"I'm a bitch? No, I'm THE BITCH, so remember that!"

5 13.01.2008
Perry and JD
Love this guys.....
2 31.12.2007
Happy new year
happy new year!
2 23.12.2007
We are friends....sometimes....the most of times.
7 07.12.2007
Дневник Jordan_Sullivan
My name is Jordan Sullivan, and I'm Dr. Cox's acerbic ex-wife and current partne...

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I'm possibly the only person to top Dr. Cox in vindictiveness, coldness, and overall asshole-ishness, if that's a word. I have stated on several occasions that I "feel[s] dead inside" and seem to feel minimal emotions, if any. But despite my attitude, I am incredibly loyal to those I feel close to (whether this is out of friendship or sheer possessiveness is a different question, however).
I have a sister named Danni, who dated J.D., and a late brother named Ben who Perry's best friend. When J.D. first came to the hospital, we slept together before he knew who I was.My relationship with Cox is among the most complicated in the hospital. I am certainly his only rival for sheer sarcasm, and seemingly the only person able to effectively retort to Cox's many remarks and rants. Perry and I used to be married, but they divorced after I had an affair with Dr. Cox's former co-worker, Dr. Pete Fisher. Still, I managed to become pregnant with Dr. Cox’s son, Jack. Dr. Cox was unaware he was the father until some time after Jack was born. I had lied that I "...thought it was a Greek bellboy." Since then, Perry and I have rebuilt our relationship and now live together (though we have chosen not to get married), and I have shown myself to be a good mother. While raising Jack, we found out that our divorce had been unofficial so after attempting to live together as husband and wife we decided that it was necessary for us to remain separated in name. I just gave birth to our second child, a daughter. My pregnancy had some complications, but the baby pulled through. I named her, with J.D.'s prompting Jennifer Dylan. Her initials, as you see, are J.D. Oh let me tell you Perry just loved that one.


.fighting with perry being a mother to jack fighting with perry insulting others makeup scrubs sex with perry after fighting with him


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