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Пятница, 22 Января 2010 г. 01:11 + в цитатник

 «То, что очаровывает нас, также ведет и защищает. Страстная одержимость чем-нибудь, что мы любим - парусами, самолетами, идеями - и неудержимый магический поток прокладывает нам путь, вперед, низводя до нуля значительность правил, здравый смысл и разногласия, перенося нас через глубочайшие ущелья различий во мнениях. Без силы этой любви, мы становимся лодками, увязшими в штиле на море беспросветной скуки, а это смертельно...»

«Самое страшное не то, что эта жизнь разбивает сердце – сердца создаются, чтобы быть разбитыми, - но то, что она обращает сердце в камень.» 
Оскар Уайлд, «Тюремная исповедь»  


"It took me a while to understand the beauty of just letting go."


It's the possibility that keeps me going...and though you may call me a dreamer or fool or any other thing, I believe that anything is possible." - Nicholas Sparks, 'The Notebook'

"I wish I could see some people just one more time you know just to let them know that they've made a difference in my life and I appreciate them; to let them know that a part of them will always be with me; to tell them that I'll never forget them."

"if I meet a 100 year old man and have something teach him, I will teach.. if I meet an 8 year old boy and he has something to teach me, I will learn."


"you know, taken out of context I must seem so strange." - ani difranco, 'fire door'

"i've made more mistakes than i can count upon my fingertips. i have been ashamed and i have felt guilty as all sin. counting every tear that drops cannot account for any loss. i'll let the past remain behind me now... fill it up with goodness; i'll drink it down with love." - jann arden, 'never give up on me'

"You know - that girl who rents the movie the night before an all-important paper is due because her debilitating attention deficit disorder got in the way of actually reading the book." - dawson's creek

"I'll never regret these years." -MEST




Вторник, 27 Октября 2009 г. 03:53 + в цитатник
"Normal is not something to aspire to; it's something to get away from." -Jodie Foster

"Life changes. You get it all lined up just the way you like it and then something beyond your control comes along and bumps you off center. How nice it would be if you could get everything just the way you want it and say, 'Okay, now, stay.' But nothing stays the same. You grow up, make friends, lots friends, go to college, lose track of people, meet new ones, and sometimes you ask yourself why. But all I can tell you is the every single experience you go through like this changed you in some way. Every new person who comes into your life changes you. Every moral dilemma or emotional experience you come up against changes you. It's your job you decide how. That's how character is developed." - Home Song-LaVyrle Spencer


"Because you're beautiful, and you don't know it. Because you're smart, and you don't believe it. You're the kind of girl that guys never get over. Joey, you're the kind of girl that other girls get compared to." - dawson's creek


 "A wise man once said – 'You can have anything in life if you're willing to sacrifice everything else for it.' What he meant is nothing comes without a price. So before you go into battle, you better decide how much you're willing to lose. Too often going after what feels good means letting go of what you know is right. And letting someone in means abandoning the walls you've spent a lifetime building. Of course the toughest sacrifices are the ones we don't see coming. When we don't have time to come up with a strategy to pick sides….or to measure the potential loss. When that happens, when the battle chooses us, and not the other way around, that's when the sacrifice can turn out to be more than we can bear." - Grey's Anatomy


"We grow bigger and taller, but we never actually grow up. I've heard that it's possible to grow up, I've just never met anyone who's actually done it. Without parents to defy, we break the rules we make for ourselves. We throw tantrums when things don't go our way. We whisper secrets with our best friends in the dark. We look for comfort where we can find it. And we hope; against all logic, against all experience. Like children, we never give up hope." - Grey's Anatomy


 "All I want is someone I can't resist." - Aerosmith


"As I look back on all that's happened--growing up, growing together, changing you, changing me...there were times when we dreamed together, when we laughed and cried together. As I look back on those days, I realize how much I truly miss you and how much I truly love you. The past may be gone forever...and whatever the future holds, our todays make the memories of tomorrow. So, my lifetime friend, it is with all my heart that I send you my love, hoping that you'll always carry my smile with you, for all we have meant to each other and for whatever the future may hold."
"I used to be afraid of so many things... that I'd never grow up, that I'd be trapped in the same place for all eternity, that my dreams would forever be shy of my reach. It's true what they say. Time plays tricks on you. One day you're dreaming, the next your dream has become your reality. And now that this scared little girl no longer follows me wherever I go, I miss her. I do. 'Cause there are things I wanna tell her-- to relax, to lighten up, that it is all going to be ok. I want her to know that meeting people who like you, who understand you, who actually accept you for who you are, will become an increasingly rare occurrence. Jen, Jack, Audrey, Andie, Pacey, and Dawson. These people who contributed to who I am, they are with me wherever I go, and as history gets rewritten in small ways with each passing day, my love for them only grows. Because the truth is... it was the best of times. Mistakes were made, hearts were broken, harsh lessons learned, but all of that has receded into fond memory now. How does it happen? Why are we so quick to forget the bad and romanticize the good? Maybe it's because we need to believe that the time we spent together actually meant something, that we were there for each other in a time in our lives that defined us all, a time in our lives that we will never forget. I can't swear this is exactly how it happened. But this is how it felt." -Dawson's Creek

"Our best decisions, the ones that we never regret, come from listening to ourselves." - felicity


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