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Benefits Of Botox Cosmetic Injections


Понедельник, 18 Июля 2011 г. 19:56 + в цитатник

Benefits Of Botox Cosmetic Injections
- By: Spero Theodorou

A Safer and More Affordable Alternative to Surgery

BOTOX cosmetic injections are an FDA approved treatment for the removal or reduction of wrinkles and frown lines. These injections contain a purified version of the muscle toxin obtained from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. This purified form, when injected in little amounts straight into the line or wrinkle-causing muscle, causes the skin creases to smooth out. BOTOX may be a short term treatment (results last for just a few months) but it’s safer and more affordable than surgery.

Treats Not Just Wrinkles

As mentioned earlier, the FDA has approved the use of BOTOX treatment only for correcting lines. However, BOTOX injections can also be used to decrease excessive hand, forehead or armpit sweating; for respite from muscle twitches; to treat frequent urination and infections of the urinary tract in men; for alleviation of chronic jaw and back pain; and for relieving migraine headaches. Studies suggest that BOTOX cosmetic injections may also help patients with arthritis.

So Many Benefits

Here’s an overview of the other benefits of BOTOX cosmetic injections:

• Great for reducing laugh lines and crow’s feet.

• Causes very little discomfort as the needle used is tiny.

• Takes very little time to perform (usually 10 minutes).

• Causes no loss of sensation in the treated region.

• Improves the advantages of collagen, Perlane, and Restylane.

• Nil recovery time.

• Lends a more youthful look.

A Worthwhile Option

BOTOX cosmetic injections have their own share of side effects such as headache, nausea, swelling, symptoms similar to those of a flu; redness on the treated region; and rarely breathing or swallowing problems or serious allergic reactions. However, this treatment doesn’t pose the risks of plastic surgery, making it a good option for improving wrinkles.

Benefits of BOTOX cosmetic injections include: zero recovery time, less discomfort, no loss of sensation etc. BOTOX injections are effective for wrinkle removal.

BOTOX Cosmetic Injections - Dr. Spero Theodorou is an experienced and talented Manhattan plastic surgeon, who specializes in BOTOX injections for wrinkles and frown lines. A highly committed and professional plastic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Spero Theodorou can work wonders on your face and body, giving you the desired look.

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Beauty Tips Specially For Oily Skin
- By: yangguang

Have you continually speculated why your skin is forever and a day so glossy and why it shines so much? Don't you experience as though you're combating a losing skirmish to get rid of this gloss and shine from your cheeks and brow? It's almost certain as you have an oily skin type.

Exaggeratedly oily skin is a relations ritual accepted down all the way through the existence, just like a very old ring of the grandparents.

Beauty has forever held a best spot in our humanity. Beauty is one of the immense conceptions of the God which compel us to get concerned towards the beauty itself. There are a small number of faces amid all these which are able to make strange courtesy for them. Habitually these faces are of the fairer sex because roughly the world women are allied with beauty additional than gentleman. A fine-looking face could be one which we say feel affection for at foremost view. Lust at initial sight is zilch but an untimely sturdy appeal towards a finicky beautiful face in the very first occasion. But if the face is oily this won't do, this additional oil will surely will not look good on your face.

But there is no need to panic, beauty professionals are here to rally round. They have put in concert a list of accommodating tips for you to pursue for warfare the special effects of oily skin.

What you can actually do:

1.Locate some foundations that have the very important titanium dioxide which is a naturally stirring guardian from the harmful rays of sun.

2. Pay money for the composition enclosing SERECITE to diminish the manifestation of pores and which also helps in absorbing oil.

What all should be avoided:

1. Keep away from goods containing oil from fuel or say petroleum. This comprises of mineral oil. Avoid makeup that contains alcohol. Alcohol will strip the skin of oil, which may cause the body to produce even more.

2. Stare for element lat us say BISMUTH or DIMENTHICONE etc. in cooperation they will block your stoma and grounds blemishes. These are usually seen in foundation.

Have you continually speculated why your skin is forever and a day so glossy and why it shines so much? Don't you experience as though you're combating a losing skirmish to get rid of this gloss and shine from your cheeks and brow? It's almost certain as you have an oily skin type.

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