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≈врейский пеницилин  ”–ј

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Thylehogichi - or how to fight a nasty cold February 9th, 2010

What?! You’ve never heard of Thylehogichi? Well, neither have I. But THYme LEmon HOney GInger CHIli tea sounded a little stiff and boring, hence the new word creation by simply using the ingredient’s first letters (the kind of creativity, that arises from somebody who has caught a major cold, *cough*).

208-tea04 (410x279, 66Kb)


Last week I joined my friends Sebastian and Maike for a very special food and wine tasting at restaurant Huber. Yet I felt a little dizzy and my voice started to sound husky – bad timing, if you are surrounded by intriguing people that you’re keen talking to. Of course my intentions to use my voice sparingly fell by the wayside. We talked, we drank, we laughed a lot and left much later than planed. Next morning, the bill. My voice was almost gone, in exchange I couldn’t stop coughing and my head felt like a big balloon.                    

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