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Создан: 02.01.2011
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How to get acquainted with the girls


Понедельник, 07 Ноября 2011 г. 10:18 + в цитатник
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As a representative of strong sex you have the right or the privilege at any time to approach a woman, while she was forced to just sit and wait. No matter how he looked this truth in the age of emancipation, men and women accept it as an inevitable reality. Women continue to wait for a lucky chance, and men can actively use all of the emerging opportunities.
Of course, the women often go to bars alone or with friends, and no one thinks of them as the miserable or down. But the man without a woman is something completely different. Carefree bachelor, which has not designated an interview for a week, but "removes" the girls in any place, in mood, has an intriguing romantic aura. This will help you escort kiev where you can choose the most beautiful girls for good time spending.
Due to the existing situation, the woman is much stronger strives to meet and keep a man than himself - have a constant girlfriend. The company initially inspires a woman that she loses the years of its attractiveness, while the bachelor of forty - the man in the prime of life. You should take advantage of this state of affairs.Think about it, when shyness will let you get acquainted with a woman. You are a man. If a woman fails you in getting you through a couple of seconds will be able to "remove "the other. But she might have to wait for two weeks, when her attention was the next man. Or even longer. You are in a more advantageous position, and yet because of free men is much less, than unmarried women. In America, for example, this difference is ten million! In Washington on the one bachelor has four unmarried women. In New York the ratio is three to one. If you were born a man, remember how lucky you are.
Twenty-five beauties say that they noticed a lack of free men. But these girls have special advantages. Can you imagine the situation of the ordinary, not so beautiful and talented women.Mary: "Many girls feel the shortage of men. Most of my friends met with one guy. On the strength of the two, if we're lucky. However, most of the guys I know, meets with eight-nine girls at the same time. It is unfair."
Gail: "a Significant part of modern girls believes that if they want to get new acquaintances, they must allow men "remove "them. Must demonstrate its availability. Among women there is a desperate competition. Therefore, many of them do not sit at home, and visit museums and bars. They want to be on the mind and use of the chances. Otherwise, the trophy will get a rival."
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