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Beach Tanning: A Reason To Relax And Bath In Sun


Четверг, 28 Июля 2011 г. 10:13 + в цитатник

Beach Tanning: A Reason To Relax And Bath In Sun
- By: Javier Fuller

Lying alongside beech is a preferred practice to get a tanned look. Every summer, tanning buffs rush to beaches for sun tanning. There could be no better way than beach sun tanning for catching up with this tanning trend. A beach tanning serves twin purpose of relaxation and tanning. On beaches you can even resort to naked sun bath that offer you effective and uniform tanning throughout the body.

Beach tanning is thus an enjoyable as well as rejuvenating experience. However you must not over expose yourself to sun. Most of us, crave for lying in a natural ambiance under the sun to get a natural tan look and beach is probably the best place to enjoy sun bath. But tanning at beach requires you to stay near the beach for couple of weeks. A daily exposure of an hour is needed for at least ten days to give you a better tan look.

However there exists certain set of precautions to protect your skin while undergoing beach tanning. You must not be negligent towards these precautions. Using a good and tested moisturizer happens to be a prerequisite before going for sun bath. It is always better to put on sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. If you are going for completely naked tanning you should safeguard your breasts through effective moisturizing creams. So always apply protective creams on your genitals. Best time suggested for beach sun tanning is before 10 AM.

While enjoying beach sun tanning you need to be extremely careful about providing your body with liquids to maintain water equilibrium of the body. Beach tanning is sometimes not suited to very oily skins due to excessive humidity on beaches. They may enjoy sun bath at places away from beach.

A good number of spas and salons are available along side beaches in America to help you in enhancing the tan color that you have gained through sun bath on beaches. They also offer their services to give your skin post sun bath treatment. The effect of such tanning sessions lasts for a few months. While many folks, now a days, prefer light tan color. So they prefer to lie under a sun canopy and use certain creams that help them receive the desired skin color.

There could be no better way than beach sun tanning for catching up with this tanning trend. It serves twin purpose of relaxation and tanning. On beaches you can even resort to naked sun bath and enjoy the uniform tan throughout the body.

To get more information on tanning, tanning myths and tanning facts visit _www.easy-tanning.com/tanningbeds/

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Clear And Beautiful Skin - Seven Hints
- By: Judy Michaels

Clear and beautiful skin is often seen as an expensive, complicated chore. It doesn't need to be that way! Why spend hours in the bathroom and use your hard-earned money on product when when some basic skin care techniques can keep you beautiful? Follow these simple hints to leave your skin looking beautiful for pennies a day.

1. Wash your face regularly. A mild soap, like Cetaphil, works best for me. You should do this once or twice a day. Be gentle; if your skin becomes red you are either using too much force or your soap is too harsh. Washing regularly will remove the dirt and oils that can clog your pores.

2. Use a clay facial mask weekly. Clay facial masks, or pore masks, remove excess oil or dirt from your pores. Facials leave your skin brighter and healthier. You can find pore masks in most beauty aisles.

3. Drink plenty of water. This is a real simple hint that many people neglect. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. Do your face (and the rest of your body) a favor and stay hydrated.

4. Try to avoid undue stress. In our modern world, this is often a hard tip to follow. However difficult, try to keep your stress levels low. Stress is bad for your skin. Keep in mind that lowering your stress levels is also beneficial to your heart and mind as well as your skin.

5. If an occasional pimple pops up, use a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid cream on the effected area. Only apply as needed. Excess cream will only serve to irritate the surrounding healthy skin.

6. Whatever you do, do not pick at any blemishes. Picking will only irritate your skin and possibly spread the infection. If you must remove a blackhead or whitehead, use a blackhead/whitehead extractor. These inexpensive (~$10) instruments are great because they do not damage any surrounding tissue.

7. Finally, whatever your treatment routine, do not go overboard. It can be tempting to apply skin care treatments more than is needed, but doing this will only leave your skin raw and red without clearing your pores.

These simple measures are a great start on the path to clear and healthy skin. Think of them as your "base" skin treatment to keep your skin healthy. More severe skin issues will probably require additional care.

Beautiful skin is a mystery to many. Discover the following 7 hints and get on the path to clear skin.

Judy Michaels is a skin care expert with over 10 years experience in the industry. One of her specialties is skin care for large pores. She is currently researching ways to treat comedones.

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