Возраст: 27 (26 Января 1991 г.) Место проживания: Москва Для связи:

 Дневник Toy H.Sono.B.

-О себе 

¤ The broken toy ¤

[ Perhaps,I have wanted to play one. In itself.The puppeteer to become. ]
[ I thought,сertainly,that all will be good,also there will be no trouble... ]
[ But here I look around...and...As so?!Really I have chosen it?Gloom. ]
[ Now I crying,as the broken toy,left to the mercy of fate. ]

[ I have appeared in the thrown warehouse. At first it seemed,that on parade... ]
[ But here,alas,only a warehouse of broken toys,in which there is nobody to play. ]
[ And here,everyone tries to pretend,that he is serviceable,is ill nothing. ]
[ But I crying,as a broken toy,left to the mercy of fate. ]

[ Parade of ugly creatures marches around.I fairly tried to enter into their circle. ]
[ But I cannot get to the mechanical,curve step of the broken toys. ]
[ Now I on a roadside of this country.I look at parade on the other hand. ]
[ And here I crying,as a broken toy,left to the mercy of fate. ]

[ We are created for game.What to us to search?Where the kid what should play us?.. ]
[ The broken toys are not necessary to him,the thinking,that they puppeteers. ]
[ I do not wish to lie more in a warehouse.Again and again to rotate in silly parade. ]
[ The silly broken toy wishes to play games,for which it is made. ]

*сижу в кресле закинув ногу на ногу и попиваю вино*

Скажу вам немного о себе:

Меня зовут Соно
Мне 17 лет
Я не очень люблю быть кавайным
Не люблю някать и всему тому подобное
Обычно я очень серьёзный
Но с Девушками я всегда милый
Я очень серьёзный мазохист
Кляп,наручники,плёт­ка и разные игрушки - это для меня святое
Но я могу обойтись и без них
Не люблю изменять и предавать любимого мне человека




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