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Создан: 14.12.2008
Написано: 9

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Воскресенье, 14 Декабря 2008 г. 14:53 + в цитатник

When I meet new people, I'm trying to say something that could impress them... trying to jump from level 0 to 5, so that my position would be clear and hard to jeopardize. Sometimes I try so hard, that I shock instead of making a good appearance and frustrate myself to the point where I get to believe in having troubles at communicating with people. Once I was walking down the street, and I guy that made hotdogs on the street asked me:" Where are you from?"  I got defensive right away, and said it's none of he's business.. but he kept insisting on talking to me, so he asked me what my problem was? Automatically I said: "I can't communicate... I don't know how"... he kept insisting: "How many languages you speak?"... I answered: 5 ... then he gave me a very expressive look, in he's eyes there was a question: "You speak 5 languages and you complain of not being capable to communicate?" The paradox is that as weird as it sounds, it is so... the ability to communicate has nothing to do with how many languages you now, or how high is your IQ, though in many cases, it makes the conversation much better if you have a high IQ and you're spontaneous and have a sense of humor... Also, sometimes I'm wondering, why is it, that the state of mind I'm in... makes the difference, If I'm feeling good, then talking is not an issue, sense of humor is there... but it isn't always the same... I you're spontaneous you have the greatest chance to get along with others, if you're empathic it is also a chance to be a good listener an talker.. if you got charisma... doesn't matter what you're saying. if you're smart... ha. if you're smart, it doesn't give you any bonuses from the start, but it's very possible that you achieve some other qualities... smartness is the possession of information, intelligence is what antiques called: "The most important thing it is not how much you have in your head, but the way you're head is arranged by inside" ... but you can always be a smart ass, and people will say you're intelligent, if you fool them enough... I'm lost between this two... we tend to be wise, smart... and don't think about making our natural qualities grow to their maximum, intelligence is a natural treasure, smartness is something we grow with our own powers, only if our intelligence level aloud us to do this. Intelligence vs. smartness ... ???   


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