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How To Deal With Baldness


Суббота, 30 Июля 2011 г. 10:00 + в цитатник

How To Deal With Baldness
- By: Lisov Eugen

Generally, when your hair starts to get gray, you can easily fix it with a little well thought coloring. But with baldness… well, you have to get more creative. As most men realize, the hair is a limited duration asset, which will eventually show more on the shower floor than on your head. You’ve got to make the best of it while you still have it.

The exact cause of male balding has not yet been discovered, but it has something to do with the male sex hormones. So, until the miraculous cure arrives, you’ve got to make the best of your hair while you still have it.

- The first rule of balding: Don’t bother with comb-overs. They don’t look so good. You can part your hair I interesting way for the first few years, buy eventually you won’t be fooling anyone. Take a look at Donald Trump. Yuck!

- Second rule of balding – When it goes, let it go. If you’re just thinning all over with no patches of baldness, then cut your hair down to the lowest level. If you’ve got that monk’s patch on the back of your head, then shave it all down to the thinnest level.

- Third rule of balding – Toupees and wigs never work. Ever! Don’t even bother. A woman can tell you’re wearing a rug a mile away, and she’ll see it as insecurity, not vanity. Women laugh like hell at guys who think that they can’t tell it’s fake.

In the end, get a style that flatters your situation. For a lot of guys these days, shaving it all off is an option. Some go for the “Captain Picard” look that Patrick Stewart managed to turn into a sexy statement.

And if your hair is something that you aren’t willing to let go, then consider using the medicinal supplements that you can get both on the shelf and over-the-counter. They can help. As a last resort, you can even consider surgery to replace it.

Whatever you do, choose to accept the situation, even if it’s not the one you would choose to have. By fighting the inevitable, you take a harder toll on your self confidence by perpetuating a false sense of self. Your hairline isn’t you.

Baldness is an issue most men have to face as they move towards a certain age. Though it is inevitable, there are a few things you can do about it.

Eugen Lisov is the creator of _www.a1-sneakers.com and _www.italian-fashion-designer.com . Please feel free to check these websites as they offer lots tips on getting a great outfit and reviews of the best products to help you have a fashioned look.

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Comparing Natural Tan And Man Made Tan
- By: Justin Grant

During the summer, tanned skin is in. You will surely get it even if you are not sunbathing. There are several ways to get a tan. You can get it the natural way which is going under the sun or you get it by using tanning products. But when you are sunbathing, you are putting yourself at great risk since you are directly exposed to the sun's UV rays.

If you plan on getting a tan, it would be best to use tanning products or lotions because going under the sun will cause freckles and reduce your skin's collagen amount. Sunbathing also causes sunburn and, in turn, you will need to use lotions to prevent your skin from getting rashes. Sunbathing won't also give you an even tan. Sunbathing only has one advantage - getting the natural and real vitamin D which only the sun can provide. We need Vitamin D so that we can absorb calcium properly.

If you don't like getting sunburned or tan lines, then you are better off getting a tan using tanning products. The effects can be seen in a shorter period of time when you use tanning products. Depending on the case, the duration of the tan is indefinite. Some products go as long as two weeks while some are only good for a day and can be washed off easily with soap and water. Though it won't last that long, you will be better off using these products since it will guarantee to give you an even tan.

Another thing is that you won't be exposed to the sun's UV rays. There are a number of tanning products offered in the market these days such as bronzing powders, tanning lotions, and airbrush tanning products. The effect will be the same as though you actually went under the sun for a long period of time. Whether you got it from sunbathing or from tanning lotions, no one can really tell.

However, before getting a tan, you need to consider the color of your skin. For those who have a darker skin complexion, you will be better getting a sun glow. However, you may want to use tanning products if you really have a light complexion or a really pale skin.

Sunbathing or not, you will surely get tanned during the summer. There are several ways to get a tan. Getting a tan can be achieved naturally like by going under the sun or by simply using tanning lotions. Although sunbathing can be very cheap, it is the most dangerous since you are exposing yourself directly to the UV rays of the sun.

Want to get a tan? Grab airbrush tanning products, mobile airbrush tanning or any tanning product and make that skin gorgeous quickly and safely.

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