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 Mini English

1 20.02.2013
The difference of American and British English
chips (french fries) - картофель-фри film (movie) - фильм crisps (chips) - ч...
0 20.02.2013
Describe your mood
Tell to the world about your mood with this ready-made phrases! ;) Everythin...
0 20.02.2013
How to use articles?
Important things to keep in mind when using nouns are which article to use and h...
0 20.02.2013
It's time to repaet all the Tenses!
Tense Affirmative/Negative/Question Use Signal Wor...

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Do you know who I am?

I'm your new English tutor! Let's learn English with pleasure!

Do you have any problems?

I'm gonna help you anyway!

Here's a great number of interesting articles, good advice and nice people.

I must admit, that I like to work with bright guys, because I can't abide blockheads!


Every article, talk and things like that only in English

I don't  answer the questions that is asked in Russian or Ukrainian, or even Chinese



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