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Создан: 18.03.2010
Написано: 13

Выбрана рубрика Short Stories.

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Naive Romanze


Воскресенье, 16 Мая 2010 г. 18:45 + в цитатник
- There is a police car. - she said quietly.
- I know. I see it. - he answered in the same way but his deep voice seemed to be louder.
Both watched the police car blinking with red and white lights and driving through the empty streets.
- How long do you think they need to find you? - she asked and pushed herself closer to his warm big chest.
She heard his heart beating. She counted the beats: one... two... three... four... She always did it.
- The main thing is that they need much longer to catch me. - she heard his voice over her head.
She smiled and he felt it even he couldn't see it because of the darkness. The police car disappeared behind the big City library.
- I thought about the life, hun. - she said after a long silence. - I'm tired.
- Babe, I know. I'm sorry for everything I did and I'm sorry to make your life more difficult but there is no other way for me.
- Yes. - she nodded slowly.
- Do you really believe that I'm a killer?
- No. Of course no.
- You see, they need someone who they can give the fault. And this someone is me. - his voice seemed to be sad.
She knew that he was tired, too. But she believed in his words. She always did so. She knew that he couldn't shoot up five people.
- I'm also sorry that we can't meet in a cafe or a restaurant or go to cinema or make something else.
- I know, hun. I know. That's not the problem. This hill, the night and danger are...romantic. The real reason is...I'm scarred that one day They’ll catch you and we'll never meet again, you know.
- Honey, don't think so. - he kissed her head, her soft, dark hear. - We'll meet here, at this place tomorrow or next week or next month, it doesn't matter but we'll meet again. Believe me.
They kissed each other. They enjoyed this moment. Because there were no other like this one. Because she has never seen him again. Just because he was caught the next day by the police. Just because a gang in the City prison beat the hell out of him there and broke his neck. Just because he lied to her. Just because he really killed these people. Just because she believed him...

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