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It shimmered in the midday glare.


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She put some more coals on the iron stove, hoping it would stop her trembling, but the cold was in her bones, not just her flesh. And the girl, she was a liar, she was as bad as him. Will, too, felt the pain where his daemon had been, a scalded place of acute tenderness that every breath tore at with cold hooks. Angry tears dashed from her eyes. Every atom of me and every atom of you. It was all we had. And now we learn that you are planning to open a way to the upper world and lead all the ghosts out into the air. The group swung around and moved down the slight slope, going slowly through the grass. Will paused in the center of the little village and looked around, wondering where to go, and as he stood there, two or three men appeared ahead and stood staring at him. There was silence in the courtroom. She simply moved a little to let the light from outside show the pistol in her hand. Where do we go then, when we die? They used to be impregnable. Oh, this is extraordinary. I want to consider this proposal for a garrison on the southern border. We shall send her nightmares. We shall scream at her in her sleep! I shall stay with you. The village was half a mile away, and the people were coming toward them, close together in the middle of the road. There are more windows than we thought. The man felt the bones of his head move against each other, and he knew that another blow like that would kill him outright. All around them there was movement, noise, and struggle. The shadows moved to and fro like branches in a high wind. The underlying color was dark, almost black, but the surface was paler, as if it had been ground down or worn by crushing. Will watched the great insects charging fearlessly up at them, for all the world as if the harpies were flies and they could snap them up in their jaws, big as they were. He thought how much the brilliant creatures would love it when the sky was open and they could skim about over bright water again. A naphtha lamp hung over the table, and a brazier held burning coals against the bitter chill of the night. Inside the door, a small blue hawk was perching on a bracket. And there is a village burning beyond the fields.


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