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13 12.06.2009
Here we go i guess!
Well, I had a blog forever ago but it caused a lot of drama, but I am hoping now...
9 08.03.2009
I was unaware....
That since.. I am a "..fag" and I don'..t belie..ve in god I am going....
21 03.01.2009
Дневник TylerVanTerror
The year 2008 has finally ended, and 2009 is here at last. I have very high hope...

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Anything worth learning about me can not be written. Everything I do, say, or think, has a reason behind it. I look like I act on impulse, but I actually just think that fast. If you really want to know anything about me talk to me. Don’t listen to what you hear, assume things that are wrong, just strike up a conversation. I can almost guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you find. People say things about me that are true, I am rude, I can be a bitch, and I can be ungodly mean. But like I said everything I do has a reason, they probably gave me a reason to be rude and unkind towards them. So before you listen to what some bitch doesn’t like about me, do the educated thing and form your own opinion. I promise you won’t be disappointed, and even if you are you’ll still have my respect cause you at least tried to see what others looked blindly at and simply passed by. I will go places in life, and I would love for you to come along with me. So take a chance and get to know me. It will be time well used