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2020 year. April 13, 2020 we are already 82 years old. But we are keeping a diary - Forum_ Polyglot _83 My name is Furman Eduard. And we call ourselves -Polyglot 83, Metarghem in Hebrew translator.
In 83 years we want to learn foreign languages, and communicate in a lively, human way with real, lively, intelligent, educated people from around the world in different languages.
In 2020, we highlight the issues of vegetarian nutrition, health, sport, love, friendship, humor and satire.
In 2020, we want to be independent, and express our own opinions on different issues of life in different languages.
4. Arabic
7.Russian    !
At the Forum, those who write this magazine can be real friends.
Sometimes we are told that some material is taken from someone ..
We will indicate the sources of our knowledge.
But the study of this knowledge is the result of our brains,
our attention and work.
We do not know much, but we want to learn a lot. 
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1.  Edy ,
2. Furman_Ed,
3.  Metargem75,


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