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12 15.04.2008
Хм... Какое то странное притчувствие чего то непонятного. Както легко на душе ...
1 14.04.2008
сегодня как то тихо было у меня в голове.учёба сакс.всё сакс. нет это не конец....
7 14.04.2008
Дневник xKWKx
I have been mad the world since I was four. I am completely black and white. I a...

-О себе 

I have been mad the world since I was four. I am completely black and white. I am really open about myself and my opinions. I won’t try to impress you, or change in any way. I have been through to much to get to be the person I am today just to waste it on you. I tend to fall for people who will never feel the same about me but, I like a boy and I hope this will go somewhere. People tend to think I am gay because I am very fashion forward and care a lot about my appearance and shopping and all that stuff. I was raised in a house with out a father figure for my entire life. It is bound to happen. I like to act cold and heartless because I don’t want to be hurt anymore. I want some one who cares enough to melt the ice around my heart. I want someone to climb the walls I have built um and to knock down my barriers. I am a sucker for large bodies of water and big words. I have been told that I am the type of person that when I get mad and yell it is scary but when I am done yelling and freaking out you can’t help but see my way because I am that cute. I think I am okay looking. My self-confidence is as versatile as my mood. I will love the way I look one second and think I am a foul loathsome beast the next. I need to be needed, and I want to be wanted. I just want to love and be loved in return. My life was a nightmare, now it’s a dream.
I can’t wait to wake up.

Just treat me with respect and like a human,
And you will receive the same.
Love me or hate me,
Take me or leave me.
I am who I am,
And I finally realize,
I probably don’t need you.
I am KollinWhanaKill.


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