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Toto - "I will remember"


Пятница, 19 Января 2007 г. 16:11 + в цитатник
I was born in the land of the sun and the tall green grass
And I dont understand how all this has come to pass
How weve come to surround ourselves in a sea of thieves
In a land without learning only the fools believe.

I went driving last night on a dark canyon road
Had the sky to myself but I wasnt alone
Had the pain of my lifetime for my company
How did it end up like this for you and me?

When love breaks the promise the heart has to keep
It leaves only truth here to find
When the spirit is crushed and the hurt is so deep
Between you and i.

Even when love has come and gone and our hearts have moved along
I will remember.
There was a time we had the trust
And that always was enough
I will remember. I will remember you.

As I open my eyes to one more day
The wind burns my face as it whispers your name
As its pulling me forward it tears me free
And the only thing left is the tears for you and me.
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