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Hair Retexturing (curl Reforming)


Четверг, 28 Июля 2011 г. 10:17 + в цитатник

Hair Retexturing (curl Reforming)
- By: Kristen

Q: My hair is curly and frizzy. I like the curl but not the frizz. What can I do?

A: Try getting your hair retexturized. This chemical process is basically like a perm but it reforms your curl, making it smooth while keeping the curl. Remember to discuss hair retexturizing like all chemical processes, with your stylist because not everyone is an ideal client for it. F.Y.I. below are the steps your stylist takes when giving a client retexturized hair:

1. No.1 Lotion is applied throughout the entire head. No. 1 Lotion is used to soften up the insides of hair protein chains (where frizz originates and the natural shape of your curl is formed.)

2. Rinse hair and condition. Hair is relaxed and almost ready to reform.

3. Hair is rolled in big rollers. No. 2 Lotion is applied to reform hair to the size and shape of the roller. (The curl or wave is as big as you desire.)

4. Rinse well.

5. Naturalizer is applied to lock hair into its new shape.

The Result: Frizz-free, smooth hair with luxurious curls or waves.

Q: Is retexturizing recommeneded for everyone?

A: No. A professional stylist is the best person to decide whether or not retexturizing is right for you. In general, multi-chemical processed or super fine hair will not have the best results. Retexturizing is more for strong, coarse hair with naturally kinky tight curls.

Q: Does the retexturizing process damage hair?

A: Retexturizing is a chemical process and like all chemical processes, if it is not done it can dry hair. Finding a professional with a lot of experience is the most important thing you can do for your hair. The word “retexturize” may sound scary but the reality of this chemical process is actually much milder than a regular hair perm, straightening, relaxing or hair coloring. Hair damage risks are very minimal.

Q: My hair had Thermal Reconditioning (TR). Can I still try the retexturizing process?

A: No, please wait until your processed hair has grown out.

Q: My hair is highlighted with bleach. Is it safe to try the retexturizing process?

A: Our first response is no, but it is best to have a trusted professional actually look at your hair and decide. Hair with only one hair color (some highlighted hair) is usually safe, depending on the strength and health of the hair.

Kristen is answering common questions for Hair Retexturing (Curl Reforming).

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How Do I Get Rid Of Zits? The Right Answers Right Now
- By: Lincoln

The prevention of zits and acne is a debate that has gone on for quite a while and will continue to do so as long as people get acne and zits. How to get rid of pimples, a question asked by adolescents and adults in all age ranges. We know the best way to get rid of zits and acne is to prevent them in the first place. We will look at ways to prevent zits and acne before they actually set in and take hold of your face or body.

If you happen to ask a lot of people what is the best way to get rid of and to prevent acne and zits they will tell you to eat a well-balanced diet, they will also tell you to stay away from greasy foods and chocolate because this will worsen your acne. It has never been proven that a poor diet will cause acne but your best bet would be to stay away from greasy and high in fat foods . Since there is no way to determine if the type of food you eat is a determining factor of whether you get acne and zits or not it is better to play it safe than sorry.

There is a lot of research being done right now to see if lasers will help in the prevention of acne. It is known that lasers have helped people who at one time had really bad acne and now have scars resulting from the zits and acne. The use of lasers is something that has not been definitively proven to prevent pimples and acne so if you're considering this consult your dermatologist or physician.

If you have tried several over-the-counter drugs and they do not seem to be working for you a trip to the dermatologist may be worth a try. A dermatologist can prescribe antibiotics that will help with the prevention in some cases possibly cure acne.

There are also certain types of creams that can be applied to the affected areas they can also be prescribed by your dermatologist and can have wonderful effects on your skin. No matter what you do if the over-the-counter methods are not working for you make sure you speak with a dermatologist to assess your situation and get the best advice possible.

There will always be a lot of different advice that goes around on how to rid of acne and zits but if you do your best to eat right, take care of yourself, and consultant a dermatologist you should be able to come up with a solution to your acne and zits problem.

How do I get rid of zits? This is questoon that typically has a lot of answers and finding the right solution for you can be a tough task. To find out how to get rid of zits forever....

Tired of worrying over acne? Stop asking will I stop gettting zits and acne visit www.good-reads..com for access to a free email course and find out how to get rid of zits and acne for good!

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