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Okey. I am using.NET for Windows client. Browser control (server) is PHP, AJAX, JS
We developing this project. And dont add now security methods.
This project not a hacker tool.
This project client software notify connected PC.

Can you reveal some details of your agreement with Exoventure Associates?
This contract 1 year for looking my project investor.

How many lines of code, or can you provide any other software quality metrics?
All the code I programmed.

What if server is hidden behind some firewall or NAT? Does it support IPv6?
Now I using Hosting.

Which actions the program allows to execute, and is it possible for users to add custom actions? Is it possible to define complex actions, something like reboot if CPU load is more than 90%?
Program limited permission allowed for user. And not time now this question answer

How can I be sure nobody can access my computers? Can I be sure nobody can even see which commands I send to my computers?
Yes. You send to target computer command. And Computer's user see your command

Do you use encryption? Or commands are sent in plain text?
Yes. I will use to security methods. But now am developed back end for project because now not ready project new version

How resilient is the program? Can I have feedback from the remote if my command was successful? What if the computer suddenly disappeared, can it alarm me that my command failed?
Yes. Now there log system

What operating system can be used as a back end?
Server Linux
Client Windows

What are benefits of your program? Can you provide some comparison with well-known remote control software, like mobile SSH clients, Teamviewer and others?
My project difference features: remote many computers with one device.
And this project. very easy for end users

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