苏联元帅。


The couplets `Still nights in the wood` are sung to the tune of an old Russian waltz `On the hills of Manzhuria`.

A character of the film `An Office Romance`, a minor official, after a couple of glasses of vodka, sings a `Still night`couplet to his lady boss. She got very indignant, yet they got married in the end of the film. Merry rhymes indeed! Un personnage du film «Romance de Service (L'amour au travail)», un fonctionnaire mineur, après quelques verres de vodka, chante un couplet «Douce Nuit» à sa patronness. Elle a été très indignée, mais ils se sont mariés à la fin du film. Joyeuses rimes en effet! http://www.rimessolides.com/rime.aspx?m=joyeuse来自电影“爱在工作中”的一个角色,一位小官员在几杯伏特加酒后,向女老板, 他工作公司的女长唱对联的“平安夜”。 她非常愤慨,但他们在电影结束时结婚了。 快乐押韵!https://youtu.be/4xea_G8PJFc


1DI-sTa0XYAIqHr6 (449x604, 324Kb)
Still night in the wood,
Only the hedgehog lost sleep.
The wolf wants to have the hedgehog unreeled!
That’s why it can’t sleep a little!

DI-npGDXcAAIsBP (449x604, 335Kb)
Still night in the wood,
Only the bear lost sleep.
He’s teaching the hare to fart & break winds!
That’s why he can’t doze off indeed!

DI-moe8XgAEVD8m (449x604, 307Kb)
Still night in the wood,
Only the deer lost sleep.
The balls of the deer are hanging on twigs,
That’s why he can’t fast asleep!

DI-jp0RWAAAg88Q (449x604, 319Kb)
Still night in the wood,
Only the vixen lost sleep.
The arse of the vixen has got a bee’s sting
That’s why she can’t snooze indeed!

DI-f0W8XYAA76UJ (449x604, 325Kb)
Still night in the wood,
Only song-thrushes lost sleep.
They gonna tomorrow be screwed a great deal
That’s why they can’t nestle indeed!

Douce nuit dans le bois, Seules les grives ne peuvent pas dormir. Ils seront baisés demain C'est pourquoi ils ne peuvent pas s'endormir en effet! 甜蜜的夜晚在树林里,只有鹅口疮不能入睡。他们明天会被操蛋 这就是为什么他们不能真正入睡!

DI-fctuXkAEwaWG (449x604, 325Kb)
Still night in the pond
Only the carp lost sleep.
He witnessed by chance a pike fucked a ling
That’s why it can’t sleep indeed!
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

The Peanuts (ザ・ピーナッツ) sisters. «Still nights ...» sont chantées à l'air d'une vieille valse russe «Sur les collines de Mandchourie». Les sœurs The Peanuts. `Still nights ...` 是在一个老俄罗斯的华尔兹 `在满洲的山上`的图案上唱的。 The Peanuts `在满洲的山上` (`On the hills of Manzhuria`. ) 的变体https://youtu.be/U7smeXaoKEY

Many favourite, excellent songs often cast their not always printable shadows. This shadow, their informal unprintable versions and covers, removes the patina of affectedness from the masterpieces which not rarely become victims of the bombastic officiality. It’s the people (not `people`) who invent the `bad` versions of the evergreen works of art. Most often it’s the children’s and teenagers` informal folklore that accompanies a person during the lifetime, and from time to time is remembered and mentioned in a different situations.
Beaucoup de chansons préférées et excellentes jettent souvent leurs ombres pas toujours imprimables. Cette ombre, leurs versions et couvertures informelles non imprimables, enlève la patine de l'affectation des chefs-d'œuvre qui ne sont pas rarement victimes de la officialité grandiloquente. Ce sont le peuple (pas les «gens») qui inventent les «mauvaises» versions des œuvres d'art. Le plus souvent, c'est le folklore informel des enfants et des adolescents qui accompagne une personne au cours de sa vie et, de temps en temps, on se souvient d'elle et on la mentionne dans des situations différentes.
许多最喜爱和优秀的歌曲经常投射他们的影子并不总是可打印的。这些影子,它们的非正式的不可印刷的版本, 抹去从许多官方杰作作品的铜锈因为它们经常成为严肃自大的的受害者。人民(不是人)发明常青艺术作品的“坏”版本。大多数情况下,这是由儿童和青少年创造的非正式民间传说, 随着人们的一生伴, 时不时它会在不同的情况下被记住和提及。
See my posts:
http://www.liveinternet.ru/journalshowcomments.php...rnalid=5200715&go=next&categ=0; from PETROSYAN FOREVER!
https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/andrew_alexandre_owie/post369736111/; https://www.liveinternet.ru/journalshowcomments.ph...rnalid=5200715&go=prev&categ=0.
But this very fact does not spoil and doesn’t do any harm to the beautiful originals. Just imagine, a tough guy has been moved by a melody but he can’t afford to sob like a dame, and to conceal his real feelings at parties, when he’s around, he would rather quote something unprintable, vulgar but funny and classical in connection with the performed music. This healthy `cynicism` prevents the theatrics. Shadow lyrics are sometimes the congenial masterpieces in spite of their vulgarity. The mediocre works don’t cast the vulgar shadows. The shadow is not a parody, mocking though it’s funny (ha-ha!). It’s a psychological defense and a good way to relax. Now the nice original!
Mais ce fait ne gâche pas et ne fait aucun mal aux beaux originaux. Imaginez, un gars dur a été touché par par une mélodie mais il ne peut pas se permettre de sangloter comme une dame, et pour dissimuler ses vrais sentiments en compagnie d'amis, il préfèrerait citer quelque chose non imprimable, drôle mais vulgaire et classique en rapport avec la musique jouée. Ce «cynisme» sain empêche la théâtralité. Les paroles de l'ombre sont parfois les chefs-d'œuvre congeniaes malgré leur vulgarité. Les œuvres médiocres ne projettent pas d'ombres vulgaires. L'ombre n'est pas une parodie, moquerie bien que ce soit drôle. C'est une défense psychologique et un bon moyen de se détendre. Maintenant le bel original!

On the hills of Manchuria` by Ilya Shatrov. Performed by the Russia`s Defence Ministry Central Military Band. Conductor Andrei Kolotushkin. «Sur les collines de Mandchourie» par par Ilya Chatroff. L`Orchestre Militaire Centrale de la Ministère de la Défense de la Russie. Chef Andrei Kolotushkin. 俄罗斯国防部中央军事乐团“满洲山” 由Ilya Shatrov。 指挥Andrei Kolotushkinhttps://youtu.be/sQz3HRpGz6s

P.S.`If you would only guess from what untid`ness The poems grow, far from shame and conscience`.

ahmatova (700x458, 137Kb)
A great Russian poetess Anna Akhmatova often lived in the Moscow flat of her close friends Ardovs. One day Viktor Ardov not noticing the presence of Anna Akhmatova in the room relieved his feelings with the obscene words. Having seen her, he got confused, but she just concluded: `Viktor, we’re the linguists after all!` Une grande poétesse russe Anna Akhmatova vivait souvent dans l'appartement moscovite de ses proches amis Ardovs. Un jour, Viktor Ardov, ne remarquant pas la présence d'Anna Akhmatova dans la pièce, soulagea ses sentiments avec des mots obscènes. Après l'avoir vue, il est devenu confus, mais elle a juste conclu: `Viktor, nous sommes des linguistes après tout!`一位伟大的俄罗斯诗人[安娜·阿赫玛托娃]经常住了在她密友[阿尔多夫]的莫斯科公寓里。 有一天,Viktor Ardov没有注意到安娜出现了在房间里,用淫秽的话语释放了他的感情。 看到她后,他变得困惑,但她刚刚得出结论:`Viktor,毕竟我们是语言学家!`
(See more https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/andrew_alexandre_owie/post370462493/).

141408799_images2K1JQR65 (183x275, 39Kb)141408800_images2K1JQR65 (183x275, 39Kb)141408799_images2K1JQR65 (183x275, 39Kb)141408800_images2K1JQR65 (183x275, 39Kb)
I can repeat it as much as four times: `We`re the linguists, my friends!`

flag43 (68x50, 9Kb)
Rule, Britannia!


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SEGMENT #6 - https://youtu.be/NxL7zltcRhM



Matchish #1. Performed by the dancers of the Kamenny Most (Stone Bridge) Studio of the Historical and Traditional Dances in Voronezh, Russia (2016)https://youtu.be/x6O26bvIOyY

«Матчишъ» я научилась
Плясать не скоро,
Одна, какъ ни трудилась,
Всё шло не споро.

Но вотъ, испанецъ юный
Мнѣ далъ урокъ
Я сразу поняла его
Урокъ былъ въ прокъ.

Я такъ была готова
Понять испанца,
Что поняла въ два слова
Прiемы танца,

Онъ мощною рукою
Меня взялъ властно
За руку и порою
Шепталъ такъ страстно.

5394_900 (575x375, 162Kb)
`Russian Matchish` Cartoon of 1917

I learned to dance Matchish,
It troubled me a lot,
No matter how I wished,
I couldn`t hit the spot.
Once Spanish cavalier
Gave me the lesson, o!
At last all was so clear,
I was quick on the draw.

I was so eager then
To understand my Spaniard
That all steps he explained
I did with fire.

He touched me by the arm
With his mighty hand,
He whispered in due time
What I should apprehend.
(Trans. By Le Commissaire Juve)

Matchish #2. Performed by the dancers of the Kamenny Most (Stone Bridge) Studio of the Historical and Traditional Dances in Voronezh, Russia (2016)



q46V79l__400x400 (240x240, 30Kb)

Par Josette Hersent

Témoin et moteur
De pere il devient enfant
L'art defie le temps

By Josette Hersent
Check and engine
From father to child
The Art defies time
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

Por Josette Hersent
Verificación y motor
De padre a hijo
El arte desafía el tiempo
(Traducido por Andrew Alejandro Owie)

Von Josette Hersent
Überprüfung und Motor
Vom Vater zum Kind
Kunst trotzt der Zeit
(Übersetzt von Maximillian von Heune)

Josette Hersent
A mysterious poem, presumably hokku (発句) (haiku) if to consider it to be a metaphor of spring. Simply, its season word contains in its subtext. On the other hand, it might as well be a senryū (川柳). Mind that `Témoin et moteur` originates from `témoin de moteur`, i.e, a car`s indicator light requiring to check the diesel engine.
Un misterioso poema, presumiblemente hokku (発 句) (haiku) si se considera una metáfora de la primavera. Simplemente, su palabra de temporada contiene en su subtexto. Por otro lado, bien podría ser un senryū (川 柳). Tenga en cuenta que `témoin et moteur` se origina de` témoin de moteur`, es decir, una luz indicadora de un automóvil que requiere revisar el motor diesel.
Un poème mystérieux, vraisemblablement hokku (発句) (haiku) s'il faut le considérer comme une métaphore du printemps. Simplement, son mot de saison contient dans son sous-texte. D'un autre côté, ça pourrait aussi bien être senryū (川柳). On notera que «témoin et moteur» provient de «témoin de moteur», c'est-à-dire d'un voyant lumineux de la voiture qui nécessite de vérifier le moteur diesel.
Ein mysteriöses Gedicht, vermutlich Hokku (発 句) (Haiku), wenn man es als eine Metapher des Frühlings betrachtet. Einfach, sein Jahreszeitenwort enthält in seinem Subtext. Auf der anderen Seite könnte es auch Senryū (川 柳) sein. Denken Sie daran, dass "témoin et moteur" aus "témoin de moteur" stammt, d. H. Einer Anzeigeleuchte eines Autos, die eine Überprüfung des Dieselmotors erfordert.

一首神秘的诗,大概是俳句,如果认为它是春天的隐喻。 简单地说,它的季节词语 (季語)就包含在它的潜台词中。 另一方面,它可能是
senryū (川柳)。 请注意,“témoin et moteur” 起源于“témoin de moteur” ,即需要检查柴油发动机的汽车指示灯。

DI-FNt4W0AA_gIf (612x404, 121Kb)



Par Le Commissaire Jeuve
L'art défie le temps
Mais temps est plus fort
Père ne peut devenir enfant.

By Andrew Alexandre Owie
The art challenges time
But time is stronger
Father can not be child

By Andrew Alejandro Owie
El arte desafía el tiempo
Pero tiempo es más fuerte
Padre no puede ser niño

Von Maximillian von Heune
Kunst trotzt der Zeit
Aber die Zeit ist stärker
Vater kann nicht Kind werden.



By Gavrila (Gabriel) Derzhavin
rekavremenvsvoyemstremleni (302x285, 14Kb)
The flow of time’s continuous river
Of yore takes people’s works away,
And sinks all kingdoms, kings and peoples
Into oblivion’s yawning chasm.
A small part that delays `forever`
Thanks to the lyre, trumpet’s strains,
Doomed to be gorged by aeon`s crater
And won’t avoid of common fate.
<6 July of 1816>
(Trans. by Andre Alexandre Owie)

Gavriil-Dergavin-01 (300x411, 82Kb)
Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin


Le courant continu de la rivière des temps
Toujours enlève les œuvres des gens
Et coule tous les royaumes, les rois et les peuples
Dans l'abîme d`oblivion.
Grâce au son de la lyre et de la trompette
Il reste "pour toujours" peu de choses.
Mais ils seront aussi engloutis par le cratère de l'éternité
Et n'évitera pas le destin commun.
[6 juillet 1816]
(Traduit par Le Commisssaire Jeuve (Henri Henri))

cms (300x441, 69Kb)
Young Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin

La corriente continua del río de los tiempos
Siempre quita las obras de las personas
Y hunde todos los reinos, reyes y pueblos
En el abismo del olvido.
Gracias al sonido de la lira y la trompeta
"Para siempre" queda poco.
Pero también serán tragados por el cráter de la eternidad
Y no evitará el destino común.
[6 de julio de 1816]
(Traducido por Andrew Alejandro Owie)

79b5d66ed4d7a78559c0269dc143859e (544x600, 275Kb)

Der kontinuierliche Strom der Zeiten
Nimmt immer die Werke der Leute weg
Und versenkt alle Königreiche, Könige und Völker
Im Abgrund der Vergessenheit.
Dank dem Klang der Lyra und der Trompete
"Für immer" werden wenig übrige Dinge.
Aber sie werden auch vom Krater der Ewigkeit verschlungen werden
Und werden das gemeinsame Schicksal nicht vermeiden.
[6. Juli 1816]
(Übersetzt von Maximillian von Heune)




The poem `On perishability (To transience)` had been written three days before the last day of the Russian poet. While writing it the poet was looking at the then famous emblematic picture `The river of time`(`Der Strom der Zeiten oder bildliche Darstellung der Weltgeschichte von den ältesten bis auf die neuesten Zeiten`(`The stream of times or pictorial representation of world history from the oldest to the newest times`) by St. Petersburg’s artists Friedrich Strass, Johann Kristof de Meyr and Karl Friedrich Knappe).
El poema `A la fugacidad` había sido escrito tres días antes del último día del poeta ruso. Mientras lo escribía, el poeta miraba la famosa imagen emblemática "El río del tiempo" ("La corriente de los tiempos o la representación pictórica de la historia mundial desde los tiempos más antiguos a los más nuevos" por los artistas de San Petersburgo Friedrich Strass, Johann Kristof de Meyr y Karl Friedrich Knappe).

43aa015a02c433dcb54a6311f92a1924 (297x600, 165Kb)0165c64ac8ff39b72e2ab99052e0f0fa (323x600, 184Kb)

Le poème "Sur la périssabilité (À la fugacité)" avait été écrit trois jours avant le dernier jour du poète russe. En l'écrivant, le poète regardait la fameuse image emblématique «La rivière du temps» (Der strom der Zeiten oder bildliche Darstellung der Weltgeschichte von den ältesten bis auf die neuesten Zeiten) ("Le flux de temps ou la représentation picturale de l'histoire du monde du plus ancien au plus récent") par les artistes de Saint-Pétersbourg Friedrich Strass, Johann Kristof de Meyr et Karl Friedrich Knappe).
Das Gedicht `Zur Vergänglichkeit` wurde drei Tage vor dem letzten Tag des russischen Dichters geschrieben. Während des Schreibens schaute der Dichter auf das damals berühmte emblematische Bild `Der Fluss der Zeit` ("Der Strom der Zeiten oder bildliche Darstellung der Weltgeschichte von den ältesten bis auf die neuesten Zeiten") von Petersburger Künstlern Friedrich Strass, Johann Kristof de Meyr und Karl Friedrich Knappe.

7207fa87983b43b87192adc4e18f2c74 (600x156, 68Kb)

俄罗斯诗人写了”关于短命的存在“的诗在他的最后一天的三天前。 在写诗的时候,诗人正在看着当时着名的象征性图片“时代之河”(
Der Strom der Zeiten oder bildliche Darstellung der Weltgeschichte von den ältesten bis auf die neuesten Zeiten时代之河或从最古老到最新时代世界历史的画报表现))由圣彼得堡时艺术家弗里德里希•斯特拉斯 (Friedrich Strass), 约翰•克里斯托夫•德•梅尔 (Johann Kristof de Meyr) 和卡尔•弗里德里希•卡納普 (Karl Friedrich Knappe)


The Ambassador of Sweden being granted the Tsar`s audience https://youtu.be/-8rYtE-XQiM

An episode from the Russian feature film `Ivan Vasilyevich changes his occupation` (1973) based on Mikhail Bulgakov`s comedy of `Ivan Vasilyevich`, 1936. Because of a time-machine dysfunction the house manager Ivan Vasilyevich Bunsha who occurred to be a replica of Ivan the Terrible and Moscow housebreaker Georges Miloslavsky were transferred to the epoch of Ivan the Terrible. Bunsha supported by Georges had to play the role of the Tsar. Their local guide was Theophanes, the Kremlin foreign office clerk.

Georges: Smoke break.
Theophanes: The Swedish Ambassador!
Georges: What’s the matter, Fedya?
Theophanes: Oi! Ha-ha-ha! The Swedish Ambassador wants to have an audience with the Tsar!
Georges: Let the Citizen Ambassador in! (to Bunsha) Make a scowl!
Swedish Ambassador (in very broken German): Der grosse König des schwedischen Königreiches sendet mich, Seinen treuen Diener, zu Ihnen, Zar und Veliky Knese (Grossfürst) Iwan Wassiljewitch von ganz Russland … (The great king of the Swedish kingdom sends me, his faithful servant, to you, Tsar and Grand Prince of All-Russia Ivan Vasilyevich …)
Georges: The Intourist (foreign tourist) is speaking very well!
Bunsha: What has he said?
Georges: The deuce knows! Dear Fedya, we need an interpreter badly!
Theophanes: There was one, a German. He was supposed to interprete, but he was drunk and could not say a word. We cooked him in the boiling water.
Georges: You ought not to behave like that with the interpreters.
Swedish Ambassador: … die schwedische Armee erobert hat ... (… the Swedish Army had been occupying before … )
Georges: Reply to him something. Don’t you see him kicking his arse?
Bunsha: Hitler kaputt!
Georges: Please, continue, Mr. Ambassador. Do us a favour. All right!
Swedish Ambassador: Den Amtbezirk Kem … (The district of Kem`…).
Georges: Right, all right! Well!
Bunsha: (to Theophanes) I say, comrade! Comrade, may I ask your attention, please! I`d like to know in outline, at the least, what he really wants.
Theophanes: That's obvious! They demand the district of Kem`, they say they’d got it before.
Bunsha: (to the Swedish Ambassador) What, what? The district of Kem`?
Swedish Ambassador: O ja-ja! Den Amtbezirk Kem. Ja! Ja! (Oh, yes-yes! The district of Kem`, yes ..)
Bunsha: Take it! A mere nothing, my God!
Theophanes: But how is that, my Lord?
Bunsha: The Tsar knows what he does. (to the Swedish Ambassador) That won’t make our state poorer. Take it, take it! I do insist …
Georges: Order not to have me executed, Father Tsar, but permit me to talk! (in a whisper) What are you doing, son of a bitch, stop squandering our lands! We`ll never have enough of our districts!
Swedish Ambassador: What should I say to my king?
Georges: Say `Hello!`to him and give my flaming regards.
Swedish Ambassador: What about the district?
Georges: Such problems, dear Mr. Ambassador, can’t be solved straight away. We are to consult the comrades. Drop in some day later. By the way, here is a small souvenir for you, personally from me.
Swedish Ambassador: Oh!
Georges: Keep it! Well then! Auf Wiedersehen! Good bye! Au Revoir! To be short: `Ciao!` (to the dignitaries) Everyone is dismissed! The convoy too! The convoy can go! (to appreciably concerned Theophanes) What are you looking for?
Theophanes: The ambassador has lost his medal!
Georges: One ought not to be so absent-minded! One ought to take care of his belongings. Why are you staring at me like that? Do you think it`s me who took it?
Theophanes: But no!
Georges (to Bunsha): Hadn’t it to be you? What if it has by chance rolled down under the throne? Nope! What can't be cured must be endured!
Theophanes: What a misfortune!
Bunsha: I have some vague suspicions about you, Sir. First Mr. Spak`s tape recorder, now the Ambassador`s medallion ...
Georges: What do you mean by that? May I ask you, you Royal mug, what do you mean?
Theophanes: The Tatar Prince Yedigei wants to have an audience with the Tsar!
Georges: No! This time enough with audiences! The audiences are over. It’s time for the eats!
Theophanes: The Tsar wishes to dine! THE END

The full film provided with 11 different foreign subs is available in here: https://youtu.be/a50qT9bW2Qo.

139560940_const2 (159x180, 9Kb)

DSC121001 (305x400, 172Kb)d45b519e6faaf562c6a34451c39acca6 (247x420, 100Kb)
Ne meurs pas jusqu'à la fin des temps! Do not die until the end of time! Stirb nicht bis zum Ende der Zeit! No mueras hasta el final de los tiempos! 不死到时间的尽头! 時間の終わりまで死んではいけない!

flag43 (68x50, 9Kb)
Rule, Britannia!


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DK6FdtpWAAEMm_g (459x700, 234Kb)
Józef Czelgren. Manual for the Russian Teenagers from the series `Do it yourself!`: `How to get to Japan without a Visa`. Moscow, The Kid-Print Publishing House, 1961


By Feodor Swarowski/Por Feodor Swarowski

dlyakota_ru_foto-prikoly_podborka-interesnyh-i-veselyh-kartinok-100418_16 (700x393, 282Kb)

japanese combat robots
have attacked Beijing.

all the Chinese are dead.
but due to a system failure
they spare no efforts
to ignore a kid.

robots japoneses de combate
han atacado Pekín.

todos los chinos están muertos.
pero debido a una falla del sistema
no escatiman esfuerzos
para ignorar a una niña.

the grass is pushing up asphalt
on deserted Tian`anmen square.
flowers are as far as the eye can see.
electric elephants are roaming about streets.

their riders, the robots,
are all ill.

no more energy.
they need acid to be charged.
no more acid! why?
it has passed
the fifth year
since the start of the genocide.

la hierba está empujando hacia arriba el asfalto
en la plaza desierta de Tian`anmen.
las flores están tan lejos como el ojo puede ver.
elefantes eléctricos están deambulando por las calles.

sus jinetes, los robots,
están todos enfermos.

pas de más energía
necesitan ácido para ser cargado.
¡Pas plus más ácido! ¿Por qué?
ha pasado
el quinto año
desde el comienzo del genocidio.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
japanese businessman`s daughter Aiko
lives on the top of a hill
in the ruins of an old house.
outside is a view of the city.
a prison is at the foot of the hill.

she waits for none.
she’s 12, she’s alone every inch.

her only companions are
her torn teddy-bear, dog stuffed with rice.
other plastic fauna without paws and eyes.

food concentrates to expire soon.
there’s only a dozen of boxes
of the spoiled wine.

hija de un empresario japonés Aiko
vive en la cima de una colina
en las ruinas de una casa vieja.
afuera hay una vista de la ciudad.
una prisión está al pie de la colina.

ella no espera a ninguno.
ella tiene 12 años, está sola cada centímetro.

sus únicos compañeros son
su oso de peluche roto, perro relleno de arroz.
otra fauna plástica sin patas y ojos.

los concentrados de alimentos para caducar pronto.
solo hay una docena de cajas
del vino agrio.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
in search of a rat for dinner
once she entered the prison`s vault.
darkness and fear!
suddenly she heard someone called

en busca de una rata para la cena
una vez que ella vino debajo los arcos de la prisión.
oscuridad y miedo!
de repente oyó a alguien llamado

`who`s there?`
`girl, girl!
come here, please, try.
I am so alone
I am ill, so on
the demolished cities are still in my eyes`.

`¿quién está allí?`
`niña, niña!
Ven aquí, por favor, inténtalo.
estoy tan solo
Estoy enfermo,
las ciudades demolidas todavía están en mis ojos`.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
a boiler in the old house
concealed a replicant.
a robot who`s a human`s replica
was dying of
a heart attack.

una caldera en la casa vieja
ocultó un replicante.
un robot que es una réplica humana
estaba muriendo de
un infarto.

his cardiac muscle made of special fibre
grew weak.
the servoengine gonna stop inside of him.

su músculo cardíaco hecho de fibra especial
se debilitó
la servoingeniería se detendrá dentro de él.

my name is Ryuichi CI 9
I need acid badly
and solar energy.
gimme acid! some acid!
and free me - lemme outside!

mi nombre es Ryuichi CI 9
Realmente necesito ácido
Y energía solar.
¡Dame ácido! ¡Un poco de ácido!
¡Y líbrame, llévame afuera!

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
Aiko was startled.
that robot
destroyed people.

but he just lay and watched her,
he looked like no enemy, after all.
not like a killer
or like a rogue.

never mind!
thought Aiko.
I am alone, life is mine.
she returned to the cellar
and brought back a glass of wine.

acid in wine helped the robot.
he could stand up,

come out to the streets
and breathe all right.

Aiko se sobresaltó.
ese robot
destruyó la gente.

pero él se quedó allí y la miró.
parecía que no enemigo, después de todo,
no un asesino
o un sinvergüenza.

¡no importa!
pensó Aiko.
Estoy solo, la vida es mía.
ella regresó a la bodega
y trajo una copa de vino.

el ácido en el vino ayudó al robot.
él podría ponerse de pie,

salir a la calle
y respira normalmente

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
`but to survive all the way
I need to pump
sulfuric and hydrochloric acid in my empty
vessels. badly!

they say, there`s a state of Mongolia in the North
people use there machines and electric light

there might be acid for robots,
confectionery for children and for the adult.`

`do you remember what are sweets, Aiko?`
`no, I don`t remember that staff.`

`pero para recuperar completamente
es necesario bombear ácidos sulfúrico
y clorhídrico a mis vasos. ¡gravemente!

dicen, hay un estado de Mongolia en el norte
la gente usa allí máquinas y luz eléctrica
podría haber ácido para los robots,
dulces para niños y adultos.

`¿Recuerdas qué son los dulces, Aiko? `
`no, no recuerdo esas cosas!

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
`why to stay all life in the destroyed house?`
decided Aiko.
`time flies.
life promises no changes.
better to dry out several rats,
take wine,
and go
in search of acid and sweets.

the robot
atone for his sins
as a fellow traveller of a human being.
if I am tired
then, by the way, he`ll have to carry me!`

'¿por qué quedarse toda la vida en la casa destruida?'
decidió Aiko.
`el tiempo vuela.
la vida no promete cambios.
mejor secar varias ratas,
tomar vino,
y ve
en busca de ácido y dulces

deja que el robot
expiar sus pecados
como un compañero de viaje de un ser humano.
si estoy cansado
entonces, por cierto, ¡él tendrá que llevarme!

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
Aiko thought that `war was fine` as
the whole country was green.
only woods and villages
and cities.
no people – just silence,
and torn wires.

only wind,
the grass and wind
in the steppe

at nights Ryichi lit the campfires
and said
`while I`m on duty,
you go to bed.`

Aiko pensó que "la guerra estaba bien" como
todo el país era verde.
solo bosques y aldeas
y ciudades
no hay gente, solo silencio,
y cables rotos.

solo viento,
la hierba y el viento
en la estepa

en las noches, Ryichi encendió las fogatas
y dijo
`mientras estoy de servicio,
te vas a la cama.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
they walked ten months to the west,
two months somewhere to the left,
then to the east.

Ryuichi grew faint under a weight.
wine ran out.
he was totally creased.

they lost their way,
Mongolia was faraway.

Aiko got tired
but no longer Ryuichi could carry again

in his arms as a babe.

caminaron diez meses hacia el oeste,
dos meses en algún lugar a la izquierda,
luego hacia el este.

Ryuichi se debilitó bajo un peso.
el vino se acabó.
él estaba totalmente exhausto.

perdieron su camino,
Mongolia era lejana.

Aiko se cansó
pero Ryuichi no podía ya llevarlа
en sus brazos como un bebé.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
after waking up in the morning
was about
to cry out `Ah!`

wild horsemen noticed them
in the short,
dry grass,
soon caught them up to grasp.
they poped the robot twice
(all went dark before his eyes)
then took them to the city
to lock them behind bars.

una vez que
después de despertarse en la mañana
Aiko casi gritaba ¡Ah!

jinetes salvajes los han notado
pronto en la hierba seca,
y los atrapó para apoderarse.
golpean al robot dos veces
(todo se oscureció ante sus ojos)
luego los llevó a la ciudad
para encerrarlos entre rejas.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
this was `Mongolians`
but not Mongolians indeed
no plants
no factories
no acid
no sweets
no power stations
they walked almost bare
every second one professed cannibalism!

esto fue `mongoles`
pero no los mongoles de hecho
sin plantas
sin fábricas
sin ácido
sin dulces
sin estaciones de energía
caminaban casi desnudos
¡cada segundo profesaba canibalismo!

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
Aiko and Ryuichi
spent ten days, kidnapped,
in expectation of being eaten up.

`Ryuichi, what will be with us? we`re lost!

those people must be wrong Mongols,
not the people we searched for

you know, I`m not afraid,
but I feel emptiness inside

I wish we could fly away
to find out something quite different. ah?

The replicant answered,
`Aiko, there is more to it than meets the eye!

there must have been reason
I fell down
into the vault from above
and had no acid

to later meet you, just fancy!

Aiko y Ryuichi
pasó diez días, secuestrado,
en espera de ser comido.

`Ryuichi, ¿qué pasará con nosotros? estamos perdidos!

esas personas deben no real estar mongoles,
no las personas que buscamos

ya sabes, no tengo miedo,
pero siento vacío dentro

Ojalá pudiéramos irnos volando
para descubrir algo bastante diferente, ah?

El replicante respondió:
`¡Aiko, no es un accidente!

debe haber habido razón
Me caí
en debajo los arcos desde arriba
y no tenía ácido

para luego conocerte, ¡Imagine juste!

true Mongolia must be
placed somewhere else.
Mongolia is the wind and fields
we walked across not once.
and empty houses, you see?
the buildings in bushes
(their floors covered with dust).
and dry flowers, and their seeds!

la verdadera Mongolia debe ser
colocado en otro lugar.
Mongolia es el viento y los campos
donde cruzamos no una vez.
y casas vacías, ¿entiendes?
los edificios en arbustos
(sus pisos cubiertos de polvo).
y flores secas y sus semillas!

Mongolia`s whenever you walk
and see the distant hills
with houses on their tops.
and banners in every yard.
cherries and peaches on the slopes.

summer begins.

Mongolia es cada vez que caminas
y ver las colinas distantes
con casas en sus cimas.
y banderas en cada patio.
cerezas y melocotones en las laderas.

el verano comienza.

walking across the land
the Japanese girl and her electronic friend
see the hares
or maybe foxes
not hares
scattering from under their feet.

caminando por la tierra
la chica japonesa y su amiga electrónica
ver las liebres
o tal vez zorros
en lugar de liebres
corriendo de debajo de sus pies.

you know, I like
to talk about it.

tu sabes, me gusta
hablar de eso

the matter must have been the robot was lone
but he was not aware of that thing.
and you also was lone.
and then from above
you just brought me some wine.

El problema tenía que ser que el robot estaba solo
Pero él no estaba enterado de eso.
Y tú también estabas solo.
Y luego desde arriba
me acabas de traer un poco de vino

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
and the Mongols are already sharpening knives
prisoners do not have long to live

y los mongoles ya están afilando cuchillos
los prisioneros no tienen mucho tiempo para vivir

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
nothing bad happens to us`,
Ryuichi says
`yes, darkness reigns everywhere
due to it every innocent can be puhished unjustly.
everyone can simply disappear
though the war
was over, as-a-matter-of-factly!

nada malo nos sucede`,
Ryuichi dice
`sí, reina la oscuridad en todas partes
debido a esto, cada inocente puede ser proferido injustamente.
todos pueden simplemente desaparecer
aunque la guerra
había terminado, como una cuestión de hecho!

but I heard radiowaves.
and I called them back in time.
I didn`t want to tell you before the proper time.

soon we`ll meet here
a special Tibetan squad.

its commander informs us he`s glad to be fast
to help

but they need the night
to come
to use their laser
to transform the walls into smoke.
and change night into day.

pero escuché ondas de radio.
y los llamé a tiempo.
No quería decírtelo antes del momento apropiado.

pronto nos encontraremos aquí
un escuadrón tibetano especial.

su comandante nos informa que está contento de ser rápido

pero necesitan tener una noche
para usar su láser
y transformar las paredes en humo.
y cambia la noche en día.

when you wake up.
I`ll be a handsome young

you`ll be adult,

we`ll marry.

I`ll go to work.
on Sundays,
the way it should be,
I`ll sit with my rod on a river bank.
I`ll have a sparkling bucket in my hand.

I`ll always return home
with my catch.

Cuando te despiertas

Seré un joven

Serás adulto,

Nos casaremos.

Iré a trabajar..
Los domingos,
Como debería ser,
Me sentaré con mi caña de pescar en la orilla del río.
Tendré un balde chispeante en mi mano.

Siempre regresaré a casa
Con mi captura de peces.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
`and now
if you`re to be bored
we can have a good look at clouds
or just sing aloud something
or simply sit down doing nothing
and expect
when the battle begins
or expect a sign.`

`what sign?`

`y ahora
si estás aburrido
podemos echar un buen vistazo a las nubes
o simplemente cantar en voz alta algo
o simplemente siéntate sin hacer nada
y esperar
cuando comience la batalla
o espera una señal.

`¿Qué señal?`

`a thunderstorm or like.
when you close your eyes
the first rumbles
will make all you like alive
(`may all that you love
meet you after our last mortal kombat`,
whispered to himself the robot)

broken dynasaur,
Aug. 16, 2011
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

`una tormenta eléctrica o algo así.
cuando cierras los ojos
los primeros estruendos
darán vida a todo lo que es querido para ti
(`¡Que todos los que amas, te encuentren
después de nuestro último kombate mortal!`,
susurró a sí mismo el robot)

dinasaur roto,
oso de peluche
relleno de arroz`.
16 de agosto de 2011
(Traducido por Andrew Alejandro Owie)

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


DI4ZWcZWsAAQsr_ (541x699, 335Kb)


You uttered a shriek
After touching my cane
Deep Silence
No noise

Pronunciaste un grito
Después de tocar mi bastón
El profundo
Silencio Sin ruido

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Who gave you your name,
Baby from Shimacho quarter?
Why do your lips so deftly
Stroke the coral?
The seventh heaven of bliss!

¿Quién te dio tu nombre,
Bebé del barrio de Shimacho?
¿Por qué tus labios tan hábilmente
Acarician el coral? ¡
El paraíso de la felicidad!

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Yesterday at noon
We drained the cup of bliss.
Winter Sun.
It`s so lonesome
Over Fujiyama.

Ayer a mediodía
Bebimos la copa de la bienaventuranza.
Invierno Sol.
Es tan solitario
Sobre Fujiyama.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Ins and outs
Through the same gates.
You`ve played dolls quite recently
Now you play the other
Games with the adult.

Ins y outs
Por las mismas puertas.
Has jugado muñecas muy recientemente.
Ahora juegas los otros juegos
Con los adultos.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


You have preferred me
To an oil trader?
Well, then for how long?
Where to get money?
That`s the problem.

¿Me has preferido
A un comerciante de petróleo?
¿Bueno, por cuánto tiempo?
¿Dónde conseguir dinero?
Ese es el problema.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


You`ve undone
Your kimono with a smile.
Why have you asked me to turn aside?
Great feelings.
Small boobs.

Has abierto
Su kimono con una sonrisa.
¿Por qué querías que me diera la vuelta?
Grandes sentimientos.
Tetas pequeñas.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Who unleashed the fatal war?
Who aroused Emperor`s ire?
I`m kissing the girl`s knees.
Her silk slippers
Have been dark with dew.

¿Quién desencadenó la guerra fatal?
¿Quién despertó la ira del Emperador?
Estoy besando las rodillas de la chica.
Sus zapatillas de seda
Han estado oscuras con el rocío.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Wet rose
Blossomed again
In fog.
Bliss lingered
On the tip of my tongue.

Rosa húmeda
Volvió a florecer
En la niebla.
La felicidad permaneció más larga
En la punta de la lengua.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie/Traducido por Andrew Alejandro Owie)

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


You`ve read the erotic tankas by Ruboku Sho! ¡Ustedes han leído los tankas eróticos por Ruboku Sho!

DKaoYQkUEAA0OGb (486x669, 509Kb)

There remained only 99 tankas of Ruboku Sho (るぼく しょ (路波格 说)). He was a founder of the Japanese erotic poetry. Sólo quedaban 99 tanques de Ruboku Sho. Fue el fundador de la poesía erótica japonesa (るぼく しょでエロティックな短歌).

2018-04-24_140656 (645x454, 441Kb)
Kawasaki Inu

As a poet he was occasionally discovered in the Paris bookstalls by a Japanese billionaire Kawasaki Inu (川崎•犬) in the 80s of the 20 c. Como poeta, fue ocasionalmente descubierto en las librerías de París por un billonario japonés Kawasaki Inu en los años 80 del siglo XX.

2018-04-24_140732 (677x437, 474Kb)
Kawasaki Inu

In 1985 Mr. Kawasaki died in a brothel in Lisbon in asuspicious contingency. En 1985, el Sr. Kawasaki murió en un burdel de Lisboa en una contingencia sospechosa.

Mikkel-Larsen2 (460x460, 110Kb)
Peter Ingres

The first translations were made by a Canadian philologist Peter Ingres who had got the photo replicas of the manuscripts belonging to the widow Kawasaki Yoko (川崎•洋子).

132579470_50 (700x576, 225Kb)
Kawasaki Yoko

Las primeras traducciones fueron hechas por un filólogo canadiense Peter Ingres que había obtenido réplicas de los manuscritos pertenecientes a la viuda Yoko Kawasaki.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


親愛なる友人!やつかつガール! みんな! あなたが推測しておかなければならないように、るぼく しょ (少)(Ruboku Sho)の短い歌は文学の偽装です。 残念ながら、それは私のものではありません!Mystification は多くの作家によって使用された文学的な装置である。 作家だけでなくスラヴィストでもあったプロスパー・メリメは、西スラヴの歌を書いた。 彼は読者だけでなく多くの傑出した詩人を欺いた。ジェームスマクファーソンは、偽のアイルランドの叙事詩のOssianサイクルを書きました。 Ruboku Shoは同じ行にあります。

DK5bXYmWkAQ_gPN (406x599, 218Kb)2018-04-27_163335 (175x530, 192Kb)

Green kitty’s confession Confesión del gatito verde

Dear friends! Dudes and dudines! As you must have already guessed, tankas by Ruboku Sho are just a literary mystification. Unfortunately, not mine! Mystification is a literary device which was being used by many writers.

DK5Yf_PW4AAzREj (220x299, 30Kb)
Prosper Mérimée

Prosper Mérimée who was not only writer but also a Slavist wrote The Songs of the Western Slavs. He deceived many outstanding poets, not only readers. James Macpherson wrote the Ossian cycle of the fake Irish epic poems. Ruboku Sho is in the same line.

DK5YneQXUAAM96B (220x268, 27Kb)
James Macpherson

¡Queridos amigos! Tíos y tías! Colegas y mujercitas! Como ya has adivinado, tankas por Ruboku Sho son sólo mistificación literaria. Desafortunadamente, no mio! La mistificación es un `dispositivo` literario que fue utilizado por muchos escritores. Prosper Mérimée que no sólo fue escritor sino también eslavista escribió Las canciones de los eslavos occidentales. Engañó a muchos poetas destacados, no sólo a los lectores. James Macpherson escribió el ciclo ossiano de los poemas épicos irlandeses falsos. Ruboku Sho está en la misma línea.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)

Whom have you called a dog? !¿A quién has llamado un perro?

One day in 1990 Viktor Pelenyagre, a member of the literary group of the `Order of Courtly Mannerists`, a successful author of several lyrics for the then most popular pop songs and an outstanding Russian poet from Moldavia pretended to be an academic translator from the Old Japanese language and offered a quasi-translations made by his friend Oleg Borushko, another member of the `Order of Courtly Mannerists` to one of the Moscow Publishing Houses.
Un vez en 1990, Viktor Pelenyagre, miembro del grupo literario de la Orden de los Manieristas Cortéses, en ese tiempo exitoso autor de varias lyrics para las canciones más populares y un destacado poeta ruso de Moldavia, pretendió ser un traductor académico del Viejo Japonés y ofreció unas cuasi-traducciones hechas por su amigo Oleg Borushko, otro miembro de la Orden de los Manieristas Cortéses, a una de las editoriales de Moscú.

DK6BwHTW4AA2Ggs (432x288, 125Kb)
Viktor Pelenyagre

Ruboku Sho is an anagram of Borushko family name. They both wrote quasi-academic comments, preface, tankas. Peter Ingres, the `translator` of tankas was an anagram of the name of Viktor Pelenyagre [pee-lee-nya-gre]. Pelenyagre wrote also many poems for the following books by Ruboku Sho. All those books have been bestsellers in Russia.
Ruboku Sho es un anagrama del apellido de Borushko. Ambos escribieron comentarios cuasiadémicos, prefacio, tankas. Peter Ingres, el "traductor" de tankas era un anagrama del nombre de Viktor Pelenyagre [pee-lee-nya-gre]. Pelenyagre también escribió muchos poemas para los siguientes libros de Ruboku Sho. Todos esos libros han sido best-sellers en Rusia.

borushko1 (465x438, 128Kb)
Oleg Borushko

Oleg Borushko was one of the Grand Masters of the literary `Order of Courtly Mannerists` of Russia in the 80-90s. Now he lives in London, and is the chairman of the jury of the annual Russian poetry contest `Pushkin in Britain`.
Oleg Borushko fue uno de los Grandes Maestros de la Orden de los Manieristas Cortéses de Rusia en los años 80-90. Ahora vive en Londres y es el presidente del jurado del concurso anual de poesía rusa "Pushkin en Gran Bretaña".

DK6CciAWsAEldvt (250x351, 60Kb)

After reading the book`s preface readership was quite sure that it had been a genuine Japanese masterpiece, the more so because the reviewer stated that` in a few lines Ruboku Sho managed to express more shades of meaning than some authors of the thick novels did`. Everybody in Russia, including experts, refused to believe that it was a fake text of an author who never existed in the history of the Japanese literature! Moreover there were issued sequels of the Ruboku Sho. `Abode of one hundred pleasures`. Moscow, Vagrius Publishing House, 2001 and the A Crown for Ruboko and Miscellaneous Works (Poems), 2000, Moscow. Golos Publishing House), etc.
Después de leer los prefacios del libro, los lectores estaban bastante seguros de que había sido una auténtica obra maestra japonesa, más aún porque el crítico afirmó que "en pocas líneas, Ruboku Sho logró expresar más matices de significado que algunos autores de las novelas gruesas `. Todos en Rusia, incluidos los expertos, se negaron a creer que era un texto falso de un autor que nunca existió en la historia de la literatura japonesa. Además, se publicaron secuelas del Ruboku Sho. `Morada de cien placeres`. Moscow, Editorial Vagrius, 2001 y `Una corona para Ruboko y Obras misceláneas (Poemas)`, 2000, Moscú. Golos Editorial), etc.

DK6Cd7DXcAEVrUu (200x268, 61Kb)DK6Cfs8X0AAmBgH (200x256, 41Kb)Viktor_Pelenyagre_Ruboko_Sho__Eroticheskie_tanki_sbornik (200x291, 70Kb)

Ruboku Sho followed the old Russan literary tradition. There were `Japanese` poems written by Konstantin Balmont, Andrei Beliy and Valery Bryusov. An outstanding Russian avant-garde poet Velimir Khlebnikov also composed a cycle of 13 tankas. (Sometimes, it seems Japan in Russia is loved stronger than in Japan itself. It’s a joke, of course, but every single joke contains just a bit of a joke as the Russian are used to jocularly say).
Ruboku Sho siguió la antigua tradición literaria rusa. Había poemas "japoneses" escritos por Konstantin Balmont, Andrei Bely y Valery Bryusov. Un poeta notable de la vanguardia rusa Velimir Khlebnikov también compuso un ciclo de 13 tankas. (A veces, parece que Japón es amado en Rusia más fuerte que en el propio Japón. Es una broma, por supuesto, pero cada broma solo tiene un poco de broma, como jocosamente suelen decir los rusos).

DK6EoErWAAA6jKq (200x284, 19Kb)
Velemir Khlebnikov

It had been a very successful marketing move, after all. The Publishing Houses made big profit. The authors were not down too. The circulation of the Ruboku Sho`s tankas made up 300 000 copies. Critics attacked the poets after their mystification had been revealed, blamed them for `clumsy` style of their tankas, they attacked them rather seriously in spite of the fact that the poets of the Order of Courtly Mannerists were never serious, but always ironical, humorous and erotic. Ruboku Sho`s tankas have still been very popular with the Russian readers as well as the had been before their unmasking. Now they became a part of the Russian classical literature. Después de todo, fue una movida de marketing muy exitosa. Las casas editoriales obtuvieron grandes ganancias. Los autores tampoco bajaron. La circulación de los tanques de Ruboku Sho compuso 300,000 copias.Los críticos atacaron a los poetas después de revelar su mistificación, los culpó por el estilo "torpe" de sus tankas, los atacaron bastante en serio a pesar de que los poetas de la Orden de los Manieristas Cortéses nunca fueron serios, sino siempre irónicos, humorístico y erótico.Los tankas de Ruboku siguen siendo muy populares entre los lectores rusos, no menos de lo que fueron antes de ser desenmascarados. Ahora se convirtieron en parte de la literatura clásica rusa.

DKaoYQkUEAA0OGb (486x669, 509Kb)
A quasi japanese ukiyo-e by Xenia Tchumakova (an illustration to Ruboku Sho). The picture drawn in the red and yellow palette unusual for the genuine genre of the ukiyo-e pictures. Una ukiyo-e cuasi japonesa por Xenia Chumakova (ilustración à Ruboku Sho). La imagen dibujada en la paleta roja y amarilla inusual para el género genuine de la ukiyo-e.

Japanese translator 緑 の に ゃ ん`s notes : As to me, I had to translate from Russian into Japanese. Not knowing old Japanese I had to use the modern language and its syllabaries, not only hiragana, but also katakana. They were absent in Old Japan, only Chinese characters were used. So the Chinese translations may seem to be closer to the `original`, if not to take into account my usage of the modern grammar. In Old China they also used special language `wenyan`. Besides I transformed the not very Japanese sounding name `Kino Kawabaki` into Inu Kawasaki (lit. Chien Kawasaki), and having probably remembered Serge Gainsbourg (`Je t’aime… moi non plus`, `Qui est in, qui est out `) and A Clockwork Orange (Alex: No time for the old in-n-out, love…), I inserted some English words. Humour! Tee-hee!

Ivan The Terrible: What do you mean, a dog?
緑のにゃんこ(The Green Kitty): Calm down, Ivan Vasiliyevich, I`m just kidding!
Iván el Terrible: ¿Qué quieres decir con un perro?
緑のにゃんこ(El Gatito Verde): Cálmate, Ivan Vasilievich, esto es solo una broma! https://youtu.be/sxqf4uyelUE

Comentarios del traductor japonés 緑のにゃん: En cuanto a mí, tuve que traducir del ruso al japonés. Sin saber japonés antiguo, tuve que usar el lenguaje moderno y sus silabarios, no solo hiragana, sino también katakana. Estaban ausentes en el Japón Antiguo, solo se usaban caracteres chinos. Entonces, las traducciones chinas parecen estar más cerca del 'original', si no para tener en cuenta mi uso de la gramática moderna. En la Antigua China también usaban el lenguaje especial `wenyan`. Además, transformé el nombre no muy japonés `Kino Kawabaki` en Inu Kawasaki (literalmente, Perro Kawasaki) y probablemente recordando a Serge Gainsbourg (` Je t'aime ... moi non plus`, `Qui est in, qui est out`) y Una Naranja Mecánica (Alex: No time for the old in-n-out, love…) inserté algunas palabras en inglés. ¡Humor! ¡Jajaja!

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Alex: No time for the old in-n-out, love, I've just come to read the meter. https://youtu.be/89GSUhzT3Ow

8c0b86507b98e7c17d07ccf7acdc26a3 (563x401, 169Kb)
Tous vedettes! All the celebrities! ¡Todas las celebridades!

flag43 (68x50, 9Kb)
Rule, Britannia! ¡Regla, Britannia!


Понедельник, 23 Апреля 2018 г. 16:40 + в цитатник

DK6FdtpWAAEMm_g (459x700, 234Kb)
Józef Czelgren. Manuel pour les adolescents russes de la série `Fais le toi-même!`: `Comment se rendre au Japon sans visa '. Moscou, La maison d'édition `Livres pour Enfants` 1961


Par Feodor Swarowski

dlyakota_ru_foto-prikoly_podborka-interesnyh-i-veselyh-kartinok-100418_16 (700x393, 282Kb)

robots de combat japonais
ont attaqué Pékin.

tous les Chinois sont morts.
mais en raison d'une défaillance du système
Ils n'épargnent aucun effort
pour ignorer la gamine.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
l'herbe pousse l'asphalte
sur la place Tian'anmen déserte.
les fleurs sont aussi loin que l'œil peut voir.
les éléphants électriques errent dans les rues.

leurs cavaliers, les robots,
sont tous malades.

Pas plus énergie
Ils ont besoin d'acide pour être chargés.
Pas plus d'acide! Parce que?
Il a passé
la cinquième année
depuis le début du genocide.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
fille de l'homme d'affaires japonais Aiko
vit au sommet d'une colline
dans les ruines d'une vieille maison.
l'extérieur est une vue de la ville.
une prison est au pied de la colline.

elle n'attend personne.
elle a 12 ans, elle est seule chaque centimètre.

ses seuls compagnons sont
son nounours déchiré, son chien farci de riz.
autre faune plastique sans pattes et yeux.

les concentrés d'aliments expireront bientôt.
il n'y a qu'une douzaine de boîtes
du vin gâté.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
à la recherche d'un rat pour le dîner
une fois elle est venue sous les arcades de la prison.
l'obscurité et la peur!
soudain, il a entendu quelqu'un appelé

Qui est là?
`Fille, fille!
Viens ici, s'il te plaît, essaie.
Je suis si seul
Je suis malade,
les villes démolies sont toujours dans mes yeux`.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
une chaudière dans la vieille maison
dissimulé un réplicateur.
un robot qui est la réplique d'un humain
était en train de mourir
d'une crise cardiaque.

son muscle cardiaque en fibre spéciale
est devenu faible.
le servoengine va s'arrêter à l'intérieur de lui.

Je m'appelle Ryuichi CI 9
J'ai vraiment besoin d'acide
et l'énergie solaire.
Donne de l'acide! un peu d'acide!
et libérez-moi, aidez-moi à sortir!

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
Aiko avait peur.
ce robot
a détruit les gens.

mais il s'est allongé là et l'a regardée,
il ne ressemblait à aucun ennemi, après tout,
ni tueur ni canaille

ça ne fait rien!
pensa Aiko.
Je suis seul, la vie est à moi.
elle est retournée à la cave
et ramené un verre de vin.

l'acide dans le vin a aidé le robot.
il pouvait se lever,

sortir dans la rue
et respire bien.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
`mais pour récupérer complètement
Il est nécessaire de pomper
des acides sulfuriques et chlorhydriques dans mes vaisseaux.
J'en ai terriblement besoin.

ils disent, il y a un état de la Mongolie dans le nord
les gens y utilisent des machines et de la lumière électrique là

il pourrait y avoir là de l'acide pour les robots,
bonbons pour enfants et adultes.

"Tu te souviens de ce que sont les bonbons, Aiko?"
Non, je ne me souviens pas de ces choses!

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
"Pourquoi rester toute la vie dans la maison détruite?"
Décidez Aiko.
Le temps passe vite.
La vie ne promet aucun changement.
Mieux vaut sécher plusieurs rats,
Prenez du vin,
Et allez
A la recherche d'acide et de bonbons.

Le robot
Atone pour ses péchés
En tant que compagnon de voyage d'un être humain.
Si je suis fatigué
Alors, au fait, il devra me porter!

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
Aiko pensait que `la guerre est bien`
le pays entier était vert.
seulement les bois et les villages
et les villes.
pas de gens - juste le silence,
et les fils déchiquetés.

seulement le vent,
l'herbe et le vent
dans la steppe

les nuits Ryichi allumé les feux de camp
et dit
`pendant que je suis de service,
tu vas au lit`.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
ils ont marché dix mois à l'ouest,
deux mois quelque part à gauche,
puis à l'est.

Ryuichi affaibli sous un poids.
le vin est fini.
Il était totalement épuisé.

ils ont perdu leur chemin,
La Mongolie était loin.

Aiko s'est fatiguée
mais Ryuichi ne pouvait plus
la porter dans ses bras comme un bébé.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
une fois que
après le réveil le matin
était presque à crier «Ah!

cavaliers sauvages les ont remarqués
bientôt dans l'herbe sèche,
les a attrapés pour saisir.
ils ont frappé le robot deux fois
(tout est devenu sombre devant ses yeux)
puis les a emmenés à la ville
de les enfermer derrière des barreaux.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
c'était les Mongols
mais pas les Mongols en effet
pas de plantes
pas d'usines
pas d'acide
pas de bonbons
pas de centrales électriques
ils marchaient presque nus
chaque seconde professait le cannibalisme!

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
Aiko et Ryuichi
Il a passé dix jours, enlevé,
attendant d'être mangé.

`Ryuichi, que va-t-il nous arriver? nous sommes perdus!

ces gens ne doivent pas être de vrais Mongols,
pas les personnes que nous recherchons

Tu sais, je n'ai pas peur,
mais je sens le vide à l'intérieur

Je souhaite que nous pourrions aller voler
pour découvrir quelque chose de très different, ah?

Le réplicant a répondu:
`Aiko, ce n'est pas un accident!

il doit y avoir eu raison
Je suis tombé
sous les arcades d'en haut
et n'avait pas d'acide

pour ensuite vous rencontrer, imagine juste!

la vraie Mongolie doit être
placé dans un autre endroit.
La Mongolie est le vent et les champs
où nous sommes passés pas une fois.
et les maisons vides, сomprends-tu?
les bâtiments dans les buissons
(ses sols sont couverts de poussière).
et les fleurs séchées et leurs graines!

La Mongolie est chaque fois que vous marchez
et voir les collines lointaines
avec des maisons sur leurs sommets.
et des drapeaux dans chaque jardin.
cerises et pêches sur les pentes.

l'été commence.

en marchant sur la terre
la fille japonaise et son ami électronique
voir les lièvres
ou peut-être des renards
plutôt que des lièvres
se précipitant de sous leurs pieds.

Tu sais,
J'aime en parler.

Le problème a dû être que le robot était seul
Mais il n'était pas au courant de ça.
Et tu étais aussi seul.
Et puis d'en haut
tu viens de m'apporter du vin.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
et les Mongols sont déjà en train d'aiguiser les couteaux
les prisonniers n'ont pas longtemps à vivre

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
rien de mal ne nous arrive`,
Ryuichi dit
oui, les ténèbres règnent partout
à cause de cela, tous les innocents peuvent être pris injustement.
tout le monde peut simplement disparaître
si la guerre
était fini, comme une question de fait!

mais j'ai entendu des ondes radio.
et je les ai rappelés dans le temps.
Je n'ai pas voulu te le dire avant le bon moment.

bientôt nous nous rencontrerons ici
une équipe spéciale tibétaine.

son commandant nous informe qu'il est heureux d'être rapide
de aider

mais ils ont besoin de la nuit
pour utiliser leur laser
et transformer les murs en fumée.
et changer la nuit en jour.

quand vous vous réveillez.

Je serai un beau jeune

tu seras adulte,

nous nous marierons.

Je vais aller au travail.
Les dimanches,
La façon dont cela devrait être,
Je vais m'asseoir avec ma canne sur une berge.
Je vais avoir un seau brillant dans ma main.

Je retournerai toujours à la maison
avec une prise.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)
`et maintenant
si tu t'ennuies
nous pouvons avoir un bon aperçu des nuages
ou juste chanter à haute voix quelque chose
ou simplement s'asseoir sans rien faire
et attend
quand la bataille commence
ou attendez un signe.

Quel signe?

`un orage ou quelque chose.
quand tu fermes les yeux
le premier rouleau de tonnerre
rendra vivant tout ce qui vous est cher
("Que tous ceux que tu aime tu rencontrent après notre dernier kombat mortel!"),
murmura-t-il à lui-même le robot)

dynasaur cassé,
ours en peluche
farci de riz».
Août 16, 2011
(Traduit par Le Commissaire Jeuve)

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


DI4ZWcZWsAAQsr_ (541x699, 335Kb)


Tu as poussé un cri
Après avoir touché ma canne
Le silence
Pas de bruit.

Du hast geschrien
Nach Berührung meiner
Tief Schweigen
Kein Geräusch nachdem.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Qui vous a donné votre nom,
Bébé du quartier de Shimacho?
Pourquoi vos lèvres si habilement
Caressent le corail?
Le paradis du bonheur!

Wer hat dir deinen Namen gegeben
Baby aus dem Shimacho Viertel?
Warum deine Lippen so zärtlich
Streicheln die Koralle?
Der Glückseligkeit!

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Hier à midi
Nous avons bu la coupe du bonheur.
Soleil d'hiver
C'est tellement solitaire
Sur Fujiyama.

Gestern mittags
Wir haben die Tasse
Glück getrunken.
Wintersonne ist so einsam
Auf Fujiyama.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


In et out
Par les mêmes portes.
Vous avez joué des poupées tout récemment.
Maintenant, vous jouez aux autres jeux
Avec des adultes.

Ins und Outs
Durch die gleichen Tore.
Du hast vor kurzem Puppen gespielt.
Jetzt spielst du das andere
Spiele mit dem Erwachsenen.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Vous m'avez préféré à
Un commerçant de pétrole?
Eh bien, pour combien de temps?
Où obtenir de l'argent?
C'est ça le problème.

Du hast mir vorgezogen
Zu einem Ölhändler?
Also, wie lange?
Wo bekomme ich Geld?
Das ist das problem.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Vous avez ouvert
Votre kimono avec un sourire.
Pourquoi m'as-tu demandé de détourner?
De grands sentiments.
Petits seins.

Du hast geöffnet
Dein Kimono mit einem Lächeln.
Warum hast du mich gebeten, mich abwenden zu lassen?
Große Gefühle
Kleine Titten.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Qui a déchaîné la guerre mortelle?
Qui a suscité la colère de l'empereur?
J'embrasse les genoux de la fille.
Ses pantoufles de soie
Ont été sombres avec de la rosée.

Wer hat den tödlichen Krieg entfesselt?
Wer weckte Kaiser-Zorn?
Ich küsse die Knie des Mädchens.
Ihre Hausschuhe sind
Mit dem Tau dunkel geworden.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Rose mouillée
Floraison à nouveau
Dans le brouillard.
Félicité s'est attardé
Sur le bout de ma langue.

Nasse Rose
Blühte wieder
Im Nebel.
Glück verweilte
Auf der Spitze meiner Zunge.
(Traduit par Le Commissaire Jeuve/Übersetzt von Maximillian von Heune)

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Vous avez lu les tankas érotiques par Ruboku Sho! Ihr habt die erotischen Tankas von Ruboku Sho gelesen!

DKaoYQkUEAA0OGb (486x669, 509Kb)

Il ne restait que 99 tankas de Ruboku Sho. Il a été fondateur de la poésie érotique japonaise. Es blieben nur 99 Tankas von Ruboku Sho. Er war ein Begründer der japanischen erotischen Poesie (るぼく しょでエロティックな短歌).

2018-04-24_140656 (645x454, 441Kb)
Kawasaki Inu

En tant que poète, il a été découvert occasionnellement dans les librairies de Paris par un billionnaire japonais Inu Kawasaki (川崎•犬) dans les années 80 des 20 c. Als Dichter wurde er gelegentlich in einen Pariser Buchläden von einem japanischen Billionär Inu Kawasaki in den 80er Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts entdeckt.

2018-04-24_140732 (677x437, 474Kb)
Kawasaki Inu

En 1985, Monsieur Kawasaki est mort dans un bordel de Lisbonne dans une contingence suspecte. 1985 starb Herr Kawasaki in einem Bordell in Lissabon in einer verdächtigen Kontingenz.

Mikkel-Larsen2 (460x460, 110Kb)
Peter Ingres

Les premières traductions ont été faites par un philologue canadien Peter Ingres qui avait obtenu les répliques de photos des manuscrits appartenant à la veuve Kawasaki Yoko (川崎•洋子).

132579470_50 (700x576, 225Kb)
Kawasaki Yoko

Die ersten Übersetzungen wurden von einem kanadischen Philologen Peter Ingres gemacht, der die Foto-Repliken der Manuskripte der Witwe Yoko Kawasaki bekommen hatte.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


親愛なる友人!やつかつガール! みんな! あなたが推測しておかなければならないように、るぼく しょ (少)(Ruboku Sho)の短い歌は文学の偽装です。 残念ながら、それは私のものではありません!Mystification は多くの作家によって使用された文学的な装置である。 作家だけでなくスラヴィストでもあったプロスパー・メリメは、西スラヴの歌を書いた。 彼は読者だけでなく多くの傑出した詩人を欺いた。ジェームスマクファーソンは、偽のアイルランドの叙事詩のOssianサイクルを書きました。 Ruboku Shoは同じ行にあります。

DK5bXYmWkAQ_gPN (406x599, 218Kb)2018-04-27_163335 (175x530, 192Kb)

Confession du minou vert Geständnis des kleinen Kätzchens

Cheres amis! Les mecs et les miss! Comme vous avez déjà deviné, les tankas par Ruboku Sho sont simplement une mystification littéraire. Malheureusement, pas le mien! La mistification est un `dispositif` littéraire utilisé par de nombreux écrivains.

DK5Yf_PW4AAzREj (220x299, 30Kb)
Prosper Mérimée

Prosper Mérimée qui n'était pas seulement écrivain mais aussi Slavist a écrit Les chants des Slaves occidentaux. Il a trompé de nombreux poètes exceptionnels, non seulement des lecteurs. James Macpherson a écrit le cycle Ossian des faux poèmes épiques irlandais. Ruboku Sho est dans la même ligne.

DK5YneQXUAAM96B (220x268, 27Kb)
James Macpherson

Liebe Freunde! Jungs und Cholas! Wie Sie schon erraten haben, sind Tankas von Ruboku Sho nur literarische Mystifizierung. Leider nicht meins!
Mistifikation ist ein literarisches Gerät, das von vielen Schriftstellern verwendet wurde. Prosper Mérimée, der nicht nur Schriftsteller war, sondern auch Slavist schrieb die Lieder der Westslawen. Er täuschte viele hervorragende Dichter, nicht nur Leser. James Macpherson schrieb den Ossian-Zyklus der gefälschten irischen Epos. Ruboku Sho ist in der gleichen Zeile.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)

Qui as-tu appelé un chien? Wen hast du einen Hund genannt?!

Une fois en 1990 Viktor Pelenyagre, membre du groupe littéraire de l'Ordre des Maniéristes Courtois, un auteur réussi de plusieurs lyrics pour les chansons pop les plus populaires et un remarquable poète russe de Moldavie a prétendu être un traducteur académique de l'ancien japonais et a offert une quasi-traduction faite par son ami Oleg Borushko, un autre membre de l'Ordre des Maniéristes Courtois, à l'une des maisons d'édition de Moscou.
Eines Tages im Jahr 1990 Viktor Pelenyagre, ein Mitglied der literarischen Gruppe von "Orden der raffinierten Manieristen", ein erfolgreicher Autor von mehreren Texten für die damals populärsten Pop-Songs und ein hervorragender russischer Dichter aus Moldawien behauptete als ein akademischer Übersetzer aus der altjapanischen Sprache zu sein und angeboten eine Quasi-Übersetzung von seinem Freund Oleg Borushko, ein anderes Mitglied des "Ordens der raffinierten Manieristen" zu einem der Moskauer Verlagshäuser.

DK6BwHTW4AA2Ggs (432x288, 125Kb)
Viktor Pelenyagre

Ruboku Sho est un anagramme du nom de Borushko. Les poètes russes, membres du groupe littéraire «l'Ordre des Maniéristes Courtois», Oleg Borushko et Viktor Peleniagre ont inventé un poète japonais inconnu et ont écrit tous ses tankas dans les années 90 du 20ème siècle.
Ruboku Sho war ein Anagramm seines Familiennamens. Oleg Borushko und Viktor Peleniagre erfanden einen unbekannten japanischen Dichter und schrieben alle seine Tankas in den 90er Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts.

borushko1 (465x438, 128Kb)
Oleg Borushko

Oleg Borushko, l'un des Grands Maîtres de l'Ordre des Maniéristes Courtois littéraire de Russie dans les années 80-90. Maintenant, il vit à Londres. Il est le président du jury du concours annuel de poésie russe «Pouchkine en Grande-Bretagne».
Oleg Borushko war einer der Großmeister des literarischen Ordens der raffinierten Manieristen Russlands in den 80-90er Jahren. Jetzt lebt er in London. Er ist der Vorsitzende der Jury des jährlichen russischen Poesie-Wettbewerbs `Pushkin in Großbritannien '.
Pelenyagre et Borushko ont écrit des commentaires quasi académiques, une préface, des tankas. Peter Ingres, le «traducteur» des tankas était un anagramme du nom de Viktor Pelenyagre [pee-lee-nya-gre]. Pelenyagre a écrit aussi beaucoup de poèmes pour les ouvrages suivants de Ruboku Sho. Tous ces livres ont été best-sellers en Russie.
Sie schrieben quasi-akademische Kommentare, Vorwort, Tankas. Peter Ingres, der "Übersetzer" von Tankas war ein Anagramm des Namens von Viktor Pelenyagre [pee-lee-nya-gre]. Pelenyagre schrieb auch viele Gedichte für die folgenden Bücher von Ruboku Sho. Diese Bücher waren Betseller in Russland.

DK6CciAWsAEldvt (250x351, 60Kb)

Ils ont gagné beaucoup d'argent parce que les gens croyaient à l'existence même du tankaka japonais, auteur de tankas erotiques. Après avoir lu les préfaces des livres, les lecteurs étaient tout à fait sûrs qu'il s'agissait d'un véritable chef-d'œuvre japonais, d'autant plus que l'évaluateur a déclaré que «dans quelques lignes, Ruboku Sho a réussi à exprimer plus de nuances de sens que certains auteurs des gros romans». Tout le monde en Russie, y compris des experts, a refusé de croire que c'était un faux texte d'auteur qui n'a jamais existé dans l'histoirede la littérature japonaise. Et il y a eu des séquelles, Ruboku Sho. La demeure de cent plaisirs. Moscou, Vagrius Maison d'édition, 2001 et `Une couronne pour Ruboko et diverses oeuvres (Poèmes), 2000, Moscou. Golos Maison d'édition).
Sie haben viel Geld verdient, weil die Menschen an die Existenz des japanischen Tankakas, Autor erotischer Tankas, glaubten. Nach dem Lesen der Vorwort war die Leserschaft ganz sicher, dass es ein echtes japanisches Meisterwerk gewesen war, um so mehr, weil der Rezensent sagte, dass "in ein paar Zeilen Ruboku Sho schaffte es, mehr Schattierungen von Bedeutung auszudrücken als einige Autorender dicken Romane". Jeder in Russland, einschließlich der Experten, weigerte sich zu glauben, dass es ein falscher Text eines Autors war, der in der Geschichte der japanischen Literatur nie existierte! Und es gab Fortsetzungen, Ruboku Sho. Der Kloster von hundert Freuden. Moskau, Vagrius Verlag, 2001 und `Eine Krone für Ruboko und verschiedene Werke (Gedichte), 2000, Moskau. Golos Verlag).

DK6Cd7DXcAEVrUu (200x268, 61Kb)DK6Cfs8X0AAmBgH (200x256, 41Kb)Viktor_Pelenyagre_Ruboko_Sho__Eroticheskie_tanki_sbornik (200x291, 70Kb)

Sho a suivi la vieille tradition littéraire Russaise. Il y avait des poèmes «japonais» écrits par Konstantin Balmont, Andrey Bely et Valery Bryusov. Un remarquable poète d'avant-garde russe Velimir Khlebnikoff a également composé un cycle de 13 tankas. (Parfois, il semble que le Japon en Russie soit aimé plus fort qu'au Japon lui-même. C'est une blague, mais chaque blague contient juste un peu d'une blague, comme en plaisantant le disent les Russes).
Ruboku Sho folgte der alten russischen literarischen Tradition. Es gab japanische Gedichte von Balmont, Bely und Bryusov. Ein herausragender russischer Avantgarde-Dichter Velimir Khlebnikov stellte auch einen Zyklus von 13 Tankas zusammen. (Manchmal scheint es Japan in Russland ist stärker als in Japan selbst geliebt. Es ist ein Witz, aber jeder Witz enthält nur ein bisschen vom Witz als scherzhaft sagen die Russen).

DK6EoErWAAA6jKq (200x284, 19Kb)
Velemir Khlebnikoff

C'était un mouvement de marketing très réussi, après tout. Les maisons d'édition ont fait un grand profit. Les auteurs n'étaient pas trop bas. La circulation du Ruboku Sho était de 300 000 exemplaires. Les critiques ont attaqué les poètes, les ont blâmés pour le style «maladroit» des ther tankas, ils les ont attaqués sérieusement, bien que les poètes de l'Ordre des Maniéristes Courtois n'étaient jamais sérieux, mais ironiques, humoristiques et érotiques. Les effusions poétiques ingénues de deux poètes russes ont eu un grand success, avant et après leur démasquage. Maintenant, ils sont devenus une partie de la littérature classique russe.
Es war doch ein gutes Marketing. Die Verlage machten großen Gewinn. So waren auch die Autoren. Sie verdienten eine Menge Geld,weil die Leute an die Existenz des japanischen Autor von Tankas, tankaka, glaubten. Die Zirkulation der Tankas von Ruboku Sho war 300 000 Exemplare. Die Kritiker griffen die Dichter an, tadelten sie für einen "unbeholfenen" Stil der Tankas, sie griffen sie ernst an, obwohl die Dichter des Ordens der raffinierten Manieristen niemals ernst, aber ironisch, humorvoll und erotisch waren. Die scharfsinnige poetische Ergüsse zweier russischer Dichter hatten vor und nach ihrer Demaskierung großen Erfolg. Jetzt sind sie ein Teil der russischen klassischen Literatur geworden.

DKaoYQkUEAA0OGb (486x669, 509Kb)
Quasi japonaise ukiyo-e par Xenia Tchumakova (illustration à Ruboku Sho). Leurs illustrations étaient également fausses, en général ce n'est pas un genre d'ukiyo-e de juger par sa palette rouge-jaune. Quasi japanisches Illustration bei Ruboku Sho von Xenia Tchumakova. Ihre Abbildungen waren auch falsch, überhaupt es ist keine Genre der Ukiyo-e, nach seiner rot-gelben Farbpalette zu urteilen.

Commentaires du traducteur japonais 緑のにゃん`s : Quant à moi, je devais traduire du russe au japonais. Ne connaissant pas l'ancien japonais, je devais utiliser la langue moderne et ses syllabaires, non seulement le hiragana, mais aussi le katakana. Ils étaient absents dans le vieux Japon, seuls les caractères chinois étaient utilisés. Donc, mes traductions chinoises semblent être plus proches du «original», sinon de prendre en compte mon utilisation de la grammaire moderne. Dans la vieille Chine, ils ont utilisé une langue spéciale `wenyan`. De plus, j'ai transformé le nom de Kino Kawabaki, pas très japonais, en Inu Kawasaki (littéralement Chien Kawasaki) et ayant probablement souvenu Serge Gainsbourg (`Je t’aime… moi non plus`, `Qui est in, qui est out `) et `Orange mécanique` (Alex: No time for the old in-n-out, love …) , j'ai inséré quelques mots anglais. C`est pour (r)ir(e), non?! Ha-ha-ha!)

Ivan Le Terrible: Qu'est-ce que tu veux dire, un chien?
緑のにゃんこ (Le Minou Vert): Calmez-vous, Ivan Vasilievich, c'est juste une blague pour rire!
Iwan der Schreckliche: Was meinst du, ein Hund?
緑のにゃんこ(Grünes Kätzchen): Beruhige dich, Ivan Vasiliyevich, ich mache nur Spaß! https://youtu.be/sxqf4uyelUE

Kommentare von Japanisch Übersetzer 緑 の に ゃ ん ん: Ohne den alten Japaner zu kennen, musste ich die moderne Sprache und Silbenschriften, nicht nur hiragana, sondern auch katakana benutzen. Sie fehlten im alten Japan, nur chinesische Schriftzeichen wurden benutzt. Also meine chinesischen Übersetzungen scheinen dem "Original" näher zu sein, wenn nicht um meine Verwendung der modernen Grammatik zu berücksichtigen. Im alten China benutzten sie auch spezielle Sprache `wenyan`. Außerdem verwandelte ich den nicht sehr japanischen Namen "Kino Kawabaki" in Inu Kawasaki (lit. Hund Kawasaki) und nachdem wohl ich mich an Serge Gainsbourg (`Je t’aime… moi non plus`, `Qui est in, qui est out `) und `Uhrwerk Orange` (Alex: No time for the old in-n-out, love …) erinnert hatte, fügte ich ein paar englische Wörter hinzu. Witz! Ha-ha-ha!

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Alex: No time for the old in-n-out, love, I've just come to read the meter. https://youtu.be/89GSUhzT3Ow

8c0b86507b98e7c17d07ccf7acdc26a3 (563x401, 169Kb)
Tous vedettes! Alle Prominenten!

flag43 (68x50, 9Kb)
Règle, Britannia! Regel, Britannia!


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DK6FdtpWAAEMm_g (459x700, 234Kb)
Józef Czelgren。 “自己动手”系列中的俄罗斯青少年手册:“如何在没有签证的情况下到达日本”。 莫斯科出版社'儿童书籍' 1961


由费奥多尔 施华洛世奇
(Feodor Swarowski)

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没有更多的酸! 为什么?

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日本商人的女儿[爱子] (Aiko)




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我的名字是[龍一CI9] (龙一 CI 9)
给我酸! 有些酸!

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有必要将硫酸和盐酸泵入我的血管中。 我非常需要它们。




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“[龍一],我们会怎么样? 我们失去了!













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我爱你,我小猫, 或一批好色之徒短歌

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你们读过由[るぼく しょ (路波格 说)] 的色情短歌!

DKaoYQkUEAA0OGb (486x669, 509Kb)

诗人[るぼく しょ (路波格 说)] (Ruboku Sho)只剩下了99短歌。 他是日本的色情短歌的创始人。 (るぼく しょでエロティックな短歌)

2018-04-24_140656 (645x454, 441Kb)

他的短歌在20世纪80年代是由日本百万富翁 [川崎•犬]于巴黎的书店偶尔地发现的。

2018-04-24_140732 (677x437, 474Kb)


Mikkel-Larsen2 (460x460, 110Kb)
彼得•格列斯(Peter Ingres)

第一批翻译是由加拿大语言学家[彼得•格列斯](Peter Ingres)撰写的,他获得了属于寡妇

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親愛なる友人!やつかつガール! みんな! あなたが推測しておかなければならないように、るぼく しょ (少)(Ruboku Sho)の短い歌は文学の偽装です。 残念ながら、それは私のものではありません!Mystification は多くの作家によって使用された文学的な装置である。 作家だけでなくスラヴィストでもあったプロスパー・メリメは、西スラヴの歌を書いた。 彼は読者だけでなく多くの傑出した詩人を欺いた。ジェームスマクファーソンは、偽のアイルランドの叙事詩のOssianサイクルを書きました。Ruboku Shoは同じ行にあります。

DK5bXYmWkAQ_gPN (406x599, 218Kb)2018-04-27_163335 (175x530, 192Kb)
神秘 Mystification


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亲爱的朋友! 小伙们儿和小妞们儿! 正如你一定已经猜到的,由るぼく しょ (路波格 说 (少)) (Ruboku Sho)的短歌 (tankas) 只是文学伪造。 不幸的是,不是我的! 文学伪造 (Mystification) 是许多作家使用的一种文学手段。

DK5Yf_PW4AAzREj (220x299, 30Kb)
Prosper Mérimée

普罗斯佩•梅里美 (Prosper Mérimée)不仅是作家,而且是斯拉夫学者,撰写了“西方斯拉夫人之歌”。 他欺骗了许多优秀的诗人,不仅是读者们。

DK5YneQXUAAM96B (220x268, 27Kb)
James Macpherson

詹姆斯•麦克弗森(James Macpherson)写了Ossian 周期中的假爱尔兰史诗。るぼく しょ (路波格 说 (少) 在同一行。

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在1990年一位最受欢迎的流行歌曲的几首歌词的成功作者, 来自摩尔达维亚的杰出俄罗斯诗人和[彬彬有礼绅士的俱乐部]的文学团体成员 [维克多•贝利尼亚格尔]勒 (Viktor Pelenyagre)假装成为了一位古老日本语的学术翻译家和提供了给莫斯科出版社之一由[彬彬有礼绅士的俱乐部]的另一名成员和他朋友[奥列格•博鲁什科](Oleg Borushko)准翻译.

DK6BwHTW4AA2Ggs (432x288, 125Kb)

[路波格 说] 是[奥列格•博鲁什科]姓氏的一个易位构词游戏。 他们都写了准学术评论,序言,短歌。[彼得•英格尔斯] (Peter Ingres)是[维克多•佩莱尼亚格尔]名字的易位构词游戏。[维克多•佩莱尼亚格尔]也为[路波格 说]的以下书籍写了很多诗。 所有这些书籍都是俄罗斯畅销书。

borushko1 (465x438, 128Kb)

[奥列格•博鲁什科]是八十九十年代俄罗斯的[彬彬有礼绅士的俱乐部]大师之一。 现在他住在伦敦,是一年一度的俄罗斯诗歌大赛'普希金在英国'的评委会主席。

DK6CciAWsAEldvt (250x351, 60Kb)

在阅读本书前言后,人们相当肯定它是一本真正的日本杰作,更是如此,因为这位评论家表示,“在几行文章中,与厚实小说的一些作者相比,[路波格 说]表达更多深浅的意义”。包括专家在内的俄罗斯的每个人都没有相信这是在日本文学史上从未存在过的作者的假文本!此外还发行了[路波格 说]的续集。 “一百个乐趣的福地” (莫斯科,Vagrius 出版社,2001年), 以及[路波格 说]的冠冕和杂项作品(诗歌)] (莫斯科,Golos出版社,2000年, 等。

DK6Cd7DXcAEVrUu (200x268, 61Kb)DK6Cfs8X0AAmBgH (200x256, 41Kb)Viktor_Pelenyagre_Ruboko_Sho__Eroticheskie_tanki_sbornik (200x291, 70Kb)

[路波格 说]遵循了一个旧的俄罗斯文学传统。有[康斯坦丁•巴尔蒙特](Konstantin Balmont),[安德烈•别雷](Andrey Bely)和[瓦列里•勃留索夫](Valery Bryusov)早些时候写的日本诗歌。一位杰出的俄罗斯前卫诗人[韦利米尔•赫莱布尼科夫](Velimir Khlebnikov)也写了一个由13个短歌组成的周期。(有时看来,俄罗斯人比日本人爱日本更多。 当然,这是一个笑话,在每个笑话中只有笑话的一部分,正如俄罗斯人通常诙谐所说的那样)。
DK6EoErWAAA6jKq (200x284, 19Kb)

毕竟,当时这是一次非常成功的营销举措。出版社赚了大钱。作者们也没有错过好处。由[路波格 说]短歌的发行为30万份了。批评者们在诗人们揭开[路波格 说]的神秘面纱之后对他们进行了攻击,并指责了他们短歌的“笨拙的”风格,尽管事实上[彬彬有礼绅士的俱乐部]的诗人从来不认真,但总是具有讽刺意味, 幽默和好色之徒。[路波格 说]的短歌仍然非常受俄罗斯读者的欢迎, 它们的秘密被揭露之后, 它们在是像以前一样被爱着的。现在他们成为了俄罗斯古典文学的一部分。

DKaoYQkUEAA0OGb (486x669, 509Kb)
由[泽尼亚•丘马科娃](Xenia Tchumakova)平局的准日本うきよえ (浮世绘)(对于[路波格 说]的插图)。在红黄色调色板中绘制的图片与浮世绘的真正的调色板不同。总的来说,判断一种用红黄色调色板这不是浮世绘的一种流派。

緑 の に ゃ ん日本翻译者的注释: 至于我,我不得不从俄文翻译了成日文。因为无知的古老日本语,我不得不使用了现代日音节字母,不仅是平假名,还有片假名。在古老日本,它们缺席了,只使用了汉字。因此,如果不考虑我使用的现代语法的话, 中文翻译似乎更接近“原文”。在旧中国,他们还使用了特殊“文言”的语言。除此之外,因为 [革履记•基诺](Kawabaki Kino)名听起来了不像日文, 我还将它变成了[川崎•犬]([犬]逐字狗)

緑のにゃんこ(绿色小猫) 冷静下来,伊凡•瓦西里耶维奇,这只是一个笑话!
イヴァン雷帝: :犬というのはどういう意味ですか?

緑のにゃんこ: 落ち着いて、Ivan Vasilyevich 、これはちょうどジョークです!https://youtu.be/sxqf4uyelUE

并在大概想起了[赛日•甘斯布(Serge Gainsbourg)的]
`Je t’aime… moi non plus`), `Qui est in, qui est out ` 和[發條橘子](A Clockwork Orange)(Alex: No time for the old in-n-out, love …) 之后我插入了一些英文单词。幽默!嘻嘻!

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Alex: No time for the old in-n-out, love … https://youtu.be/89GSUhzT3Ow

8c0b86507b98e7c17d07ccf7acdc26a3 (563x401, 169Kb)
Tous vedettes! 所有名人!

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12 April 1961 Gagarin`s first manned space flight

Четверг, 12 Апреля 2018 г. 15:03 + в цитатник

2018-04-12_152334 (636x435, 341Kb)

Lyrics by Vladimir Voinovich,
Music by Oscar Felzmann

The space charts dowloaded
To tablets altogether,
A navigator checked up
The flight plan in the end.
Let’s, guys, sing all together
While we’re on the launch pad,
We’ve got before a space flight
Fourteen minutes for that.

Song of the Spacemen. Performed by Vladimir Troshin. https://youtu.be/EYK-sNNgce8

I know, my friends,
That the spacecrafts`strings
Will whirl us away
From a star to a star!
The faraway planets`
Pathways untouched
Will keep our footprints on dust.
(the last two lines twice)

Somewhen we get much older
We`ll recollect one more time
How we laid astral courses
And were the first in space,
How we could for the first time
Attain the cherished aim and
View our own planet
From outside and chant.


March of the Russian Aerospace Forces from the Song of the Spacemen http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=6Q9d6UK-46A

Long time we were awaited
By the remotest planets,
By cold and icy planets
And their silent plains.
But not a single planet
Longs for us as that very,
That very dear planet.
The Earth by its sweet name.
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie)

kosmos (700x494, 404Kb)


The Underwood Group GAGARIN, I LOVED YOU! https://youtu.be/jeVHsi96ZAg

By The Underwood Group
He just turned round, so simple,
A shiny smile, yet unfamiliar.
And smoothed his hair, I saw his dimple,
He was not yet a celeb for millions.

So kind, so kind his mouth was.
Like reddish moss was his tender bristle!
I wish he could remain unknown.
Bye-bye, my love, my boy mischievous!

Life stroke, life stroke, my aunt!
Let down, burned down!
Gagarin, I loved you. You were my love, la-la-la-la!
Gagarin, I loved you. You were my love, la-la-la-lai!

He didn`t know how long I had
Been one of his jet plane`s scattered fragments.
I felt my back burned with his jet stream and
How he depressed his jet plane`s pedals.

His jet fell down, and he was hurt!
He hurt himself, but out of pieces
Retrieved himself and drew by spurts
His face on hull with a gold needle.


It`s so likely the Milky Way
The God turned into his stripes on trousers.
Quicksilver of his shoulder straps
Shines as a star. The likes of something!

He is the heart of the whitest light,
He`s kind and nice, would just go laughing!
His soul`s as a proving ground,
His soul`s calm, it feels like chanting.
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie)

113680848_354 (699x437, 346Kb)
On Mars


Apple Trees on Mars. Sung by Vladimir Troshin. https://youtu.be/xzfnIlU8MdA

Music by Vano Muradeli,
Lyrics by Evgeniy Dolmatovsky

To live believing, isn`t it remarkable?
There are prospects that may captivate.
Like the dreamers spacemen find it undebatable
That the apple-trees will grow on Mars one day.

It`s so good to have the good companions
And to travel thoughout the Universe.
From the stars we’ll greet the Earth not doubting
There are apple-trees in bloom on Mars, of course!

I befriended lonely, distant stars, sweetheart,
Don’t worry, no reason for being sad.
When we left for Mars we promised publicly
That the apple-trees would soon in bloom on there.
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie)

`Off we go!` Actor Alexandre Semchev playing the Fatso in the ad of the `Fatso` beer!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=EcIaXz0DLDo


By Alexandre Reznikov (a prophetic visionary Russian-writing author from Israel)(a sophisticated sci-fi epic poem, modern Ilyad)
… It’s people born under the Sun! What else were you ready to hear? Who still doubts this, I should know?
It’s folks in the planet of Earth
Who’ll have to take over the thrones
Of all the defeated king’s worlds.

Neither sinister monsters of Uranus concealed as in hell in thick gas,
But human race only, exclusively, possesses the heaven’s mandate.
Nor creatures of pulp, slime and mucus that break winds in Jupiter’s dark,
But human beings born for illuminance will reign in the faraway stars.
No room in the treasure star-clusters where author had ever set foot
For the various horrible monsters, their place must be deep, in hell’s gloom.

112464253_89142169_large_d1 (700x584, 280Kb)
Democracy is an air-borne virus! It is an aerially transmitted disease.

If they ever think to be rovers,
Then over their heads there’ll hover
The armoured Imperial Destroyer and killer of planets, Death Star.

They’ll dare to rebel against rammers?
We’ll spare no alien life.
We’ll raise our unwieldy Warhammer
And … drop it at once on their kind

Until they may finally get it that

Radical changes mean doom,
If we have to strike back then thousands of empires of evil will fall down for good.
Disdaining famine, fatigue, yammer and mercy for failures and sins,
We’ll throw down our mortal Warhammer and bombs upon all who resist.

112464248_Waroftheworldstripod (334x422, 125Kb)
Alien tripod illustration by Alvim Corréa, from the 1906 French edition of H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds"

A sci-fi epic poem by Alexandre Reznikov
After abandoning the riverside, homes and spaceport in their ulus,
It’s to Mars that they flew, Wan Hu and Pu Xian, Wan Hu as Los`, Pu Xian as Gusev.

It’s during the Rule of Tang, or, maybe, Qing,
Just to revenge upon a distant poet
That a modest Chinese Mandarin
Built a high-tech and three-stage rocket.
Having run through the cosmic circle
In the spacecraft the Egg crashed down on Mars for certain.

`What fucking senseless rhyme!` Pu Xian remarked being irritated. `There’ll be adventures more than one can think of. I’d like to have a novel written plainly about us by Edmond Hamilton.

Our flight to Mars, I feel, could finish the whole story.
O spouse of our prettiest Brackett Leigh!
Please share with us a handful of your glory!

Pu Xian`s intentions are that noble. His clear soul made him fly right to Mars and land.
And over him, in space of void, there blazes a red star, its name’s Taltsetl.
He looked around.
- A rather dangerous inception! A deserted temple, and the Martian canals. There’s no water in the canals, just sands and gravels. The Martial gods seem to have not been worshipped by Martians for great many days.
In response there was heard the shriek of sirens! The fighting tripod resembling something made its step, its beam grazed swiftly the ship’s covering. But being experienced in the battles our character remained quite unimpaired!

Pu Xian returned the fire while displaying valour.
He fired pistol Parabellum.

112464252_1393578425_20140227_212827_932 (602x420, 248Kb)
Uncle Sam: Tell me my future! Lady Fortune-teller: I wish I could! But I can`t understand that fucking Chinese!

Its barrel fraught with hell released the projectile unknown for the enemy.
The tripod’s hood was simply smashed,
So that it shaped the Martian’s destiny.
It was the end of that yahoo
Who died close to that very canal.
How could conceal his joy Wan Hu
Seeing the unconquerable general?

-Sir, you are not only a perfect sniper but also an unerring eye! Your feat of arms must be by storytellers sung!

The enemies have used the toxic gas, oh my!…
-My friend, put on the breathing mask, all right!

That’s what white-skinned Pu Xian expired.
But what was implication of that phrase?
The toxic agent couldn’t give Pu Xian a fright,
Because he could himself spray gas in any hostile face.

It’s only wind that triumphantly spreads notes of the E.T.s` `Ulla, ulla …`.
My reader having read this, please do not fall from your stool, eh!

Thus was that tripod overthrown.

Then after he had rushed forth in attack,
American John Carter, the daughter of ten thousand jeddaks
Supported him along with Faxon, Edsel, Park.
Besides, there absolutely were the Sintets.
There heaved in sight on the horizon Sark
Who still before the time had come preferred to keep the secrets.
And never caring a damn about Mars,
Uncompromising even when in bonds
And all alone, undaunted hero Mathew Carse
Who kept the Sword of Rhiannon
Rushed forward in attack, he couldn’t abstain to hold a court once and for all.
He even noticed no more the piercing glance Lady Ywain meant as unsaid reproach of hers.
The eye of angry Mrs. TTT
Twinkled in the dark when she made front door open
She didn’t trust that she would dree
Her weird without hope.
And hundreds, thousands spaceships must open fire as Stark wills it,
Armadas led by the Star Kings will join the hot fight on the battlefield.
Cold Mind wants Stark to fight the Gloom,
But he is valued as a fighter
By Skeletons out of Sasoom,
And by the Martian gladiator
Who once usurped all power on Mars
and thwarted foulplay con brio.
And Aelita yielded once
To an unconquerable hero.
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie)

112468042_495_34994 (475x356, 93Kb)
Dmitriy Shorin. Picture `We are not alone ...`

Alexandre Faustov
Taltsetl got up!
Bright! And severe!
Its fierce light went through me, rust …

I’m slave to it
I am an evil and petty particle of dust.

I’m no longer able to love and argue,
I do not want to cry and sympathize.
I gave you all, Eternity, forever.
It’s you I love with all my heart.
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie)

1492973197_snimok (600x391, 67Kb)


In 1968 Ivan Yefremov, a Russian sci-fi author, had his novel `Bull Hour` published. After that the KGB suspected him of being an extraterrestrial missionary, an alien. The title of the novel had nothing to do with a stock exchange. It`s derived from the Chinese 地 闢 於 丑也 di pi yu chou `Earth was born at Bull Hour` where 丑 the `bull` also implied 醜 `Devil`. Strictly speaking, `bull hour` means an Oriental period of time from 1 to 3 a.m., time of witchcraft, evil spirits, where human mind is fast asleep.
Formally an oligarchy of the`bull hour` reigning in the planet described in the novel `Bull Hour` does not relate to our planet. That planet of Tormance, however, seems to be our planet`s evil replica. Since then, however, Earth has become even more Tormance as an evil planet. As to Tormance in Yevremov`s novel it was formed as a planet at Bull Hour, and that term also means `time of the globe genesis` and `time of the triumph of Evil`.
Yefremov foretold that the oligarchy of Tormance on our planet would soon originate from the synthesis of the immoral trends both of the insect socialist and gangster capitalist societies.
Yefremov wrote to his American colleague that there would be the greatest catastrophe in human history in the form of propagation of the one-sided technological culture followed by defeat of the human morality. Even earlier in his letter to his wife, Tatyana, dated back to 10 July, 1960 he wrote: `He who doesn`t want to see, he`ll never see, since psychic blidness is the most frightful one!`


66zyy4ryjeka (636x528, 103Kb)
Girls, don`t quarrel!

Music by Andrei Petrov,
Lyrics by Gennady Shpalikov

There`s time when all is well and even fine,
But why it`s so you can`t explain,
Maybe by reason of the rain,
The proper summer rain.
The glimpse of a familiar face in crowd,
A stranger`s riant eyes,
Inside of which there runs the Garden Ring,
Inside of which there shines the Garden Ring
And summer thunderstorm.

The music video by the `Just a human!`: The Japanese version of the song I LIKE TO STROLL ALONG THE MOSCOW STREETS sung by the Dark Ducks (ダークダックス) - Kaze kaoru Mosukuwa ni. The group had been performing for 15 years in the 50-60s of the XX c. Their repertory included Russian and American folk and pop songs. https://youtu.be/SuWLPI9C0kc

I like to stroll along the Moscow streets,
But I can travel far and wide
As far as the Pacific waves,
The taiga, Arctic ice.

I`ll hoist my sails because the wind is fair,
With whom I don`t still know,
But if I feel homesick no matter where,
I `ll try and find a violet, I can swear,
I`ll think of Moscow`s jaunts.
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie)

The guitar cover of the song `I like to stroll along the Moscow streets`.

MonaLisa smile values ad_1cr (700x159, 104Kb)
You will start more often meeting people who have got eyes but do not see, who have got ears but do not hear!

flag43 (68x50, 9Kb)
Rule, Britannia!


Воскресенье, 08 Апреля 2018 г. 16:04 + в цитатник
DIppF6aXcAAUDNe (604x377, 137Kb)
The Internet is like Ancient Egypt, people write on walls and worship cats.

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)

DI8Sh_sW0AQRD_V (450x615, 197Kb)
Did you call a plumbing specialist?

Semyon Slepakov: `Humour reminds of fashion. Something goes out, something comes in and comes back`

The first lesson of the sex education in school.
Lady teacher : Children, soon boys will take interest in girls and girls will еake interest in boys . So the subject we are going to begin to learn now is very interesting.
Vovo (a kid from an unadvantaged family): Mar`vanna! (from Maria Ivanovna), may all who have already known how to fuck go to play football, eh?

DIzmLFhXoAUg51G (360x570, 108Kb)

Semyon Slepakov (born 1979, in Pyatigorsk) is a Russian producer, script writer, comedian, author & performer of his own comic songs. He graduated from a faculty of the French language in Pyatigorsk (his mother was a teacher of French), Southern Russia, and at the same time was also educated as a businessman. Thus, Semyon Slepakov is a singing manager! Sometimes he even manages to compose the modern Russian folk songs.

semen-slepakov_medium (251x353, 46Kb)200px-Lucas_Cranach_d__Ä__044 (200x293, 62Kb)115561573_ds9caf153dec (220x300, 33Kb)

Semyon is 197 cm tall (almost two metres tall! Wow!). His weight varies within 90-105 kg. The same face: Johann Friedrich der Großmütige - John the Magnanimous (1503-1554) and Semyon Slepakov.

Semyon Slepakov & Grigoriy Leps - `You are very beautiful, you are very stupid` http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=F-k5yZwFeUk

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Lyrics & Music by Semyon Slepakov
To be with you often makes me feel too fortunate.
Sometimes, however, I feel fooled by mean Cupid (Yeah!)
You are very nice, very nice, very nice and improbably beautiful,
You are very dumb, very dumb, very dumb and incredibly stupid.

When seeing us in public everybody starts feeling inferior.
Just five minutes later they can`t help supporting me dearly.
First time just because you are awfully, shockingly beautiful,
Then due to the fact that you`re awfully, perfectly stupid.

Improbably pretty, incredibly stupid,
I can’t say to you, `Hop off, dear!` Being a male I’m your groupie.
Improbably pretty, incredibly beautiful,
I am over the moon with you and I am cursed with you, truly!

I am grateful to Lord for our meeting, I always say `Thank you!`
But one thought often makes me awake in the darkness:
`What’s the purpose of creating a woman who is so good-looking
If she’s stupid all right as much as she is very beautiful?`

Perhaps, while creating you God was distracted
Or noticed a child on the rail-tracks and briskly intruded.
Since then you’ve become very nice, very nice, very nice and exclusively beautiful,
But you’ve still remained very dumb, very dumb, very dumb and incredibly stupid.

You are very beautiful, you are very stupid,
O Lord, tell me what I did wrong to deserve anyone so goofy!
A dumb beauty she`s, and a beautiful fool,
I can’t live without her, as she`s my own doom.

You are nice as the Moon, you’re as daft as a brush!
You are pretty as spring, but you don’t know
How to spell it although you are lush.
In your mind three times seven just makes twenty five,
So your head seems to be rather properly specialized.

It's no great loss without some small gain, indeed!
While doing that slow job you can’t say at the least your dumb things.

You are very beautiful, but you are very stupid,
Improbably beautiful and incredibly stupid.
I think I will leave you, for you are so goofy!
But having no will for it, I say when I see you:
`You are very beautiful, you are very beautiful,
You’re very pretty, oh yeah!
But you are very stupid …`
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie)

Semyon Slepakov THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS https://youtu.be/r74c7C0FEhQ

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Lyrics, Music & Performance by Semyon Slepakov
All our villagers listen to the chansons,
They listen to Mikhailov, Leps, Trofim and others
As for me I reckon that all of them are dreck,
I am a fan of music they don`t reck.

I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Red Hot Chili Peppers!
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
That`s what I really love.

I dig graves for people, yes, I bury them all day,
Afterwards the whole bunch drinks late into the night,
Late at night the grave-diggers sing their merry songs,
Our tastes don`t differ on the whole,
Apart the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
That`s what I sing alone!

Once upon a time my friends hit me with the spade,
After coming to myself I went to a bistrot,
A jerk was singing on the stage a chanson from the jail.
`Look here, dude!` I offered him some kale
If he would only play for me
The Hot Red Chili Peppers!
The Red Hot Chili Peppers,
That was the task I`d set!

The dude said: `I`m at a loss, never heard of them.
Man, I only know Mikhailov, Leps, Trofim
As to your whatchamacallit, they must be no stars,
They haven`t been established so far!`

Who are those Hot Bad Chilly Weapons?
What kinda jolly crowd?
The Mad Hot Spiely Beavers!
And what are those cubs for?

Country bumpkins round us were creating hell,
Could not get their mad heads round why the chanson stopped,
Why did an unknown freak stabbed with spade to death
Have the cheek to disregard their mems?

And what does mean that unfamiliar, English-speaking title?
Why has it so nasty and offensive words?

I drew the spade out of my back and as a soldier charged!
They reminded me about my spade in proper time!
I told them I woudn`t stand such insults any more,
For my proof I would chop off
Their own Red Hot Chili Peppers,
In turns, one after another,
Their own Red Hot Chili Peppers
So that they couldn`t fuck.

Then the bumpkins outcried, `We are kidding, bro!
We don`t give a damn about Leps, Trofim, Mikhailov,
Stas Mikhailov has prestige with the dames and kids,
As to us they are not our scenes.

We love the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
We swear by our mothers!
We love the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Cross our manly hearts!

We love their greatest single,
We love both their Tony Kiedis
And their bass Mike `Flea`.

Dear members of the group `Red Hot Chili Peppers`,
Our villagers are all fans of your great group,
We often sing your songs with males late into the night
But gonna trouble you a bit for a pure trifle:
We`d like you, our people, the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
One day to write for us a song about a jail.
(Trans. Andrew Alexandre Owie)

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Viktor Chernomyrdin (died aged 72 on the 9th April of 2010) who had been the Chairman of the JSC `Gazprom` before he became the Premier Minister under President Yeltsin had a great knowledge of real life, and he often expressed his observations in a paradoxical form, kinda impossible figures of speech. Viktor Chernomyrdin (murió a los 72 años el 9 de abril de 2010) que había sido el jefe de la JSC "Gazprom" antes de convertirse en primer ministro bajo el presidente Yeltsin tenía un gran conocimiento de la vida real, y que a menudo expresó sus observaciones en una forma paradójica, una especie de figuras imposibles del discurso.

DKPJcfPUIAAqTFN (700x525, 317Kb)
Premier Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin Primer Ministro Viktor Chernomyrdin

His observations made an initial impression of your presence in the Barnum circus but were paradoxically true to life. No doubt he was one of the cleverest persons of our planet. Like Barnum, he was an outstanding businessman. Hicieron una primera impresión de su presencia en el Circo Barnum, pero fueron paradójicamente leales a la vida. Sin duda, fue uno de los hombres más inteligentes de nuestro planeta. Como Barnum, era un hombre de negocios excepcional.
By the way, Chernomyrdin`s sayings refer not only to Russia but to the whole world, its real contradictions. Por cierto, las palabras de Chernomyrdin no se refieren sólo a Rusia, sino al mundo entero, sus verdaderas contradicciones.
Owing to this gift he conquered the very death and deserved an eternal memory and fame as an author of the immortal maxims. He also had a gift to transform the copy-book maxims into the eye-openers! Many of his phrases became proverbial in Russian. Debido a este don, conquistó la muerte misma y mereció un recuerdo y fama eternos como autor de los aforismos inmortales. ¡Él también tuvo el don de transformar las verdades comunes en revelaciones! Muchas de sus frases se hicieron proverbiales en ruso.

*It had never happened before. Still, it all the same happened again. Nunca había sido así antes. Pero así sucedió de nuevo.

*We wanted it to be as much as better, but it happened as always. Queríamos que fuera mejor, pero sucedió como de costumbre.

*We need wine to preserve health. We need health to drink vodka. Necesitamos vino para preservar la salud. Necesitamos salud para beber vodka.

*On the whole, there are few accomplishments. But the main one is still present, it`s our govt. En general, hay pocos logros. Pero el principal sigue presente, es nuestro gobierno.

*We follow just one course. The right one! Seguimos sólo un curso. ¡Lo que es correcto!

*Meet Mikhail Mikhailovich. He`s the new finance minister. Love him, love him much. He`s ready for luv. Permítanme presentar a Mikhail Mikhailovich. Es el nuevo ministro de finanzas. Les pido a todos lo aman, lo aman mucho. Está listo para el amor.

*Better to be the head of a fly rather than the arse of an elephant. Mejor sería la cabeza de una mosca en lugar del culo de un elefante.

*There`s no better and worse than vodka! No hay mejor y peor que el vodka!

*I won`t talk too much, or else gonna say something ... . No voy a hablar demasiado, o bien voy a decir algo ... .

*We`ll live that good that our grandchildren will envy us. Viviremos tan bien que nuestros nietos nos envidiarán.

*Principles which seemed to have been principles of principle occurred to have been principles of not principle. Los principios que parecen haber sido los principios de principio demostraron ser principios no de principio.

*One must think to understand something. Hay que pensar en entender algo.

*Whatever we would like to make it turns out to be either Communist Party or Kalashnikov. No importa lo que queramos hacer, resulta ser el Partido Comunista o el Kalashnikov.

*They blame me for what? Curroption? Who? The USA? Why did the wake up only now? ¿Quién me culpa? En qué, la corrupción? ¿Quién? ¿EE.UU? ¿Por qué se despiertan solo ahora?

*Who says the govt. is sitting on money sacks? We are all men here, we know what we sit on! ¿Quién dice que el gobierno está sentado en sacos de dinero? Todos somos hombres aquí, sabemos en lo que nos sentamos!

*Now I only have to notice the beautiful women. And nothing more. Ahora sólo tengo que notar las hermosas mujeres. Y nada más.

*Now we must be together. We`ve got all in common. Fate, trumpet and songs! Ahora tenemos que estar juntos. Tenemos todo en común. Destino, trompeta y canciones!

*Now about the debatable questions! There are questions, but no debates! Or there are debates, but no questions. ¡Ahora sobre las preguntas discutibles! Hay preguntas, pero no hay discusiones! O hay discusiones, pero no hay preguntas.

*I`d like ... I want .. I will want ! Me gustaría ... Yo quiero ... Voy a querer! V. Chernomyrdin


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Semyon Slepakov The appeal to Shareholder of the JSC `Gazprom` https://youtu.be/TlOgsgs7EAs

Music and Lyrics by Semyon Slepakov
Dear shareholders of the Gazprom
Nice to meet you, I`m Semyon Slepakov.
Aka plainly Semyon for my friends.
Or be free to use any other appropriate names.
Viktor, Gennadiy, Fantozzi, Dita von Teese
So long as you always feel good and at ease.
That`s all. Now gonna pass from words to deeds
To tell you about my problems and needs.

In brief, in a way the cookie crumbles,
I am sick and tired of my work for nothing.
You`re likely to lend your attentive ears to me,
You`re well situated to appreciate my appeal.
Thus, not beating about the bush,
I watched on TV your commercial, whoosh!
Its message carries conviction like everyone`s doom:
`It`s the Gazprom that helps make your dreams come true!`

The Gazprom`s used to fulfill its obligations
As a matter of fact, you serve as the best confirmation.
I can tell from the look of your respectable faces
Your dreams have already come true, gents and ladies.
In general, I am impressed by your great successes,
I`d be honoured to join the Gazprom shares` possessors.
What harm could it do? No astronomical sum I`d get!
I agree to afford the symbolic amount of just one percent!

One percent! It means almost nothing!
An insignificance! A nine-figure trifle!
You`ll hardly notice such a small vent
While my finances have a nasty dent!

I don`t want to be a moulder,
I don`t want to be a folder,
I just want to be a holder
Of the Joint-Stock Corp. Gazprom.
I don`t want to be a soldier,
I don`t want to be a forger,
I just want to be a holder
Of the Joint-Stock Corp. Gazprom.

132813256_14114199839579 (400x390, 149Kb)
Hey, you librarian with the shapely legs!//Stop putting on airs,//On! To a sauna with us to have sex!

I promise to act like a true gentilhomme,
That is like a humble rank-and-file of the Gazprom.
Not gonna like crazy throw money around,
But throw it charily lest I should stand out!
I wanna buy genuine Swiss for my wrist
Lest I should stand out among my colleagues!
Eighteen carat gold, maybe, fifteen choice diamonds,
Or else I am a freak in the Gazprom environment.

I`ll have to buy the small Mercedes S-class
To look like a genuine gazpromman at once!
Not the Maibach or even not that IMG,
`Cuz I must be modest, Jack shall have his Jill!
Besides, I must purchase three mansions in London
To stick to the corporate practice as the add-ons.
I guess that two mansions for me is a limit,
But what can I do?! It is our team spirit!

The Bentley, my wife`s, red`n`blue from inside,
Such cars are presented to wives by your guards.
Her diamond ring, twenty carat at least,
She no longer wants to be a parvenu freak.
LaFerrrari, my son`s, he`s seventeen,
To be a white crow is not his life dream.
Ocean-going yacht `s for me, she`s thirty metres long,
So as not to remain all alone.

Following your unpretentious caprice
I gonna celebrate my birthday in Nice.
I`d like to invite Britney Spears and Madonna
Not to feel superior to the crowd of our `Gazprom.`

I don`t want to be a millionaire,
I don`t want to be a billionaire,
I just want to be a stockholding member
Of the Joint-Stock Corp. Gazprom.
I don`t want to be a mayor,
I don`t want to be the President and Premier,
I just want to be a stockholding member
Of the Joint-Stock Corp. Gazprom.

Dear, dearly loved shareholders,
I ask you to issue a prompt order
To make me a shareholder of record
Of your magic joint-stock corp. forever!
Though it sounds quite unexpectedly
I`d like to have my application considered favourably.
Besides, though it`s our common gas,
It`s your dreams that come true rather than of the mass!
(Var.: Dreams never come true for the rank-and-file mass!)

I don`t want to be less older,
I don`t want to be an anaconda,
I just want to be a holder
Of the Joint-Stock Corp. Gazprom.
I don`t want to go to Redonda,
I don`t want to be a condor,
I just want to be a holder
Of the Joint-Stock Corp. Gazprom.
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

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Now I wanna present you another humorous song by Semyon Slepakov.

115800743_032_2_1 (600x448, 163Kb)

Music and Lyrics by Semyon Slepakov
Once a woman got on scales, absolutely naked,
No panties, no gems, a faint hope for a scantling.
But resorting to those tricks wasn`t quite effective,
The triple figure that popped up was so upsetting.

Semyon Slepakov – Scales https://youtu.be/08fvOEtMxQk

Hey, you scales, you scales, you scales, so what are you making?
Why to torment my poor soul is your entertainment?
Hey, you scales, you scales, you scales, well, come on, have mercy!
One hundred kilogrammes are much even for the pursy!

The woman sat down by her scales crying like a baby,
Wiping tears from her eyes with her scarlet panties.
`Well, I have to blame myself for getting into trouble!
What a piggy girl I`d been before my face got chubby!`

Hey, you food, you food, you food, you food, you food, you food,
Is it what I really need or is it bad for good?
Hey, am I a fool, a fool, a fool, a fool, a fool, a fool?
My slender figure`s drowned in my body`s deepest pool.
Hey, you scales, you scales, you scales, you go right to hell,
As there`s no point in living I gonna drown myself!

The woman`s standing on a bridge looking at the water,
Gonna throw downstream her proteins, fat and glucose.
As soon as brain of hers signalled she shoudn`t commit a suicide,
The bridge has broken by her weight and the woman`s drowned.

42635 (258x288, 23Kb)

What good grief, good grief, good grief! Folk`s crying with vexation!
That day in London suddenly occurred an inundation!

She cried out in her sleep,
Opened eyes, breathed easy.
Right at dawn she made her trip
To scales being in a tizzy.
The woman weighed himself
And felt happy but quite dizzy.
Double figure popped up then!
Ninety nine! A new lease!

Hey, you scales, you scales, you scales, I feel so happy!
Fortunately, I didn`t lose my good looks being too sappy.
Hey, you scales, you scales, you scales, I`m glad you do exist,
After the night terror I have got a right to eat!
(Trans. by Andrew Alexandre Owie)

875913f67daf (310x400, 81Kb)DF1N6tzXgAAweXr (400x400, 91Kb)
The vague suspicion that the dog seems to have got the figure developed much better than that of mine.

flag43 (68x50, 9Kb)
Rule, Britannia!


Воскресенье, 08 Апреля 2018 г. 16:02 + в цитатник
DIppF6aXcAAUDNe (604x377, 137Kb)
L`Internet est comme l'Egypte ancienne, les gens écrivent sur les murs et adorent les chats.

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DI8Sh_sW0AQRD_V (450x615, 197Kb)
Avez-vous appelé un spécialiste de la plomberie?

Semion Slepakoff: "L'humour rappelle la mode. Quelque chose sort, quelque chose arrive et revient"

Il y a des choses plus intéressantes
La première leçon de l'éducation sexuelle à l'école.
Professeur (une femme): Mes enfants, bientôt les garçons s'intéresseront aux filles et les filles s'intéresseront aux garçons. Le sujet que nous allons commencer à apprendre maintenant est très intéressant.
Vovo (un enfant d'une famille défavorisée): Mar`vanna! (de Maria Ivanovna), peut-être que tous ceux qui ont déjà su comment faire le con vont jouer au football, hein?

DIzmLFhXoAUg51G (360x570, 108Kb)

Semyon Slepakoff (né en 1979, à Pyatigorsk) est un producteur, scénariste, comédien, auteur et interprète de ses propres chansons comiques. Il est diplômé d'une faculté de langue française à Pyatigorsk (sa mère était professeur de français), du sud de la Russie, et en même temps a été formé comme homme d'affaires. De cette façon, Semyon Slepakoff est un manager qui chante! Parfois, il parvient à composer des chansons folkloriques russes modernes.

semen-slepakov_medium (251x353, 46Kb)200px-Lucas_Cranach_d__Ä__044 (200x293, 62Kb)115561573_ds9caf153dec (220x300, 33Kb)

Semyon mesure 197 cm de hauteur (près de deux mètres de haut!!!!). Son poids varie entre 90-105 kg. Le même visage: Johann Friedrich der Großmütige - John the Magnanimous (1503-1554) et Semyon Slepakoff.

Semyon Slepakoff & Grigoriy Leps - `You are very beautiful, you are very stupid` http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=F-k5yZwFeUk

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)

Composé écrit par Semion Slepakoff et chanté par Grigoriy Leps
Etre avec toi me fait souvent trop de chance.
Parfois, cependant, je me sens trompé par Cupidon (Ouais!)
Tu es très jolie, très jolie, très jolie et incroyablement belle,
Tu es très bête, très bête, très bête et incroyablement stupide.

En nous voyant en public, tout le monde commence à se sentir inférieur.
Cinq minutes plus tard, ils ne peuvent que me soutenir tendrement.
La première fois juste parce que tu es terriblement, scandaleusement belle,
Puis, en raison du fait que tu es terriblement, parfaitement stupide.

Je suis reconnaissant envers mon Seigneur pour notre rencontre, je dis toujours: "Merci!"
Mais une pensée me fait souvent me réveiller dans l'obscurité:
Quel est le but de la création d'une femme qui est si belle,
Si elle est stupide autant qu'elle est belle?

Peut-être, tout en créant tu Dieu était distrait,
Ou il remarqua un enfant sur les rails et s'introduisit vivement.
Ensuite, tu es devenu très jolie, très jolie, très jolie et exclusivement belle,
Mais tu es devenu très bête, très bête, très bête et incroyablement stupide.

Tu es très belle, tu es très stupide,
O Seigneur, ai-je fait quelque chose pour mériter quelqu'un d'aussi abruti?
Elle est une belle stupide et une jolie imbécile,
Mais je ne peux pas vivre sans elle, parce qu'elle est le destin de ma vie.

Tu es aussi belle que la lune, tu es une imbécile rare!
Tu es aussi belle que le printemps, mais même si tu es sexy,
Vous ne savez pas comment épeler ce mot.
Dans ta esprit, trois fois sept égale vingt-cinq,
Donc, ta tête semble être hautement spécialisée.

Mais il y a un côté positif à cela.
Au moins ce faisant, tu ne peux rien dire de stupide.

Tu es très belle, mais tu es très stupide,
Improbablement belle et incroyablement stupide,
Je dis que je veux te quitter, car tu es si abruti,
Mais n'ayant aucune force pours cela, je te dis, quand je te vois:
Tu es très jolie,
Tu es très jolie, tu es très belle, oh ouais!
Mais tu es très stupide ... .`
(Traduit par Le Commissaire Jeuve)

Semyon Slepakoff THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS https://youtu.be/r74c7C0FEhQ

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)

Composé écrit et chanté par Semion Slepakoff
Tous nos villageois écoutent les chansons,
Ils écoutent Mikhailoff, Leps, Trofim et d'autres
Quant à moi, je pense que tous chansons sont merde,
Je suis un fan de musique qu'ils ne comprennent pas.

J'aime les Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Red Hot Chili Peppers!
Les Red Hot Chili Peppers
C'est ce que j'aime vraiment.

Je creuse des tombes pour les gens, oui, je les enterre toute la journée,
Ensuite, toute la équipe boit jusque tard dans la nuit,
Les fossoyeurs chantent leurs joyeuses chansons jusque tard dans la nuit,
Nos goûts ne diffèrent pas dans l'ensemble,

À part les Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Les Red Hot Chili Peppers
C'est ce que je chante seul!

Il était une fois mes amis m'a frappé avec la pelle,
Après être venu à moi-même je suis allé à un bistrot,
Un mec chantait sur la scène une chanson d'une prison
"Regardez ici, mec!" Je lui ai offert du fric
S'il voulait seulement jouer pour moi
Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,
C'était la tâche que j'ai été fixé pour lui!

Le mec a dit: `Je suis à perte, jamais entendu parler d'eux.
Homme, je ne connais que Mikhailoff, Leps, Trofim
Quant à votre équipe , quels sont leurs noms, ils ne doivent pas être des vedettes,
Ou ils n'ont pas été établis jusqu'à présent!

Qui sont ces Hautes Bâtes Chilly Babies?
Quelle sorte de foule joyeuse?
Qui sont ces Hautes Mâts, Sveltes Bébels!
Et à quoi servent ces petits zizis?

Les gars du pays autour nous créaient l'enfer,
Ils ne pouvaient pas comprendre pourquoi la chanson s'était arrêtée,
Pourquoi un monstre inconnu a poignardé avec la pelle à mort
Avait eu le courage de ne pas tenir compte de leurs airs nostalgiques?

Et que signifie ce titre anglophone non familier?
Pourquoi a-t-il des mots si désagréables et offensants?

J'ai sorti la pelle de mon dos et comme un soldat a chargé!
Ils m'ont rappelé ma pelle en temps voulu!
Je leur ai dit que je ne supporterais plus de telles insultes,
Pour ma preuve je couperais
Leurs propres Red Hot Chili Peppers (poivrons, piments rouges),
L'un après l'autre,
Leurs propres Red Hot Chili Peppers
Afin qu'ils ne puissent plus faire l'amour!

Alors les gars du pays ont crié, `Nous plaisantons, frèro!
On se fout de Leps, Trofim, Mikhailoff,
Stas Mikhailoff a du prestige avec les dames et les enfants,
Quant à nous, ce ne sont pas nos chansonniers.

Nous adorons les Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Nous ne jurons que par nos mères!
Nous adorons les Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Croisez nos cœurs virils!

Nous aimons leur plus grand single,
Nous aimons leurs Tony Kiedis
Ainsi que leur bassiste Mike `Flea.

Chers membres de la équipe `Red Hot Chili Peppers`,
Nos villageois sont tous fans de votre grande équipe ,
Nous chantons souvent vos chansons avec des mecs jusque tard dans la nuit,
Mais nous ça va vous déranger un peu pour une bagatelle:

Nous aimerions que vous, nos copains, les Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Un jour à composer pour nous une chanson sur une prison.
(Traduit par Le Commissaire Jeuve)

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)

VICTOR IMMORTEL (En mémoire de Victor Chernomyrdin)

Viktor Chernomyrdine (mort à l'âge de 72 ans le 9 avril 2010) qui avait été le chef du S.p.a `Gazprom` avant de devenir le Premier ministre sous le président Eltsine avait une grande connaissance de la vie réelle, et il a souvent exprimé ses observationssous une forme paradoxale, genre de figures impossibles du discours.

DKPJcfPUIAAqTFN (700x525, 317Kb)
Premier Ministre Viktor Chernomyrdine

Ils ont fait une première impression de votre présence dans le cirque de Barnum mais étaient paradoxalement fidèles à la vie. Sans aucun doute, il était l'un des hommes les plus intelligent de notre planète. Comme Barnum, il était un homme d'affaires exceptionnel.
En passant, les paroles de Chernomyrdine se réfèrent non seulement à la Russie, mais à l'ensemble du monde, son vraies contradictions .
Grâce à ce don, il a conquis la mort et mérité un souvenir éternel et la renommée en tant qu'auteur des maximes immortelles. Il a également eu un don pour transformer les vérités communes en révélations!Beaucoup de ses phrases devinrent proverbiales en russe.

*Cela n'avait jamais eu lieu auparavant. Pourtant, tout cela a été répété à nouveau.

*Nous voulions que cela soit aussi bien que mieux, mais cela s'est produit comme toujours.

*Nous avons besoin de vin pour préserver la santé. Nous avons besoin de santé pour boire de la vodka.

*Dans l'ensemble, il y a peu de réalisations. Mais le principal est toujours présent, c'est notre gouvernement.

*Nous ne suivons qu'un seul cours. Le bon!

*Permettez-moi de présenter Mikhail Mikhailovich. Il est le nouveau ministre des Finances. Je vous demande à tous de l'aimer, l'aimer beaucoup. Il est prêt pour l'amour.

*Mieux vaut être la tête d'une mouche plutôt que le cul d'un éléphant.

*Il n'y a pas de meilleur et de pire que le vodka!

*Je ne parlerai pas trop, sinon je vais dire quelque chose ...

*Nous vivrons si bien que nos petits-fils nous envieront.

*Les principes qui semblent avoir été les principes de principe se sont avérés être les principes non de principe.

*Il faut penser à comprendre quelque chose.

*Peu importe ce que nous voulons faire, il se révèle être soit le Parti Сommuniste, soit le Kalachnikov.

*Qu'est-ce qu'ils me reprochent? Corruption? Qui? Les États-Unis? Pourquoi se réveillent-ils seulment maintenant?

*Qui a dit que le gouvernement est assis sur des sacs d'argent? Nous sommes tous des hommes ici, nous savons sur quoi nous sommes assis!

*Maintenant, je dois seulement remarquer les belles femmes. Et rien de plus.

*Maintenant, nous devons être ensemble. Nous avons tout en commun. Destin, trompette et chansons!

*Maintenant à propos de problèmes discutables! Il y a des problèmes, mais pas des discussions! Ou il y a des discussions, mais pas des problèmes.

*Je voudrais ... Je veux ... Je vais vouloir! V. Chernomyrdine

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)

Chers actionnaires de `Gazprom`
Enchanté, je suis Semyon Slepakov.
Ou simplement Semyon pour mes amis.
Ou être libre d'utiliser d'autres noms appropriés.
Victor, Gennady, Fantozzi, Dita von Teese
Tant que vous vous sentez toujours bien et à l'aise.
C'est tout. Maintenant va passer des mots aux actes
Pour vous parler de mes problèmes et de mes besoins.

En bref, comme cela arrive dans la vie,
Je suis malade et fatigué de mon travail pour rien.
Vous êtes susceptible de me prêter vos oreilles attentives,
Vous êtes bien situé pour apprécier mon appel.
Ainsi, ne pas tourner autour du pot,
J'ai regardé à la télé votre publicité, wow!
Son message est certain que deux et deux font quatre:
`C'est le `Gazprom` qui fait que vos rêves deviennent réalité! '

`Gazprom``s utilisé pour remplir ses obligations
En fait, vous êtes la meilleure confirmation.
Je peux dire à partir du regard de vos visages respectables
Vos rêves sont déjà devenus réalité, messieurs et dames.
En général, je suis impressionné par vos grands succès,
Je serais honoré de rejoindre les possesseurs d'actions `Gazprom`.
Quel mal cela pourrait-il faire? Pas de somme astronomique que j'aurais!
J'accepte d'être payé le montant symbolique de seulement un pourcent!

Un pourcent! Cela ne signifie presque rien!
Une insignifiance! Une bagatelle à neuf chiffres!
Vous remarquerez à peine une si petite perte,
Mais cela comblera mon déficit financier!

Je ne veux pas être un mouleur,
Je ne veux pas être un plongeur,
Je veux juste être actionnaire
De la Société par actions de `Gazprom`.
Je ne veux pas être un soldat,
Je ne veux pas être un faussaire,
Je veux juste être actionnaire
De la Société par actions de `Gazprom`.

132813256_14114199839579 (400x390, 149Kb)
Hé toi, la bibliothécaire aux jolies jambes!//Il ne faut pas être dans les nuages! Allons-y!//À un sauna avec nous pour faire l'amour!

Je promets d'agir comme un vrai gentilhomme,
C'est comme une humble officiel du `Gazprom`.
Je ne vais pas jeter de l'argent foutrement,
Mais jetez-le proprement de peur que je devrais se démarquer!
Je veux acheter une vrai montre suisse pour mon poignet
De peur que je devrais me démarquer parmi mes collègues!
Or 18 carats, peut-être, quinze diamants sélectionnés,
Ou alors je suis un enfant terrible dans l'milieu de `Gazprom`.

Je vais devoir acheter la petite Mercedes Classe S
Pour ressembler à un véritable gazpromois à la fois!
Pas la Maibach ou même pas la IMG,
Parce que je dois être modeste, noblesse oblige!
En outre, je dois acheter trois demeures à Londres
S'en tenir à la glorieuse tradition d'entreprise au-dessus de tout.
Je suppose que deux manoirs pour moi est une limite,
Mais qu'est-ce que je peux faire?! C'est notre esprit d'équipe!

La Bentley, pour ma femme, rouge et bleu de l'intérieur,
Ces voitures sont présentées aux femmes par vos gardes.
Sa bague en diamant, au moins vingt carats,
Elle ne veut plus être impudique.
LaFerrrari, pour mon fils, il a dix-sept ans,
Être un paria n'est pas son rêve de vie.
L`yacht est pour moi, elle a trente mètres de long,
Pour ne pas rester tout seul.

Suivant votre caprice d`habitude sans une plainte,
Je vais fêter mon anniversaire à Nice.
Je voudrais inviter Britney Spears et Madonna,
afin de ne pas se sentir au-dessus de la foule de notre `Gazprom`.

Je ne veux pas être un millionnaire,
Je ne veux pas être un milliardaire,
Je veux juste être actionnaire
De la Société par actions de `Gazprom`.
Je ne veux pas être maire,
Je ne veux pas être le premier ministre,
Je veux juste être actionnaire
De la Société par actions de `Gazprom`.

Chers, très aimés actionnaires,
Je vous demande d'émettre une commande rapide
Pour faire de moi un actionnaire inscrit
De votre société par actions magique pour toujours!
Bien que ça sonne de façon inattendue,
Je voudrais avoir ma demande considérée favorablement.
Pourquoi si c'est considéré comme commun, notre gaz,
C'est seulement vos rêves qui se réalisent plutôt que de la masse?

Je ne veux pas être moins vieux,
Je ne veux pas être un anaconda,
Je veux juste être actionnaire
De la Société par actions de `Gazprom`.
Je ne veux pas aller à Redonda,
Je ne veux pas être un condor,
Je veux juste être actionnaire
De la Société par actions de `Gazprom`.
(Traduit par Le Comissaire Juve)

ob_bf2c9e_8002578 (100x79, 10Kb)


Maintenant, je souhaite vous présenter une autre chanson humoristique par Semyon Slepakov.

115800743_032_2_1 (600x448, 163Kb)

Musique et Paroles par Semyon Slepakov
Une fois une femme monté sur la balance, absolument nue,
Pas de culotte, pas de gemmes, un faible espoir pour un standard.
Mais le recours à ces astuces n'était pas très efficace
La figure triple qui a surgi était si bouleversante.

Semyon Slepakov – Scales https://youtu.be/08fvOEtMxQk

Hé, ma balance, ma balance, ma balance, alors qu'est-ce que tu fais?
Pourquoi tourmenter ma pauvre âme, c'est ton électronique divertissement?
Hé, ma balance, ma balance, ma balance, eh bien, arrête, ayez pitié!
Une centaine de kilos sont beaucoup même pour le gros!

La femme s'est assise pleurant comme un bébé près de la balance,
Essuyant les larmes de ses yeux avec sa culotte écarlate.
"Eh bien, je suis moi-même à blâmer pour avoir des ennuis,
Quelle le petit cochon j'avais été avant que mon visage soit joufflu!"

Hé, ma nourriture, ma nourriture, ma nourriture, la nourriture, est-ce ce dont j'ai vraiment besoin ou est-ce mauvais pour toujours?
Hé, je suis un imbécile, un imbécile, un imbécile, ma silhouette élancée s'est noyée dans la plus profonde piscine de mon corps.
Hé, ma nourriture, ma nourriture, ma nourriture, la nourriture, va en enfer!
Il ne sert à rien de vivre, je vais me noyer!

La femme est debout sur un pont en regardant l'eau,
Va y jeter ses protéines, sa graisse et son glucose.
Dès que son cerveau a signalé de ne pas se suicider,
Le pont a brisé par son poids et la femme s'est noyée.

Quel grand chagrin, grand chagrin, grand chagrin! Le peuple pleure avec vexation!
Ce jour à Londres s'est produit soudainement une inondation!

Elle a pleuré dans son sommeil,
Elle a ouvert les yeux et a respiré facilement.
Dès l'aube elle a fait son voyage
Pour la balance étant en excitation.
La femme s'est pesée
Et elle se sentait heureuse mais assez étourdie!
Double chiffre surgit alors!
Quatre-vingt-dix-neuf! C'est autre chose!

42635 (258x288, 23Kb)

Hé, ma balance, ma balance, ma balance, je me sens tellement heureux!
Heureusement, je n'ai pas perdu ma beauté malgré l'exhaustivité.
Hé, ma balance, ma balance, ma balance, je suis content que tu existes,
Après la nuit de terreur, j'ai le droit de manger!
(Traduit par Le Commissaire Jeuve)

875913f67daf (310x400, 81Kb)DF1N6tzXgAAweXr (400x400, 91Kb)
Le vague soupçon que le chien semble avoir obtenu la figure développé beaucoup mieux que celui de la mienne.

flag43 (68x50, 9Kb)
Règle, Britannia!

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