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Never say no to customer


Понедельник, 08 Апреля 2013 г. 10:56 + в цитатник

The manager of a garden centre overhears one of his nurseryman talking to a customer. ‘No, we haven’t had any of that in ages,’ says the nurseryman. ‘And I don’t know when we’ll be getting any more.’

The customer leaves and the manager walks over to give him a telling off. ‘Never tell a customer we can’t get them something,’ he says. ‘Whatever they want we can always get it on order and deliver it. D’you understand?’

The nurseryman nods.

‘So what did he want?’ asks the manager.

‘Rain,’ replies the nurseryman.

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Lazy manager


Четверг, 24 Января 2013 г. 11:20 + в цитатник

A lazy manager of a firm in his forties was advised by his doctor to play some sport, preferably tennis for some exercise. So he took up tennis. A month later his secretary asked: “Well sir, how is it going?”
Manager: "I am doing fine. On the court when I see a ball coming to me at speed, my brain instantly reacts and says: ‘To the net or smash or take the corner’ like that. I don’t believe it. "
Secretary: “Then what happens?”
Manager: “Then my body reacts and says ‘Who? Me? You must be joking.”

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