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Понедельник, 13 Февраля 2017 г. 00:50 + в цитатник
Давно собираюсь систематизировать свои eengleesh studeez, для почину пройдусь про цветам.

RED-blooded - describes someone who seems full of confidence or sexual energy.

The RED Carpet - a long, red, floor covering that is put down for an important guest to walk on when they visit somewhere and receive a special official welcome, or a special welcome of this type.
The minister was given the red carpet treatment.

To catch somebody RED-handed - to find someone in the act of doing something illegal.

RED herring - a fact, idea or subject that takes people s attention away from the central point being considered.

RED Indian – offensive old-fashioned for a Native American.

RED Tape – disapproving - official rules and processes that seem unnecessary and delay results
We must cut through the red tape.

To Go/Turn Beetroot (RED) - brritish - to have a red face because you are embarrassed.

Paint The Town (RED) - to go out and enjoy yourself, often drinking a lot of alcohol, usually in order to celebrate something.

Not A RED Cent – us, informal - no money at all.
It turns out his paintings aren t worth a red cent

Be In The RED - informal - If you or your bank account are in the red, you owe money to the bank.

See RED - to become very angry.


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