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Crown Princess of Spain and France this “First Lady” (right) parallel “fight Yan,” photos by some media as the Best Picture.

Crown Princess of Spain, wife of French President Yan Dou

Recently, a report said French President Nicolas Sarkozy “education” of his tracks you lived in the former model wife, first lady “to be as low key.” However, this is like a star asked not to light as difficult.

Allegedly began Bruni Sarkozy’s opinionated dissatisfied. Last year in July, Sarkozy admitted in fainted when running, has been reported that because the pressure in the Bruni Sarkozy excessive weight loss fitness. In addition, Sarkozy was also photographed with Bruni photo side by side when the stretch on tiptoe, as well as increased wear shoes insoles photos.

However, French voters on the rich romance and former supermodel is still fond of moving legs. Sarkozy’s popularity in a series of strikes, protests and the unemployment problem in ramshackle, but in December last year conducted a public opinion survey shows Bruni Sarkozy is considered an “soft” influence an asset, “sincere and sexy.”

In Spain, the royal family, a deeply loved by the people. Although the handsome Crown Prince Philippe, but is still dwarfed by his wife beside him. 37, Crown Princess Letizia married into the royal family is a former TV news anchorwoman. Today, she is not only the royal family of Spain’s most charming members of the same or a higher education background have, and experienced the “public performances.”

Michelle Obama and Queen Rania with among the “Forbes” Global 100 list strong woman, and Letizia, and Bruni in the “Vanity Fair” best dressed list on Zhengyan bucket Church, in the final round of voting by one point ranked fifth and fourth respectively.

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