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Bauhaus "Bela Lugosi's Dead" recording session to be released

Среда, 12 Сентября 2018 г. 17:48 (ссылка)

On January 29, 1979, six years after the band formed, Bauhaus recorded their iconic goth anthem "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and four other songs. Now that entire session, remastered from the original tapes, will be released on vinyl and digital download in November to celebrate the band's 40th anniversary. "Some Faces," "Bite My Hip," and the original version of "Boys" have never been available before. "Harry" was an early B-side.

"The Bela Session" (Bandcamp)

Fan video for "Bela Lugosi's Dead":



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Bone & Sickle, a new macabre podcast by Al Ridenour

Пятница, 27 Апреля 2018 г. 18:00 (ссылка)

Krampus LA co-founder (and occasional BB guest blogger) Al Ridenour is taking a stab at podcasting with Bone & Sickle, a show that "celebrates the intertwining of horror and folklore."

He writes:

Like my Krampus book, the show explores elements of horror within folklore, or folklore within horror. It’s not an interview show, but more of a manic lecture spun into an overwrought background of original music, drones, effects, snippets of found audio, etc. All within a fictional, manor house framework. Featuring Rick Galiher as my much abused valet, Wilkinson.

In honor of the German holiday of Walpurgisnacht on April 30, Al has "binge released" three 30-minute episodes at once. He suggests starting with the third episode.

Here's a taste of what to expect:



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Без заголовка

Вторник, 21 Ноября 2017 г. 14:26 (ссылка)

Представляете, душа еще ничего понять не успела, а тело уже увозят… Стоит, должно быть, смотрит вслед уезжающей скорой.

- Скотт Адамс "Gothic Love

История о признающих только черный цвет" -


1189847_Skott_Adams_Pisatel_Gothic_love_5__kopiya_1_ (700x466, 191Kb)

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Goth up your party with this inflatable coffin float

Суббота, 09 Сентября 2017 г. 17:10 (ссылка)

If Dracula needed a place to keep 60 twelve-oz.cans cool, this is probably what he'd use: an inflatable coffin float by holiday brand Beistle.

Unfortunately it's not for using as a pool floatie. It's just for storing "buffet" items.

Still, it would make a great goth-y addition to a Halloween party. Available for $17.89 on Amazon.

(Dangerous Minds)


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