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Создан: 04.11.2008
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Дневник mbau


Понедельник, 15 Декабря 2008 г. 08:14 + в цитатник
things are much better now with a little luck and hardwork it should be all fine. Thanks for the support though i can still use prayers. Its a rocky road ahead but with an awesome final destination......

What The..?

Воскресенье, 14 Декабря 2008 г. 21:01 + в цитатник
I was talking to someone on msn, and he just asked if I wanted to see his nude photo's and give an opinion of his manbits... WTF???

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Суббота, 13 Декабря 2008 г. 19:12 + в цитатник
OMFG! Call of Duty is awesome!! went round to kriz's last night and played it for like.....AGES.....I think theyre still playing it now hehe. played soul calibre for the first time EVER on kriz's emulator...was getting better : )

clare and jim were there, rather draped over each other, and they later left for "food" and never returned.....I think they got eaten by the food. saw STAR!!!! OMFG!! hadnt seen star for like...AGES! like....since I left liverpool!!! hehe, that was kewl. keev kriz and si spent the whole of the time getting stoned, of course. I told them that the otc had recently been visited by the drug testing team and that I was lucky I didnt get tested. hanging round my mates = smoke weed passively unfortunately. completely involuntarily. I dont know wat Im going to do! :/

eventually left to go pick em up. clare wudnt go with me >: E had to go to 5th ave on my bill....and pay 6squid to get in....ffs. she was with sam, tom and tom's sister having just been to radiohead. sam's great!! hehe....tom isnt though. he was all resentful of my presence and I was like.....t'chya!!! (hehe, was such a "like...t'chya" moment!)

em came bak to mine...stayed...left this morning. to go do stuff in manc. me = waystation. she told me how wrong it felt to not be with tom and how she missed him. bless.

I feel so damn awful. :/ ah well.

Adrenaline overload today

Пятница, 12 Декабря 2008 г. 20:12 + в цитатник


First, before I lose my muse on Vesperia I want to draw some Vesperia doujinshi. Yes you heard me. Vesperia DOUJINSHI |D;; and I don't even played this game yet, orz.
So guys, help me think which couple, scene, timeline you want to see? :3 I'm not really taking a request here though... cuz my drawing sucks >_>"

This is choices from idea in my head
1. YurixEstelle I'd draw this one like brotherly love, can't think of any romantic >_>;; or gimme one.
2. FlynnxYuri. Childhood. Sharing their sword.
3. err... YurixJudith here I think.... no idea yet.
4. Japanese do this pairs better than me but I'll try cuz BLASTO HEARTO SO AWESOME CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF HIM I can't draw porn so YurixRaven which is not NC-17 will exist here |D;;; I'll leave as last choice...
5. <Insert your idea here> 

My previous doujin took around half a year to succeed >_>;; but I have 1 month before next comic event orz.

Start date = not yet.
Percent of possibility = ...10%?


Aaaand second, I joined [info]talesofexchange :'D so I'll note myself that I have to draw -beep- and -beep- to -beep- before Chrismas. haha this gonna be fun XD;

Start date = not yet.
Percent of possibility = 100% cuz I promise them D': orz.

*faint again*

Yuri's smile :3 really evil smile...took by phone camera again and Photoshop still dead >_>;;

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Пятница, 12 Декабря 2008 г. 13:32 + в цитатник

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