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Суббота, 04 Июня 2005 г. 15:27 + в цитатник
вот чего тоже не ожидала от теста "какой ты из смертных грехов"....
You are... WAIT! - you're none of the Sins you're
an Angel!
Perfect, or close enough, and annoyingly so! Did
you always
behave so 'just right'. ARGHHH . You can annoy the
hell outta
people with your attitude, but no doubt your church
is real happy
with you. The positive side certainly outweighs the
after all, you do chores, are smart, are cute, do
charity work.
Least you know what a perfect saint you are. You
just make the rest
of us sinners vomit. Perhaps you could break the
rules once in a while, go wild - Eat an extra
cookie or something.
However - congratulations on being the most pure,
of the entire human race.

?? Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

Sadako   обратиться по имени Суббота, 04 Июня 2005 г. 17:22 (ссылка)
:D преелесть......

а я вот:
You are Envy!
Wow... what a dreamer. Always wanting what you
can't have, and always dreaming of having more
then you do. It's not the worst sin, and we're
all guilty of it - but you take it to the
extreme! You are prone to depression, often
from things you can't obtain. Be a bit more
positive, you have a lot that others want too
- so don't sit there being all green! On the
positive side, you tend to be a smart person -
and can often achieve the goals you set
Congratulations on being the overall harmless, and
pretty normal one of the 7 deadly sins :)

?? Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla
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ligeia   обратиться по имени Суббота, 04 Июня 2005 г. 19:32 (ссылка)
Sadako, то-то я до сих пор не замужем!кто ж на ангеле женится?:D
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