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Caucasus war, Osetia, Georgia


Понедельник, 11 Августа 2008 г. 12:54 + в цитатник

Caucasus war, Osetia, Georgia

Я пишу это для случайных англоязычных читателей.

Dear Europeans, Americans, people of the whole world. We understand that currently an information war, which is very hard to oppose, is waged against our country. I want to tell you the truth, you can verify all the information I give by tracking reports of news agencies. Georgia triggers off a war against a very small nation of Ossetians. The population of this land is much less than that of Wales or Basque provinces. 5% of these people have already been killed. The majority of these casualties were citizens of Russia. When our country dared to help them to survive, information agencies of the USA and Great Britain launched a propaganda campaign to present our country as the aggressor. I ask you not to take for granted what your TV is telling you. People are dying, the Georgians are destroying the nation that their regime has sentenced to death. They are trying to present us, Russians, as the cause of their atrocities. I beg everyone who cares for the truth not to believe that. We are the people of good will. I ask those who still value justice to help us. Vadim Kosarev


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