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Создан: 05.03.2008
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Talking to myself, thinking about you


Четверг, 05 Ноября 2009 г. 19:39 + в цитатник

I have noticed that recently I've been thinking and talking to myself in English.
Don't freak out, I have always been talking to myself, I mean aloud, when I'm alone. It's just like two sides of me, not "good" and "bad", but just two different me inside of my head are having conversation.
I don't even know why I started to write this post in English, probably because someday I will let you read this, and I want you to understand what I'm saying.
Or because it became so natural for me to speak English, that sometimes I even feel guilty for "betraying" my mother tongue.

You know, I've been watching tons of movies about LA since I left, and now I'm thinking that I should have payed more attention to Downtown. I mean I always liked it, since the first time you brought me and Rina there when we went to the library, 'cause it always reminded me of a real big city which LA doesn't really look like. But I've never really spent much time there, though I always wanted. But every time there was something that stopped us from doing this, such a pity. I hope I will have another chance.

To tell the truth, this was the topic of my minds' conversation today.
I remember in May, before we went to LA, I couldn't believe that we're really going to California, my dream is coming true! I couldn't believe when we were on the plane, and even when we have already gotten there. 'Cause as I already told you, America has always been something from another world, planet, universe.
And here I am, in the heart of California, dipping my feet into the Ocean, walking down the Walk of fame, my head was just spinning. For you it probably seems so funny, but for me it was like world is really unlimited, and impossible is nothing.

And now, remembering this summer, I think to myself: "Was it real? Or was it a dream?". All these memories and emotions are nothing like the way I felt before about anything. This was not just a travel, yes, amazing, unforgettable but another travel, no. This was life. Real life.

And I am so happy that you was and you ARE a part my life. I didn't even dream about anything like that, I wasn't planning or expecting, but I met you, and now it seems this is how it ought to be.


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