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Mirrors of Grotesque
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, 10 2008 . 00:49 +
 (480x361, 57Kb)

Come closer
To the stone that speaks
Come closer
Can you hear the lines?
Can you imagine what their sound is?
Behold the sadness and insanity
Of bones
That lie beneath

My guest
Come join my rest
Oh, we could talk for hours
Dont be in haste
Theres nothing about time
Here, in the place
Where lifes already rhymed
My guest
Havent you died yet?

You turn
You go away
My speaking stone
Just scaring
My spirit is forever interred in this ground
I didnt ask for prison, but who cared!
Therere plenty of bored bones
on the nether side

So, you hurry to live
My guest
Then sooner, my pleasure, you will join my rest
I hope that there will be no empty space
And they will bury you
Right here in my grave
Then, maybe, we can even have sex
Then I wish you be girl
With a charming ass



, 30 2008 . 23:53 +
 (622x622, 119Kb)

I watched how sick angels gathered in rounds
Their shrouds were gray and their wings left on grounds
They harvested souls with murderous grace
On their mouthless face As I followed their pace
I was hoping theyll show me the way out of there
Only felt raising hair under their hollow glare
As they rounded me, rustling evil with shrouds
Harvesting life from purgatory grounds
I wonder whats my cost in the pounds?


Recipe for ablution

, 22 2008 . 03:44 +
 (525x699, 100Kb)

A bottle of absinth, bouquet of roses, opium tear,
Dash of blood on ice, pure lie and shaken fear
Lilies odour, leaking woe, powder drug
Ashen pomade, venom grin and deadly hug
Husky sound, lust in shroud, funeral bug
A perfect recipe for the bath in the moon-gowned cloak
- which is my bathrobe, waiting meakly near -
That I will take to find some peace beyond this just another day of the living thug


Your personal angel?

, 24 2008 . 13:12 +
 (450x427, 34Kb)

Your personal angel?

When you feel how cold is creeping
You call for angel, asking, weeping
When will you know that no angel
Will come to your grave? Not any stranger
When you feel uneasy living
You call for angel almost screaming
Still you dont know that theres no angel guarding you
But you are hoping until death possessing you

Wheres your angel?
Drinking somewhere in the pub
Perfect stranger
For the prayers of your heart
Call for an angel!
Call until your voice is dumb!
Maybe then he will come
To pity you and put the useless stamp!

When you need someone to hold your hand
Call for an angel! Call for an angel!
Just keep calling over and over again
Until the very end!
Maybe then hell take your hand!

Wheres your angel?
Drinking somewhere in the pub
Perfect stranger
For the prayers of your heart
Call for an angel!
Call until your voice is dumb!
Call until you cannot move!
Call until your heart is stopped

Wheres your angel?
Screwing somewhere with a slut
Eerie danger
For believes that tear your soul apart
Dont believe!
Theres no reason to be alive
When you still wait
Someone to create your life!



, 20 2008 . 02:39 +
 (610x500, 93Kb)

Even finding myself in the land of pink,
Where grass is pink and airs pinky stink
Turns you into gink and you cannot think
Of some thing which is not veiled by pinky silk,
I wont feel myself weak from that kind of sick
That in a blink bites you with pink sting
And forces to wear pink noodles on ears
Watching at world from the broken hair-pot
With shadowed eyes which are poor disguise
For infantine minds and ridiculous odd
Surely not! I will run as quick
As I can just to deny that pink
Which is everyones curse here behind the pink doors!
And what do you think?! Even absinth is pink!
The picture is bleak Even finding myself
In the land where pink drugs are cramming the shelves
Ill stay on my black Its more pleasant for me
To be told of as goth than a pinky queer

 (250x310, 10Kb)



Epigraph to new idea...

, 06 2008 . 11:53 +
 (400x400, 13Kb)



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: Jack Vettriano "Dance me to the end of love"


For new song...

, 03 2008 . 14:07 +
 (233x400, 38Kb)

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, ...

, ...

Memoire d'Ardente - Phoenix

- Memoire d'Ardente - Phoenix


...the fire within... the sense or a thin line of dim...

, 01 2008 . 20:55 +
 (400x362, 42Kb)

Maybe just dreaming, touching your heart
Maybe just feeling some disillusion tonight
What is inside that box that you threw away
The day when lips refused to say?..
Maybe just causing wounds to a ghost
Maybe just teasing a crowd of fools behind the doors
Minds which unspoken crush into my dismay
Wish to be broken but feel again
Some weird loneliness
Some weird emptiness
Some weird malevolence
Some wicked maintenance
Of unwillingness!
Maybe just falling tired of everything
Maybe just trying to forget the thing
Maybe just needing, maybe just feeding on
My sweet disease!
Some weird loneliness
Some weird emptiness
Some weird malevolence
Some wicked maintenance
Of unwillingness!
Nigher to pestilence
Leaving my innocence
Spreading hands
I open my defense
Scattring my dust
Merging with sands

Maybe this never ends
1204229459_18563553_venzel_42 (416x53, 1Kb)



, 14 2008 . 19:12 +
First sight... first sigh... first heart convulsion...
First pain... first tear... first self-destruction...
First pain... first anger... first excitement...
First endeavour... first confinement...
First understanding... first concession...
First trusting... willing... first possesion...
First awesome haunting obsession...
One knows... another not...
Anybody's lot...

 (360x450, 56Kb)



, 06 2008 . 11:57 +
 (331x323, 36Kb)

Are you here to save me from prepost'rous life?
If aye, then be my guest in the final ride
Well, knowing not where to
So many things I had to do are ceased

Welcome to my mind
Here rain is shedding tears of poisoned bite
As I grow wild
Fill my voice with pain...
Draw a portrait of a dying on the place
Where my face used to decay

Play some plays with me
Astonish me, bewitch me and deliver me
To rusty garden where lilies sadly weep
Where my desire and my being are torn asleep

Consider me a separated shadow
Flyin orphanly inside the mellow air
But dont forget, my fire cannot flair like
Some always griever for a long, long time

Thus, when the journey ends, I will decline

Ah, youre still here a cure from hurtful living?
No, I dont think I need its mesmerizing dreaming
I've some own mesmerism to partake of alive...
I like its plague So, Ill be on my writhe



, 27 2007 . 16:32 +

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 (300x419, 40Kb)
. , "".

: ... ...
: Memoire d'Ardente - Raining

Memoire d'Ardente


As you walked away...

, 04 2007 . 09:25 +
 (450x347, 23Kb)
As you walked away
You never turned to me
As I asked
You never raised your eyes
As I cried
You showed no pain inside

When I died

I saw you turned to me
I met your azure eyes
I felt the pain inside of you
And tears rolled down to bury me
But said farewell

As you walked away
You never turned to me
As I asked
You never raised your eyes
As I cried
You showed no pain inside

Then I died

Since then you came to me

Now we live happily


Too young when love is near. Too old to love...

, 31 2007 . 12:32 +
 (453x424, 26Kb)


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, 23 2007 . 16:00 +
 (564x599, 42Kb)

Asking indulgence for weaving words,
I declare myself a minstrel for one day.
Collect feelings and ideas rhyme
To present at even heart, wounded by sway
Of ones shadow who hangs over, catching
Every breathe of you, your every take
To set mis, and sweepingly youre raging
At the words, which are to be replaced

Nay, poet (if you feel like this),
Burn that indulgence its free for you
To retain creation as it is
Without minding someones wretched needs,
Someones orders, someones absurd lections
Someones wants, somebodys weak reflections
Leave this for creative-like and common,
Or become an epilogue of tears



, 07 2007 . 16:19 +
 (466x699, 47Kb)

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, . , , -, -. , .


: Dream Theater - Venus

... (-)



, 16 2007 . 13:06 +
 (476x250, 20Kb)

Shown head, lips that once shut - are open now
To taste the kiss of sunlight...
The coldness of blue eyes turn now to azure senses...
And the veil of shadowy and desperate, like evil, white
Thrown off and melted as the warmth replaced
Its frozen strong but not enough and short-lived might...

- things to do...
- Memoire d'Ardente - Tonight


All Alone

, 05 2007 . 17:41 +
- . , . . , - ... , ...

 (610x411, 76Kb)

All Alone

No any comfort in this life
Therere only clouds of grey behind
I wish to look far over this deserted place
Which slides in me like blunt knife

My every step is taking me down
To the swamp where lizards grow disease
Stinking mud is leaking through lips
Absorbing no more cannot breathe in this marsh gown

The lizard king told me simple words
But in fact they were complicated thoughts
In my brains I hear worms breaking through the cores
Of bordered mind with rustle chords

Sh-sh-shiny little gem
Is somewhere deep within me
Only it makes me feel insane
And I cannot tear it to forget the pain
Even scorpions couldnt
When cut my chest with venom claws
They found the source but died in its light
To their mothers woes

On the inside of life I heard laughter and cries
Children were playing sunset and rise
When one closed his eyes all disappeared
And he shouted loud now its darkness, keep fear
And alone in his closed-eyen-sunset he tried to catch others
And his mouth was sad
When someone was caught, he opened his eyes
And shouted loud now it is sunrise
All ye, who feared, bow in awe before shine
That solar crown grants us to heal the decline

I watched for a while those sweet little cherubs
I watched them grow up into lecherous demons
Playing their own sunset and rise
Bathing in leisure, pretense and lies
They fall in love raping
Banished from loved and all alone

Walking by the lyrically belied, distorted streets
Of grey and violet asylunatic disharmony
I play hairs with the wind raising my eyes to the purple skies
Which summon rain
And there are little harbingers of grim and gloomy Monday
Who make me lost my way and forget about bad predictions
To enjoy their gutta-percha flight, their sensual parade
Almost erotic figures, that swallows make in their sliding
By the air and jumping from the earth to heaven flare
In flock where every bird is part of one big life
And element of motion sculptural excitement
For those who can hold eyes up as long
As swallows dance continues
Until it ceases far behind the silhouettes of roofs

Come to no meaning at all
Just wanted to touch the sky
Whats it made of?
Thick syrup of human vain dreams
Jelly of bravado shouts
Venom of asks, entreaties, prayers
Old wine on absinthe couch
To opium approach
There I slumber at the end of everything

Theres no void
Another substance, even more empty and diseased
So grotesque, poetically mirrored, occultically transcribed and revealed
On the memory field of unburied things so long awaited and bewared of
Here, by the testament of soul
Im all alone

Just let the fire in
Another story then will paint my traces
On the flowing sand

... (-)

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