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Народный парк в Китае

так выглядит вход в парккрасотень, вообщебеседкиа еще там на катамаранах народ катаетсямне показалось, что это самодеятельностьузкими дорожкамивот это уже явно самодеятельность, здорово! У нас такого не увидишь

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Создан: 02.03.2007
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26.01.07 Sai-Baba and Republic Day in India


Понедельник, 12 Марта 2007 г. 13:36 + в цитатник
Vikram showed me this place. We visited almost every place there except going inside the temples. It was Republic Day and there were so many people there. If I were alone I could miss a way in this crowd. Vikram is 29 (or 28?), he is rather successful man, he even has his own business. I also got a good joy watching him arguing about price in different places. We usually don’t argue about price with sellers in Russia, so it was very new for me. He is very self-confident and reliable person, I like this qualities in men. In Shirdi I finally realized the price of money in India. For 10 rupia I could buy two fruits there and in other places to the south of expensive Delhi and Agra.

That days I realized I will be out of money soon. And I asked my parents to send me some more money (my trip was mostly sponsored by my boss, my job). In Shirdi there wasn’t a good cheap place to stay for me. So I decided after sightseeing to go to Aurangabad (to go to Ellora caves later as planned). We decided to meet again with Vikram and Rachna, we had the same time train in Sunday.

So I went to Aurangabad. And my alone trip by bus wasn’t something nice. It took only 3.5 hours, but there was two times somebody offered me narcotics, there were two different men, who tried to touch me. I even made a snap of one of them. I was so angry, I took my camera out of bag and made a picture. I said him ‘I would print this photo and put it on the wall; then when I would be in a bad mood I would throw knives in this face’. And this guy – he didn’t understand!! I even felt upset – it was so difficult for me to construct such sentence in English, and he didn’t understand this language!! Everything was just a waste of time. Then there was another man, and situation was near the same. When he also got down and there appeared a woman sitting next to me I felt better. But it was too early to feel safe… I was so happy when my bus trip was over. And in Aurangabad after 4 hotels with “no rooms available” I found a good place for 180 rupia per day only. It was warm water and warm nights there, I was so happy :)

I refused the offer to go next day by tourist bus to see 6 places including Ellora in 8 hours. And it also was a good decision.
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