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Создан: 19.08.2010
Написано: 10

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went dark ролло мэй - забота любовь и воля.

and for you, i write.


Суббота, 16 Апреля 2011 г. 11:11 + в цитатник

and for you, i write.
there are three times when the clock stops and my eyes open.



there's something i want to say to you, but it stops in my throat and i can't form the words
remember when our skin created valleys, and hills on the bedsheets?
i counted your freckles and you smiled because I was too impatient to finish
my throat finally clears and my lips begin to form, but you're always gone.



if i could tell you something quietly
it would be that i've never seen something so beautiful
my skin pulls towards yours and i crawl over your milky bones
you were on top of me, then my eyes closed,
i can't remember if it was you or the drugs that made me feel so high
and that was when i told you that i loved gravity.



i was in 8th period and chris was talking to me
about some shit of how certain insects are attracted to light
and they can't help but pull towards its beauty
about how the light could be miles away, but the pull is too strong to resist
you are my bright, shining light.


i remember the day your light died
it was a thursday or something
i try to remember the time but everything got so silent
the pull on my heart stopped and the search for your light,

went dark.


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