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Четверг, 31 Мая 2012 г. 18:05 + в цитатник

Вкусно,красиво и просто!

Source: http://www.bubbleandsweet.blogspot.ca/

Pretty, huh? I thought so. But cookies to match? Hmm...

I had an idea that I thought might work, but I needed to practice, so I grabbed some leftover icing I had hanging around and came up with this for starters.

ruffle cookies

I'm new to doing ruffles, so I decided a circle might work best so that I didn't have to have a beginning and an end to my ruffle that has to look neat and tidy. (If you want to see some amazing ruffle work, go take a look at these tutu cookiesby Anne at Flour Box Bakery. Stunning!)

These cookies ended up coming together pretty easily, so I started snapping pictures as I went along and put together this quick tutorial so you can do it, too! If you want.

To make these cookies, this is what you will need:

1. FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT, go watch Ali Bee's video tutorial on making royal icing ruffles. It is one of THE go-to videos on how to make different kinds of ruffles and what the consistency of your icing should be. This is where I learned how to do it. Thanks, Ali Bee!

2. A few different colors of thick icing. I did 4 colors 'cause that's what I had: a coral-salmon, purple, teal blue, and yellow.

3. 101, 102 or 103 petal tip depending on how big you want your ruffles. I used a 102 tip.

4. Sparkles, because sparkles just make everything better (IMHO).

Okay, here we go:

Start with the wider end of the tip down, touching the cookie and the thin end up and tipped slightly forward towards the edge of the cookie. Start wiggling the tip back and forth (remember Ali Bee's video?) all around the edge of the cookie until you come back to your starting point. I found it really helpful to put the cookie on a small turn table thingy so I could just use my left hand (I'm right-handed) to spin the turn table as I piped the circle.

I learned that tip from Cristin (aka Pinkie) of Cristin's Cookies when she got together with Arty McGoo to make cookies! Remember that video? If you haven't seen it or need to watch it again (I've watched it a few times myself!) -- go to thisYOUTUBE LINK. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

Next, I used one of my pixie dust shakers and an edible ink marker to outline a circle in the middle of the cookie as a guideline because I get scared when I don't have a line to follow.


Pipe the next color in the exact same way you did the first, overlapping the first layer slightly.






Do a third layer that meets in the middle. For this layer, I kind of had to do each wiggle as a separate motion, lifting my piping bag each time. Kind of like doing petals on a flower. The circle was so small that I couldn't really do it in one motion.

Lastly, I plopped a white sugar pearl in the center to cover up the edge of my icing and make it look all neat and pretty.

If you want to add luster dust, you may want to do it after each layer as it tends to dry quite quickly and then the sparkles won't stick and you'll be mad.

And that's it!

Once I had lots of ruffle practice, I mixed up 5 pastel colors to make the cookies to match the ruffle cake (pink, purple, blue, green and yellow) and off I went, wiggling to and fro.


Have fun baking and creating!

~SherreneЕсли не сложно перейдите пожалуйста по http://niknikann.wix.com/spasibo  и поделитесь в соц. сетях. Это не реклама.Спасибо

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