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Эксклюзивные парфюмы Nasomatto: Путешествие в мир Hindu Grass

Понедельник, 24 Июня 2024 г. 22:27 + в цитатник

We invite you to an exciting journey into the world of exquisite perfume compositions with the Nasomatto brand, which we will begin with one of its most recognizable scents - Hindu Grass.


Nasomatto: perfection and individuality

Nasomatto Handy Grass , a brand literally translated as “crazy nose,” occupies a special place in the world of haute perfumery thanks to its unique style and philosophy. Founded by Alessandro Gaudini in 2007, Nasomatto has attracted attention from the very beginning with its eccentric approach and commitment to the absolute individuality of each fragrance created. Each Nasomatto perfume is a true work of art, embodying the ideas and emotions of its creator.

Hindu Grass: history of fragrance

One of the most recognizable scents of the brand is Hindu Grass. This perfume embodies images and associations associated with the mystery and attractiveness of the East. The name "Hindu Grass" can be translated as "Indian grass", which hints at the use of natural components characteristic of this culture in the aroma.

Complexity and depth of composition

Hindu Grass by Nasomatto is a perfume with a pronounced structure in which each note plays its own unique role. Starting with light and fresh notes of herbs and flowers, the aroma gradually reveals richer and deeper chords, creating a sensual and multifaceted composition.

Features of the aroma

Hindu Grass opens with fresh grassy notes that give way to warm and woody notes. This perfume is ideal for both men and women who have a refined taste and appreciate the uniqueness of every moment. Hindu Grass carries the same mystical aura that is inherent in all Nasomatto fragrances, making it the choice for those who seek to stand out and create a unique image.

End of the journey

A journey into the world of Hindu Grass from Nasomatto is a immersion into the depths of Eastern culture through the language of aromas. Every drop of this perfume is an opportunity to feel the magic and mystery of oriental motifs, to feel like part of something larger and incomprehensible.


If you are looking for a perfume that will give you a unique touch that will highlight your individuality and uniqueness, Hindu Grass by Nasomatto is a great choice. It will not only complement your image, but will also become your faithful companion in the fascinating world of haute perfumery.

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