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Gluteal Augmentation For Attractive Buttocks


Суббота, 20 Августа 2011 г. 08:28 + в цитатник

Gluteal Augmentation For Attractive Buttocks
- By: Spero Theodorou

Gluteal augmentation is an effective cosmetic procedure for those who are in need of attractive buttocks. This cosmetic procedure can greatly enhance the body contour, thereby making one look physically captivating. Underdeveloped and irregularly shaped buttocks can be enhanced and made attractive through gluteal augmentation.

Customized Gluteal Augmentation According to Patient’s Needs

It is important to understand that buttock enhancement is not performed in a common manner for all. It is customized as per case specific requirements of individual patients to attain the correct definition. Plastic surgeons have different techniques which can safely and effectively improve the general appearance of your derriere.

Buttock implants and fat grafting through Brazilian butt augmentation are the two most commonly sought after options. Silicon based implants can be easily molded in shape, size and texture. It is generally preferred by those who want to attain a rounder and fuller shape. The changes brought to the body are immediately evident and doesn’t necessitate a repeat procedure as the results are permanent.

Fat grafting or Brazilian butt augmentation is a technique which makes use of the patients own body fat. This innovative procedure harvests excess fat from various parts of the body for transplantation. Fat extraction is done by way of lipolysis. The extracted fat undergoes purification process after which it is selectively injected into the derriere at various depths by the plastic surgeon. Though the results hold good for considerable months, there is a possibility of some quantity of fat being absorbed by the body over a period of time. Even so it is the best alternative for those who are apprehensive of undergoing invasive surgery.

A Procedure that Ensures Minimal Pain and Discomfort

Gluteal augmentation for attractive buttocks is carried out after administering safe anesthesia. This minimizes pain and discomfort of patients. It is best to seek the expertise of board certified plastic surgeons who value the patient’s interests and safety above everything else. Their professionalism guarantees quality and seamlessness in results.

Gluteal augmentation is an effective cosmetic procedure for those who are in need of attractive buttocks. Gluteal augmentation can greatly enhance the body contour.

Manhattan Gluteal Augmentation - bodySCULPT is an all inclusive plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York City. They provide a range of treatments for facial and body enhancement such as facelift, liposuction, SmartLipo and more.

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Natural Approaches To Eczema Skin Healing And Irritations
- By: Jill. Cohen

We all have to be concerned with common skin irritations like rashes because we all get them sometime in our lives. However, for people with chronic and recurring skin conditions this is even more of a concern. There are many triggers that can cause their flare ups that using chemical medication can be more of a hindrance than a help. That is why many people try to take natural approach to eczema treatment.

The best way to start treating your skin conditions is to change your lifestyle. If you make some changes to the way you eat and reduce some stress in your life it will improve your skin condition. Good skin health is developed not only by what you do to your skin, but also by what you put into your body.

There are many different types of skin eczema, so finding ways to remedy it depends on which type you have. The atopic form will mean that harsh chemicals, heat, soaps, stress and foods like, milk, wheat, eggs, and soy are common triggers. So you will need to reduce your exposure to these things. Some environmental factors to be aware of are dust mites, pollen, and pet dander.

The infantile seborrheic form or cradle cap in babies is caused by cheese, nuts, and egg white. You will also see this rash occur when certain soaps and laundry detergents are used. This condition can be reduced if you feed breast milk to the baby.

The perioral form can affect mainly women and causes redness and bumps around the mouth. The use of lipstick, balms, and toothpaste is usually the cause of this flare up. The best way to counteract this is to only use toothpaste without tartar control or fluoride. Also limit the use of non-natural lipsticks and balms.

The contact form of skin rash is caused by outside influences like clothing, plant life, cosmetics, and others. Also harsher chemicals are a problem, like drain cleaners, ammonia, paint thinners, and acidic chemicals. The best way to avoid developing this rash is to protect your skin from these allergens and chemicals. Always wear protective gloves when working with harsher chemicals and if you do get any on your skin, wash with fresh water immediately.

There are other forms of eczema that we can discuss as well, but the common treatment or prevention for them is the use of waterproof or cotton lined gloves when working with triggers. These natural approaches to eczema treatments can greatly help you reduce the dependence on medical creams or prescriptions.

Eczema can be aggravated by chemicals, allergens and summer heat triggers. Learn more about these and steps to take.

Learn more about ways to Get Rid of Eczema and see Baby Eczema Images.

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