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History Of Hair Transplant


Вторник, 02 Августа 2011 г. 19:27 + в цитатник

History Of Hair Transplant
- By: Alicia S McWilliams

The first records of the demand for "additional hair" extends clear back when Julius Caesar ruled. However, in 1939, the first published methods for hair transplant (also called grafting) was achieved by a Japanese Dermatologist, Dr. Okuda. Unfortunately, much of the hair transplant history was not credited to him since World War II crumbled the Western Hemisphere.

The actual process of the remedy for a balding head surfaced in 1952 in New York City. Dr. Normal Orentreich submitted the first proposal for a hair transplant operation. His first few drafts about hair transplant were actually rejected by the medical community. However, during the latter months of 1952, he performed the first hair transplant for male baldness. This operation worked under the principle that transplanted hair will continue to grow normally and will even exhibit the same characteristics it had where it originally grew.

He says it's just like cutting a stem and planting it on other soil. As long as the soil is healthy, the plant will grow fine. This principle is also known as "Donor Dominance". The first surgery proved this principle. His paper finally caused a major medical breakthrough and was published in 1959.

Unfortunately, the ensuing hair transplant surgeries did not show attractive cosmetic results. For several years, hair transplants used 4-mm hair grafts, about the size of a pencil. Needless to say, these are large grafts and looked unnatural. Moreover, patients complained about having limited styling options for their hair. However, during that time, it was the only option for having hair again. Innovation didn't happen until the 1970s.

During the 1970s, large grafts were termed "plugs". However, there were studies about the possibility of smaller grafts. In 1984, mini-grafting was finally perfected. Mini-grafting was performed using strips of donor tissue, meaning, the bald-resistant hair is actually stripped off from the back of the head and trimmed to fit the desired hair display.

The first records of the demand for "additional hair" extends clear back when Julius Caesar ruled. However, in 1939, the first published methods for hair transplant (also called grafting) was achieved by a Japanese Dermatologist, Dr. Okuda.

You can also plan to visit these people if they will allow you to visit them. This way, you can discuss your issue in depth and ask some questions that may arise during your inquiry as you see the results on them. Learn more about micro-grafting in hair transplantsat _HairTransplant.BestOfResults.com

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Celebrities And Their Long Lashes 
- By: Tricia Murray

Long lashes have been an obsession with women of all strata and industry. With celebrities, this obsession is more in focus- the desire to look perfect to unknown beauty norms drives celebrities to go to unfathomable lengths to survive in the beauty and film industry. Being in the celebrity forefront for a long time, they have become experts when it comes to secret botox or even fake eyelashes.

Important events in the tinsel town draw celebrities to look extra good. Enhanced eye make-ups, two-coat fiber mascara and fake or extended eyelashes are not rare sights anymore. Let it be the Oscars or the BAFTAs or the promotional events, you can see them everywhere.

Eyelash extensions have become the latest craze with celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Star Jones, Lucy Liu, Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan, super model Naomi Campbell, and the starlet Paris Hilton using them with blatant confidence. These extensions look more natural such that if the celebrities do not revel themselves, these will form a well-kept secret. Kevin Jonas’ new bride Danielle reportedly had eyelash extensions before their D- day. Michelle Obama wore falsies on her Europe visit, which nonetheless, gives enough boost to make them seem relevant and genuine. 

The strangest of all the heard celebrity gossip was the rumor when it came out that 17 Again star Zac Efron wore false eyelashes. Although the issue was sorted out with the anger rants from the star himself, little are the chances that these rumors will not go up again for some other celebrity starlet.  

Fight for this Love singer Cheryl Cole and the Australian singer Kylie Minogue are both fans of the falsies whereas Mila Kunis and Kim Kardashian’s flutters are precariously hanging between real eyelashes and falsies.  

As the fashions changes every summer, false eyelashes have become an ongoing craze. These false eyelashes are so easy to use that more and more women have become inclined to them. After all, who would not want those gorgeous eyes like Cheryl Cole or maybe the First Lady?  

As long as celebrities go for quick fixes and declare their addictions to the latest trends, you could always find an inspiration.

Women's of allstrata of society have an obsesion with good lashes.Eyelash extensions have become the latest craze with celebrities.False eyelashes are easy to use so more and more women are getting inclined to it.

Tricia Murray is a journalist covering chemical free beauty products for both men and women. Her interest lies in natural beauty enhancers. She is also working as a spokesperson for Lashem, a product that allows you to grow longer lashes within 2 weeks. Lashem is paraben and postaglandin free.

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