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, 06 2006 . 00:38 +
20.jpg (400x400, 133Kb)

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redsmokeblkbg.gif (576x72, 13Kb)

Bedlam - ; , ; ...


Only you...

, 05 2006 . 21:27 +
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SmokeLine.jpg (576x29, 2Kb)

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SmokeLine.jpg (576x29, 2Kb)

Musique de solitude: Love Pleasure Dying - Despondence (Before the night shall swallow...)


Elizabeth Death

, 28 2006 . 23:37 +
20970441.jpg (300x513, 40Kb)

In day of death with weary breath
in sick health lies Elizabeth
In awry bed where feelings wed
her present sad, after she bled
In crimson bath, salt wine in wealth,
she searched the path to far’way Lethe
Hither it led, in awry bed,
where buried dead Elizabet’…


Is there anybody out here?

, 26 2006 . 00:19 +
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depress5.jpg (280x350, 45Kb)



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Nightshade Serenade

, 19 2006 . 20:46 +
gothbar2.jpg (540x113, 14Kb)

A several days before I watched him dying on the sable floor,
I watched how life was leaving him with sneaking moon off into dim,
As darkness thickened he was left a lonely grieving silhouette,
Embracing dead abyss-like floor as if the emptness menstruate
And, crawling venom to my trim, extended rotten bleeding hand...

I watched contemptuously, I laughed, he writhed like serpent what a craft!
This kind of mens so useless living, while their agony is thrilling!
My flesh aroused, wet and hot I came into the crimson spot
To get the payment for my heart, his every inch of hard and cold
Until I came, oh, what a feeling, no deadly rest in kinky drilling

He shut his eyes and never opened, he got what anxiously he wanted:
To roll with me so long before, but I am not just filthy whore!
Im the seduction, bloody mistress, belladonna, gorgeous distress,
I take, dont give, and dont surrender, I do possess, thy reckless mentor,
The bitter taste of nightshade berry, which leads thee to the deadness ferry

I watched his limbs, drain, soft, deflowered, sitting on window-sill, devoured
By nonchalant medieval sky the image of my sinful lie,
A silver knife unleashes and stabbed heart again, forever dead
Lit up the cigarette to kill soul sentiments with poisoned smoke
Alone with silver burning flesh and him, I left to meet sun shock

What doth thou want me last to do? I whispered in a languid voice
A serenade, a lullaby he slowly uttered from his bones
Thou asketh rest? I can do one so toxic was the morning charm
Please, do before the cock-crow, when my spirit goes he asked me then
Released the silver from my heart, I lulled my canto, gutted pain

Little maniac full of panic hides inside the pants of Cherub,
Shaming, taming and locating mild pleasure. Dirty Cherub!
Soon hell grow up into Twister who delights to fuck his Sister,
With his dribbling lustful mouth, bursting pussy tough and rough,
Vile Cherub comes and roars, Sister crying, Sister moaning,
Only walls can witness how Little Angel dances foul,
In his devilish perversions, until face becomes a mould
Sister grown a little more, and the day he came to her,
Cut off his meat and forced to eat it, impaled, watched how he withered

Sleep deeper than our love can pain,
I wish thee all the worst this day

Now go away, hard memory. My stain for the eternity
That day I met the dawn and went to sure, he will leave this land,
And slept nearby the deadness ferry, knowing that soon the nightshade berry
Shall be cried for by other girl, who suffers from the manlike world,
Which lost his purity and honor, and most of men act like a monster,
A mongrel, one can step the line, then I shall come to punish crime

I live the laws of old religion, my judge is fast, today its fiction,
Whereas in my days it became a terrible and real bane...
Im on my own, Lascivious Goddess of those who keen on vile arts,
Im their death-bed, paradise, requital, anger and demise
I promise thee unearthly pleasure, thou never dreamed of, paralyzed

redline2.gif (668x21, 4Kb)



, 16 2006 . 23:14 +
The sweet Lenore hath "gone before," with Hope, that flew beside,
Leaving thee wild for the dear child that should have been thy bride -
For her, the fair and debonnaire, that now so lowly lies,
The life upon her yellow hair but not within her eyes -
The life still there, upon her hair -the death upon her eyes.

"Lenore" Edgar Allan Poe

SmokeLine.jpg (576x29, 2Kb)

That Rainy Day, let requem play Before the gate to Dusty Bay
My lorn surrealism forsaken in blindness traveling wrong way
The vision sees only her face performed by Moon in finest lay
Remember me, my snow-white Pigeon, my ever effulgent Lenore
I take a step in Nightmare Regions, closing the door forevermore
Into the garden where, damned, my nothing dies in Hearses Store

"Angel Dolor" Lestat de Llamorte

SmokeLine.jpg (576x29, 2Kb)

candlesconceL.gif (74x89, 29Kb)gothsconceR.gif (74x89, 28Kb)
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Her Last Valentine

, 14 2006 . 23:55 +
creepygirl.jpg (320x400, 62Kb)
Young Girl in her youth asking gently a question:
Oh, what is that card for? some kind of obsession
So long parents told her no word about loves,
But once she grown up from their cautious charms

Therefore she found thoughts bout adorning and smelling,
She slept before mirror enjoying and telling
Herself in incipient succulent whisper:
He wouldnt resist me and breathed like a whistler

No one could remember that girlie she was,
She had little age still, but this judgment was false
When in case of her beauty the battles began
Firstly, He was the One, then they all just a men

She screwed them like nails in dissolute bed,
Bit by bit forgetting, what actually meant
That word, which so many of He told to her,
Well, she could spell it, what else? nothing more

So, what is that Love they are talking about!
She shouted trying to hear in rebound
Some part of the sense, but reflection was clear,
She looked at herself in astonishing fear

And nothing she gained... On the Valentines Day
She found herself amidst letters astray,
A pile of paper and writings on it:
Beloved, I love you, In love for FUCK IT!

She laughed in hysterics and danced on the floor
So, what was that card for? Say, what was it for?
You tamed me, you had me, you bonked me, what then!?
You ran when I loved you, I damn you, I damn!

She cried until drain, scratched skin with her nails,
While past window shells were walking love pairs,
Remembering, suddenly she spoke His name:
Her childish dreams felt like been stabbed again

A slumbering still life, Danse Macabre girl
Took one of the letters to put end to these all:
With love come to death and the sign under line,
The painting of blood sang Her Last Valentine


Trauma: Love Behaviour...

, 23 2006 . 20:51 +
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... (-)


24.11.05 - Poem

, 19 2006 . 00:23 +

What was the name of that woman
You let so many times come?
Well, if she came for some payment,
How much money would you
Have to content restless labour
She makes so special to do?

luis_royo_cat.jpg (493x699, 111Kb)What did she find inside here?
Destitute garret of lorn
Happiness makes feel uneasy...
Is this the place where she comes?
Here, where mind is in fever,
Does she arouse her charms?

Desolate shade in the mirror
Vanishing into the night,
Which blurs behind in the window...
Everything casts bleak on soul...
Sere, hes expecting stilly,
When she will show up to roll

Why is there no aversion
On her significant face?
Her lips are heady in tremble,
Her eyes consider all lies -
Siren will sing to subdue
But whats the point of her dice?

This one could hardly be loved,
Bones and skin nothing more:
No any insolent charm,
No any violent lust,
Which can impress to attract
Giving some mysterous trust

Then why the night after night
She spreads her wings to delight
His backward creature of rot,
She gives him lecherous love,
Though each ravenous day
She sells herself for her prey

Getting on trappings of sweets,
Breasts over corset are rising -
Killing seductress of sin
Gliding amidst different senses,
And never asking if welcome
Breaking through their defenses

What was the name of that woman?
Haughty and strange libertine
Why every night she returns to
Orpheus, this she call him
Well, you may call her a Whore,
While she takes his excitation
Striking the strongest heart Woe


Deviant Soul Violator

, 15 2006 . 21:38 +
10.jpg (600x361, 134Kb)

Psycho Demens

The liquefying clock said it was time for us
To complete another rhyme about loving scars
And still attempting, I look at you and smile
So penetrating

Does it cost to play?
Do we need to continue this game?
We lost ourselves on the stages of the past
No futures left
No present strives

I say farewell until you do the same
But still I have one bloody role to play

Before the lights of eyes will break into glass
Before the shadows will stand between us
Let us collide in nakedness of decease
Where each one cries and each one asking:

The wind in the curtains calls nocturnity
To watch at our sable ecstasy

Put off these candles
Take off your dress
Caress my body
Dance, bloody, dance!

One falling rock-stone
The avalanche
Inside-around us
In feast of flesh

Rise up for another death
My beloved Whore of Decayed
My decadence and fear
My reflection in distorted mirror

Shes my part
Shes my brain
Shes the cause of insane
Myladie of sick desires

I just want to dismiss you
But over and over again
My temptation to you breaks the sane

By now shes pretending to be me still
My Soul

My malediction

My sweet addiction
Is the poison of the Soul
On and on I come to rape my psycho dead

bloodbar.gif (532x24, 4Kb)



Plunging into Thoughts...

, 08 2006 . 22:01 +

4105239_3818830.jpg (699x464, 99Kb)

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Thoughts Love Pleasure Dying ( ). , . , . , - . . romantic dark-wave. , LPD.
Thoughts Le Funerarium, ( ). . , Thoughts . , , , , , , .
, . .

Love Pleasure Dying.


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, 29 2005 . 20:28 +
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santa 1836-2000.jpg (515x366, 36Kb)

A little closer to the holiday
Im much too far from this delight
Which many eyes do tell
In my world creatures yell
They doesnt even feel the sense of brightness
Which, as they say, bring happiness and mirth

Some think that this new year will be new birth
Trusting in hope for ghostly dreams
Which turn into the nightmares after
However still, until the first sun in the year will shine
They blind each other smiling strangely, dimly

This ado, tenseness of the flowing time
Running like bee from bed to a caramel tree
To bring some sweets and make everything done
So many planned before until the most deadline
And tired they do fall asleep like log
Then in the night theyll meet the perfumed fog
Pour champagne in the ordinary glass
To drink like water under clocking spasm
Then cry until the hoarse all good and best
Wishing this year be better than the rest

Let us New Year and Halloween combine
Hello, Santa! And goodbye
Would you prefer to find yourself in casket?
Or winter swamp shall swallow your fat?
This sign of death puts on your face charisma
And now you wish them all Happy New Death

This could be quiet a mess, the jokers tricks
The one of those clowns from the hell
If I could let him in, but Im the same
As many of those who believe in stupid dreams

So, even if the darkness getting harder
And freshness of the holiday slips off
I want this tale fairy and so touching
Embraced by warmth of loveliness décor


New Song... The last...

, 18 2005 . 21:46 +
dark_love.jpg (500x329, 158Kb)

Amoreux de Mort

When night comes into mine asylum
Of unborn desires and weird despondence
At hour of looking performance
Different eyes binding invisible dormant
The beginning of the end...

The beginning of the end...
Before dawning of dusk...
The twilight parade...

Dangerous serenade hides in the storm
Uncoloured by paints drowned
In the bliss of the bygone
Disasters and callings of doom
In the cemetry bloom
Theyre vanishing under the moon
Blood drops of the angels
Which taught people art de lamour

No door to enter
No walls to bar
Her elusive sliding
In my shieldless heart
Plunging spiral bow
Deeper than the deep
The beginning of the end
Is my final sip

I taste alone the passion of death
Unusual splendour of delight and descend
Astray in touch of eer maladie
Therere many of me in supreme euphori

Orgasmic frenzy
Infernal kiss
Etheral cotion
Immortal tears
I worship of this devil crescendo
Erupting to the heavens gate
Where in tranquil clouds of toxins
Of love we change our fate

Oh, luxurious beauty, take off thy face
I need another try to recognize my craze
By the rivers and trees, climbing thy fingertips
My libidos exploding foretasting thy lips
Like a careless gnat in the caramel poison
This stupefying potion made of blood from thy womb
I obsessively sacrifice every emotion
For the chance to become angel falling on earth
Then a funereal wedding and hearse lullaby
In the life which continued for some hours or minutes
Into sleeping desires come to ravish my mind
When I leave back to life to endear to fever

No door to enter
No walls to bar
Her elusive sliding
In my shieldless heart
Plunging spiral bow
Deeper than the deep
The beginning of the end
Is my final sip

I taste alone the passion of death
Unusual splendour of delight and descend
Astray in touch of eer maladie
Therere many of me in supreme euphori

Forever and again

Opeth-Ghost-Reveries-fron.jpg (350x429, 112Kb)


Miniature: Death Suicide...

, 22 2005 . 23:57 +
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luis_royo_prohibitedI.jpg (441x699, 82Kb)








Phylosophy of Nearness and Loneliness...

, 15 2005 . 21:37 +
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roseheart.JPG (500x353, 15Kb)

I made a sculpture of glass:
Two lovers embracing in passion
I watched how light deep caressed them
In diamonds of my eyes
As the darkening shadows possessed,
There becoming alive in my view,
In the music of ambient cantoes
Their tango was rapid and lure

My heart was so lonely:
I wanted to love and be loved,
But the women perfumes
Were dying like the waning moon,
Inconstant in their pure gorgeous senses
Then in the bath of pain
This bitter rum of lust intoxication
I washed away the filth of loving games

And for how long?
My violin cried violently to the chilling stars
They echoed the sound of broken heart
In changes of the day and night
That only sound I lived which made me mad

Dreaming then, one thought obsessed me,
And I felt inspired to create a figure
A figure of me, made of iron, covered with glassy adorn
And then I made an ideal woman for my figure
Thus, never trusting in her charms,
I made her full of glass to caution my-that
Against the iron every woman has inside to strike at mans heart

While watching them dancing
Two frauds of my sense
My mind filled with pleasure,
But when I turned my eyes
I understood that all Id got
Was nothing but a sad disguise

So I threw the sculpture of glass
Into the ground full of rocks!
And there and then my eyes reflected the picture:
My figures skeleton iron writhing bare amidst the shattered glassy ice

All hopes are false
All knowledge is the case of arts
When inspiration goes
Theres nothing left but woe

... (-)


Teach me thy Art!

, 14 2005 . 22:50 +
scholar.JPG (280x352, 14Kb)
2003 ...

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The Falling Leaf

, 01 2005 . 22:35 +
124.JPG (384x256, 32Kb)

O, falling leaf
Thou like a falling tear
Fall down from eyes of maple motley queen
Flowing her cheeks down
Following her breathing
Obeying every aerial command
Until thou findst the end of flaccid chin
Then dartst into the ashes underneath
Biding farewell to wrinkles of her skin
Just to become one more memoral pain
That will forever mingle in the dust
Which turns to graves beneath her feeble feet
The falling leaf
Thou trampst into the ground
I shed my tear devoting it to thee


Taken from the Autumn cycle

Maniacal tunes: Die Form


The Candle

, 24 2005 . 23:50 +
burning_candle.jpg (255x206, 17Kb)





Drinkin' apricot wine...

, 19 2005 . 00:13 +
Musique de la coeur: Virgin Black "Elegant... and Dying"

MaYuan-ApricotBlossoms.jpg (350x274, 139Kb)

Drinkin apricot wine

As I taste thy crystal liquid, clear draught of ochre ooze
Pouring into tactual caverns echoing with ravishment
Still my tongue indulge in visions of lingering after-taste
Taking off to Asian gardens, where Elysium regained
Tipsy geishas gather round deep erotically bound
I give in to their endearment, partake of apricot lust
Languorous and enervating, delicate as rose-leaf
Rapturous, I hold my breath, whilst the pleasures hypnotize me
Asian secrets paralyze me, and I take anew sweet sor
To regain the grace once more


Stanzas to weariness...

, 18 2005 . 22:07 +
mist.jpg (260x391, 32Kb) ,

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Musique de la coeur: Love Pleasure Dying "Lenore"

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