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Six Makeup Tips


Пятница, 22 Июля 2011 г. 22:10 + в цитатник

Six Makeup Tips
- By: Connie Limon

Good lighting is essential to applying flawless makeup. Ideal lighting is either natural daylight (standing by a sunny window) or special natural daylight bulbs that imitate sunlight. Avoid applying makeup in rooms with only overhead lighting.

Make-up tip #1: Sculpt Sexy Cheekbones

• Suck in your cheeks to create a hollow

• Fill in the hollow area with a light bronzer

• Dust shimmer powder on the tops of your cheeks

• The light-dark shadowing will make your cheekbones pop

Make-up tip #2: Narrow Your Nose

• Smooth a highlighter down the length of your nose

• Dab concealer in a shade slightly darker than your skin tone along either side of the light stripe

• Highlight the bone of your nose to draw the eye there and the sides will be less obvious

Make-up tip #3: Cover Up a Pimple

• Freeze a cotton swab that has been soaked in eye-whitening drops

• When the swab is cold and hard, lay it on the pimple for 10 minutes

• The coldness should take down the swelling while the solution reduces the redness

• Dot on a salicylic acid-spiked concealer

Make-up tip #4: Revive a Pale Complexion

• Tap a fluffy brush in rosy blush and tap it in loose powder

• Flick the excess product off the tip

• Swirl the bristles as lightly as possible over your cheeks, forehead and nose

Make-up tip #5: Fix Botched Brows

• Lightly brush on brow powder in upward, hair like strokes

• The color taupe works in more cases

• The idea is not to go too dark

Make-up tip #6: Conceal acne Marks

• Spot-apply primer into the little hollows

• Primers usually have a silicone base making them thick enough to help fill in the spaces

• Use a sponge that offers more control and smears the product less than fingers

• Follow same technique and pat foundation over the primer

• Finish with an all over layer of translucent powder to set the makeup

Source: Flaw-Fixing Makeup Tricks. Cosmopolitan [serial online]. December 2005;239(4):194. Available from: MAS Ultra - School Edition, Ipswich, MA. Accessed August 10, 2008.

Good lighting is essential to applying flawless makeup. Ideal lighting is either natural daylight (standing by a sunny window) or special natural daylight bulbs that imitate sunlight. Avoid applying makeup in rooms with only overhead lighting.

Written by: Connie Limon To find more skin care articles and tips visit _smalldogs2.com/SkinCareTips To find a variety of reprint articles visit _www.camelotarticles.com

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Cosmetic Surgery – The Advancements
- By: James Wilkinson

It used to be the case that celebrities who’d had cosmetic surgery were easy to spot, some more notably than others. These day’s with the advancements being made in the field it is becoming increasingly difficult to spot the latest celebrity to go under the knife, indeed they may just reappear looking that little bit fresher, making you wonder if you’re imagining it before commenting on how good they look for their age.

Surgical techniques have certainly improved over the last 20 yeas and to this effect there are now a plethora of procedures that do not involve any cuts to the body on a visible level. This is achieved by the use of keyhole surgery which allows the surgeon to make a small hole which is big enough to allow the entry of small and precise instruments which can operate under the skin and carry out the procedure without any damage to the epidermis (outer layer of skin).

As you can imagine, this type of technique makes procedures such as breast enlargement surgery much less obvious and this means that a fairly complicated operation can run much more smoothly – this also ensures that the healing process is much faster as the procedure has been less invasive.

A common procedure and indeed a popular one is the facelift which involves removing the excess skin caused by sagging caused by loss of elasticity which is a natural part of the aging process whereby the collagen stores in the skin are depleted. It used to be the case that celebrities looked like they’d had their skin stapled back but now these operations can tackle just the areas where removal of skin is needed and therefore the face will look like the skin tone has improved and tightened but not obviously so.

Due to the use of keyhole surgery and advanced techniques now in place across the reputable side of the cosmetic surgery industry, experts are now on many occasions unable to say with certainty if celebrities have undergone procedures.

weight loss surgery has now also become much safer due to these advancements but is of course more difficult to hide as it can be very effective. If you are struggling to lose weight despite careful dieting and exercise plans it can be an effective solution to help make the difference you need.

Cosmetic surgery is a reoccurring theme in news articles with regards to celebrities but with the advancements of recent years the latest procedures are keeping people guessing.

Due to the use of keyhole surgery and advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery, procedures such as weight loss surgery and breast enlargement surgery have become much less obvious and in some cases even experts are baffled when it comes to spotting them.

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