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Can You Trace a MAC Address? - An ultimate guide

Пятница, 07 Декабря 2018 г. 18:52 + в цитатник
If your computer was stolen, but you know the MAC address of your network card, you can view the MAC address lookup or any central database that can detect the MAC address. Unfortunately you can not do this.
This is the same if someone stole your Wi-Fi and received your MAC address from the list of devices connected to your router. If you can see the MAC address and cross reference with the main list of people's names and addresses with a MAC address, they will be nice. This is not possible.
MAC addresses are not registered
As you can learn from acquaintances, computer makers and people familiar with computers, they do not need to register their MAC address with any centralized administration. Because of this, there is no way to find a stolen computer from a mac address or it is not possible to find any identity from that address.
Like the IP address, the MAC address has been assigned to the network device, and it can be easily started with a password prompt, such as a command prompt. B. Set up a tool On the other hand, they conflict with the IP address that can not be detected by the owner.
Search for a Mac Address
However, the MAC address has not been deposited anywhere with identifiable data, but there are ways to find MAC addresses to learn more. Anything you get can help you with more investigation and troubleshooting.
For example, you can use the MAC_Find website to find MAC addresses to find your seller information. If this works, you're one step ahead to learn more about the creator, but it does not really help to determine who is the master of MAC address.
On the local network, the ARP command can be used with switch to identify the device's MAC address. If you know the IP address, it works.
Arp -
You can try ARP-A for your list of IP / Mac combos. Find the MAC address you want to add to the IP address, and then run the tracker command with an IP address to identify the device's host name.
MAC address lockout
If your computer is stolen, MAC address is not helpful while locking. If someone stole your Wi-Fi, it could definitely be easy. When you block a MAC address, you explicitly allow only certain MAC addresses to connect to your network, which you actually do.
You can filter the mac address as filtering. In that moment you apply it to your router and use a device that does not match your approved MAC address, your WLN will be immediately removed.

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Пятница, 07 Декабря 2018 г. 18:48 + в цитатник
tech blogger, affiliate marketer, niche finder and a social worker.

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