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, 08 2012 . 22:15 +
"For me hotness was a complicated matter, involving brains, humor, and some other things..."(IA)



, 07 2012 . 00:52 +
Devoured Kalayna Price's Alex Craft novels in 3 days. Now that I have free time on my hands I've been reading all the books I downloaded during my thesis-rage, some were quite good, like Firelight by Kristen Callihan and First Bitten by Samantha Towle, now I'm onto Jess Haines series that I discovered along with Alex Crft novels when the most recent books in both series came out, I think I'll add them both to my looooong list of series to keep up with...I really wish most of the writers did trilogies...
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Things I don't like in annotations and some

, 27 2012 . 00:08 +
It always amuses me when annotation to the book ends with something like:
"She will find ....(insert hope, love, a shoe etc) or will she find her death?"
"His\her secret will lead to their deaths..."
"She'll find out just how dangerous it will be..."
"blah blah blah, or will it cost her her life?"

And other creeptastic lines like that, I understand that they set up the intrigue, smth to lure the reader, but I can't stop rolling my eyes everytime I read smth along these lines.

Oh, there's another thing that I usually don't like in books, when the chapter ends with something like:
"But they didn't know yet, that everything will go downhill from there..."
"And that would be the last time they will feel so happy..."
"They had no idea that everything was about to change drastically..."

And other lines that predict impending doom. Why? Why? WHY do you need to spoil their happy times for me? I don't wanna know beforehand that the shit will hit the fan, I don't! It's not gonna make me turn the next page faster.

And the last, but not least, cause it always makes me laugh, is annotation that goes like:
"She (usually it's some poor schoolgirl) knew she didn't belong, and all she wanted to do was to graduate as soon as possible and live a simple quiet life so that no one would know that ... (insert she was half-fairy\a witch\a dragon\a werebug\had some super freakish abilities etc.) But then this mysterious guy transfered to her school and suddenly she was drawn to him and..." blah blah blah he had some secret that she just had to know, and of course he was interested in her and he will become the cream to her coffee or whatver but they will unleash a ton of problems before be together and blah blah... MY GOD! I see annotations with this same plot so often, it just baffles me - CAN'T THEY COME UP WITH SOMETHING MORE ORIGINAL???? Gah!


News flash

, 09 2012 . 18:35 +
- John Mayer
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, 14 2012 . 18:18 +
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Clockwork Prince , , Infernal Devices , Mortal Instruments. - , ... , - . Chloe Neill - Dark Elite, Maria V. Snyder - Healer's Touch , , , Study Glass, ... - , , , (, , , , )

Kandee Johnson Brazilian butt-lift)) , , , , , 10 , , 3 . , , .. . , V .....

Ramen Girl , )) .
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i just can't

, 09 2011 . 13:18 +
images (183x276, 11Kb)
God, I love urban fantasy, but even in this genre there is one thing I completely cannot stand - zombies. I know, I know, it may seem funny, but it's true. I just can't read books about zombies and apocalypse and all that, it creeps me out. Maybe it's because when I was younger and watched Resident Evil, I found it really scary. And just the thought of a person losing his...his..mind and soul just because of a stupid bite is creepy, and that he starts...well... eating everything, it's just plain horrifying. I think, I also cannot fathom reading books about zombies, due to my reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth....I couldn't stop, because, well, it's a very well written book, and I just had to know, if the protagonist will stay alive, but still....it's a wonder I didn't have nightmares after it.
It's just that I started reading Amanda Hocking Hollowland with similar plot, and realized that I just couldn't read it.


it's never late for a little update

, 25 2011 . 22:26 +
So, life goes on. Since i last updated this blog, I had a job offer I declined and another job offer I accepted, so now I'm at least doing something AND it's connected to my specialization - I'm a supervisor and a guide on an exhibition (People and the City), and even though most works are contemporary I like it. And the money is good, though I still have yet to see it, and then I'll finally buy a new laptop, maybe Mac)) Other than that nothing else is different.
I'm reading mostly stuff on artists featured on the exhibition and some occasional novel, btw latest anthology Angels of Darkness had one great Ilona Andrews's story in it, and I'm still waiting on the new book of The Edge series and have no idea about anything else upcoming.
Btw watched yesterday some new movie with Milla Yovovich, though she's not my favourite actress she wasn't so bad in this Faces in the Crowd or smth like that, and the script was quite good. And What's Your Number with Anna Faris was funny but veeery predictable.


Jane by April Lindner

, 20 2011 . 20:52 +
Finally and absolutely unexpectedly found Jane by April Lindner. I wanted to read it for a while after Meg Cabot mentioned it on her facebook page. I agree with author that Jane Eyre (which happens to be my favourite book of all times) is much more unappreciated in comparison with Jane Austen novels, though it's more intense which is likable and appealing nowadays. So even if I'm a little prejudiced against remakes and retellings of classic novels in a modern way, I'm still curious how April Lindner will twist and turn the storyline and characters fitting them in the present time but without losing the charm of their prototypes. Currently I love to feel that I know all basic plotlines but not how they will be executed. And it's confusing to find it so dear to me but at the same time totally unfamiliar. We'll see how it goes.
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I just love urban fantasy

, 19 2011 . 00:25 +
update on what i've read and what about to read

in Taiwan i actually managed to read some books!
1. Firespell and Hexbound by Chloe Neill. I loved it. It was smart, funny and refreshing. Also I was wary to read it after small dissapointment on her Chicagoland Vamps series, but I'm glad it turned out a very interesting read. Can't wait for the 3d book, though it's so far away (Jan 2012)
 (310x500, 11Kb)

2. Sea Glass and Spy Glass by Maria V Snyder who is now officially one of my most favourite authors. Seriously. Her plotlines are always twisted and intriguing. And she always finds a way to make you relate to the main character even in some quite confusing relationship situations. I got so captivated that I even reread the Study series.

3. Though not on Taiwan, but sometime before also read one book worth mentioning - Hexhall by Rachel Hawkings. Though more young than adult oriented with some cliched twists in a story it was memorable and now that the 2nd book - Demonglass is out I will read it with pleasure.

(not urban fantasy but still very much worth reading are The Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale, which again I've found on 4shared, that I'm thankful for every day. The books are fairytaleish, and I've always had a soft spot for those, but not the syrupy sweet kind)

A LOT of books from authors I'm keeping eye on have come out recently, so I'm giddy and excited and have no idea what should I read first so I'll just give you a list

1. Outside In by Maria V Snyder, I couldn't believe how awesome the first book of the Inside Out series was, though I'm not a particular fan of sci-fi, I guess it just happened to be found at the right time after I've watched City of Ember, which has a lot of parallels with Inside Out, and after I started reading it I couldn't stop. It just pushed all my right buttons. The strongheaded heroine caught in a middle of mutiny, reluctant to become a leader but still becoming one. Some mysteries to unveil and some riddles to solve. What's not to love?
 (316x497, 31Kb)

2. Archangel's Consort by Nalini Singh. That was a shocker cause I was pretty sure that the series ended with the second book. But it's a very nice surprise! Can't wait to read in what danger Elena will end up again. Oh I hope there's gonna be a lot of danger, and good bed scenes, Nalini Singh knows how to write them hot
 (500x500, 53Kb)
and btw I loathe this cover

3. Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs continues! With River Marked which I was delighted to see when randomly checked out her site. Mercy Thompson was one of the first werewolves series I've read and loved and still reread from time to time.

4. Secrtes of the Demon by Diana Rowland. It took her long time to release this one. The 3d book of the series that have a lot of detective and cop stuff in them, cause Diana Rowland herself is a retired detective(!) And this ex-cop has quite an imagination! The atmosphere of the first 2 books was great, the bed scenes hot and the storyline interesting to follow.

So I've got some stuff to read! And something to kill time while waiting on new releases from Ilona Andrews, Chloe Neill, Amanda Hocking, Tate Hallaway, Katie MacAlister, Kiersten White, Maggie Stiefvater, Richelle Mead and Lilith Saintcrow


, 28 2011 . 14:46 +
I don't really know what to do, cause I packed my bags like month ago, I still have to write one stupid report but I just can't bring myself to do it (so I guess as usual I'll do it on the last day, yup that's me - procrastinating away)
I'm not really nervous at all, still sad about the bombing in Domodedovo, it was quite a shock for me, cause I love airports, and DME was the one I always departed from, so it's hard to wrap my mind around such terrible thing happening in, pretty much, my favourite place...
Gonna get visa today, at least I really hope so. Still need to buy some souvenirs, mostly food (yes, vodka included) and really need to write that report....urgh, trust university stuff to spoil my last weekend here...

btw, reading Amanda Hocking series My Blood Approves - and it's so surprisingly good!! It kinda has some plot parallels with the infamous Twilight, but it's like tons better and more interesting, just reading it I can't believe how and why I even fell for Twilight, seriously, for me it became one of these embrassing things, kinda like something stupid you did in childhood but you never like to confess that you did it.


, 21 2010 . 22:18 +
I love it. I love it when you read a good book, and you know it's good and you enjoy it thoroughly. I love the anticipation that comes when you think you're close to climax, that one moment that (if it's written right) will send you in awe for a couple of seconds. I'm in that moment now, which came totally unexpected and damn, IT WAS GOOD. You gotta put Leah Cypess's Mistwood on your "to read" list, don't know the ending yet, but I'm pretty sure it won't disappoint me.



, 19 2010 . 22:53 +
 (300x450, 60Kb)
At laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast 18th may came and went and on 19th amazing ppl uploaded the 5th Vampire Academy book to the internet. I'm reading it right now, and already wondering how will I endure myself till the 6th(and supposedly last book) that'll come out only in december (argh...this is so upsetting)
(well what will surely cheer me up is the new Kate Daniels book that'll come out in june. and still....(((


, 14 2010 . 22:50 +
for those who also likes to read URBAN FANTASY BOOKS (and i'm totally addicted to them)
I can recommend
-Ilona Andrews - Kate Daniels series (right now 3 books and one side novel) - these I highly recommend, they're smart, funny and the plot is very intimidating.

- Patricia Briggs books are amazing, especially love Mercy Thompson series.

- Rachel Vincent's werecats series (4 books right now). Love these too
if you read all of the above you probably figured out, that I prefer strong, tough main heroines, that can stand their own. Love them to pieces))

And I found THE WORST book of this genre I've ever read - it was Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Messy plot, all the time I read I thought just how stupid the main heroine was, and just prayed that maybe in the next chapter it'll get better. Well...it never did. So people DON'T LET THE PRETTY COVER FOOL YOU!!!

Btw currently started reading non-fantasy books also and became a huge Meg Cabot fan
especially her Boy series, reading them I've spent probably couple of the funniest hours of my life, because they're absolutely hilarious))

and her books for teens are good too, maybe too sweet for my taste, but reading them it occured to me, that if I had teen-kids I wouldn't mind if they read these, although they're about american teens, and their mentality are so different from ours.

I found out that I have about a thousand books on my laptop now(all in english, most urban fantasy), and I've read only like 200 of them))

About good series I've watched lately.

-Moonlight, bought it on dvd very very good quality, but I didn't know what to expect. Well I liked it very much. The lead actor is charming. It was interesting to watch, though a pity that there is only 1 season. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0955346/

-I will not begin telling you about all the greatness of this show, you can watch Lie To Me and see it for yourself. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1235099/

-Dollhouse, oh, the Dollhouse is so very very intimidating and so very captivating, I can barely contain myself till the next episode. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1135300/

-Started watching Pushing Daisies, the pilot ep was so sweet that I actually was rolling on my bed, saying how sweet it is. Although i already know that they closed it after 2 seasons and the end was..well, a huuuge cliffhanger, so I think I'll only watch the first season. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0925266/

hmmm, I think there was something else
oh yes

-Being Erica, I watched only first season, but it was interesting, really like the main idea - to go back and change mistakes you made in the past. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1149608/

at last I bought Grey's Anatomy on dvd, the whole 5 seasons))))))



, 15 2009 . 19:07 +
VA is officially out in russian along with Frostbite)))))
I'm still hanging out on DA, and I'm drawing! Yay!!!
For last couple of weeks have been mercilessly flunking university, but I'm really gonna try and straighten myself)))
Really liked the new korean drama You're Beautiful, it made me laugh so hard sometimes))))
At last I found so inconveniently forgotten source of e-books and really happy about it.
Recently haven't been reading any urban fantasy books, instead I've fallen deeply for Robin McKinley fairytales and finally I've been able to discover some Gail Carson Levine audiobooks!!
Manga addiction is ceasing gradually (Thank God)
I've reacknowledged with full force my deep love for Alanis music and am frequently listening to her))
I noticed that when I draw I prefer listening to classical music, it suits great as a background.
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, 24 2009 . 01:23 +
"" urban-fantasy , , . .
, - 80 . . .

- Cast - House Of Night - http://www.houseofnightseries.com/
- Kimberly Raye - Dead End Dating ( )) - http://www.kimberlyraye.net/vampire/books/index.htm
- Jenifer Rardin Jaz Parks


brrr + books

, 08 2009 . 21:38 +
 (291x500, 41Kb)
! ...
, , 9 ,
3 .. !
. - Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost, : - , , Bones! ! , ))) , , )) , 3 , 4.
- The Host? , , -, , ! , . , (( , (( 4- VA ( ), 5((( , 17 , 12 , - , , , , , .
, urban fantasy Melissa Marr( Jeaniene Frost, )) tattoo faeries, 1 Wicked Lovely, ))2 Ink Exchange, Fragile Eternity 21 )))
 (250x378, 20Kb)  (250x378, 44Kb)
 (250x375, 27Kb)


Maximum Ride!!!

, 26 2009 . 20:31 +
 (534x699, 120Kb)
by James Patterson
Fell in love with these series)))

The plot follows the adventures of Maximum Ride (more commonly known as Max), a headstrong fourteen year-old, and her group of human-avian hybrids (otherwise known as the Flock): Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy (Gasman), and Angel , who have been the subjects of experiments leaving them 98% human and 2% avian. The experiments were conducted at a facility known as "The School", located in Death Valley, California. The flock is being hunted down by "Erasers"(human-lupine (wolf) hybrids), and later "Flyboys"(Robot Erasers), that were also created at the School. The Flock works towards protecting the world from domination by mysterious figures, who have also shown an interest in their capture.
 (699x609, 130Kb)



, 17 2009 . 20:26 +
, LJane Smith. . , Vampire Diaries, , , )))) 4 , 3 . , . , 3 , , , . , .
, Dark Visions , , , , , . , .
, . , , ( ))) 12 , , (!) 17 , . - Merry Gentry, , 7 ( ))))
Maybe i became obsessed with this kind of books, but i like it))
, - , , , , ( , ) )))


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