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7 Day Cleanse - Avoid This Big Mistake


Суббота, 16 Июля 2011 г. 20:58 + в цитатник

7 Day Cleanse - Avoid This Big Mistake
- By: Theresa Smith

With so many colon cleansing products available today, you would think that the Centers for Disease Control statistics were wrong. They reported the amount of diagnosis of colorectal cancer inflicts no less than 129,400 people every year. You can see why Americans voted to get President Obama in office and try to turn the tide in health care.

The smokers and those that do not cleanse there colons are facing stiff statistics. But if you could alter your behavior just a little bit and start on a colon cleansing regimen you could very likely beat the odds that are stacked against you.

Colon cleansing products come in various forms. Some are herbal based, laxatives are really nothing more than "drugs" given how people have come to using them. If you look on some health forums, you'd see that people are really struggling with this problem and its no wonder either. With the aging population, people are living much much longer. The longer you live the greater your odds of developing this dreaded disease.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You could decide today to do something about the growing health crisis that is facing us. Colon cleansing products are safe for the most part. What is unsafe is coping with a backed up colon. A colon that has lost its functionality to pulse out the debris, toxins and chemicals of many years of accumulated bad eating.

Those toxins are still in your body festering and causing havoc with other bodily organisms. The colon is not the only organ that has the potential for cancer. The rectum is usually infected as well. Colon and rectal cancer deaths for 2008 according to the National Institutes of Health will come in at 49,600 people. Grand parents and moms and dads will suffer and leave behind loved ones.

The best cleansing products do not contain chemicals but use herbs instead. Some products are pill based and others are liquids. The liquid products are often seen as superior because they do not have to metabolized by the body for the most part.

You no longer have to use an enema to get clean. In other coutries they use water to cleanse regularly. The use of the enema has its place, but one of the problems is that about 80% of the colon is left uncleaned by this procedure. You should always consume large amounts of water to.

Colon cleansing enemas have gotten a bad rap. Learn how to use them to improve your health today.

Janice' Smith is the "7 Day Cleanse Queen" for flushing your colon and losing weight in the process. Grab your free colon diet recipes and tips by visiting her blog.

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Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes: Tips And Tricks
- By: Josie Vaughn

If you're brown-eyed and female, it's time to gloat. Eye makeup for brown eyes is easy and varied. In fact, the brown-eyed woman is lucky. Not only can she melt men with her limpid stare, she has a glut of eye shadows at her disposal. She can wear any color in the rainbow and look stunning. She can do greens and not blend with the plants. She can put on bronzes and not appear shiny. It is, thus, no surprise that many songs and poems have been written to immortalize the brown-eyed woman.

The Flecks Have It

Brown is mesmerizing in its complexity. In eyes, brown is seldom a solid color. It often comes with flecks. To determine the best eye makeup for brown eyes, consider the kind of brown your eyes have. What underlying color tones can you make out? If it's yellow flecks you see, use purple or plum eye shadows. These will make your eyes pop. If, on the other hand, your eyes have tinges of red in them, go green. Green eyeshadow will enhance the red flecks and at the same time, give your eyes depth.

The Liner Line-up

The same rule goes for eyeliner. The color of your eyeliner should complement the brown of your eyes. Purple and plum liners work best for eyes with yellow tones. On the other hand, dark green liners bring out the best in brown eyes with red tones. Deep brown and black liners are also good for brown eyes because these two hues make brown appear more dramatic and intense.

Brown on Brown?

What of brown on brown? Experts are divided on the use of brown as eye makeup for brown eyes. Some say brown on brown will make you look washed out. Others claim soft browns like taupes and peaches give brown eyes the warmest, most natural look. To be on the safe side, do not use brown eyeshadow that is the same shade as your eyes. While monochromatic is dramatic, it is seldom flattering.

Remember, brown is sensuous and earthy, and so are your eyes. Make the most of your pretty peepers by using the best eye makeup for brown eyes.

If you're brown-eyed and female, it's time to gloat. When it comes to eye makeup for brown eyes, you have the sky as your limit!

Josie Vaughn knows makeup like she knows the back of her hand. A little pat here, a little dab there, and you will look like the ravishing beauty you are (or aren't). Get free eye makeup techniques and tips from Josie when you visit CosmeticsMakeupBeauty.Com today!

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