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Создан: 22.05.2010
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love вместе глаза любовь найти но вместе обязанности падать параллель сами по себе себя не любишь счастье тонуть улыбка что



Суббота, 22 Мая 2010 г. 20:40 + в цитатник
Love.. what the hell is supposed to be called love?
The thing that’s killing us slowly from the inside
The thing that makes us do things we would never dear to
Anyway, this is what we need to breathe, to live and to feel alive
And to feel dead while we are alive, when you’re doing your best,
You think you’re going wrong, you’re on your knees

But love conquers all.. all.. You hear me? ALL
And you go back, you return to your past
Where everything’s so close and familiar,
Where one smile gives you the whole world

Now you’re alone and you blame the whole world but yourself
You die just to prove you’re not dead yet
You’re begging for help, you pray for a hand
You are sinking in the fight.. the fight of your whole life
You need someone..
At least someone to feel life with.. Feel The Life



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