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"√рамматика "


„етверг, 05 Ќо€бр€ 2015 г. 06:01 + в цитатник

"√рамматика "

—егодн€ в  лубе " –ечь" была тема "√рамматика"
ћое выступление признано лучшим и € получила статуетку ќскар .
 »так, читай по английски .

Mister Chairman, members , guests

 Grammar is  base of any language .

When I started to lean English grammar I have written some rules for myself .

The first rule :Never play with letters because you do not know what word they getting to make.

The second rule   is to have a correct pronunciation !

Or you can cut wool from a ship instead a sheep. At the same time, don’t attempt to cross any oceans on a back of a sheep, they are not very buoy-ant.

 The third :       Be careful with plural words

If you have only one tooth it means you have lost your other teeth And – one woman saw one sheep .How many sheep did two women see? Remember : Two women saw two sheep ,

Four : believe in unbelief-vable of the English Grammar :

Believe: that your nose or your fridge could run.   Your money can be short, food can be run out. You mobile can be…out of juice.

The fifth rule : use correct punctuation or you can eat your Granny.There is a big difference between to following two sentences: Let’s eat grandma. And. Lets eat, Grandma.

Finally  -My last  rule :Never make grammar mistakes.



My English teacher gave me same examples how her students wrote :

.• Australian kangaroo has a pocket on his stomach to hide there in a case of danger.

Butler open the gate and two horses come in . They  were two sons  of Duke: John and Bill. .

s. Girl and dog barking happily, seeing her Father

Children came to their parents and were  introduced each other

There were a few  people at the bus stop and one  woman

The last thing he will do is going to die 

Dostoevsky made the heroine of his novel pregnant


• The doctor gave to lady drops, and she immediately passed out.

• From fear his soul went to the shoes.

 The guitarist picked up his guitar and began to play with her.

This  Poet suffered trinity which consisted in the fact that he was standing with one foot in the past, the other welcomed the future, and between his legs was a terrible reality.

 Leo Tolstoy often went to look the oak, which he looked  like as two peas.

The days flew every day overtaking each other.

Napoleon was sick and  died on Saint Helen

Pete, was sent here for a suicide.

Hedgehog, and swallow helps the gardener to eat insects.

• He took the knife and shot himself. 

Oct 2015 043 (700x525, 292Kb)

–убрики:  мои выступлени€ в –острум клубе


English :Topic: The review of book, TV show, or movie.


ѕонедельник, 20 јпрел€ 2015 г. 08:30 + в цитатник


получена "—татуетка ќскар " за лучшую речь.

 Topic: The review of book, TV show, or movie.

Mister Chairman, Lady, Gentlemen, guest

I am a member of two book clubs: one in Narooma for 7 years and another at the Woden Library for 5 years. Usually I review two books every month.

A review of a book, depends on what the reviewer is trying to accomplish. Reviews of books could be to convey information, for example to advise that the book has been released, for advertisement or to promote discussion.

 I write my reviews to achieve the latter.

Firstly I look at the story of book. For example, Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky. 

         Crime :  a young man killed an old women for money .  Punishment : He was sent to prison to Siberia for many years. But it is not the main idea of this book.

I believe the main theme of the book is Love. It is not punishment, but love that helped to return this young man back to people, to a normal life.

“Infidel” by Ayaan Ali was a very popular over the last couple of years.

My short review of this book:

‘The main idea of this book was to show the spiritual growth of Muslim woman.

We saw how a girl from a remote village in Somalia became a fighter for the freedom and independence of Muslim women.

  There has been millions reviews of movie Anna Karenina based on the novel By Leo Tolstoy.

There were 14 movies ‘Anna Karenina’ made for one hundred years  -between 1911 and 2012.

Only 7 movies were Hollywood movies. Some of the stars were Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh andRalph Richardson. Russia has made four movies.

Even now, millions of reviews have conflicting points about this movie.  Who is Anna Karenina?  Was she a victim of rules of high society or a selfish woman, making life miserable for her two children and her husband?

In my opinion she  was a negative person. 

Finally, in my reviews for discussion, I write about the main idea of a book, what I loved and hated about it, my attitude and even criticism.

Thank you 



–убрики:  мои выступлени€ в –острум клубе


To lean English : my speech in RC " On-line or classroom lessons .


—реда, 04 ћарта 2015 г. 10:42 + в цитатник

Topic  : Online or classroom lessons


Mr Chairman, ladies, gentlemen and guests

All the knowledge of mankind has accumulated during its existence can be taught on the online lessons.

Nowadays there can be a student studying online in any country. Online students can see scientific processes that are not visible to the human eye. For example, the processes occurring on the surface of the sun, or break down of the atom, the electron motion in the electric wires or atomic processes of chemical reactions. All of these cannot be shown during lessons conducted in the classroom.

 You see that Online lessons can have unlimited information and show various invisible scientific processes in a virtual world. Online Lessons are unrestricted by time, space or by the number of students.

People learn in the real world by using all of their five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Is it possible to study a painting or to learn the art of illustration from only the Internet? The real picture keeps the spirit of the artist, their style, looking at the picture we feel: admiration, excitement and empathy.

                Is it possible to explore the architecture or nature online? Can we smell of the forest ?

Can we feel of the fresh wind or touch a fish from the lake in the Virtual World?? 

The surgeon must practice to learn to do surgery.  We can receive professional skill only in the class.

You see that class lessons are the scientific processes in the real world. These are the connections between science and actual experience. Obtaining the professional skills of a surgeon or a plumber (as examples) cannot be obtained in online

The question is online or class lessons,

 my answer :  both of them online and class lessons. 

–убрики:  мои выступлени€ в –острум клубе


learning English : My speach in Pablic Speaking Club


„етверг, 12 ‘еврал€ 2015 г. 01:35 + в цитатник

learning English : My speach in Pablic Speaking Club.

Roger Gave me a topic "Tell a story from your life".

So I went back to my past.
And what did I see there?

My Job , my hobbies , my weekends , my friends , my travels.
> But one of the most amazing and gorgeous experiences in my life was an excursion to Petergof with my mother.
> At that time I was eleven years age.
> It is impossible to describe by words the music and architecture I saw.

I‘ve brought some pictures to show you.

/ I show some pictures /
> Petergof was founded in 1714 by Peter the Great.
> Peter saw Versailles when he traveled to France and was quite impressed.
> But he conceived his own fountain complex on a much grander scale.
> In total, there are 150 fountains and four cascades.
> The main and the most amazing cascade is called the Great Cascade

and is situated in front of the Great Imperial Palace

> When the sun is shining, it is a fantastic view of the Great Cascade
> with its gilded figures glistening in the sun,
> springs of sparkling water, white statues ,
> green colour of trees and the whole glamor that is felt in everything.

> . This amazing plase  you will not be able to find anywhere in the world, not even in Versailles.
> On my daughter’s 10th birthday, I along with my mother, took her to see this amazing place. It was a birthday gift for every one .

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lean English : packing for the trip.


—реда, 07 январ€ 2015 г. 11:47 + в цитатник

My speech : packing for a trip

Mister Chairman , members and Guests .

         I never thought that packing is such a serious subject. However, I had got some problems in the past. For example, if I pack a lot of clothes for the trip, it would never leave my suitcase. If, on the next trip I take little clothes, then it is not enough and I have to buy some

           Luggage could be unusual packed . Famous naturalist Jerald Darrel parked the  ZOO in his luggage.  A book  "A Zoo in My Luggage" is        Jerald Durrell's account of his attempt to set up his own zoo, after years spent gathering wild  animals for other zoos.

        A cat was found inside the luggage of a lady. It is assumed that the cat got into the bag when she was packing. The airline Air Canada, was very kind  let the cat to fly  home for free.

                Munich airport staff detained an elderly lady who was carrying a skeleton of her brother in her luggage. She told the officials that she was fulfilling the last wish of
 her brother, who died 11 years ago - to be buried in their native land of Italy.


         If you are going to other country, you have to lean very well about the  country  which you planned  to visi,t then you never have the  problems in packing .Australia is only country with free public toilets. People  must pay money for using public toilets in Europe. Australian man  was going to go  to France and said to his wife :”Put, please,  toilet paper in my case".    "Why?"   –wondered his wife , “ Because there are in France toileting worth the money”,- answered man.

       I saw that in Europe airports the luggage can be packed in plastic, it costs 6.0 EUR , People waited in a long line to get it done . One person asked:” Why do they do it?”

Someone very loudly explained:- “Because then the dogs do not smell drugs”. The face of costumer officer turned to stone .

        Yesterday I opened Google and found out many interesting facts about packing clothes and shoes for a trip. There are a lot of lessons in packing.  And even special courses being taught in England and France . The main advice  is : while packing for a trip keep in mind the purpose of your trip and then you never pack shoes with long heels instead ski boots

Proper packing is basis of a good trip












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Lean Englih : my speach at the New Year's Party today.


ѕонедельник, 15 ƒекабр€ 2014 г. 00:16 + в цитатник

(There is a New Year's party At the Rostrum Club today . Everyone has 1 minute for short speach.)

Mister Chaiman , Ladies  and Gentlemen ,

 merry Christmas and happy New Year for you !

                Everyone knows  A word BABYSHKA .

it is grandma in English . Dedushka is grand dad .

  In Russia Santé Claus names  DEdushka Forest .

He’s always with granddaughter Snegurochka , Snow Maiden

The best  New Year's parties were in my childhood

and here in Canberra  at the  Russian club.

And many years ago it was in the restaurant.

Someone had  eaten our meal while my husband and I danced. 

 Thank you .


108749396_ar7sh87 (450x550, 515Kb)

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÷вет и искусство


¬оскресенье, 16 Ќо€бр€ 2014 г. 13:37 + в цитатник

÷вет ...÷вет сделал наш мир прекрасным и неповторимым .

÷вета радуют глаза и вохищают души.

 ак много можно сказать о цвете : сочeтание цветов в одежде, в интерьере , лечение цветом, цветомузыка

я раcскажу вам о роле цвета в искусстве

÷вет декораций , костюмов  актеров в полном сочeтании с содержанием пьесы , балета или оперы . Вспомним балет Ћебединое озеро . –ассвет на озере - светлые тона , происходит рождение любви ..   

the-best-of-swan-lake1 (480x309, 120Kb) 

—ледующа€ сцена : бал в честь совершен нолети€ принца , по€вл€етс€ черный Ћебедь в образe ќдетты ,черный лебедь это обман, злo, тревога. —нова озеро - ночь , приглушенный цвет ночи , борьба добра со злом

17 (646x402, 380Kb) 

ѕостепенно краски светлеют ,  наступает рассвет  –победа добра над злом .

16swan lake (602x431, 355Kb) 

         Kогда € прослушала оперу "ћанон " театра ћетрополитен , конечно несказанное восхищение голосами јнечки Ќетребко и ѕетра Ѕeszala. Ќо костюмы и цвета ! Ёто абсолютное сочeтание с содержанием оперы и нельз€ не отметить талант костюмера

»так посмотрим почему мен€ так очaровали коcтюмы и их цвет в опере "ћанон "

ѕерва€ сцена : девушку посылают из деревни в монастырь на исправление поведени€ . она в сером  ,может даже с чужого плеча, костюмчике . Ќо ее красота , молодость , жизнерадостность не позвол€ют замечать ее ужасную одежду . каждый мужчина попадает под ее обо€ние .

untitledmanon (320x700, 238Kb)

Втора€ сцена - любовь и секс и счастье . Ќаслаждение друг другом затемн€ет все вокруг и нет забот на какой подушки они сп€т , что ед€т и во что одеты . ћанон в белой коротенькой рубашки, подчеркивающей ее сексуальность



“реть€ сцена . ћанон -куртизанка , она в бесвкусном розовом с кружевами платье. ѕустота, фальшь и притворство исходит из ее движений.

mqdefault manon 2 (320x180, 38Kb) 

„етверта€ сцена . ћанон узнает ,что ее любимый с гор€ ушел в монастырь . ќна пон€ла ,что разбила судьбу ему и себе . ќна идет в монастырь и упрашивает его вернутьс€ к ней . ќн отчаенно боретс€ с собой . он дал обет служению Ѕогу . ќна - в белом , он в черном . ƒва контрастных цвета олецетвор€ют борьбу двух противоположностей .

manon6 (400x400, 209Kb) 

≈е победа,  их  взаимна€ любовь ,  счастье, успех и деньги.
Все это олецетвор€ет красный цвет
» ћанон, конечно, в красном платье.  

Manon1112_33 (475x700, 307Kb) 

Ѕывший любовник обь€вил ћанон в нечесной игре в карты . ≈е сажают в тюрьму . В последней сцене серый гнетущий цвет декораций, тревожно-печальна€ музыка , ћанон  в рваном бесформенном длинном сером пальто. В ее последней арии тоска , печаль, беспредельна€ любовь а этот гнетущей серый цвет усиливает впечатление слушателей последнй сцены. 
√лубоко несчастна€ ,больна€ ћанон прощаетс€ с любимым и умирает .
  —ерый цвет  усиливает   трагедию ћанон.


Manon_Met-5 (700x467, 370Kb) 

             ≈ще € рассказывала о картине Ван √ога " Ќочное кафе "
 Ван √ог писал не картины , он на самом деле рассказывал истории красками и даже обь€сн€л в записках , о чем его картина .  







–убрики:  мои выступлени€ в –острум клубе


”чи English : мо€ речь о ѕервой ћировои ¬ойне


—реда, 10 —ент€бр€ 2014 г. 04:54 + в цитатник

Mister Chainman , members , guests


The most terrible thing in human history is war .

 In this 2014 most country over the world will mark 100 year od beginning the first World War


38 STATES FOUGHT at the First World War  1914 - 1918 

More than 10 million lives were lost

Russia lost more than 6 million lives.

.France, England and Russia fought against Germany , Austria Italy


 At the first time  Russian army retreated, but in 1916 Russian Amy began moving  The Germany Army back across the lines..

On March 1, 1917 the  Russian Army  was ready for the general offensive all along the front  line. But a week  before in February the Bolsheviks made a revolution in Petrograd (Now St Petersburg) .

the Bolshevik’s   propaganda was down with the war  as result the numerous solders thrown down the weapon and deserted.

 The offensive  of  the  Russian Army collapsed.

The Russian army failed, had a lot of dead and prisoners.

.Since October 1917, the Bolsheviks came to power. In March 1918, they concluded

with Germany "Brest Peace"  which was very unfavorable for  Russia .Russia lost  all

West lands and paid  the huge contribution by gold to Germany  .

Germany lost the war. Russia lost the war the losing country

 Please look at the maps


 The Map of Europe was changed , There were the new states  Polish ,including west Belarus and

west Ukraine . Czechoslovak, Hungary,  Romania  Yugoslavia, Austria , Finland.

 The Second World War took away 22million  lives of Russian people .

I will read you the most popular poem writing 1941 by Simonov

 It was the most imported thing for every solder  that his wife or bride honestly waits for him . 

ѕревью ѕревью
–убрики:  мои выступлени€ в –острум клубе




¬торник, 03 »юн€ 2014 г. 17:34 + в цитатник

Alfred Nobel

 The Nobel Prize is extremely well-known all over the world,

 But  the person Alfred Nobel  behind it remains relatively unknown

Let’s me shortly tell

YOU  about Alfred Nobel..

Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm1833. His father Immanuel Nobel was a  talented  inventor, but he became  bankrupt and went to Russia to St. Petersburg with his family: wife and his three sons :  

Robert is 19 , Ludvig is 14 and Alfred is 9 years old.

At that time St Petersburg was a world metropolis, alive with scientific, social, and cultural life. The famous artists, sculptors, architectures, scientists and workers came to St. Petersburg to earn a good money.

Alfred Nobel’s father, Immanuel  struck lucky . He invented the underwater mines

On  that time Russia was in war with Turkey.  Immanuel had a lot  of military orders and In a few years he had had  a few industrial plants and very good money.

Nowadays, one of his plants- Metallic plant, is the main plant in St Petersburg.

. Immanuel also gave a good education to his sons . Alfred fluency spoke in five languages: Sweden, English, Russian , German and French. Alfred was interested in   In father’s invention , this was reason that Immanuel took the best chemical teachers for Alfred and later sent Alfred to French for study 

After 17 years  Immanuel , Alfred and youngest his son  Emil, left Saint Petersburg and returned to Stockholm

Oldest son, Robert, remained in St. Petersburg. With some difficulties he managed to LOOK AFTER the family enterprise and then went on to develop the oil industry in the southern part of the Russian empire. He was very successful and became one of the wealthiest persons IN RUSSIA  of their time.

 He was named as a king of oil. .

Alfred was extremely interested in  explosives. Alfred experimented with explosives; he used nitro-glycerine, a highly explosive liquid. ,

Once the terrible event has happened :  the building, where Alfred worked, exploded, 4 workers and his younger brother Emil  in  24 age were killed. 

 There was a demonstration on the streets .  Citizens were against more experiments by Alfred.

Alfred felt his fault in the deaths  of his young brother and four workers .

Alfred felt depression and  was upset during his life .

But he continued his experiments,  he refused to use nitro-glycerine and invented dynamite. Dynamite explode only when heated.

Now  he could control the explosions.

 Soon dynamite was used in Sweden for building railway tunnel through a hill. 

The success come to Alfred very quickly . He owned 19 companies in different countries, including America.

He  became one of the richest person  in Europe.

all his life he was very lonely

He was unhappy with his women, so he  never married , but he was closed to his mother and to his brothers.

He had a lot of interests . He liked a philosophy, poetry he had written a plays. He often attended the theatre.

His favourite  actress was Sara Bernard . One time  he and his friend  the famous writer Victor GugO after performance come to Sara’s cabinet and tell : You touched our hearts and tears dripped from our eyes.  our single tear, we would like to give you. Alfred  gave Sara a huge diamond. ..

. He died at 66 age from  heart attack . he was afraid of being buried alive. he requested download his blood after his death.


Alfred Nobel felt his fault, because  dynamite carries death for numerous  people.

Before his death  Nobel declared that his entire remaining estate should be used to endow "prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind."

In the literature, science, politics.<img src="//s60.radikal.ru/i168/1104/31/4fe7dce396e5.gif">

 Australian Nobel Prize Winners

Australia for its small population has produced a remarkable number of Nobel Prize winners.

  • Lawrence Bragg & William Bragg, physicists received the Nobel Prize in 1915 for their work in x-ray crystallography. They remain the only father and son team to be awarded the prize, and Lawrence who was aged 25 at the time is still the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize for science.
  • Howard Florey received the prize in 1945 along with Alexander Fleming and Ernest Chain (both British) for their work on the medicinal properties of penicillin. It was Florey who later turned penicillin into the practical drug which was to save millions of lives. (See also Who was the Inventor?)
  • Macfarlane Burnett received the prize in 1960 for his work on immunology.
  • John Eccles received the prize in 1963 along with Andrew Huxley and Alan Hodgkin (both British) for their work on nerve cells.
  • Bernard Katz - received the prize in 1970 for Physiology and Medicine.
  • Patrick White received the prize in 1973 for literature.
  • John Cornforth received the prize in 1975  for chemistry.
  • John Harsanyi (Hungarian & Australian) who received the prize in 1994 for his mathematical contributions to economics.
  • Peter Doherty and Rolf M. Zinkernagel (Swiss & Australian) who received the prize in 1996  for their work in immunology.
  • Barry Marshall and Robin Warren received the prize in 2005 for their discovery in 1982 of the Helicobacter pylori bacterium which causes stomach ulcers and gastritis.
  • Elizabeth Blackburn (diual Australian/American citizen) became Australia's first female Nobel Prize winner for her work in chemistry and genetics in October 2009 sharing the prize with her US-based colleagues Carol Greider and Jack Szostak.
  • Brian Schmidt received the prize in 2011together with Adam Riess a and Saul Perlmutter (both American) for their work in physics which showed that universe was expanding at an accelerating rate.



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ƒва топика : ÷итата и “олпа


¬торник, 03 »юн€ 2014 г. 17:28 + в цитатник

The quotation  


Ladies and Gentlemen !

It's nice  to see you again .....


  Today we are looking at English grammar, the quotation .


 What is a quotation?

quotation is a phrase or a sentence taken from a book or a speech that reflects the author's profound thoughts. You can use a proverb or saying for a quotation.

 How do we use a quotation?

A quotation is usually put  at the beginning, middle or end of the article. 

Last week I read an article titles "How to lose weight."    At the beginning of this article there was a quotation by Alexandra Dumas :        "Even the very  fat woman has a skeleton"     .


A quotation could also be used as an epigraph.   Epigraph's are at the beginning of a document or  text,  and reflect the main idea of the article or book.

For example, if you have written a book  about  " The development of life on Earth."


A Suitable epigraph would be: "In the beginning there was Sex"  

 You can use quotations for free - just  type in the name of the author.


But if you do not type the name of the author , then you are obliged to pay for using  his  quotations so  much money how    the author ask you.


So here the choice is yours.....


13.03. 2014

So many people


 Mister Chairman ladies and Gentlemen  so many people

Yes, there are  many people at the demonstrations, , stadiums, rock concerts, the Olympic Games  . all these events are under the special control.

SMT we have another mass of people unorganized  but having one common goal.           It  is a crowd . The crowd is uncontrollable and smt extremely dangerous . We know many examples of tragic stories .

In the1896 year in Moscow during the coronation The last RUSSIAN Emperor Nicholas II, 500,000 people came to Khodynka , hoping to get special gifts .  suddenly Someone shouted " gifts are  not enough" and crowd run forward  . 2,000 people were killed and 900 wounded .

In 1953, an uncontrolled crowd formed during Stalin's funeral , everyone wanted to see their idol for the last time .It was very sad result. A lot people were killed


Types of  Crowds are different .

 Occasional crowd is  crowd when , people watch smt unusual .  I think each of us involved in this type of crowd. When the Soviet Iron Curtain fell. The crowds of Russians  followed behind the first negro in the streets.

Active crowd are most dangerous kind of spontaneous behaviour such as: panic aggressive and an ecstatic...,football fans after the match  repeatedly entered into ecstasy, which was turned into a fight.

Emotions in the crowd very quickly passed  each other as virus.


Panic occurs  the crowd when  terror or fire .Aggressive crowd  is a very difficult to stop.

 It was early in the last century in America. In the park a killed  white girl was found , and there was a crowd with opinion that the negro killed the girl . The crowd saw a Negro , who was walking not far fromthis place . . The crowd attacked aninnocent man and lynch him . The killer was found it was a white man .


The point of crowd could be  quickly change .The .example 


The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem  chapter 25 by  Matthew the  people  spread their garments ,the branches  in the way.and welcome , Hosanna to the son of David

And later Pilate asked  these  people "What shall I do with Jesus that is called Christ.?" And they was saying "Let him be crucified"

 We see the people into crowd could quickly change their opinion under common emotion


 In the conclusion: the scientists  engaged in the study of crowd behavior for  long  time

Socrates said Any intelligent person turns into a sheep in the crowd.

we know the   aggressive crowd could be  pacify  by water flow, tear gas, there are other ways, but it is not enough. The main objective is to find a most good  way to stop the acts of uncontrollable crowd.


–убрики:  мои выступлени€ в –острум клубе




¬торник, 03 »юн€ 2014 г. 17:08 + в цитатник


must be clever and generous.   Clever and greedy can not have a great business. the  Image of enterpreneur . Entrepreneur must look better than his employees.

His  Clothes should be expensive and modern but close to official clothes.

ladies have to were shoes with heels of any height.

. Hair and nails should be  perfectly .

 Speech  is  clearly , calm, not fast


When an entrepreneur gives instructions or explanations, he should remember that it cannot be understand at first.

It is natural.

He must be patient and repeat his instructions so many times as how  it  is necessary  not to show any irritation.

he is obliged to keep the right distance in the relationship with their employees.

He should not talk about his family’s problems or how many fillings in his teeth.

But he must be friendly and grateful to the people and trust them

You have to remember that usually  the part of the oral information is lost .

Your employees are required to record your instructions

The enterpreneur  do not makes the  comments in passing. You have to invite a worker in

your office and start a conversation with a question, you know why I invited you?..

in conflicts, the enterpreneur should not express the sympathy personally. He is obliged to follow the law and be fair.

If you have any guests even very important .The manager will meet them at the lobby and accompany them to your office . You have to meet them in your work place.

but you have to  accompany visitors at the lobby and say goodbye there. 

–убрики:  мои выступлени€ в –острум клубе


мои статьи :" ƒилемма"


ѕонедельник, 02 »юн€ 2014 г. 03:25 + в цитатник

. Mister Chairman Ladies and gentlemen, guests.

What is Dilemma? 

If there are  two tied problems and necessary to choice  one, then second problem gone forever .  it is a dilemma . Every dilemma needs answer  or YEAS, or NO;   to  do or not to do.

Perhaps you watched the movie or read the book by John Galsworthy "The Forsyte Saga”, when the doctor asked  Soames Forsyte :" I can  safe life of your baby or life of your wife, What is your decision?. This is a  Soames FOrsyte’s personal  ethical dilemma 

From Russian story : three was a dilemma: to gave  Moscow to Napoleon and save Russian Army , or have a risk for  lost Russian Army  .

                        All  psychology courses of all English universities,study as example of an ethical dilemma of the most difficult choice of one man.. It was happened in the middle of the 20th century in England.

       The man was working on a railway bridge. Every day, at the same time, he opened the bridge, and then closed it, when the train with people passed it . He had one son 6 years old and he love his son very much. One day  his son suddenly  saw that the train was moving with a  high speed to the open bridge. It was a driver error. The son ran to the middle of the bridge,  and    he  tried to close the bridge with  spare arm but could not reach out it  and fell into the gap. Man must solve the dilemma in a few seconds or save a son or close the bridge and kill the son, but to save the lives of hundreds  people. The MAN  CLOSED the btridge.  People were rescued,   but the boy was killed.

               In each country, there are the dilemmas of the death penalty, the national question, or the marriage of same-sex people, abortion,, dilemma of euthanasia and many others. 

       In a state is with the right management structure referendum solves the dilemma.  In the referendum in 1967, the Aboriginal dilemma was solved  90.77% of Australians voted for a single state with the aboriginal people  

 The countries without right government structure often solve their dilemmas by Civil war.

       The World dilemmas  are  the dilemma of creating genetically engineered creatures, dilemma of euthanasia, and others .

Dilemma: euthanasia or struggle for life? 

Euthanasia - the ethical dilemma of humanity.

Terminally ill patient is deep suffering, shall he have a right to use drug  which leads to death. Or not? Right for last will. 

 The first country  in the world , which Euthanasia was legalised was Australia , Northern Territory, 1995. But a year later the law was cancelled. Since this time  this dilemma is one of the main medical dilemma inside Australia .

In a few country the  Right for last will was legalised.

 Dilemma ,  choices  and  problems are  different objects :

  world warming, the preservation of peace on our planet, the world economic crisis are the global problems.

 Go to Gold cost or new Zealand for holiday is choice.

Shakespeare: Gamlet told:-  “This is a question to be or not to be,"  but it is not question it is a dilemma.

and a small joke : Wife -: "Dear if you will not buy for my birthday a Diamond necklace , I go to my Mum forever ? "

 Husband  run  over to the  window  -: " Taxi, Taxi "

In conclusion: In my opinion the dilemma arises more often in difficult situations. Therefore it is better, that in our life we have dilemmas less  as possible or do not have them at all.

thank you .









–убрики:  мои выступлени€ в –острум клубе


Topic Proverbs

¬оскресенье, 01 »юн€ 2014 г. 03:32 + в цитатник

22. 10. 2013

Topic Proverbs  

Mister Chairman , members

 Proverbshelp us educate children

                                   Story one
 THE blue lives”  Children drew flowers. Mary did not have a green pencil. She asked Roz to lend her a green pencil. Roz told “OK take it, just do not  break it, not use for  a long time,Do not drop it  to the floor.do not press too hardand remember it is not yours.  Then Mary said.” Thank you , I don’t need your  pencil” and bluecoloredleaves.a teacher asked Mary “ Why did you put a blue colour on the lives. ?. “ I do not have a green pencil”,- answered Mary , “. I gave her my green pencil but she did not take it.”.said  Roz.  Teacher looked at the girls and said  Russian proverb    :   ‘    Need togive so that you could take ‘
                Story Two   

A first class teacher collected well known proverbs. She gave each child in her class the first half of a proverband asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. Their insight may surprise you.

It’s always darkest before…………… Daylight Savings

Don’t put off till tomorrow what……….you put on to go to bed
You can lead a horse to water but………how?
Don’t bite the hand that…………….. looks dirty

A blind man can see……………. A dark
If you lie down with dogs, you’ll………stink in the morning
Happy the bride who…………………..gets all the presents

A bird in the hand…………. could fly out again

He who does not work, ……… always relaxed 

Nothing disappears,,,,,,,,,, When no thieves

I will give you the shirt.,,,,,,,,, Only for a while

Do not try to sit in the sledge,,,,,,,,,,,,, if u have a car.

Better an egg today … ice – cream tonight

Children should be seen and not………..spanked or grounded
You get out of something what you………see pictured on the box

To carry fire in one hand then…………….. 


I have received the Oscar for these speeches.


¬оскресенье, 01 »юн€ 2014 г. 03:27 + в цитатник

I have received the Oscar for these speeches.

30.10 2012

Australian Identity

 Dear Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen
 Firstly I thought this topic is not for me because I am not an Australian,

and I am looking  like Russian man on the North Poles,

 who writes the articles” How to save yourself from the hot sun. “
 But soon after, I changed my mind.

I live in an Australian society, among Australian people,

so first of all I ought to have a good knowledge about Australian identity . 
 I have Australian relatives and a lot of Australian friends and

 I am leaning their styles of life, relationships,

interests, habits, characters and ideology. 

           If I use a very short form: in my opinion –

Australia is the most beautiful country in the world and

 the Australian identity is very close to the identity that God wished for.

               Last week I read about Australian of the Year Awards and

 on Sunday visited the Australian of the Year Walk on the bank of lake Berley Griffin.  
 Australian of the Year 2012 was Geoffrey Rush for his contribution to the art.
 Young Australian of the Year was Marita Cheng, 22 years old,

 she is engineering advocate and

she has involved many young women in engineering

and Senior Australian of the Year was Laurie Baymarrwangga, 90 year old ,

  for her saving the  culture and environment through the Crocodile Islands . 

 Local hero is Lynne Sawyers , 68 , she has fostered more than 200 children,

with huge problems, physical, intellectual and emotional. 

 The Australian of the Year Awards represented me the ways in which national identity is expressed. 

 29.01 2013  


  Missis Chair, Ladies and Gentleman.

   Part I –

The self – interests.

  For living we need food, shelter, and clothes- It's not interest. Need and interest are a phenomenon not identical.

What motivates   people in   their activity?

 It’s self – interest.

Self-interest saves people from their wrong behave. They don't want to be punishing.

Self- Interests open widely the world around us. 

Self – interest opens the inner world of each person.

 What is the main role of the self-interests in our life?

Self- interest is the way to the satisfaction, pleasure, it means to the happiness.


  An example of Mother Teresa,

Her purpose, her interest was to help people…why?..... .money?  no.   No …  power?....  , no  fame ? What then? ….Satisfaction

The others examples: 

The interests of   Alexander the Great or Napoleon were    to conquer and

rule the world. Why?    The end results are their Satisfactions.

One person likes the casual clothes; another person likes the modern fashion clothes. Why the second person has an interest in the fashion dress and spends a lot of money for that? Because when he put on the beautiful dress he feels a Satisfaction, pleasure, happiness.

 So in the basis of every self- interest lays the satisfaction.

Self- interest is the way to the satisfaction and pleasure; to the happiness of every one.

                                       PART   II

                       The philosophy .

What is the role of the interests in society? What motivates   people in  their activity The concept of   interest has an important place   in   philosophy from ancient time to the present day.

The philosopher Helvetius (France 17th century) wrote:   "hunger and love rule the world."

 In opinion of Spinoza : only ambition, love, economic rule the world.

Fried told :    Sex and Jealousy rule the world

The theories about the interest of all the philosophers of the world are the lyrical songs compared with the theory of Marx.

Marx wrote:  “Common self-interests of the vast numbers of people transfer   into the public interest and can become an arena of the class struggle in which every single person is fighting for his personal interest.”

Obviously Lenin used this Marx’s theory in the preparation of revolution in Russia  .  The huge bolshevist’s propaganda gave to every worker and every peasant the self-interest to have a happy life after revolution. Russian folk fought not for Democracy or the power of Soviets they did not understand what these mean. In 1917 they fought for own self- interest to have a happy life after revolution. Only it guaranteed the victory of revolution in Russia.

 IT is known in Russia were White are people with the interest to save Old Russia.

 Red are people who have interest to make a revolution.

Mensheviks has interest in took power using the peace way.

Bolsheviks has interest in took power using military way.

WE see that the common interests of people change the government of society, the politics,

  can make new laws and more and more.

So, the philosophy theory and life experiment show that satisfaction lays in the basis of every interest.


19.09 2012




Can people be happy without snow?   Oh, course they can, for example, in Australia.

What do you think, what purpose does snow play in nature of cold climate countries?

Snow protects flora and fauna from freezing.

Without snow Frost would turn all the lands into deserts …

Why does this happen?

 Snow acts as a warm blanket and covers the soil and small animals, plants and roots of trees and prevents them from freezing. This mechanism of protection is one of the main roles of snow in nature.

 Hoverer Snow is a beautiful and magical spectacle to see. 

The snow white forest look beautiful, especial in the sun, when the snow sparkles like thousands of diamonds

 There are a lot of pictures, poetry and songs about snow.

There is on the Mars the snow of carbon dioxide

 Well-known fact as Russian snowy winter destroyed French army in 1812. Now Russia marks 200 - year anniversary of the end French- Russia war

When Russian army retreated to the French army, the Moscow became occupied by the French. Xxxxxx- 3 min

All Moscow residents left the city and half of Moscow had burned. Napoleon came to empty Moscow.

Leo Tolstoy had perfectly described this situation in his book War and Peace.

Soon a very cold winter set in and snow reached the height of 1m. There Napoleon was alone with his army without any food or heating. French army could not stand be in such terrible cold. Every day more than a hundred soldiers died. Napoleon understood that the only way to save the remains of his army and himself, was to come back home.

There, in Russia, the snow and frost destroyed the French army.

Hitler also had huge troubles with snow in Russia, for example all German vehicles could not move across deep snow. 




22 .O1.2013

The hidden treasure

Dear Chainman , Ladies and Gentlemen .

 I will tell you tree stories  about “The hidden treasure of Russia”

When Last Russian Emperor Nicholas II  realized that revolution is inevitable, he gave a secret order to Admiral Kolchak to save The Russian  gold reserve. Admiral plunged 1600 tons of gold that cost 80 billion Dollar US to the ship and put the gold at the bank of one of the countries. Nicholas II and Kolchak were killed. Still unknown where the gold of Russia.

Lost Faberge’s treasure.

 In time Revolution The world  famous Russian jeweller master Carl Faberge , before his emigration had brought a large  suitcase with gold , diamonds and other treasure to the Swedish Embassy in the hope that Bolsheviks did not dare to enter to the foreign territory. Soon, two armed men came in and took out  the Faberge’s suitcase. Since then, no one has seen the items from the Faberge’s suitcase. All treasure of Faberge was gone forever .

 The amber room

In suburb of SPb  there are a beautiful Ekaterina’s palace . there is  an amber room is Eight wonder of the world.

In 1941, the German army surrounded Leningrad now St. Petersburg. Beautiful Ekaterina’s Palace

was destroyed. The Amber Room was to turn in boxes and taken away and hidden.

 Russia,   the campaigns of all European countries and Canada , America intensified search amber room for 60 years without success.

The Amber Room was gone forever. In 1997 Amber Room was restored.


22.04 2013


Mister Chairman , Ladies and Gentlemen

I'll tellyou about six ofthe smallest countries on our planet. Among themwe see a dwarf-statewith the mostbeautiful artin the world, ordwarf-statewith the highestlevel ofbusiness in the world, also another one is   the world center ofgambling, and another is one of therichest countriesin the world.Others small statesare attractive their uniqueexotic nature.

 It will be yourchoice ofwhich country is lucky


The smallest state is the world is Vatican City

.021 , located in a district of Rome.


Its area is 44 square hectares with the population of 800  citizen .


Vatican is a very old country, but was established as a separate state in 1929.


. In the Vatican there are few of the most beautiful buildings in the world: St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, Apostolic Palace There are the grate art work by  Michelangelo , Rafael Leonardo da Vinci  .

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world

Area -  2.02 square kilometers

Population – 35 678

Mediterranean Sea and France surround Monaco.  The famous Monte Carlo Casino is  there .. Most people are engaged in tourism, because a lot of guests who gamble and enjoy a holiday by the sea.


Nauru is a phosphate rock islandLocated in Micronesia in the South Pacific,

area of 21.3 square kilometers

population is 9,000 people

no capital of country




area of ​​26 square kilometers.

population is about 10,500 people

Also located on islands in the South Pacific

there is almost no natural resources, Tuvalu lives on aid from other countries.


               San Marino the fifth smallest country, surrounded by Italy

,Occupying an area of ​​61 square km, and there are 30 000 citizen .

. San Marino is also one of the richest countries on the planet,                            



Liechtenstein -state, located in Europe. The area of the country is160.4 square kilometers,

. Liechtensteinfalls in the list of the wealthiest countries in the world. Liechtenstein – a popular business center in Europe, where there are more registered companiesthan residents.

            7 . MarshallIslands


area is 181 square kilometers, population - 62,000 people

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, mainly composed of coral islands.


     8) Seychelles


an area of ​​455 square with a population of 84 thousand people.

The archipelago consists of 115 islands of the Indian Ocean, and is located north of Madagascar. Seychelles have the export of cinnamon, coconut and vanilla. Ever since the country gained independence in 1976, the main source of income was tourism.


        9) the Maldives

the Maldives, situated in the Indian Ocean.

The total area is 298 square kilometers,

 and 396,334 people live here. Today, the main source of income is tourism


10) The Federation of St. Kitts and Naves

There are two islands ofthe Atlantic Ocean between North and South America.

 The state is on the 2 islands of the Atlantic Ocean between North and South America with a total area of ​​261 square kilometers. Population are 50,000 people. Today, the main source of income is tourism.



25.05 2013


The last speech about Minerals          Dear Chairmen , Ladies and Gentlemen,

 I am going to tell you about wonderful and beautiful world of minerals.

Words cannot describe all kind of music; the same can be said about a mineral. Musicshould be listened to, and minerals must see..

I have made a movie. Nephrite, agate , quartz crystal  , obsidian

 My daughter is a geologist. Every summer she went to a geological expedition in the different part of Russia. She collected a good mineral collection. When my daughter moved to Australia, she gave her mineral collection to the local library in Saint Petersburg. In the centre of Saint Petersburg She had a shop called “Russian Minerals”

 These pictures are from her shop.

 The minerals and their properties.

The Sun passed through the 12 constellations for one year. The sun is about 1 month in each constellation.  These constellations named Zodiac constellations.  Everyone knows his Zodiac sign. Daniel, what is your Zodiac sign?  Well done!

Every Zodiac constellation correspondents to a  specific  mineral ., which named Zodiac stone, or Zodiac gems. 

Every mineral has special properties.  You have received a table of the zodiac minerals and their properties. 

 For example Malachite brings luck in business. Putin has a malachite ink set , which previously belonged to the Emperor Alexander the Second. Emerald gives its owner a happy love  Ruby protects its owner from sadness.   Stolen diamonds bring bad luck and even death.

 This is Saint Petersburg; the city is dressed in granite and marble.  Interiors of Palaces and Cathedral are designed of  gems stones .Malachite and Lapis lazuli columns are inside of Isaac Cathedrals.

This is the first university in Russia, mineral university, opened in 18 century.  A huge mineral museum is inside it.

Russia and France have not   lost their friendship afterNapoleon's invasion ofRussia.

Carl Faberge admired beautiful colors of minerals and he created a lot of fantastic flowers and figurine – Faberge figurines.

Words cannot describe all kind of music; the same can be said about a mineral. Musicshould be listened to, and minerals must seen.

In conclusion: the minerals have a place in everyone’s life.

 Minerals are a wonderful gift to us

from the nature !.


22 .09 .2 013   

 Mobile telephone

  One day,  many years ago , I  told to my grandmother- babushka about personal telephone and video in the future  .

 Babushka said , “ It is nice . Then I will see where are u and what are u doing. “ 

I felt awful about this kind of my future.

 About the first users of mobile phones.

 ONE Lady bout a new mobile phone every second day. A shop boy asked her :” Have you lost your mobiles you  bought  before?”   ‘

“No, -said lady , - “Energy was gone.”

 A husband gave a mobile phone  to his wife. Next day  she was at the shop when her hasband called and he heard  his wife’s voice : . “ Darling , How do you know I am exactly  at this shop?”


Now mobiles have a lot good functions, but not enough for some people. 

If you ask business ladies what do  they  need for their mobiles , you  will hear : a Nail Fail , a mirror, a lighter and a remote control  for car.

 What  do businessmen want:. mobiles must be thinner  for  boots  on , has a  razor, a mirror , and when their  bosses  or  their wives   calling “ LOW BATTERY” aperies on the display.

 What does a student want. he wants his mobile connected to Google and when he asks Google “Where is my mobile” . Google answers :” Under the bed , idiot!  “

Mobile of Jams Bond ! Sorry I have not enough fantasy to describe what Jams wants to.

ќдна дама покупала новый мобильный телефон каждый второй день. ѕродавец спросил ее: «Вы потер€ли  телефоны которые  вы купили раньше?" '

"Ќет,-сказала леди, -" Ёнерги€ закончилась. ".

 ћуж дал мобильный телефон своей жена. Ќа следующий день она была в магазине, когда ее муж позвонил и она воскликнула : «ƒорогой, как ты узнал, что именно  в этом магазине?"


     —ейчас мобильные телефоны имеют  много разнообразных  функций, но не достаточно дл€ некоторых людей.

≈сли вы спросите бизнес-леди, что ей нужно дл€ ее мобильного телефонов, вы услышите: пилочка дл€ ногтей,зеркало, зажигалка и пульт дистанционного управлени€ дл€ автомобил€.

  „то бизнесмены хот€т: мобильные телефоны должны быть тоньше, чтобы одевать ботинки, иметь бритву, зеркало, и когда их боссы или их жены звон€т дисплей покажет "LowBattery"

  „то студент хочет? ќн хочет, чтобы его мобильник был подключен к Googlу и когда он спрашивает Google"√де мой мобильный». Googleотвечает: «ѕод кроватью,идиот! "


ћобильник Ѕонда ƒжемса!


  сожалению у мен€ не хватает фантазии, чтобы описать то, что ƒжемс желает.

29.10 2013

Country or city?

/Country or city/     Mr Chairman ladies and Gentlemen !

Country or city?

What is country?

There everyoneenjoys thebeautiful  landscape ,thesinging of the birds, the  sound of water in the river, the views of the  sunset and the sunrise.

   Especially, the amazing sunrise when the sky becomes  brighter and brighter and then we see the first energetic sunrays and the solar disk majestically  and solemnly appearing  over the horizon  to start a new day..

Farms of the country provide foodfor the city.

What is the city?

                       Citiesmean a state of law and order, industry, economics ,education of the nation.. Culture and the arts , literature ,architecture. Talents and geniuses create their creations everlasting . For example: Rafael Mikelanzhelo Tchaikovsky Bach Tolstoy, Eifel Town in Paris, Opera House in Australia.

But I raise my voice for the  country .Firstly   In the Bible , it is said  God created  the most beautiful place and called it paradise. Very often we compare a beautiful landscape of the country to paradise..

 Secondly if, forexample, all villages and farm disappeared,  the city would struggle to survive .
If all the cities disappeared .people return to the style of life of their ancestor. They would settled on the banks of rivers or lakes. They would  catch fish, hunt and  farm; to live in peace and quiet without the stress of urban lifestyle  .Food would be without genetic supplements ,people would be  mental and physical healthier . And the  climate would also slow down.

Eternallife ofthe country and nature!!

здесь каждый наслаждаетс€ пением птиц журчанием воды в реке закатом и восход . особенно восхитителен восход солнца небо делаетс€ светлее и светлее потом мы видим первые энергичные солнечные лучи и солнечный диск величественно и торжественно по€вл€етс€ чтобы начать и  закончить свой дневной путь   то не мыл свои ноги росой кто не умывалс€ лунным светом  деревн€ дает пищу дл€ города  деревн€ дает пищу дл€ города 

что город значит дл€ нас это государство закон и пор€док индустри€ экономика образование страны . культура и искусство литература архитектура .таланты и гении создают свои творени€ на все времена –афаэл ћикелнжело „айковский Ѕах

если дл€ примера деревн€ исчезнет может ли город существовать  € думаю или нет или еле-еле 

если все города исчезнут .

Ћюди вернуть€ к стилю жизни их предок . они посел€тьс€ на берегах рек или озер . они будут ловить рыбу охотитьс€ заниматьс€ земледелием.они вудут жить в мире и спокойствии без городского стресс пища будет без генной добавок люди будут ментали физически здоровы а кимат

вечную жизнь деревне




24.03 2014

Friends and foe

Mister Chairman , members , guest

They say you should start with the good. So firstly  I will tell about friendship.

                 I have a very dear to my heart two close friends Mary and Chris. Our friendship has been lasted  for 11 years and with  every year it becomes stronger.

             Chris and Mary is a part of my life. And I am grateful to my destiny.

When I  come to Australia  I visited  the Lions Club as a guest , I drew attention to a beautiful lady. I thought she was like Marilyn Monroe. This Lady came to me and said, I've never seen Russians. I said, «then come for tea to  my  place tomorrow. It was Mary.

      She came and asked if I feel lonely, I said yes I do. She invited me to embroidery club, then volunteer in Nursing Home and at the school to teach children sew and embroider.

              At the embroidery club I was invited to the CWA.  by a beautiful young Lady   It was Chris . Since then, Chris and Mary are my closest friends.  

               Working as Volunteer, working at the Lions Club and CWA I felt that bring benefit to people. Friendship with Chris and Mary  filled  my life with light and joy .

            Flip through the pages of my life I realized that I had no enemies. If there were not any agreement, I always look for errors in my behaviour.

          What excites me at that moment? Russia and Ukraine. Russians Belarusians and Ukrainians have always been a single nation. When my daughter was getting married to a Ukrainian I do not keep in my mind that this is a different nationality. My grandchildren are half Russians and Ukrainians  They have Ukrainian surname  Turenko . Their grandparents live in Ukraine. And these families with two nationalities are millions. Nobody has care about it . The  Presidents are struggling and people are suffering.





–убрики:  мои выступлени€ в –острум клубе


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