NADIA_LIST NADIA_LIST написал 29.01.2012 18:00:37:
я вс€ така€ творческа€). ’очу творю - хочу вытвор€ю!
NADIA_LIST NADIA_LIST написал 04.12.2011 17:37:25:
¬от и зимушка пожаловала))  расота!
NADIA_LIST NADIA_LIST написал 06.09.2011 13:24:21:
http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/nadia_li/post183274443/ “ак-то лучше про мой город!))
ёЌ≈ќ ёЌ≈ќ написал 08.06.2011 18:25:25:
NADIA_LIST NADIA_LIST написал 11.04.2011 07:56:18:
ћарина! ¬есна пришла!))


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Tired with all these, for restful death I cry, -
As to behold desert a beggar born,
And needy nothing trimmТd in jollity,
And purest faith unhappily forsworn,
And gilded honour shamefully misplacТd,
And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted,
And right perfection wrongfully disgracТd,
And strength by limping sway disabled,
And art made tongue-tied by autority,
And folly (doctor-like) controlling skill,
And simple truth miscallТd simplicity,
And captive good attending captain ill:
Tired with all these, from these would I be gone,
Save that, to die, I leave my love alone.

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