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19 29.12.2007
[....Отсчёт с нуля....Дубль два...]
Ты всего лишь прохожий...в моей жизни......Для тебя я всего лишь маленькая капри...

-О себе 

[...Yes, i am not original [blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah....]
}^^^And I never loved nobody...this true....I can`t love....^^^{

1. Drink at least  one liter of chocolate milk EVERY DAY!
2. EAT: muffins,kinder bueno(or any other kind of Yummy yummy chocolate)-and a lot of colorful and sweet candies!
3. Change every week your sheets - Other week=Other colour!
4. Buy NEW CLOTHES every day-it'll make u happy for at least 5 min
5. Use someone - it's fun
6. Make someone happy - it can be also fun sometimes!
7. Read a book - it's not fun, but it somethin' u should do to make your mama proud..
8. Eat more muffins!
9. Give me a hug...
10. Throw somethin' heavy on a stupid lil' kid.... u know, it's fun...
11.U must love and beleive me ...
12.U must to read and make comments my diary...
13.i'm a in a mini skirt ,but i prefer to be a
15.I have ,which make my wish really)
14.My favorite color is this color

1. Don't be a stupid kid.
2. Don't Think that i'm serious....
3. Don't forget my b-dy ( BUY me a nice gift!)
4. DO not eat Mexican food.... yakkkk
5. Don't watch TV....it's not fun and it slowly kills your brain...
6. Don't think that you're funny - cause u're not!
7. Don't do the DONT DO things...
8. Dont help grandpaz and grandmaz :] it's not cool...
9. Don`t run over kittys!!!! Cats=GOD, if u kill a cat u mess with the Big guy!
10.Don`t speak that to me to do and I will not tell where to u to go...
If you want me:
+7 (916)499-80-20(Home telephone number to ask in isq or private message)
....follow the white rabbit....


[ happy ] [ manic-depressive psychosis] [=(] [a healthy way of life] [amnesia] [anorexia] [autism] [bisexual love] [black roses] [burning of the god on a fire] [buy new clothes] [chocolate milk ] [depression] [don`t fake] [dreads] [dreams] [drug] [exhibitions] [fate] [fickin world]


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