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3 05.02.2009
Дневник Evstsc
Ямщик, не гони. Ты гонишь, ямщик.

-О себе 

WeLL...a MiNi-BiO aBouT Me3h...Let's SeE...I dOn't HaVe MuCh of A MeMoRy..BuT uMms..I LoVe To HaVe FuN hanG ouT wiTh FrIenDs...LOL....Do VOLuNtEer WoRk at A HoSpitaL...WoRk OUt..wHateVeR..that's My Life. Oh YaH..I do artsY stUff tOo LiKe PaInting, DrAwinG, sCulptiNg (eveN thOugh I'm Not tOO goOd at it) and sO on..plus, I abSoLuTeLy LoVe EGGROLLS and HeHe...I like To Cook as WeLL. NoT a ReaL meAt EatEr and I Don't Like Or eat/drink ChoColate, Milk, SoDa..and...eVerY Now anD theN i'll Eat CaNdy or DouGhNuts!!!

I thought I'd add some more to my bio so here goes:

Pretty much overall I'm a person that likes to have fun. I am a pretty good student that tries hard at everything. Every now and then I'll do something crazy or just plain silly or dumb but my interests are pretty broad. hehe...Ummms...I'm really open and openminded. I don't have any prejudices and I love surprises, when they're good! hehe...UmmMms...I liek to say pretty wierd things that get people's attention and what not but pretty much, I'm just an attention junkie!! hehe....and umMMms..I can be pretty shy too!! I love to laugh as everyone does and sometimes I can act a lil obsessive which kinda scares some people off but i'm okay with that I guess!!! I love being surrounded by people it's just me I guess. And UmMmms...UsuaLLy i'm in a really good mood but sometimes I go off on my ranting and raving and little fits and what not but doesn't everyone??? well...that was more about me hehe....

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