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Бред какой-то( |No Name|.


Суббота, 06 Декабря 2008 г. 21:54 + в цитатник
В колонках играет - Chris Brown & T-Pain - Kiss Kiss
1.We live
We don't think about a diseas
About diseases and trouble's
Maybe some men are try
To help
They save people life's
Make not much to die
And not see people cry.

Maybe we can
Change the world
Only if we want it.
Just look at you
And became
Do property in this world.
My questions are:
-Why there are so much agressive?
-And you some people not progressive?
-How do ya think they can embrace it?
-Is my politic so impressive :) ?

2.We can create
Some men to beeing happy.
But we can't escape
Out of all this nasty
Nasty and real
Things what around us.
Someone could kill
But another human will cry.
.. Another human will cry (2 times).

[chorus:|2 times|]

3.Is my politic so impressive?
It's nice.
It's good.
But i'm not try to showing
That I am so cute,
No I'm not talking about it
Just we need to figured out it.
And to remmember that our planet's depend from us...
A lot of persons need support
But our closest friends are more important).


* song was writing by me, Nastya Sha, today. It takes about 10 minutes). Proud of my delirium. xD


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