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Создан: 16.06.2022
Написано: 87

Gen.G Wins the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational

Среда, 22 Мая 2024 г. 04:19 + в цитатник


중국 청두에서 열린 2024 MSI(미드 시즌 인비테이셔널)에서 우승을 차지한 젠지 e스포츠 미드 라이너 '쵸비' 정지훈(오른쪽)이 '캐니언' 김건부와 함께 우승컵을 들고 이동하며 환하게 웃고 있다. (라이엇게임즈 제공)
Gen.G Wins the 2024 MSI… Walking the ‘Golden Road’
Gen.G Esports, which participated in the 2024 MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) held in Chengdu, China as the first seed in the domestic League of Legends professional league LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea), defeated Bilibili, the first seed in the Chinese League LPL, in the finals on the 19th.
They won the championship by beating Gaming (BLG) with a set score of 3 to 1.
Gen.G won the LoL international championship trophy for the first time since its inception.
As a result, LCK won the MSI championship for the first time in 7 years since 2017.
This is the first time that an LCK team other than T1 has won MSI. 바카라사이트
In addition, Gen.G recorded its first international championship since it was newly founded by acquiring Samsung Galaxy in 2017.
Gen.G will challenge the 'Golden Road' by winning MSI following the 2024 LCK Spring.
Golden Road refers to the ‘Calendar Grand Slam’ of winning all competitions hosted by Riot Games held in a given year.
This is a feat that no team has yet achieved since the launch of the League of Legends Pro League.
Gen.G has currently conquered the domestic league spring competition and MSI, so if they win the domestic league summer split and the League of Legends World Championship (hereinafter referred to as Worlds) held at the end of the year, they will achieve an unprecedented 'Golden Road'.
As Gen.G achieved 'all wins' in the bracket stage, which is the finals of this MSI, there is a high possibility that Gen.G will be recorded as the best team of all time.
Gen.G won against BLG with a set score of 3 to 1, but the match was fierce.
In the first set, jungler ‘Canyon’ Kim Geon-bu brought out Jungle Karthus as a surprise card.
Gen.G was on the defensive, giving BLG the gold lead midway through the first set.
However, in the battle that took place 30 minutes later, they were able to focus and take out their opponents one after another, resulting in a come-from-behind victory.
In the second set, supporter Son ‘Lehenz’ Si-woo chose Blitzcrank and caught BLG off guard.
Son Si-woo continued to grow by killing the long-distance dealer Kim ‘Phase’ Soo-hwan’s Kalista.
Based on this, Kim Su-hwan's Kalista swept a whopping 28 kills in the second set alone and achieved a penta kill (single-handedly taking out all five players of the opposing team) at the end of the game.
The 28 kills Kim Soo-hwan recorded on this day is the most kills in a single set in the history of international LoL e-sports competitions.
In the 3rd set, BLG counterattacked. BLG, which brought about changes in ban picks such as mid laner Jayce, pushed Gen.
Gen.G also sharply targeted the opponent's gaps, but was unable to overturn the growth gap.
In the end, BLG took a breather by winning the third set.
Gen.G, who lost the 3rd set, showed tighter management in the 4th set and took the game to their advantage.
However, after the main object, Baron Nashor, was stolen in the middle of the game, they lost a large-scale battle and the game was on the verge of ending.
However, the resurrected Soo-hwan Kim and others succeeded in defending the Nexus, and later, Ki-in Kim's Rumble and Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon's Azir showed meticulousness in thoroughly blocking the opponent's backdoor.
In the end, Zenji, who calmly pushed his opponent, succeeded in hunting the elder dragon and won the ensuing battle, winning with a set score of 3 to 1.
Meanwhile, Gen.G confirmed its advancement to the 2024 World Cup with this win. Riot has decided to grant the winning team a direct ticket to Worlds starting from this MSI.
However, in order for Gen.G to maintain this privilege, it must advance to at least the playoffs in the domestic league's summer competition.
As a result, a total of four LCK teams, including Gen.G, will be able to participate in Worlds.
The LPL, which includes runner-up BLG, also received one additional seed, and a total of four teams will participate in Worlds.
All five of Gen.G's main players won MSI for the first time. Jungler ‘Canyon’ Kim Geon-bu reached the top of the international competition four years after winning the 2020 World Cup.
As a result, Kim Geon-bu won the LCK, MSI, and Worlds, earning him the honor of a 'Career Grand Slam'.
Ki-in “Ki-in” Kim, Ji-hoon “Chovy” Jeong, Soo-hwan “Phase” Kim Soo-hwan, and Si-woo “Lehends” Son all recorded their first international championships.
Supporter Son 'Lehenz' Si-woo, who was very active with Blitz Crank, was selected as the MVP of the final match against BLG.


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