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Создан: 15.08.2018
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How I Reached 1 Million Views on Pinterest in My First Week of Blogging

Четверг, 19 Декабря 2019 г. 21:58 + в цитатник

Blogging can be difficult and confusing. As much as blogging has always interested me, excited me, and infused passion in my love of travel, no on can argue that blogging isn’t a veritable mindbender at the beginning of the journey.  Since 2014, I have tried (and failed) to start a successful blog no less than three times. I had good content. I was passionate about my niche. I had great photos from around the world and spent hours customizing my blog theme to perfection. So why did I throw in the towel on all three projects? Because I had no traffic. Almost nobody was reading the content I had spent hours upon hours creating. And I don’t know about you, but it’s not much fun to write content that no one reads. In the words of Jason Perelman,

“Content is king, but distribution is queen. And she wears the pants.”

It’s no question that in today’s world, social media reigns supreme in marketing, internet traffic, and sales. With that in mind, it’s suprising how few blogs have a social media strategy or even know which social media platform is best for driving traffic to their websites. That was me! I had no idea that the social media I used religiously to find and save recipes, workouts, and inspriational quotes every week was the key I needed to unlock my online success. 


Enter Pinterest. (If you haven’t heard of it, trust me that your wife has.) Boasting 250 million monthly active users in September 2018, Pinterest is widely hailed as the #1 best social media for driving traffic to blogs and #1 in converting sales on those blogs. I could extrapolate on benefits of choosing Pinterest as your main social media platform for your blog, and perhaps I will in another blog post. But quickly, a few reasons for Pinterest’s success is that it uses image links to connect users with blogs, it has an extremely high user engagement, and is organized by niche – making it ever easier for your Pins to stand out in their respective category. Finally, Pinterest has no algorithm that keeps viewers from seeing your pins, no matter how old the pin is. This means that even pins that are several years old will continue to circulate and passively drive traffic to your blog!

Perhaps you’ve been on Pinterest for a while, but you’re not seeing any growth, not gaining followers, and don’t know how to reach Pinners with your content. I was on Pinterest for years and the number of followers I had to show for it was truly pathetic. In the last week (yes, only one week) that I have spent developing a Pinterest strategy, my number of followers has increased by 533%. Though Tailwind has a lot to do with the success I’ve found on Pinterest, these are the mini-steps I took to brand my page, my boards, and my Pins and grow my following. 

  • I revamped my Pinterest board to include only topics in my niche. For example, my niches are female travel and female travel blogging, so I said goodbye to my beloved Fitness and Humor boards and created boards around my niche topics. (Don’t worry, the boards I really loved, I archived for later. And I will probably start a personal Pinterest account with a different email for my recipes and such.) 

  • I converted my Pinterest board from a personal account to a business account and paid attention to my analytics. And no! I didn’t pay for a single ad. You will see in a moment how ads are completely unneccesary given all the other tools available for Pinterest.

  • I filled my niche boards with quality content. I gave each of my boards a description with all of my niche keywords so that anyone searching for “travel blogging” or “travel destination” content can be easily directed to my boards. 

  • I followed 100 pinners a day in my niche. The more you want to be associated with your niche, the more you should follow Pinterest accounts within that same niche. Simply type in your niche keywords in the search bar, select “People” and you have a plethora of fellow pinners to follow. 

  • I applied to group boards. I’m hoping to do a more comprehensive post on group boards, but to keep it short, group boards are boards with 2 or more collaborators, usually with a high amount of followers only containing pins within a certain niche. Group boards in general will expose your pins to more views than you will get just sharing them to your followers. They also increase the odds that your content will be repinned by other pinners, increasing the exposure and interaction with your blog. 

These tips were all things I was able to easily accomplish in ONE WEEK to grow my followers by 533% and increase my engagement, and they are things that you can do too!

I thought I was doing really well with my Pinterest strategy, quickly growing my monthly viewers from 0 to 1.7k views. That felt like a huge success! Little did I know that I was missing a huge factor in my Pinterest strategy. And that factor was Tailwind. When I first got started on Tailwind, I mistakenly thought that it was just a pin scheduler, and I couldn’t understand why people were going on and on about how it had completely exploded their blog traffic. It is true that the pin scheduler is a great tool for automizing your pins so that your Pinterest page is interacting with content all hours of the day and night. It’s great for spacing out the timing of your pins so you don’t flood your boards with all of your own content or annoy your group board collaborators by pinning all at once. The browser extension is also great for pinning content you find across the web, reaffirming to your followers that your boards are a legitmate source for topics in your niche. 

But by far the strongest tool on Tailwind (in my opinion) is a feature called Tailwind Tribes. I didn’t even know that Tailwind Tribes existed until reading about them on another blog, so shame on me for not watching the instructional video Tailwind offers you when you first begin! Tailwind Tribes are groups of Tailwind users within certain niches who all regularly share each other’s content on their own Pinterest boards. While this might sound very similar to Pinterest group boards, they are in fact quite different. Pinterest group boards simply allows you to add content to one board to be seen by many people. Tailwind Tribes practically guarantees that other members will share your content to their boards while offering amazing content for your niche to share to your followers. 

Let’s break this down a bit. I belong to a Tailwind Tribe called Dream.Pin.Go. It is a tribe I found just by searching the keyword “travel.” This tribe has no fewer than 1.4k members. Try to find a group board with one thousand four hundred members! They don’t exist. Since the tribe began, they have shared one another’s content 218.4k times, resulting in 103.6k repins from the followers of tribe members. I don’t know about you, but I find that to be incredible opportunity for traffic! 

After submitting my first two pins with content from my blog, I made sure to schedule a few pins from others in the group to my own boards (cause hey, they were all on topics related to my boards!), then closed my computer and went to sleep. Imagine my surprise to login a day or so later to find that my pins had six reshares resulting in 61.1k people seeing my pins. My pins in my other Tailwind Tribe (_Travel_) were shared 16 times with a reach of 46.3k. Now here comes the kicker. My content that I posted to my Female Digital Nomad Tribe was shared ten times and received one million views on Pinterest. Keep in mind that I only pinned one singular website pin to this group. I can only imagine what that number will look like months from now! Thanks to Tailwind, my Pinterest analytics revealed that my website pins did quite well and led to a dramatic increase of clicks to my blog. 

So how did I achieve reaching over one million people with my content in its first week? 

  • I rebranded my board to be 100% within my niche

  • I scheduled pins to keep my profile continuously active, increasing engagement

  • I joined Tailwind Tribes and saw my content absolutely take off! 

The best part? I accomplished all of this without paying for a single ad or even paying for Tailwind itself. That’s right. Being a bit of an internet cynic, I wanted to try out the product before paying the small monthly charge to use it. So even if I had decided not to continue with Tailwind after my 2 week trial, I still got a huge amount of exposure and engagement out of my free trial membership and you can, too! 

Article source :- https://www.internationalnat.com/blog-1//2019/02/1...in-your-first-week-of-blogging


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