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What is the purchase guide for cement brick machine?

Суббота, 04 Августа 2018 г. 07:28 + в цитатник

Cement brick machine in the modern society, the use of the scope of the continuous expansion of its emergence and development of the formal promotion of the construction industry, the rapid development process, so many manufacturers will choose to use this machine, then cement brick machine purchase guide is what? What quality requirements do the equipment have to meet at the time of purchase? Let's look at the introduction below.
Cement brick Making Machine purchase guide:
When buying a machine, be aware that equipment transmission system to operate flexibly, can not have abnormal sound, each part of the situation can not be leaking oil, mechanical transmission part of the total infiltration point is not more than one, the hydraulic transmission part of the total seepage oil point can not exceed two; transmission system needs to use chain drive, Chain and sprocket can not be bitten by the situation, the chain tensioning device needs to be adjusted conveniently, reliable connection, and to have a good lubrication effect.
The transmission system also uses belt drive, belt wheel to be positive, force uniformity, but also to the aspects of the elastic adjustment, the Guide column lubrication good, with appropriate, when the operation does not appear card resistance, no shaking; hydraulic system components to arrange orderly, pipeline direction to be clear, regardless of neat, reliable connection, easy to assemble and test, Hydraulic oil maximum and ask not more than 60 degrees.
Purchase of cement brick machine needs to meet the quality requirements:
The paint of the machine should be very homogeneous, smooth and shiny, and the surface should be dry. Not sticky hands, and can not wrinkle skin, peeling, paint, flow marks, bubbles and other situations appear; The shell can not have hammer or surface projection, the edge should be round and smooth, the installation position to be correct, solid and reliable, parts of the external leakage site should be antirust treatment, Casting surface should be smooth and smooth, can not have sand holes, stomata, water, such as the projection of the flying edge Burr.
Weld should be very beautiful, can not have leakage welding, cracks, arc pits, slag, burn, bite meat and so on, the same weld width should be consistent, the maximum width and minimum width of the difference can not exceed the standard requirements.
This is the cement brick machine purchase guide, hope you can through these content to determine their own direction of purchase, of course, before the purchase, we need to know their real use needs, only in order to allow themselves to choose to meet their own use of the machine, but also to choose a professional reliable manufacturer, This will ensure the quality of the equipment.


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