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Создан: 24.06.2011
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Table of contents

Воскресенье, 26 Июня 2011 г. 16:20 + в цитатник

The real site contains English version of some the most interesting fragments of records of site -


01.REPORT about the done work on authorial to development on a theme "Researh
imynology mоdylation properties of ДЗУ-Cerpan
02.Our conference
03.Further realization of experiments for the rejuvenation
04.Increase of radiation powers due to the construction of complex (batteries) from a few devices of type of the Cerpan.
05.Cerpan it is a mean from radiation illness. Thereof was begun…..Resolution of the committee on experiments with an ionizing radiation.
06.Review of Cerpan applications for treatment of somatic disease .
07.Study of Cerpan radiations
08.Technical improvements we had done in Cerpan
09.Cerpan - the first well-known experiments.
10.Problems of rejuvenation
11.Cerpan treatment of herpes
12.About the temporal suspension of forming group of persons who are interested to rejuvenate features .
13.Treatment of diabetes by means of Cerpan
14.Treatment of podagra by means of Cerpan
15.Different types of device of the Cerpan
16.Cerpan - contacts
17.Cerpan - next answers on next questions
18.About the types of radiation of Cerpanа
19.About the fragments of film about Cerpan and Beridze - Stakhovsky
20.Answers for actings questions about occasion of Cerpan
21.Cerpan and some features of it medical application<=span>
22.Experiments carried out with CERPAN invented by Beridze - Stakhovsky
23.Cerpan and its real possibilities
24.Cerpan - result upon water
25. Commentary on the subject of Cerpan .


Experiments carried out with CERPAN invented by Beridze-Stakhovsky.

Пятница, 24 Июня 2011 г. 23:21 + в цитатник




Date of experiments


Content of experiments


Place  ofexperiments


Outcomes  ofexperiments







Impact on human blood

in vitro


Kiev Hematology Research Institute


*Candidate of Medical Science A. Yanovskaya recorded substantial  changes  of blood ferments

in vitro







Impact on drought-  and frost- resisting ability of plants.


Kiev Plant Physiology Research   Institute.


*Candidate of Biological  Science T. Reshetnicova recorded unique stimulation of immune  sj'stem of vine and wheat  after impact.







Impact on nucleus level


Kiev General and Inorganic Chemistry Research Institute.


*Candidate of Biological Science V. Teraovaya and Candidate of Biological Science T. Reshetnicova recorded great affect on magnetization of hydrogen nuclei  in seeds of wheat, tobaccos and buckwheat.







Impact on plants germination.


Kharkov Vegetable  and melon-growing Research Institute


*Candidate of Biological Science S.Bondarenko   recorded  200-250% increase of plant germination







Impact on drinking water.


Kiev Water Research Institute-


Candidate of Technical Science  O.Smirnov record effects of changes  in water conductivity  and hydrogen index . The number of intestinal  bacilli  in 1 m.1. of water decreased to 4 after impact as  compared with  111 in me  blank one.







Impact on plant photosynthesis


Kiev Hydrobiology Research Institute.


Candidate of Biological Science V. Yaroslavsky recorded affects on cell membrane potential  and changing of light and dark plant reactions.







Impact on plant characteristics. Investigation of impact nature. Comparative analysis of human and device   impact .


KishinevEcological Genetics Research   Institute. BIOTRON Research   Center.


Candidate of Physics and Mathematics S. Maslobrod recorded changes in all plant characteristics. Cell membrane potential underwent the greatest changes. Emanation possesses high capacity to practically penetrate through all barriers known in physics  including biological one.  Emanation was recorded to have wave  characteristics.  Human and device emanation  is  of the same  character







Impact on snail neurons.


MoscowPhysics  and Technical Research   Institute.


Candidate of Technical Science  D. Logunov and Candidate of Technical Science M. Konnov recorded the impact without official comment and interpretation.







Impact on bioinformational taxis.


Kiev Biochemistry Research Institute


Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Y. Levtchuk using the diagnostic facility   for laser correlation speclroscopy recorded  changes  up to 20%  as  compared with the  blank group.







Impact on animal resistance to ionizing radiation


MoscowAviation and Space Medicine Research Institute


Candidate  of Medicine  V. Nekrasov and  candidate of Medicine A.Strelchenko recorded differences in integral  radiobiological  indices as compared with me similar   indices in the blank group.






Impact on human blood

in  vitro


UkrainianCenterof Clinical   Immunology


**Professor,  Doctor of Medicine  G.Drannik   recorded  an increase of human immunity   to infection.






Evaluation of Impact efficiency on different parts of human immune system in simulated experiments


Ukrainian  Centerof Clinical   Immunology


Experiments were  conducted by Professor G.Drannik, Candidate of Medicine L. Kushko , Candidate of Medicine N.Listopad,  with  positive results, which are represented in the report of Odessa Center «Druzhba»






Complex research of the nature of impact on plants.


KishinevEcological Genetics Research   Institute. BIOTRON Research   Center


Experiments were  conducted by Candidate of Physics and Mathematics S. Maslobrod wim positive results which are represented in the report  of Odessa Center «Drudiba»



Вложение: 3885028_experiments_carried__out_with_long_4.doc


Researh imynology mоdylation properties of ДЗУ-Cerpan

Пятница, 24 Июня 2011 г. 18:35 + в цитатник



about  the done work on authorial

to development on a theme "Researh

imynology mоdylation properties of ДЗУ-Cerpan"





Leader of development

Director of republican

interdepartmental  scientific-

research center  of

КSRI of urology and nephrology

дoktor of мedical sciens                                                     Н.Драник



Responsible performers

Senior staff scientist


junior scientist                                                                   И.И.Озвинчук

junior scientist                                                                   К.К.Листопад

engineer                                                                             Е.Л.Прохневская





                         Kijv                                                24  of Decembers,  1991






1.Long-term storing device (ДЗУ-Cerpan)   at single influence is render reliable stimulant effect on an amount and functional activity of fagocytize cell.

2.Method of determination of functional activity  of маkrofags  on absorption of particles of lateks and method of determination of fermental activity of makrofags on renewal of nitrotetrazol dark blue the 2 methods, informational content of which for the exposure of effect of ДЗУ-Cerpan does not cause any doubt.

3.Under influence of ДЗУ-Cerpan odures the activating of functional activity of natural killers.

4.ДЗУ-Cerpan has the stimulant effects on the products of interferon  by immunocompetency cells  and promotes us amount in the serum of blood.

5.The effec, exerted by  ДЗУ-Cerpan, depends on the individual peculiarilies of operator, that shows up both in the degree of affecting functional activity of иммуноцитовand in selectivity of affecting one or another population of immunocompetent cell.

6. Unloaded ДЗУ-Cerpan (=onstruction), as a rule, has stimulant effect on mitogen-impres proliferation of T-cell. This suggess to suppose that the construction  itself  possesses certain potential of affecting  on immunocompetent cell.



1.It's nessesary to organize symposium  with invitation of potential sponsors, on which will be reported data, got  by immunologists, geneticists and radio-biologists.

2.We suppose to organize the meeting of Scientific counal with invitation of all specialists, working with ДЗУ-Cerpan, for the complex discussion of the got results and the development of  coordinated program  further researches.

3.Received data allow to recommend ДЗУfor application in a stock-raising and poultry farming for the correction of violations of functions of the immune system.

4.The results of the researches testify the possibility of application of ДЗУ-Cerpan in a clinic for treatment of patients with иммунозависимыми  diseases after working off charts and methods of influence.



        In the real researches the influence of single  influence of ДЗУ-Cerpan №1 and  2 was studied  possessing different characteristics, during 10 min. The  effect was registered  in 1-1.5 hour and in twenty-four hours. Taking into account that we used ДЗY-Cerpan №1, which was different on theconditions of charging, the conducted experiments were divided  into 2 series. It turned out to be  expedient  because  it allowed to take into account linear distinctions of the used mice and eliminate influence of seasonal factors. The first series of experiments were conducted in a spring-summer period  on the mice of series of СВА, and the second  - in fall-winter on the mice of series of С57 ВI.

      The analysis of the got data  testifies   expressed ability of ДЗУ-Cerpan №1 to activate the cells of monocytic-macrophage row. Already in 1 hour after the influence of ДЗУ№1 in both series of experiments is marked substantial increase of amount of fagozit  cells .  As it is obvious from  table. 1, the amount of fagocit  cells  increased greatly under the influence of ДЗУ-Cerpan, in the first series  by 82% / р< 0.02 /, and in the second  - by 65%  / р< 0.02 /  in relation to control. But the action of ДЗУ-Cerpan №2  does not cause the considerable changes  of this index which in the different series of experiments made 38.53%  and 39%  /in control according to 35.6 and 32.0 / р< 0.1 //. The increase of amount of фагоцитирующихcages  is accompanied by activation of their functional activity. The index of it the  indexes of НСТ-теsт, which characterize the level of fermental  processes in маkrofags. The results, presented in the table, testify that  under the influence of ДЗУ-Cerpan №1 in both series of experiments  there is a reliable increase more,  than in 2 times / of р< 0.02 /,  formazan of positive cells in ЦПА.

        It is not discovered the reliable changes of this indaks at the influence of ДЗУ-Cerpan № 2  /table. 1/.

        Thus ДЗУ-Cerpan №1 unlike  ДЗУ-Cerpan №2 as compared to the control  possesses the expressed ability to stimulate  makrofags, increasing as their amount  as activating  fermental processes in these cells. At the statistical analysis of effects of ДЗУ№1 and ДЗУ№2 reliable differences  were observed only in the first series of experiments, that reflects the beculiarily of charging of ДЗУ-Cerpan по-видимому.

      The decline of amount and  functional activity  of fagacit cells is marked in 24 hours. The dynamics of activity of фагоцитирующихcages is presented on рис.1



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